1978 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1978-0011/3/197812-Passenger Van/Senior Citizens Assistance Program
1978-0021/10/1978Waiver of Mountain Major Subdivision
1978-0031/10/1978Protests Federal Inholding Acquisition/Wawona
1978-0041/10/1978Assumes Responsibility for Enforcement of Safety Codes Mobile Home Parks
1978-0051/10/1978Appropriations: Constable, Solid Waste
1978-0061/10/1978Notice of Intent to Sell Tax Deeded Property
1978-0071/10/1978No Fault Insurance
1978-0081/17/1978California Land Conservation Act of 1965 (Amends Res. 77-157)
1978-0091/17/1978Opposes Land Exchange/Stanislaus National for Yosemite National Park
1978-0101/17/1978America's Force Radio & TV Service
1978-0111/24/1978Road Dept. Salary
1978-0121/24/1978Budget Transfers
1978-0131/24/1978Yosemite West Maintenance District
1978-0142/14/1978Adopts General Plan
1978-0152/14/1978Williamson Act Contracts
1978-0162/14/1978Williamson Act Agriculture Maps
1978-0172/14/1978Williamson Act/Waives Signature
1978-0182/14/1978Town Planning Zone List B (Superseded by Res. 78-27)
1978-0192/14/1978Increases Amount of Deposit by Candidates
1978-0202/14/1978Grand Jury Appropriation ($500)
1978-0212/14/1978Supports Appointment of N. Whittle to California Reg. Water QT Board
1978-0222/21/1978Air Pollution Control District Programs
1978-0232/21/1978Imposition of Federal Environmental Protection Act Requirements
1978-0242/21/1978Airport Grant Agreement
1978-0253/14/1978Adopts Road Name "Bronco Hollow"
1978-0262/21/1978Parks & Rec. to Purchase Chairs
1978-0272/28/1978Town Planning Zone List B (Supersedes Res. 78-18)
1978-0282/28/1978Williamson Act/Filing In Lieu of Contract
1978-0292/28/1978Budget Transfers
1978-0302/28/1978Consolidates School Bonds
1978-0312/28/1978Adopts Road Name "Powder House Road"
1978-0322/28/1978Right of Way School District
1978-0332/28/1978Establishes A/P Advisory Board
1978-0342/28/1978Sheriff Participation in Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program
1978-0352/28/1978Re-mapping by USGS
1978-0363/7/1978Agreement #16 with State/Road Dept.
1978-0373/7/1978Building Dept. Advisory Board Mileage ($30)
1978-0383/7/1978Building Budget Transfer ($500)
1978-0393/14/1978Budget Transfers: Planning, Assessor, Welfare
1978-0403/14/1978Shafer Road (Lowe) Dust Problem
1978-0413/14/1978Receipt of Material for Board Meetings
1978-042A3/14/1978Chowchilla Mountain Rite/Bailment Agreement
1978-042B3/21/1978Endorses Formation of National Park In-holders Assoc.
1978-0433/21/1978Requests Return of Health Dept. Services to Public Health
1978-0443/21/1978Urges Gov. from Dept. of Health
1978-0453/21/1978Concerns Occupational Health
1978-0463/21/1978Salary Res.: County Clerk, Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, S.D.
1978-0473/21/1978Consolidates 6/6/78 Election
1978-0483/21/1978Designates Auditor/Recorder & Chief
1978-0493/21/1978Appropriations: Board of Supervisors to Coulterville Community Club
1978-0503/28/1978Abandons Portion of Willow Street
1978-0513/28/1978Extends Funding Period/Prior Service Liabilities
1978-0523/28/1978Supports SB 1521, Procedure for Abatement & Removal of Wrecked Cars
1978-0533/28/1978Supports SB 1400, Unemployment Insurance
1978-0553/28/1978Authorizes Sheriff to Proceed with Jail Grant
1978-0563/28/1978Fire Warden
1978-0573/28/1978Special Districts Salary
1978-0584/4/1978Declares April 24-28, 1978, as "Forgotten Victims Week"
1978-0594/4/1978Procedure for Processing General Plan Amendments
1978-0604/4/1978Budget Transfers: Probation, Farm Advisor
1978-0614/11/1978Opposes Deer Hunt Regulations
1978-0624/11/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Sub-grant
1978-0634/11/1978Abandons Willow Street
1978-0644/11/1978Opposes SB 1
1978-0654/11/1978Egg Contract Agreements
1978-0674/18/1978Budget Transfers
1978-0694/18/1978Coulterville Tennis Court under Authority of Parks & Rec.
