- Intranet LOGIN Instructions

  1. If you do not have a user account, please email rlaroche@mariposacounty.org to request one. Using the Create Account button only sets up an account for public pages and not employee pages.
  2. If you have an account but have never validated it, or do not remember your password, please use the Password Reset feature by:
    • Clicking on this link.  (You can get to the same page by clicking on any Employee Intranet link to get to the login screen, then clicking on the green "Existing Account" button.)
    • Fill in the email field with your county email, and click the "Reset Password" link located under the grey "SIGN IN" button/link. (If you experience any difficulties getting to this point, please switch to a different browser and try again. For example, if you’re using Chrome try Internet Explorer.)
    • Follow the directions to reset your password.
  3. When you have successfully set or reset your password you will be returned to a CivicPlus page. Click on the Mariposa County, CA Website link to get back to the website, then go to the Employee Intranet login screen. (A link is found at the bottom of every webpage.)

After Reset screen

If you continue to have difficulties accessing the intranet, please email rlaroche@mariposacounty.org.