Winter Weather Recovery

For current Emergency Information, please click here. This page is for recovery after storm damages.


Mariposa County Office of Emergency Services is seeking information to provide to state and federal partners, in hopes of obtaining financial support for the County and individual residents, following the recent weather events.

If you experienced damage due to either the February/March Snow Event or March Rain/Flood Event, please visit the following link: and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please note that completion of the survey does not guarantee financial assistance.

Mariposa County will use this information to request additional assistance, specifically for individuals, from state and federal partners. If significant damage and a need for financial aid can be proven, the chance of approval for funding will increase.

If you have an immediate need for help due to damage, please contact Mariposa County Health and Human Services at 1-209-966-2000 to learn about potential programs and services.

Storm Damage Assessment Survey Reminders

Federal and State Recovery Resources

For information on some of the potential resources available from our state and federal partners visit:

An Orange Road Work Sign

Road work and Repairs

Mariposa County Public Works is still finding and assessing damage to public roadways. The team is working hard to make repairs as well as find emergency repair contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible. Due to the amount of overall work needing to be completed, we do ask for patience in completing repairs. The team will need to continue to prioritize, focusing first on making roads accessible and then working to improve smaller damage.

We appreciate our community's understanding and patience at this time. We ask that you continue to drive with caution as debris and hazards can still enter roadways after the rains have subsided. As always, please be mindful of crews assessing and working on roadways for your safety and theirs.

How to Identify Damage to your home

Between heavy snow loads and the potential for flooding, there is a chance your home could have damage. It is important to look for these risks and act appropriately. 

Warning Signs of Overstress Conditions during a Snow Event

  • Sagging ceiling tiles or boards, ceiling boards falling out of the ceiling grid, and/or sagging sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler heads deflecting below suspended ceilings
  • Popping, cracking, and creaking noises
  • Sagging roof members, including metal decking or plywood sheathing
  • Bowing truss bottom chords or web members
  • Doors and/or windows that can no longer be opened or closed
  • Cracked or split wood members
  • Cracks in walls or masonry
  • Severe roof leaks
  • Excessive accumulation of water at nondrainage locations on low slope roofs 

For more information on signs of stress and what actions to take, click here.

Mold in your Home

Molds can be found almost anywhere where moisture is present. The risk increases during storm and flooding events where there is increases moisture and the potential for moisture in places that are not prepared for it.

After flooding or severe storms, you should take time to check your home for the presence of mold. Mold remediation is best handled by a professional, but you can take some actions yourself. Please review the following resources:


  • Please call 911 for life-saving emergencies ONLY.
  • Please call 209-966-2000 for food, water, heat, sheltering or transportation.
  • Please call 209-966-7000 or 1-800-549-6741 for mental health crises ONLY.