1975 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1975-0011/7/1975Adds Temporary (90 Day) Deputy II
1975-0021/7/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0031/7/1975Road Dept. Appropriation for Smog Control Testing Equipment
1975-0041/14/1975Deletes Matron/Adds One Deputy Sheriff II
1975-0051/14/1975Supports John C. Fremont Hospital District
1975-0061/14/1975ATAAP Senior Assistant Program
1975-0071/14/1975Agreement & Application for Monies for Veterans
1975-0081/14/1975Urges Passage of AB 154, Boating Enforcement Funds
1975-0091/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0101/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0111/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0121/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0131/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0141/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0151/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0161/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0171/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0181/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0191/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0201/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0211/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0221/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0231/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0241/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0251/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0261/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0271/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0281/14/1975Recognizes Retired County Employee
1975-0291/21/1975Adds Deputy III
1975-0301/21/1975Approves Tax Sale by Tax Collector
1975-0311/21/1975Fire Protection Appropriation,
1975-0321/28/1975Manpower Grant
1975-0331/28/1975Re-appoints Long & Richardson to RCRC
1975-0341/28/1975Commends Norm Garret upon Retirement
1975-0351/28/1975Approves Tentative "9-1-1" Emergency Telephone Plan
1975-0361/28/1975Justice Court Clerk (Amends Res. 74-58)
1975-0372/4/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0382/4/1975Approved for Referral to Planning Commission Parks & Rec Bond Act
1975-0392/18/1975Proclaims February 15-22, 1975, as "FFA Week"
1975-0402/25/1975Adopts Affirmative Action Plan
1975-0412/25/1975Sheriff Appropriation ($1,380) for P.O.S.T
1975-0422/25/1975Opposes E.I.R.S. on Private Timber Harvest
1975-0432/25/1975Adds ATAAP Pilot Project Supervisor
1975-0442/25/1975Condolences to Martin Tresidder Family
1975-0452/25/1975Sets Fees for Major & Minor Subdivision
1975-0462/25/1975Information for Potential Parcel Map Applicants
1975-0472/25/1975Moratorium on Major Subdivisions
1975-0483/4/1975Supports Maddy's Legislation for Low Cost Loans for Coulterville
1975-0493/4/1975Requests Legislation to Pass Remedial Legislation Re: Tax Relief
1975-0503/4/1975Information for Potential Parcel Map Applicants (Amends Res. 75-46)
1975-0513/11/1975Federal Aid Secondary Road Apportionments
1975-0533/11/1975Comprehensive Health Planning Resolution to Governor Brown
1975-0543/11/1975Jail Extension Application
1975-0553/18/1975Sheriff Appropriation ($1,340.87)
1975-0563/25/1975Agreement with State
1975-0573/25/1975Title I Manpower
1975-0583/25/1975Intent to Approve Mental Health Service Budget
1975-0593/25/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0603/25/1975Deletes "Good Friday" (Amends Res. 74-101)
1975-0614/1/1975Justice Court Appropriation ($5,000)
1975-0624/1/1975Procedure for Operating County-Owned Cars
1975-0634/8/1975Requests National Park Service Keep Hwy 140 Open Longer
1975-0644/22/1975Agreement with Youth Authority
1975-0654/22/1975Agreement with Greenamyer
1975-0664/22/1975Proclaims May as "Older Americans Month"
1975-0674/22/1975Special Supervisors Subvention Budget
1975-0684/22/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0694/22/1975Assessor Budget Transfer
1975-0705/6/1975Termination Agreement for P.E.P.
1975-0715/6/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0725/6/1975Air Pollution Control Subvention Application
1975-0735/6/1975Proclaims "Hire a Veteran Week"
1975-0745/13/1975Names Harry Hurlbert as "Outstanding Senior Citizen of Year"
1975-0755/13/1975Authorizes Summer Youth Program
1975-0765/13/1975Planning Commission Budget Transfer
1975-0775/20/1975Appropriation ($15,163) for Medi-Cal Payment
1975-0785/20/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0795/20/1975Establishes Ponderosa Basin Volunteer Fire Dept.
