What types of foster families are needed most?
Foster families are greatly needed in Mariposa County......period!

Foster families who are willing and able to parent the following situations are in particular need:

* Infants to 18 years of age
* Teenage mothers and their babies
* Children with special medical, developmental and/or behavioral needs
* Brothers and sisters who need to stay together
* Babies born with HIV infection or with methamphetamine, cocaine, or alcohol in their systems

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1. What do foster parents do?
2. How long does it take to become a foster parent?
3. Do I have to own my own home? What if I'm a renter?
4. What if I'm a single parent? Can I still be a foster parent?
5. What is the difference between being a certified home with an agency or a licensed foster family home?
6. What kind of support do foster parents receive once a child is placed with them?
7. Do the natural parents remain involved with their child in placement?
8. What types of foster families are needed most?
9. What support services will I receive as a foster parent?
10. How many children can share a room? Can a boy and girl share the same room? As a parent, can I share my room with a child?