Welcome to living in the foothills of Mariposa County! 

This booklet is offered as a starting point for information to help you effectively take care of your property, provide for personal safety and live in harmony with the flora, fauna and your human neighbors. 

Local Natural Resources

If you have moved here from an urban area, you might not be aware of the many natural resource riches just outside your door, or how to help improve and sustain them.

Leaves surround a hammock

A few of those riches and needs are:

  • Adequate supplies of clean water
  • Wildlife to observe and enjoy
  • Healthy ecosystems with native plants
  • Clean air to breathe
  • Fire-safe communities, public lands, and personal property

Each of these riches needs care and protection. This information is designed to help you do your part in the conservation of our natural resources so that you may continue to enjoy your surroundings in the years to come, and that we may pass them on to future generations.