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Sep 04

Yosemite West Community Discussion Page

Posted on September 4, 2020 at 2:29 PM by Rosemarie Smallcombe

Welcome to the Mariposa blog page for Yosemite West Community Discussions. This page is intended as a mechanism for communication among members of the Yosemite West community, partner agencies and the County.  As the County Supervisor for Yosemite West, I’ll publish information here that may interest you.  I also look forward to hearing from you.  

Now for the Posting Guidelines -- The Mariposa County Website Video and Social Media, Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, and Information Technology Acceptable Use Policies apply to this page and all posts to it.  

Thanks in advance for adhering to these guidelines.

Any content that is deemed obscene, harassing, discriminatory, threatening, malicious, derogatory, promoting violence or illegal activity, or racially offensive can be removed by an account administrator. 

Any activity that violates the following guidelines can also be removed by an account administrator: 

  • Profane/vulgar language or content;
  • Sexually harassing content; 
  • Content that discriminates or encourages discrimination against a protected class; 
  • Solicitations for commercial gain, advertisements or political endorsements; 
  • Content that promotes illegal activity; 
  • Disclosure of confidential or proprietary information; 
  • Information that could compromise the security of public safety officials, the general public or public systems; 
  • Violent or threatening content; 
  • Content that violates trademarks, copyrights or other legal ownerships. 

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