1968 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1968-0021/16/1968Abandons Surplus Colorado Road
1968-0041/30/1968Budget Transfer
1968-0082/20/1968Amends Res. 66-39
1968-0092/20/1968Budget Transfers
1968-0102/27/1968Calls Public Hearing on Air Pollution
1968-0112/27/1968Jail Budget Transfer
1968-0122/27/1968Supports AB 231
1968-0132/27/1968Supports AB 387, Unlawful Detainer
1968-0143/5/1968Approves Road & Street Progress Report
1968-0153/12/1968Appoints Three Members to Mental Health Advisory Board
1968-0163/12/1968Budget Transfers
1968-0173/12/1968Agreement with State FAS Project 963 (b) Bootjack Road
1968-0183/12/1968Opposes Final Draft
1968-0193/19/1968Fire Protection Budget Transfer
1968-0203/26/1968Budget Transfers
1968-0213/26/1968Supports AB 149, Property Tax Relief
1968-0224/9/1968Declares Need for Air Pollution Control District
1968-0234/9/1968Sheriff Budget Transfer
1968-0244/16/1968Welfare Budget Transfer
1968-0254/23/1968Budget Transfer
1968-0264/30/1968Mental Health Contract
1968-0274/30/1968Yosemite Sub.
1968-0285/7/1968Directs District Attorney to File Disclaimer No. 9576
1968-0295/14/1968Parks & Rec Budget Transfer
1968-0305/15/1968Directs District Attorney to File Disclaimer No. 4085
1968-0315/21/1968Civil Defense Budget Transfer
1968-0325/21/1968Certifies Total Mileage of County Maintained Roads (525.16)
1968-0335/21/1968Zone Change
1968-0345/21/1968County Clerk to Canvass Election Returns
1968-0355/21/1968ACCO Appropriation ($30,000)
1968-0365/21/1968Welfare Resources Requirements in California
1968-0376/3/1968Jail Budget Transfer
1968-0396/3/1968Agreement with Bootjack No. 11
1968-0406/3/1968Jail Budget Transfer
1968-0416/11/1968Budget Transfer ($7,555)
1968-0426/18/1968Consolidates John C. Fremont Hospital Election with General Election
1968-0436/18/1968Fish Camp Appropriation ($10,000)
1968-0446/18/1968Welfare Salary
1968-0456/18/1968Division of Highways Agreement
1968-0466/24/1968Parks & Rec Budget Transfer
1968-0476/25/1968Amends & Adopts Budget FY 1968-69
1968-0486/25/1968Budget Transfers
1968-0497/2/1968Appropriation ($550)
1968-0517/2/1968Intention to Approve Retirement Systems Agreement
1968-0527/9/1968Adopts Road Standards
1968-0537/15/1968Authorizes Auditor to Adjust & Maintain Account
1968-0547/23/1968Farm Advisor Budget Transfer
1968-0557/30/1968Retirement Agreement Excludes Hourly Employees
1968-0567/30/1968Intention to Change Road Name Meyer Road to Ponderosa Way
1968-0577/30/1968Approves Boundary between Mariposa & Tuolumne Counties
1968-0598/6/1968Road Dept. Appropriation
1968-0608/6/1968Intention to Award Retirement to Persons Retired before 12/31/66
1968-0618/13/1968Parks & Rec Appropriation ($100)
1968-0628/13/1968Application for State Monies for Veterans
1968-0638/20/1968Re: Holding Parades in Town of Mariposa
1968-0648/27/1968Adopts Tax Rate FY 1968-69
1968-0658/27/1968Accepts Resignation of Nichols
1968-0669/3/1968Urges Central Valley Mentally Retarded Service Center
1968-0679/3/1968Authorizes Judge Coakley to Make Application for Funds
1968-0689/3/1968Continues Fresno Library Reference Service
1968-0699/3/1968Appoints Dr. Evans as Mental Health Director
1968-0709/10/1968Proclaims "National Highway Week"
1968-0719/17/1968Approves Boundary between Mariposa & Tuolumne Counties
1968-07310/1/1968Permanent Intermittent Employees of Road Dept.
1968-07410/1/1968County Clerk to Canvass Election Returns
1968-07510/8/1968Protests Increase of Length & Weight Limit Interstate
1968-07610/8/1968Application for State Grant ($75,000)
1968-07710/8/1968Continues Mental Health Program
1968-07810/15/1968Road Dept. Appropriation
1968-07910/15/1968Requests Legislation for Effective Property Tax Reduction
1968-08010/22/1968Parks & Rec Temporary Appropriation ($10,000)
1968-08111/4/1968Requests Legislation on Welfare Cost
1968-08211/19/1968Intention not to Place Load Limit on Best Road
1968-08311/19/1968Requests Adoption of Rules of Federal Registrar
1968-08411/26/1968Road Dept. Appropriation ($200)
1968-08511/26/1968Budget Transfer
1968-08611/26/1968Appropriation, Sealer of Weights & Measures
1968-08711/26/1968Urges Appointment of Central Sierra Mountain County Member
1968-08812/17/1968Accepts Completion of Yosemite West #1 Chair to Fill Notice of Completion
1968-08912/17/1968Supports Hayakawa on Action San Francisco State College
1968-09012/23/1968Relieves from Responsibility
1968-09112/23/1968Commends Charles Salzer upon Retirement as Kern County Supervisor
1968-09212/30/1968Approves Common Building
1968-09412/30/1968Contract for Use of Bear Valley Dump
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