Maximum Legal Vehicles and Loads


No vehicle or load shall exceed a height of 14 feet measured from the surface upon which the vehicle stands. Any vehicle or load which exceeds a height of 13 feet 6 inches, shall only be operated on those roads where deemed to be safe by the owner of the vehicle or the entity operating the vehicle.


The total outside width of any vehicle or its load shall not exceed 102 inches (8 feet 6 inches).

When any vehicle is equipped with pneumatic tires, the maximum width from the outside of one wheel and tire to the opposite shall not exceed 108 inches.

Safety devices shall not be included in the calculation of width.

Lights, mirrors, or devices which are required may extend beyond the permissible width no more than 10 inches on each side.

Door handles, hinges, cable cinchers, chain binders, and holders for placards warning of hazardous materials may extend 3 inches on each side of the vehicle.


The gross weight on any one axle shall not exceed 20,000 pounds, and the gross weight upon any one wheel, or wheels, supporting one end of an axle, shall not exceed 10,500 pounds.

Mariposa County may reduce the permissible weight of vehicles and loads on unimproved County roads or on County bridges (35706).


Single unit length: A vehicle may not exceed a length of 40 feet.

Vehicle combinations: No vehicle combinations may exceed a total length of 65 feet.