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By Aaron Lee Wallenberg Gr 2.jpgIt is obvious from these thoughtful and imaginative entries that Mariposa kids care about the earth. Congratulations to all of you on a job well done!
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What Does Earth Day Mean to Me? by Leah Carlson, Gr. 8

     I think that Earth Day is a reminder for what we should be doing all the time. People can sometimes forget the importance of doing things like recycling, conserving energy, and using less fuel. In a perfect world, Earth Day would not be needed at all, because everyone would be aware of their effect on the Earth.
     The multiplying environmental problems have inspired my school to create the "Green Team." Members of the "Green Team" have helped create a system that allows our school to compost and recycle. That keeps a lot of our waste out of landfills. We are hoping that our efforts will inspire others and help keep the environment clean.
     Earth Day, and more importantly, the environment, means a lot to me because since I am going to be living in this world, I want to take care of it. Also, not only are global warming, pollution, and other problems bad for the environment, they are also bad for people and cause many health problems. I want everyone to remember to minimize pollution and be aware of the environment so that my generation can live in a world that is clean and plants, people, and animals are healthy.

Earth Day, by Quinn Whatley, Gr. 7

     Earth  Day is a significant celebration. It means a lot to me in so many ways. It celebrates the animals, plants and waterways. Earth Day is a celebration for everyone to learn a little more about the Earth.
     Some species have never been discovered or recognized as a beautiful creature. Earth Day is a day to pay attention to plants and animals and learn more about them. I love to listen to the birds and try to learn what species of birds I am hearing.
     I feel that Earth Day is a day that everyone should celebrate even if you just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air of this planet. For Earth Day I take pleasure in taking a walk outside, biking around, picking up trash, and watching and listening to animals.
      Go outside breath in the air, listen to the birds, ride your bike, take a walk and maybe pick up some trash, or sit outside and enjoy this Earth Day. Spring is here, why not celebrate outside?

Earth Day!!!!! by Daniel Gilger, Gr. 7

     What does Earth Day mean to me? It's hard to explain but I'll try. My name is Daniel and I go to El Portal middle school. I just moved here about a year and a half ago. I used to live in a cramped up busy town where you would see one star or none at all. The air would be hard to breath and it was rare to see animals. That's why I was so awestruck when I moved here.
     Here you see animals everywhere and the stars are always out. The air here is crisp and clear and so wonderful to breathe in. It's not cramped or busy. There is no sound of cars honking or construction noises. Just the sound of birds singing, rivers flowing, waterfalls falling, animals talking, insects chirping, and the wind whistling. I love it here and I hope I never have to move.
     I hope this place won't change at all. That is where Earth Day comes in. Earth Day reminds us not to pollute and to keep places like this clean and wonderful. It tells us to pick up our trash, to ride our bikes instead of using cars, to turn off everything at night and when we are out, to not waste water and, most important to not pollute. If this place was destroyed and turned into  housing, malls, restaurants, shops, etc. I would be devastated!. That is why Earth Day means so much to me.
     I hope everyone thinks that. If they don't, they haven't been out here and I want people out here to see what Earth used to be. Some people might feel the same and some might not but that doesn't matter. This is my meaning to Earth Day and what it means to me!

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