1976 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1976-0011/6/1976Planning Commission Application Fee ($150) (Amends Res. 75-46)
1976-0021/13/1976Farmers Home Administration Grant Programs
1976-0031/13/1976Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity/ Westmoreland
1976-0041/13/1976Mariposa County Solid Waste Management Plan
1976-0051/13/1976Treasurer & Tax Collector File in Small Claim Court
1976-0061/27/1976Parcel Map Requirements (Amends Res. 75-119)
1976-0071/27/1976Building Insurance Agreement
1976-0081/27/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0092/3/1976Forms Mental Health Advisory Sub-Committee on Alcohol
1976-0102/17/1976Proclaims FFA Week
1976-0112/17/1976Adds Deputy Sheriff (Amends Res. 75-94)
1976-0122/17/1976Rules & Regulations of El Portal Administrative Site
1976-0132/17/1976Honors upon Retirement
1976-0142/17/1976Honors upon Retirement
1976-0152/17/1976Honors upon Retirement
1976-0162/17/1976Honors upon Retirement
1976-0172/17/1976Condolences to Family of Alma Lanigan
1976-0182/24/1976Authorizes Road Commission to Accept Grants & Deeds
1976-0192/24/1976Amendments to By-Law of Central California Health Systems Agency
1976-0202/24/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0212/24/1976Accepts Grant Deed/James Uhle
1976-0222/24/1976Proposal for ATAAP Address System
1976-0232/24/1976Non-Exclusive Easement (SAmends Res. 76-6)
1976-0242/24/1976Appoints John Rotondo as Civil Defense Director
1976-0252/24/1976Appoints Tom Perkins as Deputy Civil Defense Director
1976-0262/24/1976Authorizes Civil Defense Director & Deputy to Execute for & On Behalf of Mariposa County
1976-0273/2/1976Condolences to R. Martin Starn's Family
1976-0283/2/1976Auditor Budget Transfer
1976-0293/2/1976Intent to Amend PERS Contract Re: Jailers
1976-0303/2/1976Changes Road Names Lourimer & 17th Streets
1976-0313/2/1976Names Airport Terminal Building "Lanigan Memorial Building"
1976-0323/10/1976Appropriation ($1,000) Cold Springs Road
1976-0333/16/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0343/16/1976Authorizes Fire Warden to Sign Agreement ($11,253)
1976-0353/23/1976Adds Two Appraiser III & One Appraiser II to Res. 75-94
1976-0363/23/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0374/6/1976Authorizes Road Commission to Improve Road not in County Maintained System
1976-0384/6/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0394/6/1976Honors Col. Macready
1976-0404/6/1976Probation Re: Subsidy
1976-0414/20/1976Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1976-0424/20/1976Assessor Budget Transfer
1976-0434/20/1976Conflict of Interest Code/Board of Supervisors
1976-0444/27/1976County Engineer Appropriation/Cold Springs
1976-0454/27/1976Sets Membership of County Health Systems Council at 15
1976-0464/27/1976Opposes Timber Harvesting/Monongahela Decision
1976-0475/4/1976Budget Transfer
1976-0485/4/1976Final Application
1976-0505/11/1976Planning Commission Budget Transfer
1976-0515/11/1976Opposes Proposition 15
1976-0525/11/1976Sets Legal Holidays for Employees
1976-0535/18/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0545/25/1976Road Dept. Budget Transfers
1976-0555/25/1976Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Monies, Title I
1976-0565/25/1976Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Monies, Title II
1976-0575/25/1976Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Monies, Title III
1976-0585/25/1976Planning Commission Appropriation
1976-0595/25/1976Adds Crime Prevention Officer (Amends Res. 76-94)
1976-0605/25/1976Lease Agreement for Farm Advisors Meeting Room & Barn Area for 4-H
1976-0616/1/1976Agreement for Airport Easement
1976-0626/1/1976Agreement with State for Health Services
1976-062A6/15/1976Use Permit Fees/Pursuant to Ordinance 388 (Amends Ordinance 345)
1976-0636/15/1976Fixes Employers Contribution (Medical) under M&G
1976-0646/15/1976Agreement with Dept. of Youth Authority
1976-0656/15/1976"Open Burn" Petitioning Air Resources Board in Coulterville
1976-0666/15/1976Application to California Historical Landmarks Advisory
1976-0676/15/1976Honors Tillie Storming upon Retirement
1976-0696/29/1976Publish Preliminary Budget
1976-0706/29/1976Cooperative Agreement with California Dept. of Forestry
1976-0717/6/1976Budget Transfers
1976-0727/6/1976Changes Road Name "Macready"
1976-0737/13/1976Public Convenience & Necessity/Scoggins
1976-0747/20/1976Sets Rates for Reimbursable Work by Road Dept.
