Mariposa County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer of Weights and Measures

The mission of the Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer of Weights and Measures is to protect agriculture, the business community, the public, and the environment. This is accomplished through providing a level playing field for all consumers by ensuring that standards are applied in an equitable and reasonable manner, emphasizing education and cooperation, while focusing on the consumer.

County Employee

The Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer is an employee of the County, appointed by the County Board of Supervisors, and works cooperatively with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, CAL-EPA, and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Public Welfare

The Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer is responsible for carrying out various programs pursuant to State Laws and Regulations. Our responsibility is to carry out regulatory programs and enforce local ordinances, State, and (when applicable) Federal laws and regulations.

One of our objectives is to promote, protect, and further the economy of California State and Mariposa County agriculture to the fullest extent commensurate with the public welfare. In addition, within the authority delegated, our objective is to actively further and protect the environment and the health and welfare of the people of the State and County.

Protecting People from Pests

Supporting federal efforts, County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealers provide the second line of defense against the introduction of injurious plant and animal pests, protect people and the environment from the impacts of pesticide use and protect businesses and consumers through constant and dedicated enforcement of agricultural and weights and measures laws and regulations.


Plant and product inspections are performed to ensure consumers and the agricultural community that agricultural commodities meet basic wholesomeness and quality standards and are pest free. Pesticide usage is monitored so that the life and health of the applicator and the public are safeguarded as well as the environment. In making sure that pesticides are used properly, we are also ensuring their future availability by preventing misuse which may cause an effective pesticide to be banned.

The charge of the Weights and Measures division is to promote equity in the marketplace by protecting both the consumer and business.

Functions of the Mariposa County Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures

The Agricultural Commissioner performs regulatory functions which are prescribed in the California Food and Agricultural Code, the Business and Professions Code, and the California Code of Regulations, respectively.

The department has three main objectives: