Threat of Fire

What to Do if a Fire Is Headed Your Way

If time permits, take a few precautions to provide additional fire defense for your home:

  • Close all windows, doors and garage doors.
  • Evacuate if you are directed to do so. Fire moves faster than you or your vehicle can.
A fire truck parked near a fire
  • For professional fuels management advice, consult a registered professional forester (per California law).
  • Minimize flat surfaces that could let a burning ember smolder.
  • Move furniture to the center of rooms, or walls away from the oncoming fire.
  • Remove flammable items such as grass doormats and bamboo shades.
  • Remove patio umbrellas, collapsible awnings and outdoor cushions.
  • Tip wood picnic tables and benches on their sides.
  • To report a fire, call 911.
  • Use telephones only for emergencies.
  • Wet down buildings and defensible zone, including mulch piles and hay storage areas.