COVID-19 Treatments

Emergency Use Authorization (EAU)

During public health emergencies, the FDA may authorize the use of unapproved drugs or unapproved uses of approved drugs under certain conditions. This is called an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Therapeutic products authorized under an EUA are listed on the FDA’s EUA page. These products are not a substitute for vaccination against COVID-19

Test-to-Treat Program 

Faster, Easier Access to Life-Saving COVID-19 Treatments

As part of the federal government's National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan the United States government is launching a nationwide Test to Treat Initiative.

A newly launched nationwide Test to Treat initiative gives individuals without insurance or a health care provider (or those unable to obtain timely testing and treatment through their usual health care provider) an important way to rapidly access free lifesaving treatment for COVID-19. 

In this program, people are able to get tested, be assessed by a medical provider (if positive), receive a prescription from a health care provider - if appropriate, and have their prescription filled all in one location, allowing for quick and easy treatment.

Most COVID-19 medications are currently free, but some testing and treating facilities may charge an administration or visit fee that may be covered by insurance. People should ask about these fees when they call a Test to Treat site.   

test-to-treat locations

  • The LHI OptumServe Testing Site located at the Park & Ride parking lot behind Rite Aide at 4994 Joe Howard Street in Mariposa is a Test-To-Treat location.
  • CVS Store/CVS Pharmacy located at 7096 N. West Ave, Fresno CA 93711
  • Test-To-Treat Site Locator

additional resources & information

Read the CDPH Health Update on Federal Test-to-Treat Program in California, March 17, 2022 

View this Fact Sheet from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services/Preparedness and Response Division.

For more information on the Test-To-Treat program, visit this CDPH page.

Treatment for Young Children

Effective April 25, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the approval of the COVID-19 treatment Veklury (remdesivir) for to include pediatric patients. For more information, visit this FDA News Release page.

Please contact your Primary Care Physician or a licensed physician/doctor if you would like more information on available treatments.

The local Mariposa County Community Health Center (CHC) / Public Health (PH) does not provide treatments for COVID-19 infections.

 additional information on COVID-19 Treatments:


We know there are many people in our community who may be deemed "recovered" from COVID-19 in that they are no longer contagious, but they may still have lingering health impacts.

Long-COVID is when individuals have lingering or develop new symptoms after their initial recovery period. This can happen to anyone who has had a natural COVID-19 infection, even if they were not experiencing severe symptoms with their initial infection.