1978-0704/18/1978Mariposa Parks Tennis Court
1978-0714/18/1978Catheys Valley Paving
1978-0724/25/1978Airport Lighting Budget Transfer
1978-0734/25/1978Coulterville Community Advisory Council
1978-0744/25/1978Bootjack (Amended by Res. 78-111)
1978-0754/25/1978Recognizes John C. Fremont Hospital as Primary Health Service Hospital
1978-0764/25/1978County Jail Grant Fund
1978-0775/2/1978Mariposa Community Plan Advisory Council
1978-0785/2/1978Special Districts & Accounting Clerk Salaries
1978-0795/2/1978Coulterville Ground Breaking
1978-0805/2/1978Opposes National Park Service Taking Wilderness Area
1978-0815/2/1978Plan/Grantsman Designates Mariposa Project Din., Section 208
1978-0825/9/1978ATAAP Supervisors Approve Title III Grant Application
1978-0835/9/1978Supports Propositions for Clean Water Bond Act of 1978
1978-0845/9/1978Second Annual Butterfly Days Parade
1978-0855/9/1978Maximum Tax Rate/Coulterville
1978-0865/9/1978Community Development Block Grant
1978-0875/16/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Sub-grant
1978-0885/16/1978Opposes SB 1480, Visit to Traps
1978-0895/16/1978Building Budget Transfer
1978-0905/16/1978Mobile Home Tax Changes
1978-0915/23/1978Budget Transfers: Road Dept, Engineer
1978-0925/23/1978Recreation Site Woodland-Felps Property
1978-0935/23/1978Blood Alcohol Testing Program
1978-0946/13/1978Timber Amount Agreement
1978-0955/23/1978Establishes Overall Economics Development Committee
1978-0965/23/1978Economic Means to Increase Sonage Available
1978-0975/23/1978Authorizes State to Provide Local Public Health Services
1978-0985/23/1978Auditor Budget Transfer
1978-0995/30/1978Intention to Abandon Kenny Lind Road
1978-1005/30/1978Sets Amount of Bonds
1978-1015/30/1978Budget Transfers: Building/Welfare
1978-1025/30/1978Maximum Tax Rate for Coulterville
1978-1035/30/1978Intention to Name Road "Potts Road"
1978-1046/13/1978Sheriff/Coroner Budget Transfer
1978-1056/13/1978Board of Supervisors Budget Transfer; County Counsel Appropriation for Codification Planning of Revolving Fund
1978-1066/13/1978Appropriation for County Supervisors Assoc. of California (CSAC) Dues FY 1978-79
1978-1076/13/1978Special Program Probation Officer Youth Authority
1978-1086/13/1978Abandons Portion of Willow Street
1978-1096/13/1978Establishes Personnel Committee for Personnel Policies & Procedures Handbook
1978-1106/13/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Authorizes Project Administer BOS/CA
1978-1116/14/1978Bootjack (Amends Res. 78-74)
1978-112A6/20/1978Budget Transfer
1978-112B6/21/1978Budget Transfer: Darrah Community Center
1978-1136/21/1978Farm Advisor Lease Agreement
1978-1146/21/1978Memorandum of Agreement with Marsh & McLennan
1978-1156/21/1978Sets Signatures for 2,000 (Under & Over) Workers Comp
1978-1166/21/1978Establishes ER-TAC Committee & Guidelines
1978-1176/21/1978Increases Clean Water Grant ($42,578)
1978-1186/21/1978Mariposa County Planning Advisory Board (Amends Res. 78-77)
1978-1196/27/1978County Counsel Expense Claims
1978-1206/27/1978Board of Supervisors Expense Claims
1978-1216/27/1978Budget Transfers
1978-1226/30/1978Budget Transfer
1978-1236/30/1978Abandons Jenny Lind Road
1978-1247/3/1978Youth Authority Agreement
1978-1257/3/1978Fish Camp Community Plan Advisory Committee
1978-1267/11/1978Purchasing Agent for County
1978-1277/11/1978Intent to Continue Cooperative Agreement for Fire Protection Services
1978-1287/11/1978Title IV for Federal Grant/Fire
1978-1297/18/1978Commends Parking District Committee
1978-1307/18/1978Salary: District Attorney, Planning Commission, Road Dept., Sheriff
1978-1317/18/1978Fee for Care of Persons Placed in Institution ($14.30/Day)
1978-1327/18/1978Consolidates Unified School District Election with November General Election
1978-1337/18/1978Opposes Judges' Automatic Increases
1978-1347/25/1978Expresses Gratitude to Alberta Garrett/Tax Collector
1978-1357/25/1978Expresses Gratitude to Leonard Galenielson
1978-1367/25/1978Expresses Gratitude to Bob Steward/Road Dept.
