Water Agency Advisory Board

The purpose of the Water Agency Advisory Board is to recommend to the Water Agency Board of Directors the terms of any loan to be considered; investigates any grant and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Water Agency with respect to the MID Water Funds and FERC relicensing process and surface and ground water issues.


Water Agency Handbook

Mariposa Basin Water Supply Study 6.1978

Maps for Mariposa Basin Report

Mariposa Basin Water Study

Mariposa Basin Water Study Population and Water Demand Projections January 1978

Mariposa Basin Projects Report 08221978

Maps for Mariposa Basin Report

Feasibility Report - Tudor Eng 1988

Contract w MID Settlement of Water Rights Dispute

Contract w MID for a water supply

MID Settlement

Section 7_July 2014 Yosemite-Mariposa IRWM Plan_Projects

210916 Water Agency Background Information

Comprehensive Area-Wide Water and Sewer Plan McCreary May 1972