Public Authority

Public Authority Responsibilities

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority staff assists IHSS recipients needing assistance with locating and hiring a provider. The IHSS Public Authority actively recruits and supports new providers by maintaining the Provider Registry and referring Registry Providers to IHSS Recipients in need. The Registry Coordinator works closely with the recipients to identify and coordinate the best match to meet the recipient's needs.

The Registry Coordinator helps the recipients and registry providers understand their responsibilities as the employer of record and the provider of services. The Registry Coordinator provides over-the-phone support to both recipients and providers, assisting them in understanding and maintaining the best working relationship possible.

The primary goal of the Provider Registry is to maintain a sufficient number of quality providers to support the community's IHSS recipient needs. Requirements for acceptance on the Provider Registry include a positive Department of Justice criminal background check, including local checks, reference checks and completion of a mandatory orientation. When available, CPR/First Aid Training is also required.

The Public Authority staff maintains the provider payroll, mediates and advises on any payroll issues that may arise.

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