Public Information Plan


This information is provided to assist the public by providing information as to the various rules, guidelines and services provided by the Mariposa County Detention Facility.

Inmates of the Mariposa County Detention Facility will not be treated differently based on race, religion, national origin, sex, handicap or political belief. Each inmate will be guaranteed equal access, based on classification, to participate in all programs. Classification will be based upon current or past behavior or nature of charges. In accordance with Federal law the Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual misconduct of any kind.

Classification & Housing

Inmates are classified and housed based on a classification system that includes booking status, current and past behavior, and nature of current and past charges. The Jail Staff will assign an initial housing assignment based on these factors. All inmates will be locked down for twenty-four hours to confirm their classification status unless they have been pre-classified prior to admittance. The three types of housing are as follows:

  • General Population: Those inmates with good, responsible behavior will be housed in general population. All privileges and programs are available to inmates in this housing area.
  • Administrative Segregation: If an inmate chooses not to obey the rules or are a threat to the safety and security of the facility, they will be housed in Administrative Segregation. Access to privileges and programs can be denied while in this housing area. There are two types of Administrative Segregation. They are open and lockdown segregation. Those inmates placed in open segregation are allowed out of their cells during the daylight hours but are required to be in lockdown during the period from 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Failure to obey this requirement shall result in disciplinary action being taken.
  • Lockdown Segregation is reserved for high security inmates. They shall be allowed out for one hour each day to have access to telephone, shower and dayroom for exercise. They shall also be allowed to use the outdoor recreation yard on a rotating basis based on a schedule as approved by the Jail Lieutenant. Access to telephones for other than legal calls may be restricted if the inmate is under a disciplinary action.
  • Protective Custody: Inmates needing protection from other inmates will be housed in Protective Custody. An inmate may request protective custody at any time while they are here in jail by speaking with the jail staff. Access to privileges and programs may be limited while in protective custody. This housing is also available to inmates with medical or mental health problems.

Rules of Conduct

Facility rules are for the protection of the rights and safety of inmates while in custody. Any violation of the rules will result in loss/restriction of privileges and/or criminal prosecution. Inmates are expected to be responsible and display good behavior at all times. If they choose not to obey the rules, they will be disciplined and housed in an area with few, if any, privileges.

While in jail, it is important that all inmates act in a way that promotes the safe, orderly and efficient operation of the facility. They are required to be courteous, fair, to follow the rules, to keep themselves and their sleeping areas clean and to use common sense. Any infraction of good behavior may result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges.

Rules & Discipline

The rules are divided into three groups: major, moderate and minor. Discipline is also based on the past behavior of the inmate. Rules shall be determined to be violated whether actually completed or attempted. There are several types of discipline which are used, including the following:

  1. Lockdown with loss of commissary, visiting and phone privileges
  2. Loss of good time or work time credits
  3. Re-housing in Administrative Segregation
  4. Restitution for damages
  5. Removal from special programming (i.e. work furlough or weekend sentence)
  6. Temporary loss of privileges (TV, commissary, visiting, phone, correspondence)

Mariposa County Detention Facility is a no smoking facility. Any tobacco product, lighters and/or matches are considered contraband possession of which is an infraction punishable by fine.

Criminal Acts

All inmates are expected to obey all applicable laws (Federal, State, Local, Jail Regulations and Staff Directives). Any violation of law will be prosecuted both in the courts and through the disciplinary process in the facility. Criminal acts will be processed as a major rule violation regardless of what happens through the judicial system.

Grievance Procedure

If an inmate has a complaint regarding the Mariposa County Jail, they may use the inmate grievance procedure. All grievances are first presented verbally to a member of the jail staff. The staff member shall then attempt to handle the problem on an informal level. If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, the inmate will be given a grievance form. An investigation will be completed and a written response will be provided. Any grievance appeal will be handled by the Jail Lieutenant with a written response provided.

Personal Appearance & Cleanliness

Inmates are required to shower on a frequent basis. They are required to keep themselves neat and clean in appearance and maintain acceptable standards of hygiene. Haircuts will be made available once a month to those inmates requesting them.

Recreation Yard

Inmates may have access to the outdoor recreation area at any time they are not on lockdown status and/or are scheduled to use the yard. All inmates are given the opportunity for at least one hour of exercise each day.


Telephones are available for use when not on lockdown status. Phone calls may be made with a pre-paid jail issued calling card, or are collect only, except certain legal calls. All phones will be turned on upon completion of the morning clean up and inspection. The phones will be turned off at 11 p.m. every night. Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls nor will the jail staff take phone messages. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time.


