1980 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1980-001 (PDF)1/2/1980Appoints Ralph Campbell as County Counsel
1980-002 (PDF)1/2/1980Appoints Robert Power as Assistant Director of Emergency Services
1980-003 (PDF)1/2/1980Agreement with Owings & Weber
1980-004 (PDF)1/2/1980Fire Protection Contract with State
1980-005 (PDF)1/2/1980Appoints Mental Health Director
1980-006 (PDF)1/2/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Judy Van Winkle
1980-007 (PDF)1/2/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Ruby Benedict
1980-008 (PDF)1/2/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Neil Van Winkle
1980-009 (PDF)1/8/1980Authorizes Road Commissioner to Determine Amount of Performed Bond for Improvement
1980-010 (PDF)1/8/1980Boarding Home Rates for Foster Children
1980-011 (PDF)1/8/1980County Counsel Budget Transfer
1980-012 (PDF)1/15/1980Assessor Budget Transfer
1980-013 (PDF)1/15/1980Establishes Planner/Grantsman Position
1980-014 (PDF)1/15/1980Opposes Trophy Hunt Deer
1980-015 (PDF)1/15/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Scott Pinkerton
1980-016 (PDF)1/15/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Joan Tune
1980-017 (PDF)1/15/1980Acknowledges Efforts of Don Sturm
1980-018 (PDF)1/15/1980Convenience & Necessity Certificate/Sigler
1980-019 (PDF)1/22/1980Subdivision Deeded Easement/Lois Golenberg
1980-020 (PDF)1/22/1980Parks & Rec Appropriations
1980-021 (PDF)1/22/1980Cancelled (See Letter)
1980-022 (PDF)2/5/1980Agreement for Energy Crisis Assistance
1980-023 (PDF)2/5/1980Budget Transfers: Welfare, Parks & Rec, Library, Road Dept
1980-024 (PDF)2/5/1980Appoints Hansel Turley as Airport Manager
1980-025 (PDF)2/5/1980Airport/Under Special District Manager Creation of Airport Manager
1980-026 (PDF)2/5/1980School District Quitclaim Deed
1980-027 (PDF)2/5/1980Accepts Resignation of Marie Crosby from Mental Health Advisory Board
1980-028 (PDF)2/5/1980Amends Policies & Procedures Handbook Re: Confidential vs. Management Employees
1980-029 (PDF)2/5/1980Use of Nuclear Fission as Energy Contest
Not Assigned
1980-031 (PDF)2/13/1980Multi-County Emergency Medical Service System
1980-032 (PDF)2/13/1980NCCWA Litigation
1980-033 (PDF)2/13/1980Probation Budget Transfer
1980-034 (PDF)2/19/1980Agreement with Dept. of Education for Child Care/Welfare Dept.
Not Assigned
1980-036 (PDF)2/19/1980Appropriations: Board of Supervisors, Senior Assistance, Solid Waste
1980-037 (PDF)2/19/1980Approves Parcel Map for LDA /Bridgeport Oaks
1980-038 (PDF)2/19/1980Approves Parcel Map for LDA /Buckeye Ranch Estates
1980-039 (PDF)2/19/1980Supports Nyedlys Leg Re: Surface Mining
1980-040 (PDF)2/19/1980Convenience & Necessity Certificate/Walton
1980-041 (PDF)2/19/1980Solid Waste Salary Res.
