Public "Hang Out" and Friends/Family activites

Struggling to find ways to "see" and speak with your friends or loved ones that is not just a phone call or text message? Check out these fun ideas.

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

The UC has put together a website that is very informational. Want to learn more about Agriculture, Gardening or Food & Nutrition? What about Health & Wellness or Exploring your surrounding? Check out the website below! They also have a list of youth activities. 

Virtual Gym’s

Our local gyms have come up with ways to get our county moving while still having that connection of going to the gym. Follow them on Facebook or click the links to their websites to see what they are offering!

Music Lessons 

Putting off learning an instrument? Wanting to learn an instrument as a family?Contact two local musicians offering virtual classes today. 

Virtual Games

Miss playing board games with your friends? Download the Game Pigeon App. and play games with your friends over text message!


Zoom is a fun online way to video chat with your friends. Start a online Bingo with your friends and family! Have a board game night over Zoom. Keep those fun family traditions going!

National Theatre

Do you enjoy the theatre? Do you miss the thrill of watching a live performance? Pop some popcorn and check out the National Theatre. Sit down and enjoy the wonders of the Theatre.

Draw Something App

Do you like playing charades? Download the Draw Something app and play with your friends. Invite them on facebook or  add them from your contacts and start having some fun!