Returning After the Fire


Please click here for a packet of information on returning after the fire


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any waste removal or clean-up done by individuals will become ineligible for the below program.

The Mariposa County Health and Human Services Agency's Environmental Health Unit is working with CalEPA and CalRecycle to assist in the removal of hazardous waste and burn debris from the affected properties as a result of the Oak Fire. 

DO NOT attempt to clean up any burned debris. For more information on this NO OUT OF POCKET COST program, please call (209) 966-2220, visit the Environmental Health Unit at 5100 Bullion Street, Floor one, Mariposa, CA 95338, or click here for the program details. 

DO NOT attempt to take any burned debris to the County Landfill, it will not be accepted.

Protect yourself from Ash - click here

Hazard Trees

After a fire, many trees are weakened from burning around the base of the trunk. The trees can fall over or blow down without warning. Shallow-rooted trees can also fall. Therefore be extremely alert when around burned trees.  More information about hazardous trees can be found here.

SBA Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced low-interest federal disaster loans are available to California businesses and residents affected by the Oak Fire.

Types of Loans Available:

  • Business Physical Disaster Loans
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans
  • Home Disaster Loans

For details on loans, eligibility, and interest rates, please click here.


The remote spoiled food waste dumpster sites have closed, but the Mariposa County Landfill will still accept spoiled food waste on-site at no cost Tuesday – Saturday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm through August 13th. Please remember to keep your spoiled food waste separate from other waste for our team at the Landfill and to ensure you do not have to pay.

Food exposed during a fire can be compromised by three factors: the heat of the fire, smoke fumes, and chemicals used to fight the fire. Also, the power may have been off for a long time. Food Safety information can be found here.

Food resources

Please click here to view resources for food for those affected by the Oak Fire. 


The Environmental Health Division has designed this brochure to help you ensure that your well water is safe to drink. As an owner of private domestic water well that may be damaged by a wildfire, you may have some concerns about fire-related impacts on your well and water system.  Mariposa County Environmental Health recommends the well owner perform a visual inspection of their well and water system, including the piping and plumbing that provide water to and throughout your home. Items that you should check are included in this brochure.


Mariposa Pines has received a Boiled Water Notice. Please review that information here. As you prepare to re-enter the Mariposa Pines subdivision following the Oak Fire, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • There was damage to the main water line that has been repaired. Water is again in the system for homes. 
  • When you return, you should open and run the nearest hose bib to your main water line (where the pipe from the street comes into your house) until any sediment clears. 
  • The system has been shocked to eliminate potential bacteria. 
  • Bottled drinking water is recommended. 
  • If you notice any breaks, signs of damage, or other concerns, let your water company know right away.
Mariposa County SBA flyer with dates and information that match that on this page.