Annual Registration

It is necessary for you to register with our office prior to performing any pest control work for hire in Mariposa County per calendar year. To register, please submit all required materials to our office, including a copy of your home county registration, and your state license must be current. As per the California Food & Agricultural Code (FAC) and the Mariposa County Ordinance No. 808.

The fee schedule charged by the Agricultural Commission/Sealer effective 12/05/2015 and materials required to be submitted for registration in Mariposa County. All licenses must be current at time of registration.


  •  Pest Control Operator (PCO)                                                             $ 50.00
  •  Pest Control Advisor (PCA) Home County                                         $ 10.00
  •  Pest Control Advisor (PCA) Out of County                                         $ 5.00
  •  Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Home County                                             $ 10.00
  •  Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Out of County                                             $ 5.00
  •  Maintenance Gardeners                                                                      $ 25.00
  •  Structural Pest Control Operators (SPCO) Branch 1                          $ 25.00
  •  Structural Pest Control Operators (SPCO) Branch 2 or Branch 3      $ 10.00
  •  Farm Labor Contractor                                                                        $ 25.00

Note: Checks or money orders should be made payable to: Mariposa County Treasurer