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At this time, the First 5 Mariposa Commission is not offering grant opportunities.  The Commission is hoping to offer a round of grant opportunities the spring of 2018.

Grant Applications Documents

Grant Announcement (doc)
Timeline for Grant Application Procedure 2016 (doc)
Mini Grant Application 2016 (doc)
Maxi Grant Application 2016 (doc)
Mini Grant Scoring Rubric (doc)
RFA Evaluation Criteria - Maxi Grant (doc)
Guidelines for Child Care Mini-Grant Applications 2016  (doc)

The First 5 Request for Proposal and the Request for Application grant process has always provided the community an opportunity to apply for First 5 funding. However, in 2005 there was new legislation adopted which directed the eight small counties to limit reserve funds to only one year. In addition, there has been a decrease in Prop 10 funding (funding is based on tobacco tax and live births). However, the main problem is that First 5 has been supporting prior year grants with reserve funds and now the reserve funds are too depleted to continue to offer grant opportunities. As the Commission discussed the grant application process and the possible new community needs for First 5 funds, they struggled with a fair process. The Executive Director explained that the grant application process is time-consuming and with limited funds, grant applicants are disappointed when only a small number are funded.

Based on the allocation for small counties, the Executive Director recommended that the Commission focus on funding only the current grants, including the School Readiness program, and not offer a grant application process. The Commission discussed the issue and the following points and questions were articulated:
• Is this proposal in line with the Commission’s Strategic Plan?
• The seven other small counties focus on health, the CARES program and School Readiness
• Should the Commission offer mini-grants?
• The numbers of children/parents served could change and looking at their budget expenditures and sustainability would provide information to the Commission
• Funding should support other needs besides preschools
• Need to be sure the Commission is not underestimating the needs in the community.
• It is not fair to offer a grant application program when First 5 funds are now limited
• Look at the needs and budgets of the funded grants and lock in the dollar amounts—is all the funding from First 5 needed and appropriate or are there places that the budgets of the funded grants could cut or additional savings made?

Following further discussion on funding a dental program, looking at the needs of the community and the possibility of a grant recipient securing another funding source, there was discussion on leaving the dollar amounts open and simply declaring the programs that First 5 would fund.

With continued discussion regarding funding renewal grants, the Commission voted on December 14, 2008, to fund four grants for 2009-2010: Acorn Preschool $25,000; Kiwanis Preschool $25,000; Smart Start Program $35,000; and Oral Dental Health Program $40,000.

As the Commission discussed the plan for grant funding through June 30, 2012, the Director provided a chart with three scenarios with varying funding amounts for grant allocations totaling $100,000. (see Grant Funding Update Document below for charts)

Following the discussion of the scenarios, the Commission voted on December 14, 2009, to renew four grants from 2010 through 2012 as follows: Acorn Preschool $15,000; Kiwanis Preschool $15,000; Smart Start Program $33,000; and Oral Dental Health Program $37,000.

With the conclusion of Cycle II of the School Readiness matching grant of $100,000 on June 30, 2012, the Commission is currently discussing a long-range plan to determine funding for the School Readiness Program (Catheys Valley, Greeley Hill and Lake Don Pedro Preschools) and the grant program (Acorn and Kiwanis Preschools, Smart Start Program and the Children's Dental Health Program).

In June of 2012, the Commission voted to approve two grants for funding: 1) Smart Start and 2) Children’s Dental Health.  Due to the reduction in revenue, including the First 5 Augmentation and the conclusion of the School Readiness matching grant ($100,000) with State First 5, the Commission no longer had funding for any additional grants.  The consensus was to provide funding for health and dental to children and preserve the preschool programs serving children throughout the County.  


See Grant Funding Update, as of April 2010.

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