1973 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1973-0011/2/1973Road Dept. Budget Transfer
1973-0021/9/1973Amends Res. 71-73
1973-0031/16/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0041/16/1973Recognizes John Tomko, 25 Years Service
1973-0051/16/1973Intent to Cooperate with C.C.C.J.
1973-0061/16/1973Appoints Pat Brochini & Bob Bondshu to Mental Health Advisory Board
1973-0071/23/1973Establishes Sewer Zone #1, Lake Don Pedro Community Services
1973-0081/23/1973Sets Fees for Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone #1
1973-0091/23/1973Mariposa County Equal Opportunity Employers
1973-0101/23/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0111/23/1973John C. Fremont Hospital Appropriation ($8,500) Ambulance
1973-0121/23/1973Area XI Planning Agency for Aging
1973-0132/6/1973Budget Transfer
1973-0142/6/1973Charles A. Davis, M.D. County Drug Coordinator
1973-0152/13/1973Supports School District Application ESEA
1973-0162/20/1973Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Contract Amendment
1973-0172/20/1973Memory of Howard A. Bell
1973-0182/20/1973Amendment #8 Subgrant Agreement/Welfare
1973-0192/20/1973Amends By-Laws of Mountain Counties Res. Assoc.
1973-0202/20/1973Amends Article of Inc. Mountain Counties Res. Assoc.
1973-0212/20/1973Burn Variance for Merced Irrigation District
1973-0222/20/1973Joint Powers Agreement with Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) for County Converting Radio System
1973-0232/27/1973Accepts Grant Deed from Coakley's for New Access Road
1973-0242/27/1973Pacific Gas & Electric Right-of-Way, Mariposa Park
1973-0252/27/1973Appoints Frank Long & Tom Richardson to Board of Directors
1973-0262/27/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0273/6/1973Adopts State Guidelines for Implementation of Environmental Quality
1973-0283/6/1973Appoints Members to Mental Health Advisory Board
1973-0293/6/1973No Interest Loans to Local Entities (Amends Res. 69-50)
1973-0303/13/1973Amends Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Contract
1973-0313/13/1973Intent to Establish Cooperative Agreements
1973-0323/13/1973Establishes County Services Area No. 2-W
1973-0333/13/1973Agreements with Coakleys, Clarifies Restrictions
1973-0343/13/1973Quitclaim Deed from County to Coakley
1973-0353/20/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0363/20/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0373/20/1973Koretoky King Assoc. Re: Clean Water Grant Funds
1973-0383/20/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0394/3/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0404/3/1973Activated Sludge Sewer Treatment Plants
1973-0414/10/1973Roads to be Improved
1973-0424/10/1973Chief Probation Officer Re: Special Program Dept. of Youth Authority
1973-0434/10/1973Eight Corrective Grant Easements 3-M
1973-0444/10/1973Certificate of Acceptance, Aviation Easement, Parcel 2-F
1973-0454/10/1973County Clerk Appropriation ($800), Extra Help
1973-0464/17/1973Airport Building Budget Transfer ($15,000)
1973-0474/17/1973Statement Refunds/Clean Water Grant
1973-0484/17/1973Certifies Total Mileage of County Roads
1973-0494/17/1973Approves Final Map
1973-0505/1/1973Budget Transfer
1973-0515/1/1973Budget Transfer
1973-0525/8/1973Development of Seismic Safety Element
1973-0535/8/1973Public Health Agreement with State
1973-0545/8/1973Workmens Compensation Volunteer Workers
1973-0555/15/1973Appoints Claude May to Mental Health Advisory Board
1973-0565/15/1973Amends Res.
1973-0575/15/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0585/15/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0595/15/1973Memory of Clair T. Wolfson
1973-0605/22/1973Amendment #1 Subgrant Agent Agreement Dep.
1973-0615/22/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0625/22/1973Board of Supervisors Minutes to be Kept in Looseleaf Form
1973-0636/5/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0646/5/1973Assigns Judges Claim Sheets
1973-0656/12/1973Auditor Budget Transfer
1973-0676/12/1973Adopts By-Laws of San Joaquin Valley Basinwide Coordin. Council
1973-0686/12/1973Pacific Gas & Electric Right-of-Way, Coulterville Cemetery
1973-068a6/19/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0696/19/1973Interim Mobile Home Park Moratorium
1973-0706/19/1973Agreement with Youth Authority Diagnostic & Treatment
1973-0716/19/1973Memory of Fred Bradshaw
1973-0726/19/1973Veterans Service
1973-0736/19/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0756/26/1973Maintenance Budget Transfer ($450), Table Saw
1973-0766/26/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0776/26/1973Lease Agreement
1973-0786/26/1973Local Transportation Commission
1973-0797/3/1973State Board of Equalization
1973-0807/3/1973Hornitos Town Lot
1973-0817/10/1973Superintendent of Schools (Amends Res. 73-66)
1973-0827/10/1973Procedures for County-Owned Vehicles
1973-0837/10/1973Well Testing in Coulterville County Service Area No. 1
1973-0847/16/1973Salary (Amends Res. 73-66)
1973-0857/16/1973Approves Boundary
1973-0867/16/1973Appreciation for Winnie Williams
1973-0878/7/1973Amounts Due Coung Federal Highways Act
1973-0888/7/1973Seismic Study Sets Hourly Fee ($2,500)
1973-0898/7/1973Sheriff Appropriation
1973-0908/14/1973Welfare Salary
1973-0918/21/1973Adopts Budget FY 1973-74
1973-0928/28/1973Adopts Tax Rate FY 1973-74
1973-0938/28/1973Tax Rate Maximum for County Superintendent of Schools
1973-0948/28/1973Air Pollution Control District
1973-0959/11/1973Haldow Agreement/Proposal for Construction of Greeley Hill Road
1973-0969/11/1973Sheriff Appropriation
1973-0979/18/1973Budget Transfers
1973-0989/25/1973Final Map/Mariposa Pines Subdivision
1973-0999/25/1973Health Dept. Moratorium on Building in Coulterville
1973-1009/25/1973District Attorney Appropriation ($156.07), Gun
1973-10110/2/1973Work Program County Transportation Plan
1973-10210/2/1973Local Transportation Commission Grant Application
1973-10310/2/1973Board Appropriation ($145)
1973-10410/9/1973Appropriation ($78.97)
1973-10510/9/1973Lease Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc.
1973-10610/16/1973Public Health Appropriation, Legal Size Filing Cabinet
1973-10710/16/1973Legislation Governing Entity/Composed of Elected Officials
1973-10810/30/1973Requests Congress to take Appropriate Action Re: Clean Air Act & Strategy of Environmental Protection Agency
1973-10910/30/1973Canvass Returns of Special Elections
1973-11010/30/1973Opposes AB 914
1973-11111/13/1973(Rescinds Res. 73-81)
1973-11211/13/1973Board of Supervisors Appropriation, Postage Machine
1973-11311/13/1973Payroll Deduction
1973-11411/20/1973Budget Transfer
1973-11511/20/1973Agreement with State Administration
1973-11612/4/1973Memory of Emery O'Banion
1973-11812/4/1973Solid Waste Disposal Program
1973-11912/11/1973Budget Transfer
1973-12012/11/1973Reimbursement by State for Special Election, November 6, 1973
1973-12112/13/1973County Clerk Appropriation ($1,000), Extra Help
1973-12212/18/1973Intention to Abandon Trower Road
1973-12312/27/1973Memory of O.M. Whitley
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