The jail is equipped with the Dish TV system. This system is paid for through the Inmate Welfare Fund. The Inmate Welfare Fund is made up of money earned through the Inmate phone system and the sale of Inmate Commissary items. These funds may also be used to purchase other services and supplies to benefit the inmates.


Inmates may receive cards, letters and photographs in the mail. Stamped envelopes and other stationery items are available for purchase through inmate commissary. Inmates are allowed to receive only those publications sent directly from the publisher and prepaid by the inmate. Inmates are allowed to purchase only those materials which are accepted for distribution by the United States Post Office, except those which describe the making of any weapon, poison, explosive or destructive device, or any matter of a character tending to incite murder, arson, riot or any other form of violence, or which are considered to be pornographic.

There is no limit on the number of letters an inmate may mail each day. Each inmate must pay for his/her own postage and stationery. Inmates without funds will receive two (2) free stamped envelopes per week. Inmates are considered indigent if they have less than $2 on their inmate accounts on the day that commissary slips are passed out. Those inmates who fall into this category will be provided with two (2) stamped envelopes at this time along with their indigent package. Postage for legal mail for inmates with no funds will not be restricted. Mail to local courts or district attorney shall be sent via inter-office mail unless specifically requested otherwise.

The inmate address while at the Mariposa County Jail is:
Inmate’s Name
c/o Mariposa County Jail
Post Office Box 727
Mariposa, CA 95338-0727

Please be sure to provide a return address on the outside of the envelope so that it may be returned to you in the event that the letter is deemed to be undeliverable to the inmate or the inmate is no longer in custody.

All incoming/outgoing mail will be inspected for contraband, however mail will not be read unless there is good cause to believe that the contents contain information relating to escape plans, criminal activities (in or out of jail), violation of facility rules, coded language or racially inflammatory information. Legal mail, mail from attorneys, the courts, the Sheriff or the media may only be opened in the presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed.

No Packages Will Be Accepted Without the Prior Approval of the Jail Lieutenant

It is the responsibility of the inmate to inform friends and family of mail policies and acceptable items. The following are considered contraband or unauthorized items and shall not be given to inmates. These items will be turned over to a Jail Supervisor for determination of disposition:

  1. Obscene photos, publications or writings, and mail containing information concerning where, how or from whom such matter may be obtained; any nude photographs of friends, relatives or acquaintances; any materials which depict illegal or explicit sexual acts either by illustration or photograph.
  2. Any matter of a character tending to incite murder, arson, riot, violent racism or any other form of violence
  3. Matter concerning gambling or lottery
  4. Any matter which threatens blackmail or extortion
  5. Any material which concerns the sending of contraband in or out of the facility
  6. Depicts, encourages or describes methods of escape from correctional facilities or contain drawings, blueprints or similar descriptions of correctional institutions
  7. Any information which would present a clear and present danger of violence and/or physical harm to person inside or outside of the facility
  8. Concerns plots or plans to disrupt the order of the facility and/or to breach the security of the facility
  9. Concerns plans for activities in violation of the law, or of rules and regulations or procedures of the facility
  10. Concerns coded messages which are not reasonably understood
  11. Depicts or describes procedures for the construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs or incendiary devices.
  12. Depicts or describes procedures for the brewing of alcoholic beverages or the manufacture of drugs

    The following items are considered illegal contraband and shall be turned over to the Sheriff’s Department investigative unit and a crime report initiated:
  13. Letters containing any suspected narcotic
  14. Letters containing any suspected tobacco products
  15. Letters containing any object which may be considered a dangerous weapon, i.e. razor blade or other metal objects.

    The following are considered unacceptable for delivery and shall be returned to sender. Contraband items will not be placed into the inmate’s property but shall be returned in the original letter.
  16. Letters containing stickers or postage stamps
  17. Letters or envelopes containing lipstick or perfume
  18. Letters which may have been contaminated by body fluids
  19. Letters containing personal checks, cash or money orders
  20. Mail containing any material which must be sent only by the publisher, i.e. magazines or books of any kind.
  21. Mail containing Polaroid photographs
  22. Mail containing any other unacceptable item but that does not pose a threat to the safety of the facility, i.e. locks of hair.

We do not accept change of address requests to the jail mailing address. If an inmate wishes to have mail forwarded, it must be done through an outside party.

