1971 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1971-0011/5/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0021/5/1971Annexes County Service Area
1971-0041/19/1971Probation Officer Salary Range
1971-0051/19/1971Parks & Rec Accepts Low Bed Pickup
1971-0061/26/1971Public Defender
1971-0072/2/1971Budget Transfer
1971-0082/9/1971Road Dept. Appropriation ($750)
1971-0092/9/1971Mariposa County Systems Communication
1971-0102/9/1971Fremont Fort to Mariposa Park Project ($75,000)
1971-0122/16/1971In Memory of John L. Mentzer
1971-0142/23/1971Amends Subdivision Agreement, Unit 2-M
1971-0152/23/1971Amends Subdivision Agreement, Unit 3-M
1971-0163/2/1971Appoints Mental Health Advisory Board Members
1971-0173/9/1971Appoints Avery & Sturn, M.D., as Public Health Officer
1971-0183/9/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0193/9/1971Appoints Max Brannon, M.D.
1971-0203/16/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0213/16/1971Intention to Abandon Re: Public Library
1971-0223/23/1971Health Dept. Budget Transfer
1971-0234/6/1971Abandons .80 Mile of Buckeye Creek Road
1971-0244/6/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0254/13/1971Declares Gunther Road as Public Road
1971-0264/13/1971Road Improvement
1971-0274/13/1971Certifies Total of County Maintained Roads (546.03)
1971-0294/13/1971Appoints Two Members to Mental Health Advisory Board
1971-0304/13/1971In Memory of William Sell, Jr.
1971-0314/13/1971Grant Application for Law Enforcement
1971-0324/20/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0334/27/1971Department Heads to Submit Monthly Payroll Certification
1971-0344/27/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0354/27/1971Agreement with Kings View
1971-0365/4/1971Abandons 5.22 Miles of County Road
1971-0375/4/1971Scenic Highway Designation
1971-0385/4/1971Pauline Wichsen Special Supervision Program
1971-0415/18/1971Budget Transfer
1971-0425/18/1971Basic Health Care Computed
1971-0435/18/1971Juvenile Justice Commission
1971-0445/25/1971Building Dept. Budget Transfer
1971-0455/25/1971Agreement with Youth Authority
1971-0465/25/1971County Accepts Property
1971-0476/1/1971FAS Exchanged for Amount of Non-Federal State Money
1971-0486/1/1971Abandons 5.22 Miles of County Maintained Road
1971-0496/1/1971Agreement with State Dept. of Public Health
1971-0516/8/1971License Fees to Increase
1971-0526/8/1971Fire Appropriation ($840), Fire Truck at Lushmeadows
1971-0536/8/197150th Anniversary
1971-0546/8/1971In Memory of Mrs. Mildred M. Martin
1971-0556/22/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0566/22/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0576/22/1971Budget Transfers
1971-0586/22/1971Parks & Rec Class Ranges
1971-0597/13/1971Oversize-Overweight Permits
1971-0607/20/1971Application for State Veterans
1971-0617/20/1971Protecting Natural Resources
1971-0627/20/1971Burning All County Dumps
1971-0637/27/1971Lease Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc.
1971-0647/27/1971In Memory of Fred W. Miller
1971-0658/3/1971Opposes Senate Assembly Bills which Create Mandatory Multi-County Agencies
1971-0668/10/1971Bills before the legislature of California, the ACA 45, AB 1400, AB 1401, and AB 2743, which are known as Judicial Reorganization bills.
1971-0678/10/1971Sponsoring programs which will increase employment opportunities for Mariposa County residents
1971-0688/10/1971Grant of $80,000.00 for the Mariposa Regional Park Development Project No. 822-103.
1971-0698/17/1971Utilizing certain funds made available by the Legislature of the State of California
1971-0708/17/1971Amended agreement between the County of Tulare and the County of Mariposa concerning a rate increase from $175.00 to $250.00 per month for each ward of the Juvenile Court placed in the boys ranch
1971-0718/17/1971Said hearings have been terminated, during which time all additions and deletions to the proposed budget for 1971-72
1971-0728/17/1971Resolution endorsing the Regional Criminal Justice Planning Board as the Criminal Justice Planning for the County of Mariposa
1971-0738/24/1971Resolution No. 70-60 is hereby repealed
1971-0748/24/1971Tax Rates in Mariposa County for the fiscal year be adopted in compliance with the provisions of Section 29100
1971-0758/24/1971Cancellations, Transfers, Appropriations within the Budget of the County of Mariposa
1971-0768/24/1971Resolution setting Public Hearing on petition for reversion to acreage and for abandonment of certain roads in units 4-m, 5-m and 6-m, of Lake Don Pedro
1971-0778/24/1971Resolution prohibiting parking in the Town of Mariposa on the East side of Old Highway from the intersection of 10th street to a point 330 ft. southerly.