1980-042 (PDF)2/26/1980Comprehensive Employment Training Act/Mental Health Budget Appropriation
1980-043 (PDF)2/26/1980Williamson Act Contract
1980-044 (PDF)2/26/1980Williamson Act Applications 79-1, & 79-2
1980-045 (PDF)2/26/1980Williamson Act Ag Preserve Map
1980-046 (PDF)2/26/1980Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Administration/Small Claims Court
1980-047 (PDF)2/26/1980Criminal Justice Plan Region K
1980-048 (PDF)2/26/1980Central Sierra Elderly Assistance
1980-049 (PDF)3/4/1980Appropriations & Budget Transfers
1980-050 (PDF)3/4/1980Mental Health Program
1980-051 (PDF)3/4/1980Tax Deeded Property
1980-052 (PDF)3/11/1980Well Permits (Title Research Committee)
1980-053 (PDF)3/11/1980Designates as "Girl Scout Week"
1980-054 (PDF)3/11/1980Fire Dept. Budget Transfers
1980-055 (PDF)3/11/1980Accepts Resignation of Bethanne Dowlon
1980-056 (PDF)3/11/1980Aviation Fuel Purchase
1980-057 (PDF)3/18/1980Claiming of Unlicensed Animals
1980-058 (PDF)3/25/1980Authorizes Bob Borchard to File for Grants
1980-059 (PDF)3/25/1980Appropriations: Auditor, Sheriff, Fire Protection
1980-060 (PDF)3/25/1980Mental Health Director Salary
1980-061 (PDF)4/1/1980ECAP
1980-062 (PDF)4/1/1980Bear Valley Road/Federal Aid
1980-063 (PDF)4/1/1980Cost of Living for Retired PERS Employees
1980-064 (PDF)4/1/1980Stockton Creek Grant Application
1980-065 (PDF)4/1/1980Lake Don Pedro Community Service District
1980-066 (PDF)4/1/1980Cost of Living ($175)
1980-067 (PDF)4/1/1980Appropriations: Sheriff, County Counsel
1980-068 (PDF)4/8/1980Overall Economic Development Program Committee
1980-069 (PDF)4/8/1980Opposes Regional Government
1980-070 (PDF)4/8/1980Designates April 13-19, 1980, as "Real Property Week"
1980-071 (PDF)4/8/1980Crisis Intervention Program
1980-072 (PDF)4/8/1980Commends Ralph Campbell
1980-073 (PDF)4/15/1980Supports AB 2361
1980-074 (PDF)4/15/1980Cost of Living Increase 14.6%
1980-075 (PDF)4/15/1980Naming Easement Roads
1980-076 (PDF)4/15/1980Welfare Reform
1980-077 (PDF)4/22/1980Commends Janis McRae LRWSC
1980-078 (PDF)4/22/1980Proclaims Butterfly Days Parade as Official County Activity
1980-079 (PDF)4/22/1980Budget Transfers
1980-080 (PDF)4/22/1980Budget Transfers
1980-081 (PDF)5/6/1980Certifies Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1980-082 (PDF)5/6/1980Supports AB 3172, CCP 1021.5
1980-083 (PDF)5/6/1980Supports 4th of July Celebration in Coulterville
1980-084 (PDF)5/6/1980Public Health Services
1980-085 (PDF)5/13/1980Annual Drug Abuse Plan
1980-086 (PDF)5/13/1980Abandons Portion of Triangle Road
1980-087 (PDF)5/13/1980Budget Transfers
1980-088 (PDF)5/13/1980Endorses Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT)
1980-089 (PDF)5/13/1980Endorses Revenue Sharing
1980-090 (PDF)5/13/1980Boarding Home Rates for Foster Children (Amends Res. 80-10)
1980-091 (PDF)5/13/1980Proclaims May 18, 1980, as "Shrine Hospital Day"
1980-092 (PDF)5/20/1980Proclaims May 25-31, 1980, as "Youth Awareness Week"
1980-093 (PDF)5/20/1980Opposes Adoption of Mining Regulators
1980-094 (PDF)5/20/1980Appropriation
1980-095 (PDF)5/27/1980Budget Transfer
1980-096 (PDF)5/27/1980Memo of Understanding
1980-097 (PDF)6/10/1980Recognizes Melanie Rodriques
1980-098 (PDF)6/10/1980Budget Transfer
1980-099 (PDF)6/10/1980Authorizes Tax Collector to Set Aside Taxes
1980-100 (PDF)6/10/1980Contract with State Dept. of Welfare
1980-101 (PDF)6/10/1980Approves Concept of Alcohol Program
1980-102 (PDF)6/10/1980Coop Agreement with Dept. of Forestry
1980-103 (PDF)6/10/1980Contract with Dept. of Aging
1980-104 (PDF)6/10/1980Advocates Repeal of Federal Voting Rights Act Language
1980-105 (PDF)6/10/1980Findings of Fact for Stumpfield Mountain Road
1980-106 (PDF)6/17/1980Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Lease Agreement
1980-107 (PDF)6/17/1980Accrual of Sick Leave Benefits
1980-108 (PDF)6/17/1980Cost of Living Adjustment (14.6%)
1980-109 (PDF)6/17/1980Abates Public Nuisance
1980-110 (PDF)6/24/1980Budget Transfer
1980-111 (PDF)6/24/1980Consolidates John C. Fremont Election with November General Election
1980-112 (PDF)6/24/1980Consolidates Unified School District Election with November General Election