Inmate Accounts

Any cash not taken as evidence at the time of arrest will be put onto the inmate’s "books" (inmate account). Family or friends may make deposits to this account by using the kiosk in the jail lobby, visiting GovPayNow, or dialing 888-277-2535. You must have the following information: Pay Location Code 5500, inmate's first and last name, facility code 068 and the inmate's Main Number. No personal checks will be accepted. Money cannot be transferred to another inmate's account. Any monies accepted are deposited into the Inmate Trust Account. These funds are available for release through check or debit card only. Inmates requesting to release funds from their account must fill out a request form available from any jail staff member. They must be able to articulate a valid emergency reason for the release, and the release must be approved by the Jail Commander. Such a release made be done only once.


If an inmate has money in their inmate account, they may order items from the commissary, i.e. snacks, stamped envelopes, writing materials, personal hygiene items, etc, once a week, provided they have funds and are not restricted due to a disciplinary action. Money must be deposited to the inmate’s account by 9 p.m. on the ordering day (currently Tuesday of each week) if they wish to use the money to order commissary items. Commissary orders are usually placed on Tuesday and delivered on Thursday. This may change due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Indigent inmates shall be provided with necessary hygiene supplies including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shave cream, pencil and paper once per week. Inmates shall be considered as indigent if they have less than $2 on their inmate account on the day that commissary slips are handed out. All other inmates are responsible to purchase hygiene items through the commissary.

Visiting Schedules

Inmates are allowed 1 one-hour visit per week. The exact schedule of visiting times is based on where the inmate is housed and housing classification. Visiting will start on the hour only. Visitors should be prompt. Due to limited space, visiting will be on a first come, first served basis. Contact visits are not allowed under any circumstances. Those inmates sentenced to prison may have a special visit outside of their normal visiting day. Requests must be made to the jail lieutenant or jail supervisor on duty. Visitors (or their children) who do not follow facility rules will be ejected from the visiting rooms.

All Visiting Conversations, Except for Legal Visits, Are Subject to Monitoring and Recording.

  • Sunday 
    • 0900 - 1100 hours/E block
    • 1300 - 1600 hours/A block
  • Wednesday 1300 - 1600 hours/D block
  • Friday 1300 - 1600 hours/C block
  • Saturday 
    • 0900 to 1100 hours/F block
    • 1300 to 1600 hours/B Block

Mondays are reserved for Administrative Segregation inmates. Times are varied and shall be scheduled by the Jail Staff. High-Profile inmates shall be required to submit a list of approved visitors.

Visiting Rules

A. All visitors must wear shoes and shirts. No bare midriffs, low cut tops, mini-skirts, see-through clothing or wearing of "colors".

B. All visitors must have a valid photo I.D. A driver's license, state I.D. card or passport are acceptable forms of identification.

C. Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian unless the person they are visiting is their parent or spouse. All minor children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

D. No more than 2 visitors at one time.

E. No smoking is allowed. Visitors caught smoking will be expelled from the building.

F. Children must stay with an adult and be kept under control.

G. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest.

H. No purses, bags, diaper bags, briefcases or strollers may be brought in by visitors.

I. Cellular phones, audio or video recording devices are not allowed in visiting. Bringing a wireless communication device into the secure area of the jail is a crime. Possession of such a device while inside the jail may lead to arrest.

Over the Counter Items

The following is a list of items that will be accepted by staff in the lobby:

1) Funds for inmates may be deposited in the lobby kiosk

2) Medication in the original bottle with the inmates name or medically necessary prosthesis i.e. eyeglasses or hearing aid. The jail physician must approve medication for delivery.

3) Clothing will be accepted only by attorney arrangement for jury trial, or with the Lieutenant’s approval for an inmate on work furlough.

4) Books for donation to jail library (paperbacks only). Books will not be accepted for a specific inmate, but shall be donated directly to the jail library. No other items will be accepted for any reason unless prior arrangements have been made with the Lieutenant and permission is granted in writing.

Medical & Dental Services

A medical screening and a TB test will be given to each inmate at the first available sick call. Inmates will be provided those medical and dental services that are required to maintain their health. We do not provide medical or dental services that are optional or corrective, such as cleanings, fillings or braces. Inmates must request medical or dental services. An emergency case should be brought to the attention of the jail staff immediately. Sick call will be held twice per week.

Mental Health services are available on a referral basis from the attending physician and for those inmates requiring regular mental health services including medication reviews. Mental Health services are not available on a regular basis for routine counseling.

Female Inmates

Pregnant inmates have the right to consult with the doctor of their choice to determine pregnancy and to provide prenatal care. If they choose a doctor other than the jail physician, any cost generated by these visits shall be the responsibility of the inmate. The jail will only be responsible for those visits by the jail physician or as a result of medical staff referral to another physician. Any pregnant female wishing to terminate a pregnancy shall be able to obtain an abortion as permitted by law.

