Roads Division

Roads Division Services and Responsibilities

The Road Division has four main areas of responsibility; signs and striping, brush and vegetation, and four general maintenance crews. The Roads Division is responsible for over 560 miles of roadway.

Some specific duties within the division include:

  • Inspecting all road and bridge projects
  • Providing County road maintenance, including ice and snow removal, on 360 miles of bituminous roads and 200 miles of gravel and dirt roads
  • Maintaining county road ditches for weed control and water drainage
  • Repair and replacement of road signage and legends
  • Extra legal load permits for entering County roads

Roadside Vegetation Control

The County of Mariposa, Public Works Department, maintains approximately 600 miles of public roads and Zone of Benefit Roads, including actively managing vegetation control utilizing chemical means.

On occasion, requests are received from local property owners to establish a "no-spray" zone on road frontage bordering their property. Property owners interested in filing an opt-out/no spray agreement, must complete and submit a Roadside Vegetation Control Agreement to the Public Works Department in order to be considered for the opt-out option.

Roadside Vegetation Control Agreement/ info sheet

Opt Out Form

More Information

Transportation Permit 

Weight Limits on County Roads

For more information, please call 209-966-5356.

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