1972 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1972-0011/4/1972Range 41, 8 Step (Amends Res. 71-73)
1972-0021/4/1972Variance to Merced Irrigation District for Dumps
1972-0031/4/1972Grant Deed/Kelsey, Merced Falls-Hornitos Road
1972-0041/4/1972Screening Dumps & Wrecking Yards on Highway 49
1972-0051/11/1972Amends Res. 71-73
1972-0061/18/1972Federal Aid Secondary Exchange
1972-0071/18/1972Mental Health Program Expenditure
1972-0091/18/1972Extends Contract with State Dept. of Social Welfare
1972-0101/18/1972Retroactive Pay Cost of Living Increase ($130)
1972-0111/25/1972Road Dept. Budget Transfer ($525) Radio
1972-0121/25/1972Adopts Bridge Name "William Sell Bridge"
1972-0132/1/1972Book Binding
1972-0142/8/1972Budget Transfer
1972-0162/15/1972Specialized Peace Officer Selection & Training
1972-0172/22/1972Appoints Members to Mental Health Advisory Board
1972-0182/22/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0192/22/1972Proclaims February 19-26, 1972, as "FFA Week"
1972-0203/7/1972Roads to be Improved
1972-0213/7/1972Consolidates School Bond Election with General Election
1972-0233/7/1972Grant Deed/Merced Falls-Hornitos Road
1972-0243/7/1972Memory of Aaron Mecham
1972-0263/14/1972Amends Res. 71-73
1972-0273/14/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0283/14/1972Appoints Jack Pinkerton & Herbert Reichhold C.D.
1972-0293/14/1972Civil Defense Surplus Property
1972-0303/21/1972Chowchilla River Floodway
1972-0334/4/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0344/4/1972Corrects Total Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1972-0354/4/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0364/11/1972P.O. Co-Coordinator Re: Special Program for California Youth Authority
1972-0374/18/1972Boise Cascade Grant Deed of 2.066 Acre Parcel
1972-0384/18/1972Road Dept. Budget Transfers
1972-0394/18/1972Traffic Regulations
1972-0405/2/1972Recognizes Donald E. Knowlton upon Retirement
1972-0415/9/1972Agreement with Dept. of Youth Authority
1972-0425/9/1972Fish Camp Acceptance of Easement Fire Escape Road
1972-0435/9/1972Endorses Proposition #1
1972-0445/16/1972Regulations Re: General Relief & Emergency Aid
1972-0465/16/1972Clerk to Canvass Election Returns of June 6, 1972
1972-0475/23/1972Welfare Dept. to Train Volunteer Workers
1972-0485/23/1972Agreement with Dept. of Public Health
1972-0495/23/1972Agreement with Public Health Family Planning Services
1972-0516/7/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0526/13/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0536/20/1972Grant Offer for Airport ($290,256)
1972-0546/20/1972Airport Grant Acceptance Agreement
1972-0556/20/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0566/20/1972Lease Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc.
1972-0576/27/1972Budget Transfers
1972-0587/11/1972Local Transportation Commission/Board of Supervisors
1972-0597/11/1972Recognizes May Kleiman upon Retirement
1972-0607/11/1972Recognizes George W. Keyser upon Retirement
1972-0617/11/1972Frees James Howe from Responsibility/G.C. Section 206.7
1972-0627/11/1972Appreciation to Harold T. "Bizz" Johnson
1972-0647/11/1972Consolidates John C. Fremont Election with General Election
1972-0657/17/1972Authorizes Ed Warren to Administer Emergency Employment Act
1972-0667/17/1972Mary Sullivan/Mtn. View, No Responsibility
1972-0677/17/1972Jack T. Howe/El Portal, No Responsibility
1972-0687/17/1972Consolidates County Unified School District Election with General Election
1972-0697/17/1972Sheriff Appropriation ($500)
1972-0707/25/1972Well Testing/5 Days instead of 10 Days
1972-0717/25/1972Sets Minimum of 600 Gallons of Water per Day for Each Single Family Dwelling
1972-0728/8/1972In Memory of William A. Lanigan
1972-0738/8/1972Application for Funds for Veterans Services Office
1972-0748/15/1972Includes Mariposa County in Mountain Counties Air Basin
1972-0758/15/1972Adopts Final Budget FY 1972-73
1972-0768/15/1972Amendment #2 PEP Program
1972-0778/22/1972Changes Road Name
1972-0788/22/1972Adopts Tax Rate FY 1972-73
1972-0798/22/1972Health Dept. Budget Transfer
1972-0809/5/1972California Dept. of Forestry to Provide Dispatcher
1972-0829/5/1972FAA Amendment to Grant Offer
1972-0839/12/1972Lake Don Pedro Subdivision/Work Done on Certain Roads – accepting roads
1972-0849/12/1972Agreement with Sierra & Stanislaus National Forests
1972-0859/12/1972Amendment #3 Subgrant Agreement PEP
1972-0869/19/1972Budget Transfer
1972-0879/19/1972Duties & Privileges of Ex-Officio Members
1972-0889/19/1972Proclaims "Constitution Week"
1972-0899/19/1972Certificate of Acceptance/Avigation Easement
1972-0909/26/1972Revises Merced Falls Road Agreement
1972-09110/3/1972Appropriation ($5,200), PEP Program Operating Funds
1972-09210/10/1972Intention to Abandon Old Access Road 72-C
1972-09310/10/1972County Clerk Budget Transfer ($916)
1972-09410/17/1972Road Dept. Appropriation ($350)
1972-09510/17/1972Addendum No. 1
1972-09610/17/1972Amendment No. 4 to Sub Agent Agreement for PEP
1972-09710/17/1972Requests Air Resources Board to Grant Extension to 01/01/74 for No Burn Regulations
1972-09810/24/1972Building Requirements
1972-09910/31/1972Sheriff Appropriation
1972-10010/31/1972County Clerk to Canvass Election Returns
1972-10111/13/1972Amendment #5 Sub Agent PEP
1972-10211/13/1972Abandons .680 Miles of County Road, Old Access Road 72-C
1972-10311/21/1972Budget Transfers
1972-10411/21/1972Public Hearing
1972-10511/21/1972Classifies Sheriff Dept. Members as "Safety Members," Public Employees Retirement System
1972-10711/21/1972Budget Transfer
1972-10811/28/1972In Memory of E.L. "Smiley" Thayer
1972-10911/28/1972Budget Transfer
1972-11011/28/1972Amendment #6 Sub Agreement PEP
1972-11111/28/1972Sheriff Appropriation ($520)
1972-11312/12/1972Public Hearing/Revised Implementation Plan
1972-11412/19/1972Intention to form County Service Area No. 2-W
1972-11512/26/1972Adopts Revised Implementation Plan
1972-11612/26/1972Amendment #6 Sub Agreement PEP
1972-11712/26/1972Budget Transfers
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