1971-0789/7/1971Appropriations and Transfers with the Budget
1971-0799/7/1971Construct a reinforced concrete bridge on the Merced Falls Hornitos Road over Merced River, a Federal Aid Secondary Project
1971-0809/7/1971All out display of the Flag of the United States in celebration of the 195th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States.
1971-0819/7/1971May Kleiman is authorized to act on behalf of the County of Mariposa in administering the EEAct of 1971
1971-0829/14/1971Appropriations within the Budget (Roads $887.25)
1971-0839/14/1971B.O.S declares its intention to adopt the Mariposa County Air Pollution Control District Implementation Plan for Agricultural Burning
1971-0849/14/1971Declares that a privately owned road is held open for public use for vehicular traffic to residents and business, and said road does connect with the highways within the County so that the public cannot determine that such a road is not a highway
1971-0859/21/1971Resolution reverting to acreage territory within units 5-m, 60-m, Lake Don Pedro Subdivision, abandoning certain roads therein, and rescinding and approving, subdivision agreement
1971-0869/28/1971Agreement between County of Mariposa and State Divisions of Highways obligating FAS 70/71 fiscal year Federal Aid Funds or FAS Project S-966(5) on Hornitos Road to Merced Falls Road
1971-0879/28/1971Requesting that the highways to Yosemite National Parkbe designated as Wild and Scenic and that the official Wild and Scenic Highway sign be placed on these Highways
1971-0889/28/1971Submission of the County Plan for fiscal year 72-73 presented to the Board of Supervisors under a letter dated September 17,1971.
1971-08910/12/1971B.O.S wholly request and support the funding of the Economic Development tourism "feasibility study"
1971-09010/12/1971Accepted of three Deeds executed by Mariposa Pines, Inc.
1971-09110/12/1971Mrs. Lillian Rushton is appointed a member of the Mariposa Mental Health Advisory Board for a term ending March 10,1972
1971-09210/19/1971Appropriations and Transfer within the Budget
1971-09310/26/1971Los Angeles County Counsel's Office is authorized to represent Mariposa County and its officers as named in the above entitled action
1971-09410/26/1971Agreement between the County of Mariposa and the Economic Development Administrative in form of an application for $60,000.00
1971-09510/26/1971Resolution authorizing filing of application with the Economic Development Administration, U.S Department of Commerce, U.S of America, for a grant under the terms of Public Law 89-136 as amended.
1971-09610/26/1971B.O.S honor and salute Ralph Thiel and recognize his leadership and positive actions which led to dramatic changes in the County Supervisors Association of Ca.
1971-09711/2/1971Appropriations within the budget
1971-09811/9/1971Appropriations within the budget
1971-09911/16/1971Appropriations within the Budget (Parks and Rec.)
1971-10011/16/1971Accept easement deed dated October 13,1971 executed by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to the County of Mariposa
1971-10111/23/1971Appropriations within the Budget (Treas/Tax)
1971-10212/7/1971All rates are for equipment only, operator time and all overhead charges will be applied at the estimated County cost.
1971-10312/7/1971Appropriation within the Budget (Sheriff's)
1971-10412/7/1971Designated Holidays for Christmas and New Year's Day
1971-10512/16/1971Transfers within the Budget (School Dept.)
1971-10612/21/1971Appropriation within the Budget (Rd. Dept.)
1971-10712/21/1971Declares its intention to adopt the Mariposa County Air Pollution Control Rules.
1971-10812/21/1971Accepts the improvements on Lake Don Pedro Subdivision Unit 2M
1971-10912/21/1971Final Maps on subdivisions will only be accepted after all required improvements are developed and all departmental requirements are met
1971-11012/28/1971Transfers within the Budget (Jail)
1971-11112/28/1971Established a policy concerning the chairmanship, 12-28-71 Vice Chairmanship, and organizational procedure of the Board of Supervisors
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