Mariposa Creek Parkway

Mariposa Creek

Mariposa Creek Parkway

When completed, the Mariposa Creek Parkway will provide a variety of community-driven recreational programs in a linear park located along Mariposa Creek in the town of Mariposa. It will function as an active transportation resource, linking residents and visitors to neighborhoods, businesses, and tourist amenities, while conserving and interpreting the distinctive beauty of the Sierra Foothill riparian landscape. It will provide engaging opportunities for creative placemaking projects like public art and performance, and it will build community by establishing a unique and compelling space for Mariposa to gather.

On January 28, 2020, the Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission unanimously adopted the Mariposa Creek Parkway Master Plan. You can view the entire master plan here!


The Mariposa Town Plan identifies the Mariposa Creek Parkway as a priority project with multiple social, economic, and environmental benefits. The Mariposa Town Plan states the following:

"The Park will provide a pedestrian and bicyclist corridor...wide enough for two-way traffic...for walkers, joggers, or bicyclists...will tie together a number of tourist facilities and destinations...residents near the park will also use the creek trail."

Since it was first described in the Mariposa Town Plan, the project has been further recommended and refined in a range of other collaborative planning and design processes, including the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, The Transportation Center Feasibility Study, the Economic Vitality Strategy, and the Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase III Conceptual Plan. 

Master Plan Phase


The Mariposa Creek Parkway Master Plan project will use extensive stakeholder engagement and community outreach to establish a coordinated and collaborative plan for nearly 4 miles of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the Mariposa Creek Corridor. This project is supported by a grant the Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant Program.

The project will both incorporate and advance the completed Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase III Conceptual Plan and Phase I and Phase II Enhancement Program project. The Master Plan project will leverage the concepts established through the Conceptual Plan as a point of departure for enhanced concept design of the Phase III Parkway segment, located between 8th Street and Joe Howard Street. Then, the Master Plan project will utilize the framework established by this enhanced Phase III concept design to drive a corridor-wide master planning effort.

The project will also harness the momentum and impact potential of Smart Growth America’s State of the Art Training Opportunity, awarded to Mariposa County from a pool of nationwide applicants to incorporate art, design, and other creative placemaking strategies into the Mariposa Creek Parkway project.

Request for Proposals

View the request for proposals for the Master Plan project, as well as additional information for interested applicants.

Creek Week

As part of the County’s ongoing Mariposa Creek Parkway Master Plan project, Creek Week was a three-day interactive community design party, where Mariposa residents were asked to creatively and share their thoughts about how the Mariposa Creek Parkway can be a resource for economic development, environmental conservation and education, cultural programming and community health.

Through a variety of materials and activities, a diverse cross-section of the community provided feedback on the Mariposa Creek Parkway while physically AT the parkway, and in some cases, even in the creek! Through the event, we collected invaluable feedback on the future form and programmatic options of the project. On May 7th, the project team delivered a summary presentation to the Board of Supervisors. Click here to browse.


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