1980-113 (PDF)6/24/1980Recognizes the 100th Anniversary of Mono County
1980-114 (PDF)6/24/1980Salary Res. (Superseded by Res. 80-116)
1980-115 (PDF)6/27/1980Budget Transfer
1980-116 (PDF)6/30/1980Salary Res. (Supersedes Res. 80-114)
1980-117 (PDF)6/30/1980Budget Transfer
1980-118 (PDF)6/30/1980El Portal Town Planning Advisory Committee (Superseded by Res. 80-124)
1980-119 (PDF)7/1/1980National Historic Preservations Grants
1980-120 (PDF)7/1/1980Recognize Lavern Greeley upon her retirement as Road Maintenance Construction Supervisor
1980-120A (PDF)7/7/1980Authorize Wm. Moffitt to sign the Amendment to CETA Title IIB and Modification No. 2 to the Subgrant Agreement
1980-121 (PDF)7/1/1980Recognize Bud Taber upon his retirement as Road Maintenance Construction Supervisor
1980-123 (PDF)7/8/1980Road Improvements Standards
1980-124 (PDF)7/15/1980El Portal Town Plan Advisory Committee (Supersedes Res. 80-118)
1980-125 (PDF)7/15/1980Findings of Fact on LDA 921/
1980-126 (PDF)7/15/1980Findings of Fact on LDA 923/
1980-127 (PDF)7/22/1980Planning Commission Appeal Action
1980-128 (PDF)8/12/1980Prohibits Use of Supplies/Equipment by County Personnel
1980-129 (PDF)7/22/1980Findings of Fact on LDA 920/
1980-130 (PDF)7/22/1980Withdraws Transfers of Transportation Tax Revenue to Road Dept.
1980-131 (PDF)8/5/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Tanaka
1980-132 (PDF)8/5/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Beaton
1980-133 (PDF)8/5/1980Opposes Closure of Big Oak Flat Road
1980-134 (PDF)8/12/1980Salary for Position of Deputy County Clerk/ Clerk of the Board
1980-135 (PDF)8/12/1980Appoints Law Library Board of Trustees
1980-137 (PDF)8/19/1980Lake Don Pedro Community Services District
1980-138 (PDF)8/26/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Bolfe
1980-139 (PDF)8/26/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Wilcox
1980-140 (PDF)8/26/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Campbell
1980-141 (PDF)9/2/1980Processing General Plan Amendments (Repeals Res. 78-59)
1980-142 (PDF)8/26/1980Amends Res. 74-108 & 80-116
1980-143 (PDF)8/26/1980Adopts Final Budget FY 1980-81
1980-144 (PDF)8/26/1980Adopts Tax Rate FY 1980-81
1980-145 (PDF)8/26/1980Hospital District Tax Election
1980-146 (PDF)8/26/1980Policy for Control & Distribution of County Code Books
1980-147 (PDF)9/10/1980Establishes Position of Executive Aid
1980-148 (PDF)9/10/1980Hourly Rate/Temporary Deputy County Clerk/ Clerk of the Board
1980-149 (PDF)9/10/1980Comprehensive Employment Training Act Agreement
1980-150 (PDF)9/10/1980Boarding Home Rates for Foster Children
1980-151 (PDF)9/10/1980Appreciation to Robert Power
1980-153 (PDF)9/16/1980Vehicle Abatement Program Contract with California Highway Patrol
1980-154 (PDF)9/23/1980General Plan Amendments/Land Use & Open Space Map
1980-155 (PDF)9/23/1980Findings of Fact on LDA 925/
1980-156 (PDF)9/23/1980Mileage Rate for Transportation of Large Animals
1980-157 (PDF)9/23/1980Comprehensive Employment Training Act Weatherization Program Agreement
1980-158 (PDF)10/7/1980Exchange Federal Aid Secondary (FAS) Money/ State Highway Fund Money
1980-159 (PDF)10/7/1980Airport Appropriation ($5,000)
1980-160 (PDF)10/7/1980Fire Protection Services Agreement
1980-161 (PDF)10/7/1980Mental Health Appropriation ($10,570)
1980-162 (PDF)10/14/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Edward Grist
1980-163 (PDF)10/14/1980Acceptance of Dedication/John D. Johnson
1980-164 (PDF)10/14/1980Acceptance of Dedication/Rachel Ching-Dawson
1980-165 (PDF)10/14/1980Board of Supervisors Appropriation ($550.41) for Membership Fees
1980-166 (PDF)10/14/1980Justice System Subvention Funds
1980-167 (PDF)10/21/1980County Clerk Appropriation ($1,500) for Office Maintenance
1980-168 (PDF)10/21/1980Comprehensive Employment Training Act Office Emergencies Agreement
1980-169 (PDF)10/21/1980Group Home Rates & Placements for Private Institutions
1980-170 (PDF)10/21/1980Amends Social Welfare Classifications & Ranges
1980-171 (PDF)10/28/1980Requests Adjustments for County School Property Tax Splits
1980-172 (PDF)10/28/1980Emergency Use of County Vehicle/Assessor
1980-173 (PDF)10/28/1980Temporary Help in Road Dept.