1976-0757/20/1976Subgrant Title I Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Monies
1976-0767/20/1976Assessor & Road Dept. Salary
1976-0777/27/1976Alcohol Budget
Consolidates John C. Fremont Election with November General Election
1976-0797/27/1976Changes Hourly Rate of Weights & Measures, Squirrel Poisoning, & House Numbering (Amends Res. 76-68)
Salary 08/03/76
1976-0818/3/1976Consolidates Unified School District Election with November General Election
1976-0828/10/1976Adds Mechanic aide to Road Dept.
1976-0838/10/1976Recommends Representative Farm Area II
1976-0848/17/1976Adopts Final Budget FY 1976-77
1976-0858/17/1976Condolences to Family of Dan Kleiman
1976-0868/17/1976Condolences to Family of Mary Scott
1976-0878/17/1976Conflict of Interest Code
1976-0888/23/1976Final Budget (Amends Res. 76-84)
1976-0898/23/1976Sets up Planning Commission Revolving Fund
1976-0908/24/1976Road Dept. Budget Transfer
1976-0918/24/1976Federal Secondary & State Highway Funds
1976-0928/24/1976Adopts Tax Rate FY 1976-77
1976-0938/24/1976California State Personnel Agreement
1976-0958/24/1976Sets up Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Federal Manpower Program Revolving Fund
1976-0979/7/1976Easement Agreement with PG&E
1976-0989/7/1976Appropriation ($100) for LAFCO Memberships
1976-0999/14/1976Proclaims "Constitution Week"
1976-1009/21/1976Affirmative Action Plan
1976-1019/21/1976Cooperative Services Agreement with California Dept. of Forestry
1976-1029/28/1976Parks & Rec Appropriation for Fencing & Maintenance of Cold Springs
1976-1039/28/1976Requests Special Session for Legislative Fiscal Problems
1976-10410/5/1976Abandonment/Carlton Road
1976-10510/5/1976Conveys Property 2556.5.GC/Chowchilla Mtn. Road
1976-10610/5/1976Conveys Property 2556.5.GC/Chowchilla Mtn. Road
1976-10710/5/1976Conveys Property 2556.5.GC/Chowchilla Mtn. Road
1976-10810/5/1976Agreement with Mono County for Juvenile Ward Placement
1976-10910/12/1976Planning Commission Budget Transfer
1976-11010/19/1976Opposes Proposition 14
1976-11110/19/1976Incident Reports/Vehicle Property Damage
1976-11210/26/1976Certificate of Convenience & Necessity
1976-11310/26/1976Fees for Planned Development
1976-11411/9/1976Adds Engineer Technicians I, II, III, 27, 24-18
1976-11511/9/1976Fire Protection Appropriation
1976-11611/9/1976Intention to Abandon portion of public road in Wawona Hoover Way and Yosemite Avenue
1976-11711/9/1976Urges Utilization of Highway Funds
1976-11811/15/1976Certificate of Right-of-Way
1976-11911/15/1976Fire Appropriation ($800) for Cathy’s Valley Fire House
1976-12011/23/1976Boating Safety Application
1976-12111/23/1976Changes Road Name
1976-12211/23/1976Designates Victor Durksen, Alcohol Administration & Drug Advisory
1976-12311/23/1976Parks & Rec.
1976-12411/30/1976Approves Survey of County Line/Tuolumne & Mariposa
1976-12511/30/1976Yosemite West Road Maintenance Appropriation ($2,009.70)
1976-12611/30/1976Abandons Section of Wawona Road
1976-12712/14/1976Appreciation of Fran Phillips
1976-12812/14/1976Planning Commission Appropriation ($549) for Publication of General Plan Update
1976-12912/14/1976Terminates ll Months Appointments
1976-13012/21/1976Proclaims December 24 & 31, 1976, as Holidays
1976-13112/21/1976Supports SB 227/Amador Plan CDF
1976-13212/21/197635A District Agricultural Assoc/Target Practice Area
1976-13312/21/1976Cathy’s Valley Fire House Loan/Appropriation
1976-13412/28/1976Honors John W. Allen & Bicentennial Committee
1976-13512/28/1976Sheriff (Amends Res. 76-68)
1976-13612/28/1976Establishes Fee for Lot Line Adjustments
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