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Deck drawings
Several items should be included on your drawings to build, replace, or extend a deck. Show/describe, as a minimum, the following items:
  • Overall dimensions: length, width and height above ground.
  • Handrails: 30 inches to 34 inches above the nosing of the treads.
  • Guardrails: 42 inch minimum height. Note: Handrails and guardrails shall have intermediate rails or an ornamental pattern such that a sphere 4 inches in diameter cannot pass through.
  • Type of footing or support system.
  • Type and grade of lumber.
  • Size and spacing of beams and posts.
  • Provide detail for method of attachment to existing structures.
  • Provisions for lateral bracing.
  • Type, size and species of decking material.
  • Residential stairs max rise is 7.75 inches and min. run is 10 inches.
  • Decking, joists, stair treads, risers, runs, landings, etc. that are within 10 feet of the primary structure shall be built from fire resistive material.

Deck Handout

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