Day-To-Day Tips


Before You Travel...

  • Check the current COVID-19 situation at your destination
  • If traveling by air, check if your airline requires any testing, vaccination, or other documents.
  • Get tested with a viral test as close to the time of departure as possible (no more than 3 days) before you travel. 
  • Pack a well fitted mask and hand sanitizer.
  • Prepare to be flexible during your trip as restrictions and policies may change during your travel.

Do NOT Travel If...

  • You are sick, even if you recovered from COVID-19 within the past 90 days or are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines.
  • You tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Do not travel until a full 10 days after your symptoms started or the date your positive test was taken if you had no symptoms.
  • You are waiting for results of a COVID-19 test.
  • You had close contact with a person with COVID-19 and are recommended to quarantine.

During Travel...

  • Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth is required in indoor areas of public transportation (including on airplanes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation) traveling into, within, or out of the United States and indoors in U.S. transportation hubs (including airports and stations). Travelers are not required to wear a mask in outdoor areas of a conveyance (like on open deck areas of a ferry or the uncovered top deck of a bus).
  • Practice safety mitigations by properly masking, and wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

After Travel...

You might have been exposed to COVID-19 on your travels. You might feel well and not have any symptoms, but you can still be infected and spread the virus to others.

  • If you are NOT Up to Date with your COVID-19 Vaccines:
    • It is recommended that you Self-quarantine and get tested after travel:
      • Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after returning from travel.
      • Stay home and self-quarantine for a full 5 days after travel.
      • Follow additional recommendations below, for ALL travelers.
  • All travelers regardless of vaccine status:

If Your Test is Positive or You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms after travel...

carpooling during covid-19 

Carpooling During COVID-19_v3.2022


CDPH Safe and SMART Events Playbook, 4/1/22