1980-174 (PDF)10/28/1980Auditor to Transfer Transportation Tax Funds
1980-175 (PDF)10/28/1980Central Sierra Agency on Aging Agreement
1980-176 (PDF)10/28/1980Welfare Appropriation ($13,355)
1980-177 (PDF)11/12/1980Chair to Sign Deeds for Property Exchange with Bardini
1980-178 (PDF)11/12/1980County Clerk Fee Schedule
1980-179 (PDF)11/12/1980Joint Powers Agreement with Mariposa Public Utility District
1980-181 (PDF)11/12/1980Adopts Coulterville Specific Plan & Certifies Environmental Impact Report
1980-182 (PDF)11/12/1980Social Services Program Agreement
1980-183 (PDF)11/12/1980Standard Licensing Agreement/Welfare
1980-184 (PDF)11/12/1980Mental Health Plan, Phase II
1980-185 (PDF)11/12/1980Establishes Alcohol Program Fund
1980-186 (PDF)11/12/1980Intent to Sell Tax-Deeded Property
1980-188 (PDF)11/12/1980Auditor Budget Transfer
1980-189 (PDF)11/12/1980Appreciation to John R. Thomson
1980-190 (PDF)11/18/1980Extends County Building Moratorium
1980-191 (PDF)11/18/1980Contract with Agricultural Commissioner
1980-192 (PDF)11/18/1980Standard Agreement with Dept. of Food & Standard Agreement with Dept. of Food & Agriculture
1980-193 (PDF)11/18/1980Transfers House Number to Assessor's Office
1980-194 (PDF)11/18/1980Appreciation to Hazel C. Mackenzie
1980-195 (PDF)11/18/1980Veterans Service Budget Transfer
1980-196 (PDF)11/25/1980Memorandum of Understanding with Coop Extension Services
1980-197 (PDF)11/25/1980LIHEAP Weatherization Agreement with EED
1980-198 (PDF)11/25/1980Establishes Office of Economic Opportunity Weatherization Program
1980-199 (PDF)11/25/1980Grant of Easements: Mariposa-Yosemite Airport, County Dump
1980-200 (PDF)11/25/1980Adopts Bootjack Volunteer Fire Dept. Formation
1980-201 (PDF)11/25/1980Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program
1980-202 (PDF)12/9/1980Arts Council Contract
1980-203 (PDF)12/9/1980Appreciation to John P. Anderson
1980-204 (PDF)12/9/1980Sheriff Appropriation for "18 Jail"
1980-205 (PDF)12/9/1980Honors Krista Ann Hambrock
1980-206 (PDF)12/23/1980Rules & Regulations for County Aid to Indigents
1980-207 (PDF)12/23/1980Boarding Home Rates for Foster Children
1980-208 (PDF)12/16/1980Establishes Line Item for Receipt of California Arts Council
1980-209 (PDF)12/16/1980Treasurer Budget Transfer
1980-210 (PDF)11/25/1980Establishes Procedures for Notification of Appeal Hearings
1980-211 (PDF)12/23/1980Establishment of Juvenile Delinquency Prevention (Amends Res. 80-201)
1980-212 (PDF)12/23/1980Justice Court Fee Schedule
1980-213 (PDF)12/23/1980Accepts Gift of Real Property/Ferrero
1980-214 (PDF)12/23/1980Budget Transfers: Building, Welfare, Assessor
1980-215 (PDF)12/23/1980County Transportation Committee Report
1980-216 (PDF)12/23/1980Budget Transfers: Board of Supervisors, County Clerk, Building
1980-217 (PDF)12/23/1980Arts Council Agreement
1980-218 (PDF)12/23/1980Establishes Ad Hoc Arts Advisory Committee
1980-219 (PDF)12/23/1980Amends Dept. of Education Agreement
1980-220 (PDF)12/23/1980Fee for Microfilm Copies
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