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Dental Health Program
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What is the Dental Health Program?
The Mariposa County Dental Health Program is for children under 6 years old.  It is funded by FIRST 5 and implemented by Mariposa County Health Department.

Who Qualifies?
Mariposa children under the age of 6 years old whose family meets the income eligibility criteria. (Please call the Health Department to see if your child qualifies.)

What is the purpose of the Dental Health Program?
Educate parents on the importance of dental health, so their children can reach their optimum health.
Prevent tooth decay.
Prevent gum disease.
To save baby teeth which hold space in the jaw for permanent teeth.
To enable child's speech to develop properly.

Where do I go for the Dental Health Program?
A Dental Hygienist from the Health Department will visit you or make arrangements to set up an initial meeting.

What will the Dental Hygienist do?
Demonstrate proper dental hygiene.
Provide educational materials.
Provide a toothbrush, floss, and dental timer.
Schedule a dental exam with a local dentist.

What will the Dentist do and who is responsible for payment?
At no cost the Dentist will:
Orient children and families to the office.
Educate as appropriate.
Screen if and when the child cooperates.

What will the Dentist do and who is responsible for payment (continued).
For urgent dental care if needed:
If neither insurance nor family finances permit, the dentist will bill the Health Department.

Who do I call so my child (under 6 years old) can receive services?
Mariposa County Health Department at 209-966-3689 or 1-800-459-4466.
or visit:
Mariposa County Health Department
5085 Bullion Street
Mariposa, CA  95338
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM (except holidays)

Dental Health Program Brochure

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PO Box 784 | 5100 Bullion St. | Mariposa, CA 95338