Reports from Merlin Jones, District II Supervisor

2017 District 2 Reports

By Merlin Jones

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I'm sitting here looking out the window as the clouds are building up and there is more rain in the forecast. In Greeley Hill, the average rainfall is about 40 inches and we are now over 70," which has really helped the trees. With that said, I was out about a week ago and the Western Bark Beetle were flying. I noticed with the warmer weather there are some trees already starting to die because of the bugs. There's a lot of seedlings coming up, but they'll not be mature trees in my lifetime. The county's hired a company call Blue Ridge Services, Inc. to fall trees around county buildings and along county roads. This doesn't mean they'll be removing the trees, just falling and cutting, making it safer for the citizens and getting more bang for our money. P.G.&E. is doing the best they can around power lines but are overwhelmed. Let's be patient, because all agencies are working as hard as they can.

The B.O.S. just approved a one year contract with Cal Fire for command and control. This should be a good marriage between county fire and Cal Fire and will give a professional structure to our fire department. Some people have doubts, but there's only a one-year agreement and I hope everyone will work together.

This is the third year I've sponsored a county employee appreciation BBQ. All employees are invited. We had lots of help from Supervisors Cann, Long and Menetrey flipping 325 burgers. It is always a lot of fun and it's a way to show our employees how much we appreciate their dedication and hard work. "Thank you, employees."

The county hired Host Compliance to monitor all the hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals in the county to make sure they're paying their TOT tax. If anyone is not, they'll be caught and the penalties are extremely high, so if you owe money, I recommend you contact the tax collector and work it out with him.

Mary Hodson, our past C.A.O. has retired. In the meantime, we went out for recruitment to replace her and got over 30 applicants. After narrowing down to three and not finding a good fit for Mariposa, the B.O.S. decided we had the best person in our Deputy C.A.O., Dallin Kimble. I for one was thrilled to hire a young man who is wanting to improve so many things in the county and someone who is living in Mariposa. I look forward to working with him because we have a lot of the same goals to run the county more effectively.

I have been working projects like road work, trading unused roads for road work that people use. The drainage project in Coulterville should start around July and finish up before winter. We've made some changes so we will not have to tear up Main Street and hurt the businesses. I'm excited to finally get this project moving forward. I continue to work with some agencies to put an office in Greeley Hill to help the people in District 2. There is a much interest in phone and Internet towers and there permits are in the works.

These are just a few of the projects I have been working on. I normally have to spend 4 to 5 days a week in Mariposa, but we are making a lot of positive changes in the county. I always remember I work for you, the people of Mariposa County and District 2. You can contact me anytime at my office in Greeley Hill at 878-3158 or in Mariposa at 966-3222.