1978-1377/25/1978Expresses Gratitude to Lou Mackler
1978-1387/25/1978Expresses Gratitude to Juanita Moore
1978-1397/25/1978Adopts Bylaws of Central California Health Systems
1978-1408/1/1978Consolidates Hospital Elections with November General Election
1978-1418/1/1978Orders Auditor to Publish Budget 1
1978-1428/1/1978Lifts Moratorium to Major Subdivision
1978-1438/1/1978Establishes Justice Systems Advisory Group
1978-1448/1/1978Purchase of Woodland School Recreation Site
1978-1458/8/1978Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program
1978-1468/8/1978El Portal Swimming Pool
1978-1478/8/1978Notice of Intention to Sell Tax Deeded Property
1978-1488/15/1978Conflict of Interest
1978-1498/15/1978Confidential Employees
1978-1508/22/1978Fish Camp Community Plan Advisory Committee
1978-1518/22/1978Safety Program
1978-1528/29/1978Salaries: Court Clerk, Building, Grounds, Sheriff
1978-1539/5/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Agency (CETA) Title I
1978-1549/5/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Agency (CETA) YETP/Title III
1978-1559/5/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Agency (CETA) Title I SPS
1978-1569/5/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Agency (CETA) Title II
1978-1579/5/1978Comprehensive Employment Training Agency (CETA) Title VI
1978-1589/12/1978Rare II
1978-1599/12/1978Authorizes Auditor to Use 10% Delinquency Allowance in Calculating Tax Rate
1978-1609/12/1978Establishes Housing Authority
1978-1619/12/1978Merced to Administer Housing Authority
1978-1629/12/1978Standard Agreement/Welfare
1978-1639/12/1978Bids/Leasing Lake Don Pedro Landfill

1978-1649/12/1978Justice System Advisory Group
1978-164A9/19/1978Adopts Tax Rate FY 1978-79
1978-1659/26/1978Rules & Regulations Implementing Reallocation Assistance Law
1978-16610/3/1978National Park Service using Dump/Must have Master Certificate
1978-16710/3/1978Establishes Justice System Advisory Group
1978-16810/3/1978Appoints Assessor for Open Space Subvention
1978-16910/3/1978Commission on Aging
1978-17010/3/1978Fire Protection Cooperative Agreement
1978-17110/10/1978County Counsel to File Documents Indicating County has Agreed to Impoundment of Excess Tax Revenues/Unsecured
1978-17210/17/1978Amends Fish Camp Community Planning Advisory Council
1978-17310/17/1978Amends Bootjack Community Planning Advisory Council
1978-17410/17/1978Amends Mariposa Community Planning Advisory Council
1978-17510/17/1978Amends Coulterville Community Planning Advisory Council
1978-17610/17/1978Amends Policies & Procedures Handbook Re: Promotions & Leaves
1978-17710/17/1978Youth Authority Plan/Justice System Advisory Group Program
1978-17810/17/1978Intent to Abandon Portion of Indian Gulch Road
1978-178A10/17/1978Condemns Certain Properties/Reynolds
1978-17910/24/1978Authorizes Submission of Environmental Information Projection Summary
1978-18010/24/1978Revises Fee Schedule for Filing Maps
1978-18110/24/1978Road Improvement Standards
1978-18210/24/1978Budget Transfers: Sheriff, Welfare
1978-18311/9/1978Sheriff Budget Transfer/Chief Jailer Comp Time
1978-18411/13/1978Merced County's Designated Agent for Emergency Medical Services Communications System
1978-18511/13/1978Establishes Alcohol Advisory Board
1978-18611/21/1978Appropriation for Land Division Investigation
1978-18711/21/1978Hornitos Road Construction
1978-18811/21/1978Traffic Regulation: Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Bus Loading
1978-19011/21/1978125th Year Anniversary
1978-19111/28/1978Appropriations: Board of Supervisors, Auditor/Recorder
1978-19211/28/1978Parks & Rec, Oak Grove Road, School Bldgs.
1978-19312/5/1978Juvenile Awareness & Resources Program
1978-19412/5/1978Improvements & Repair of Roads
1978-19612/12/1978Budget Transfers: Coulterville Wastewater, Court Building, County Clerk
1978-19712/12/1978Adopts Planning Commission Resolution, Re: Environmental
1978-19812/12/1978Adopts Planning Commission Resolution, Re: Policies & Procedures
1978-19912/12/1978Terminates Convenience & Necessity
1978-20012/12/1978Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity
1978-20212/12/1978Justice System Subvention Program
1978-20312/19/1978Midpines Planning Advisory
1978-20412/19/1978Gift of Real Property, Thomas Coakley
1978-20512/19/1978Lifts Moratorium on Construction in Coulterville
1978-20612/19/1978Auditor/Recorder Budget Transfer; Appropriation: Safety Services

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