My Why - Community Members Share Why They Chose To Get Vaccinated

Scroll through to learn why Mariposa County community members chose to get their COVID-19 Vaccine

MyWhy Cary Darcy-Mitchell
MyWhy Wayne Forsythe
MyWhy Wed Katy Landers
MyWhy Lauren Glikin
MyWhy Kristen Fiester
MyWhy Nancy Gunderson
MyWhy Wed Lizzii
MyWhy Wed Katy Wagoner
My Why- Noah Schiff
My Why - Tennysen Lipsey
My Why - Stella Amstutz
My Why - Davis Bryant
My Why - Debbie Alsup
My Why- Izzi Stalder
My Why - Tara Schiff
My Why - Julie Maccarone
Heather Burnikoff & David Raboy
Leah Barrett
Jessica Currier
David McNally
Layla Meadows
Laura & Kasey Glenn
Bridget Fithian
Sawyer Shaddix
Malina Bondshu
Cody & Alina Wichmann
Andy Paige
Richard Ballinger
Beth Pratt

Thank you all for sharing your reason for getting your COVID-19 vaccine. 

If you have any questions about COVID-19 vaccines, visit our vaccine webpage or call 1-209-259-1332.