how-to-use-marketing-surveys-to-improve-customer-experience-900x531The County performs surveys of our residents to measure how well delivered services are meeting the needs of the community and better understand public interests. The most comprehensive of these surveyswas the 2018 National Citizen Survey, which measures resident perceptions of County governance and benchmarks those measures against other communities nationwide. This data is analyzed by third party statisticians to provide officials with a broad, objective and honest view of resident satisfaction.

National Citizen Survey Livability Report

National Citizen Survey Community Dashboard

National Citizen Survey Demographic Crosstabs

National Citizen Survey Technical Appendices

The Mariposa County Issues Survey was commissioned in Summer 2018 to help the County better understand resident attitudes regarding an increase in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to improve fire response and prevention, law enforcement, roads and other priority services.

Mariposa County Issues Survey (Draft)