1974 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1974-0011/8/1974Justice Court Appropriation
1974-0021/15/1974Elections Appropriation
1974-0031/22/1974Budget Transfer
1974-0041/22/1974Adopts Minimum Wage for Federal Construction
1974-0051/29/1974PERS 5% Increase
1974-0061/29/1974Sheriff/Coroner Budget Transfer/Radio Scanner
1974-0072/5/1974Request to Federal Cost of Living to Set Price of Baling Wire at Realistic Figure
1974-0082/5/1974Road Dept., FAS Monies
1974-0092/5/1974Lease Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural
1974-0102/5/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0122/26/1974Declares Arbor Day
1974-0132/26/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0142/26/1974County Clerk to Canvass School Board Election Returns
1974-0153/12/1974District Attorney Salary
1974-0163/12/1974Budget Transfer
1974-0173/12/1974Consolidates School Tank Override with Primary Election
1974-0183/12/1974Appoints Mental Health Advisory Board as the Alcoholism Advisory Board
1974-0193/12/1974Appoints Charles A. Davis, M.D. as Coordinator of Alcoholism Advisory Board
1974-0203/19/1974Application for Air Pollution Subvention Money
1974-0213/19/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0224/2/1974Approves Boundary Between Mariposa & Tuolumne Counties
1974-0234/2/1974Right of Way Certificate
1974-0244/9/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0254/9/1974Appreciation of Forest Ranger Frank Weatherford
1974-0264/23/1974Parcel Map Information for Sanitarian & Surveyor
1974-0274/16/1974Sheriff/Coroner Budget Transfer
1974-0284/23/1974Improve County Roads in General County Interest
1974-0294/23/1974Budget Transfer
1974-0305/7/1974County Engineer Budget Transfer
1974-0315/7/1974Proclaims Jun 8, 1974, as "Mariposa County Health Day"
1974-0325/7/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0335/7/1974Probation Special Sup. Program
1974-0345/7/1974Mountain Counties Air Basin Implementation Plan
1974-0355/7/1974Amended Application for Subvention Monies
1974-0365/7/1974Lease Agreement with Mr. & Mrs. Watto
1974-0375/10/1974Dept. of Fish & Game Agreement
1974-0385/10/1974Soil Conservation Services Agreement
1974-0395/10/1974Supports AB 3862, Superior Court Filing Fees
1974-0415/21/1974Budget Transfer
1974-0425/21/1974Clerk to Canvass Returns of Primary Election
1974-0435/28/1974Certifies County Maintained Road Mileage
1974-0445/28/1974Agreement with State
1974-0455/28/1974Contract with Frico Contractors
1974-0465/28/1974Public Health Services Agreement
1974-0475/28/1974Accepts Grant Deed from Yosemite West Assoc.
1974-0486/11/1974Parcel Map Info for Sanitarian & Surveyor (Amends Res. 74-26)
1974-0496/11/1974Re-appoints Member to Mental Health Advisory Board
1974-0506/11/1974Appoints New Members to Mental Health Advisory Board
1974-0516/11/1974Veterans Service Officer Agreement
1974-0526/11/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0536/11/1974Appropriation to Community College Fund
1974-0546/18/1974Request for Extension of Noise Element/Safety
1974-0556/18/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0566/18/1974Joint Powers Agreement for Aging
1974-0576/18/1974Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc. for Farm Advisor Office Space
1974-0586/19/1974Salary Classification
1974-0596/25/1974Amends Joint Powers Agreement for Aging
1974-0606/25/1974Application for C.C.C.J. Grant for Jail Extension
1974-0616/25/1974Sets Yearly Service Charge in Sewer Zone #1
1974-0626/25/1974Budget Transfers
1974-0636/25/1974Weights & Measures Agreement
1974-0646/25/1974Intent to Continue California Dept. of Forestry Fire Protection Service Agreement
1974-0657/2/1974Authorizes John Rotaondo & Barbara Saye to Handle PEP Administration
1974-0667/2/1974Includes Under-Sheriff Deputy & Clerk Typist
1974-0677/9/1974Appoints Rex Lynall as Sealer of Weights & Measures
1974-0687/9/1974Notifies C.I.R. of County's Desire to Designate County's as Sub State
1974-0697/16/1974Salary Classification
1974-0707/16/1974Requests "Open Burning" Extension until Dec. 31, 1974
1974-0717/23/1974Consolidates School District Election with November General Election
1974-0727/23/1974Consolidates John C. Fremont Hospital District Election with November General Election
1974-0737/23/1974Adopts "Open Space" Element
1974-0747/23/1974Youth Authority Agreement
1974-0757/23/1974Salary Classification
1974-0767/23/1974Mountain Counties Air Basin Coordinated Council Subvention Agreement
1974-0777/23/1974Increases Law Library Fee to $7.00
1974-0788/6/1974Application for Subgrant for Title II Program
1974-0798/6/1974Salary Classification
1974-0808/6/1974Request for Grant for Jail Extension
1974-0818/6/1974State Procurement Officer to Purchase Two Cars for Sheriff
1974-0828/13/1974Includes Watershed Map
1974-0838/13/1974Adds Two Appraiser II
1974-0848/13/1974Amends Tulare County Agreement for Placement of Juvenile Wards
1974-0858/13/1974Condolences to Family of Wayne Abbott, Coulterville Con.
1974-0868/20/1974Improve County Roads in Public Interest
1974-0878/20/1974Application for Subgrant for Title I Program
1974-0888/20/1974Appreciation to Justice Court Judge Claude Walton
1974-0898/24/1974John C. Fremont Hospital Appropriation ($60,000)
1974-0908/24/1974Adopts Budget FY 1974-75
1974-0918/27/1974Salary Classification
1974-0928/27/1974Adopts Tax Rate FY 1974-75
1974-0938/27/1974Proclaims "Constitution Week"
1974-0949/4/1974Declares Board of Supervisors as Personnel Grievance Hearing Board
1974-0959/10/1974Adopts New Tax Rates FY 1974-75
1974-0969/24/1974Agreement with Boise Cascade for Unit 7-M
1974-09710/8/1974County Counsel Budget Transfer
1974-09810/8/1974Thanks to Don Lucas
1974-09910/8/1974Disclaimer (U.S.A. vs. Cuneo)
1974-10010/8/1974Welfare Appropriation to Welfare Day Activity
1974-10110/15/1974Sets County Legal Holidays
1974-10210/22/1974Increases Road Dept. Reimbursable Rates for Equipment by 10%
1974-10310/22/1974County Clerk to Canvass Returns of November General Election
1974-10510/25/1974Mental Health Services Plan for Continuing Care Program Fund, & Budget Transfer
1974-10611/12/1974Budget Transfer
1974-10711/12/1974Condolences to Family of Rev. Jack LaDieu
1974-10811/12/1974"No Parking" on Portion of 6th Street
1974-10911/12/1974Adds Welfare Investigator under District Attorney Office
1974-11011/19/1974Increases Road Dept. Budget ($245,968.68)
1974-11111/19/1974Don Pedro Budget Transfer
1974-11211/26/1974Weights & Measures Budget Transfer
1974-11312/3/1974Increases Justice Court Clerk to 5 Days/Week for 60
1974-11412/10/1974Budget Transfer
1974-11512/10/1974Authorizes Road Commissioner to Destroy Ten Year Old Pld Records
1974-11612/10/1974Commends Bill Jones upon Retirement from CDF
1974-11712/17/1974Condolences to Family of Pat Ritter, County Clerk
1974-11812/30/1974Budget Transfers
1974-11912/30/1974Commends Herbert R. Davis for Years of Service
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