1975-0805/20/1975Agreement with State Dept. of Health
1975-0815/27/1975Welfare Budget Transfer
1975-0825/27/1975Parks & Rec Grant Application/Catheys Valley
1975-0835/27/1975Parks & Rec Grant Application/El Portal
1975-0845/27/1975Parks & Rec Grant Application/Mariposa
1975-0855/27/1975Parks & Rec Grant Application/Hornitos
1975-0865/27/1975Parks & Rec Grant Application/Coulterville
1975-0875/27/1975Mental Health Advisory Board Membership
1975-0886/3/1975Certifies Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1975-0896/3/1975Appreciation to Health Fair Participants
1975-0906/3/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0916/10/1975Continues Cooperative Agreement with California Dept. of Forestry
1975-0926/17/1975Road Dept. Budget Transfer
1975-0936/17/1975Appreciation to Roy McDonnell/Parks & Rec
1975-0956/17/1975Building Appropriation ($467.16), Fixed Assets
1975-0966/24/197535A Agricultural District/Farm Advisor
1975-0976/24/1975Supports Plumas County's Welfare Stand
1975-0986/24/1975Budget Transfers
1975-0996/24/1975Adopts Preliminary Budget & Orders Auditor to Publish
1975-1007/1/1975Extends Title 2 Employee for One Month
1975-1017/1/1975Parking Infractions
1975-1027/8/1975Agreement with Dept. of Finance
1975-1037/8/1975Rules & Regulations
1975-1047/8/1975Sets Hearing Date for Tomlinson Grievance Hearing
1975-1057/22/1975Authorizes CH2M Hill to Submit Coulterville Sewerage Plan
1975-1068/5/1975Wage Increase for Housing & Sealer
1975-1078/5/1975William B. Way
1975-1088/12/1975Revised Agreement for Chowchilla Mtn. Road
1975-1098/12/1975App. Coulterville County Service Area
1975-1108/19/1975Changes Deputy I to Jailer (Amends Res. 75-94)
1975-1118/19/1975Adopts Budget FY 1975-76
1975-1128/19/1975Sheriff Appropriation
1975-1138/19/1975Claim for County Counsel $20/Mo. (Amends Res. 75-94)
1975-1148/26/1975Adopts Tax Rate FY 1975-76
1975-1158/26/1975Budget Transfer from Fish & Game to Sheriff
1975-1168/26/1975Agreement with State for Examination Sheriff
1975-1178/26/1975Accepts FAS Funds for Indian Peak Bridge
1975-1189/2/1975Cooperative Fire Protection Services Agreement
1975-1199/2/1975Easements (Amends Res. 75-46)
1975-1209/2/1975Auditor Appropriation ($40), Adding Machine
1975-1219/2/1975Sets Mobile Home Inspection Fee
1975-1229/10/1975Justice Court Appropriation, IBM Typewriter
1975-1239/16/1975Budget Transfer
1975-1249/16/1975Proclaims "Constitution Week"
1975-1259/16/1975Clerk Canvases Election Returns/Special Districts – Yosemite-Alpine
1975-1269/23/1975Welfare Dept. Budget Transfer, Copy Machine
1975-12710/7/1975Welfare Budget Transfer
1975-12810/7/1975Planning Commission Salary
1975-12910/7/1975Adopts Seismic Safety Element
1975-13010/21/1975Justice Court Accepts Negotiable Paper
1975-13110/21/1975Modification Joint Powers
Budget Transfers
1975-13310/21/1975Parking District #1, EDA Application for Funds
1975-13411/4/1975Requests State Board of Equalization to Consolidate Tax Code Area
1975-13511/4/1975Authorizes Outreach Inc. to Apply for 409 Funds
1975-13611/4/1975Budget Appropriation
1975-13711/4/1975C.C.C.J. Grant for Crime Prevention Program
1975-13811/4/1975Sets Public Hearing on Formation of Underground Utility
1975-13911/4/1975Budget Transfers
1975-14011/4/1975Welfare Salary
1975-14111/12/1975Appropriations: House Numbering ($1,000); Master Mapping ($500)
1975-14211/12/1975Establishes Passenger Loading & Unloading Zone Downtown Mariposa
1975-14311/12/1975Copies of Tentative Map Permit Application to Planning Commission (Amends Res. 75-46)
1975-14411/12/1975General Revenue Sharing/Wage Congress to Continue
Not Assigned
1975-14611/18/1975Proclaims November 20-22, 1975, as "Grizzlies Days" for Football & Volleyball Teams
1975-14711/18/1975Authorizes County Counsel to Act as Deputy District Attorney
1975-14811/18/1975Commends Terry Bullis
1975-14911/25/1975Supports HR 7656, Beef Research & Information Act
1975-15011/25/1975Establishes Underground Utility District
1975-15111/25/1975Burn Fish Camp Dump
1975-15211/25/1975Legislation Re: Snowmobiles
1975-15311/25/1975Sheriff Budget Transfer
1975-15411/25/1975Regional Government
1975-15512/2/1975Appoints Claude H. May, Local Mental Health Director
1975-15612/2/1975Sheriff Appropriation ($4,000) Plant Acquisition
1975-15712/2/1975Budget Transfers
1975-15812/2/1975"No U-Turn" Signs at 5th & 6th on Highway 140
1975-15912/9/1975Budget Transfers
1975-16012/9/1975ATAAP Agreement
1975-16112/9/1975Holiday Res. for Choice (Amends Res. 74-101)
1975-16212/9/1975Adds Solid Waste Director
1975-16312/9/1975Adopts Parks & Rec Rates (Amends Res. 75-62)
1975-16412/16/1975Appropriation: Coroner's Fees, State & County Fairs
1975-16612/16/1975Letter to California Air Resources Board
1975-16712/23/1975Road Dept. Budget Transfers
1975-16812/23/1975Designates Comprehensive Health as Health System Agency
1975-16912/23/1975Appropriates Autopsy Fees ($10,000)
1975-17012/23/1975Mental Health Appropriation, Building System
1975-17112/23/1975Public Health Salary
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