Can I have a small business on my property?
A small business may be developed through the rural home industry provisions of the Mariposa County Zoning Ordinance. Standards require that the use be operated by the owner of the business who must reside on the property on a permanent basis. The rural home industry provisions contain special setback requirements and nuisance provisions that apply to future use and operation of the rural home industry.
Based upon the nuisance provisions in the code, the Planning Department cannot formally approve or deny a rural home industry prior to its construction or operation, although we may give our professional opinion to property owners upon request as to whether a proposed rural home industry might comply with the development standards of the Zoning Ordinance. Section 17.108.080 of the Zoning Ordinance states a rural home industry is a permitted use unless the use is detrimental to the surrounding area by reason of appearance, noise dust, smoke or odor or the normal operation of the use caused objectionable noise, odor, dust or smoke beyond the boundaries of the property. As you may reason, detrimental or objectionable appearance, noise, dust smoke or odor usually cannot be determined until after the rural home industry begins operation.
If we receive a complaint from a neighboring property owner, this office would investigate to determine if the rural home industry complies with the rural home industry development standards and whether it is detrimental or objectionable for the reasons stated above. If this office determines the rural home industry does not comply with the development standards or is in fact detrimental or objectionable, the Planning Director and ultimately the Board of Supervisors upon appeal may require the rural home industry to modify its operation (e.g. limit hours of operation) or, in the worst case, cease operation. Although there are many rural home industries that operate in the County with no problems, you must be aware of these potential consequences which may arise.

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