Programs / Services

A non-denominational Jail Chaplain is available upon request and usually makes weekly visits to the jail to conduct religious services and counseling. Inmates may be allowed to visit with other religious figures provided they have been issued clearance by the Jail Lieutenant. Visits are limited to one per week.

The jail law library is available upon request. Priority will be given to those inmates who are deemed by the court to be pro per in their current criminal case.

Legal reference books are available upon request. A written request must be filled out and the needed reference materials indicated.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Reformers Unanimous counseling services are also available.

Disciplinary actions or violations of programming rules may result in inmates being restricted from attending these programs.

Inmates wishing to vote may request a voter information pamphlet that explains their rights and requirements to vote. If they are not already registered to vote, they may request a Voter Registration form by contacting the Jail Lieutenant via Correspondence Request. Those inmates already registered to vote should contact the County Registrar of Voters to request an absentee ballot. It is the responsibility of the inmate to ensure that these documents are mailed in a timely manner. Voter Registration forms are postage paid. Postage for all other correspondence must be paid by the inmate.

The Registrar may be contacted by writing:
County Clerk-Elections Division
PO Box 247
Mariposa, CA 95338.

Sentenced Inmate Information

If an inmate has been sentenced to serve time in the Mariposa County Jail, the following information will be of use:

  • Good Time: Inmates who obey all facility rules are entitled to deduct one (1) day from their sentence for every six (6) days of confinement. Inmates may lose good time credits if they break the rules.
  • Work Time: Inmates who willingly and cooperatively do all the jobs assigned to them shall have one day deducted from their sentence for every six days of confinement. They will still earn time if there are no jobs for them to do. Inmates convicted of or having prior convictions for serious felonies as described in Penal Code Sections 1192.7 and 667.5 shall receive 1 day for every 6 days served for good time and 1 day for every 6 days served for work time.
  • Release Time: Inmates are to be released at approximately 0530 hours on the day their sentence ends. They may be released sooner provided that they have transportation from the facility and prior approval.
  • Work Furlough: The work furlough program allows inmates to continue to work at a regular job while serving their sentence. They must be employed full time and be covered under a valid Worker’s Compensation Plan or Self-Employment Insurance. Work Furlough can be arranged prior to sentencing. Inmates will be given an application to complete and will be required to read and sign the Work Furlough rules prior to acceptance to the program. A fee of $10 per day is charged for participation. Eligibility is based on charges and behavior and is not guaranteed by the court. Applications must be complete and all necessary documents included or they will be rejected.

Weekend service is reserved for those inmates who would otherwise qualify for work furlough but are employed outside of the County of Mariposa, or for those specifically ordered by the court. The cost for weekend service is $80 per weekend. Failure to pay the fee upon reporting to the jail shall result in revocation of weekend service.

Passes are reserved for emergency situations involving a death or serious injury in the inmate’s immediate family or ongoing medical appointments which the inmate will be held financially responsible. Passes shall not be granted for personal reasons, for example to move from one residence to another, or to look for employment. Inmates may request a stay of sentencing from the court for these purposes.

Inmates who are currently enrolled in the SB38 program and are approved for work furlough may be able to continue to attend those classes. A request shall be forwarded to the Jail Lieutenant for review and consideration.

Unsentenced Inmate Information

Inmates charged with a felony, may be eligible to be released before their court appearance by posting bail. Bail is money paid to assure an appearance in court. Bail can be met in two ways; one is by paying the full amount in cash. In this case, the money may be returned by the court after your appearance in court. The second is to pay a bail bond agent a non-refundable fee.

Unsentenced inmates are not eligible for any type of outside work programs or passes.

The following is a partial list of available bail bond agents who service this area:

  • Mariposa Bail Bonds 966-6767 
  • Sierra Bail Bonds 559-683-5391
  • Aladdin Bail Bonds 381-4191 
  • John Souza Bail 358-8921
  • Dennis Morgan Bail 523-9911 
  • Smitty's Bail Bonds 559-673-2637
  • Ricks Bail Bonds 966-6944 
  • Absolute Bail Bonds 575-1010
  • Robin’s Bail Bonds 966-5050 
  • Morenita Bail Bonds 723-0200
  • Mark Davis Bail Bonds 385-9900
  • Merced Bail Bonds 722-3850

Below is a list of other pertinent telephone numbers:

  • District Attorney 966-3626
  • Municipal Court 966-5711
  • Sheriff’s Dept 966-3615
  • Superior Court 966-2005
  • Probation 966-3612
  • Social Services 966-3609


  • Gary Collings 742-5757
  • Michael Fagalde 966-3007
  • Jerry Shapiro 559-642-6934
  • Thomas Cooke 769-4163