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County Road Conditions
As reported by Mariposa County Road Department 5/29/2018

Roads Affected by Flood
Bear Valley Rd                                                                        Closed (local traffic only)

Hornitos Rd/ Corbet Creek (just west of Old Toll) #2               Closed (local traffic only)
Hornitos Rd/  Bear Creek (near Whispering Oaks) #1            Closed (local traffic only)

Indian Gulch                                                                            Closed No Bridge TBD
Merced Falls Rd                                                                      Closed (local traffic only)

Old Toll Rd / Bear Creek #1                                                     Closed (open-residents)
Old Toll Rd / Cow & Calf Gulch #2                                            Closed
Old Hwy near Hwy 140                                                             Closed TBD
Silva Road Crossing (dirt portion of Silva Rd)                          Closed (will open water level goes down)
Yaqui Gulch                                                              Open (loose gravel)


North County Roads Affected by Flood

Chapulin Way                                                                          Closed TBD
Jardincito x of Banderilla                                                          partially washed out/one lane
Laredo at Banderilla                  Closed TBD
Panchito Way                                                                            Closed TBD
Ranchito at Golfito                                                                       Open




Common Road Condition Definitions:

R1: Chains are required - snow tread tires allowed.
R2: Chains are required on all vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels. 

R3: Chains are required - all vehicles - no exceptions. 

R1 and R2 are the most common conditions.

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