Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining


To ensure the health of our restaurant employees, residents, and visitors, the Board of Supervisors has adopted an ordinance to make outdoor dining areas and areas within a 25' radius of food trucks smoke-free.  

The full definition of the smoke free zones can be found in County Ordinance 2019-1145, which is effective October 24, 2019. 

Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining Ordinance Summary:

  • Outdoor Dining Areas, including within 25 feet of the area designed customarily used for consuming food or drink. 
  • A 25-foot radius around a food kiosk, food cart, or mobile food truck with no dedicated place for consuming food or drinks sold by that business.
  • Exclusion: An outdoor dining area shall not include an area that is contiguous to a restaurant, business or non-commercial building that is completely closed to the public for a private event.

Working together we can ensure people who enjoy our beautiful outdoor lifestyle are also able to enjoy a smoke-free environment. 

8 of 10 Mariposans say smoke-free Outdoor Dining is important
Image of Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining Table Tent

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Want to learn more? View our Smoke-free Outdoor Dining Fact Sheet.

For more information contact the Tobacco Education Program staff at 209-966-3689.