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Where do I find the Board Agendas?
Board agendas are finalized and posted no less than 72 hours before each regular meeting (24 hours before special meetings.) A printed copy is posted in the outdoor display case at the Mariposa County Government Center, located at 5100 Bullion Street, Mariposa, California.
Agendas from 2011 and back can be found here.
In addition, agendas from 2012 to the present can be found online on the meeting portal website where you can also register to receive email notifications when agendas are posted.

Board of Supervisors

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1. When does the Board of Supervisors meet?
2. Where does the Board of Supervisors meet?
3. Where do I find the Board Agendas?
4. Who is the Board Chair?
5. Who Represents me on the Board of Supervisors?
6. How do I contact a Board member?
7. How do I address the Board of Supervisors on a matter not listed on the Agenda?
8. How do I place an item on the Agenda?
9. How do I apply for a position on Advisory Boards and/or Commissions?
10. How can I get a copy of a Resolution or an Agreement the Board adopted?
11. How can I get a copy of the recording of a meeting or hearing?
12. Is there a charge for obtaining copies of the Board of Supervisors' records?
13. How do I get a copy of Mariposa County Codes?

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