1969 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1969-0011/7/1969Appropriation ($50)
1969-0031/14/1969Proposes Salary Increase Legislation
1969-0041/14/1969Designates Comp. Health Planning Assoc.
1969-0051/21/1969Establishes Water Development Fund
1969-0061/21/1969Travel Authorization
1969-0071/21/1969Appropriation ($600), Mariposa Dump
1969-0081/28/1969Building Dept. Appropriation ($1,500)
1969-0091/28/1969Proclaims Disaster
1969-0102/4/1969Mental Health Program
1969-0112/4/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0132/11/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0152/18/1969National Forest Needs Extra Programs to Reduce Erosion
1969-0162/18/1969Federal Assistance Application
1969-0172/18/1969Board of Supervisors Appropriation
1969-0182/25/1969Intention to Abandon .09 Mile of Prouty Road
1969-0192/25/1969Right of Way Agreement with State; .06 Acres
1969-0203/4/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0213/4/1969Warrants to County Employees on Hourly Draw 6th of the Month
1969-0223/11/1969Requests Federal Aid Fiscal Year
1969-0233/11/1969Authorizes Examination of Sales & Use Tax Account
1969-0243/11/1969Emergency Welfare Relief not to Exceed $200 per
1969-0253/11/1969Disclaimer/Peo. vs. Heirs
1969-0263/11/1969Proposed Ratification of Contract between California & Nevada Re: Water
1969-0273/18/1969In Memory of Alice H. Ellingham
1969-0283/18/1969In Memory of Clay Daulton
1969-0293/18/1969Petition Formation of Community Service District
1969-0303/18/1969Changes Road Name Bootjack to Worman Road
1969-0313/25/1969Time Extension One Year Pon
1969-0323/25/1969Authorizes Attorney General to Conduct Legal Proceedings
1969-0333/25/1969Appoints Jury Comm.
1969-0343/25/1969Appropriation ($500), Yellow Star Wistle
1969-0353/25/1969Disclaimer/Peo vs. Allen
1969-0364/8/1969Budget Transfers
1969-0374/8/1969Opposes Continued Financing of California Rural Legal Aid
1969-0384/15/1969Approves Mariposa Social Welfare Dept. Public Service
1969-0394/15/1969Adopts Mariposa County Select Road System
1969-0404/15/1969Right of Way
1969-0414/15/1969Authorizes Welfare Dept. to Administer Food Stamps
1969-0424/15/1969Appropriation, Civil Defense Office Equipment
1969-0434/22/1969Elections Appropriation
1969-0444/22/1969Adopts Amigo de Oro
1969-0454/22/1969Formation of Yosemite Alpine Community Service District
1969-0465/6/1969Proclaims "Poppy Days"
1969-0475/6/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0485/6/1969Requests Public Works to Impose Parking Regulations
1969-0495/13/1969Application for Flood Relief Money
1969-0505/13/1969Board's Position on Merced Irrigation District
1969-0525/20/1969Agreement for Yosemite Alpine Village Unit 1 Subdivision
1969-0535/27/1969Unit 1-M
1969-0556/3/1969Certifies Total Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1969-0566/10/1969Application for Flood Damage/Airport ($51,714)
1969-0576/10/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0586/17/1969Application for Flood Damage/Roads ($137,932)
1969-0596/17/1969Federal Services to Purchase Tire Chains
1969-0606/17/1969Budget Transfer
1969-0616/17/1969Mental Health Contract; M.H. Appropriation
1969-0626/17/1969Proclaims "IOOF Day"
1969-0636/17/1969Road Dept. Budget Transfer
1969-0646/24/1969Salary Steps
1969-0656/24/1969Parks & Rec Appropriation; & Dumps
1969-0666/24/1969Youth Authority Agreement
1969-0677/1/1969Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc.
1969-0687/1/1969Establishes County Service Area No. 1-M Lake Don Pedro
1969-0697/1/1969Authorizes Mental Health Service with Modesto to Include Napa
1969-0707/1/1969Anniversary Date (July 1) for Lawson & Boyd/ Welfare
1969-0717/8/1969Intention to Sell County Property
1969-0727/8/1969Authorizes General Service to Purchase Cars
1969-0737/8/1969Mental Health Services
1969-0747/15/1969State Division of Highways Agreement
1969-0757/15/1969Adopts Kern County Air Pollution Rules & Regulations
1969-0767/22/1969Welfare Personnel
1969-0788/5/1969Intention to Abandon Portion of 13th & Jessie
1969-0798/19/1969Proclaims "National Highway Week"
1969-0808/19/1969Proclaims "Keep California Green Month"
1969-0818/26/1969Opposes Changing Tax-Exempt Status
1969-0828/26/1969Intention to Annex Unincorporated Property
1969-0838/26/1969Adopts Budget FY 1969-70
1969-0848/26/1969Adopts Tax Rates FY 1969-70
1969-0859/2/1969Abandons Portion of 13th & Jessie Streets
1969-0869/8/1969Changes Road Name Bootjack to Wass Road
1969-0879/8/1969Changes Road Name Bootjack to Watt Road Ext.
1969-0889/8/1969Hospital Volunteers Anniversary
1969-0899/16/1969Snow Removal
1969-09210/14/1969Flood Relief Agreement/Roads etc.
1969-09310/14/1969Parks & Rec Appropriation ($900)
1969-09410/21/1969Annexes Lake Don Pedro
1969-09511/4/1969Survey Map
1969-09711/4/1969Urges California Water Commission to Help Davis
1969-09811/12/1969Appoints Directors to Mariposa Public Utility District C-GSC MSC
1969-09911/12/1969Appropriation, Coulterville Constable
1969-10011/18/1969Appoints Sealer of Weights & Measures
1969-10111/18/1969Supports Amador County's Request for Review
1969-10211/25/1969Budget Transfers
1969-10311/25/1969Intention to Annex Unincorporated Property
1969-10412/2/1969Road Dept. Appropriation
1969-10512/9/1969Mental Health Services
1969-10612/9/1969Lanterman Petris Short Act
1969-10712/16/1969Annexes Unincorporated Area into County Service Area
1969-10812/16/1969Intention to Establish Coulterville County Service Area No. 1
1969-10912/16/1969Intention to Abandon
1969-11012/23/1969Budget Transfer ($170); Camera, Desk
1969-11112/30/1969Requests Reappointing Highway Tax Funds Allocation
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