What is an Ordinance?

Ordinances are local laws enacted by the Board. The current ordinances are collected in the County Code of Ordinances and can be found online.


Individual ordinances can be accessed below. Please be aware, however, that ordinances can be added, amended or rescinded through time so the County Code is the best place to look for current ordinances.

To locate an individual ordinance, scroll down to the ordinance index located below, and click on the ordinance number. This will open a separate browser window with your ordinance.

Currently, online ordinances begin with number 700. If you need an earlier ordinance, please contact the Clerk of the Board’s office and we will be happy to help you (copy charges may apply.) 


If you have any other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact the Clerk of the Board's Office either via email or call 209.966.3222.

Ordinance Indexes

1100-current  | 1000-1099  |  900-999  |  800-899  |  700-799  |  600-699  |  500-599  |  400-499  |  300-399  |  200-299  |  100-199