1982 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1982-001 (PDF)1/5/1982Library Budget Appropriation ($275)
1982-002 (PDF)1/5/1982Road Dept. Appropriation ($150,000)
1982-003 (PDF)1/5/1982Appoints Members to County Law Library Board of Trustees
1982-004 (PDF)1/5/1982Transfer of Carry-Over in County Justice System Subvention Program (CJSSP) Budget
1982-005 (PDF)1/5/1982Senior Assistance Program Budget Transfer
1982-006 (PDF)1/5/1982Appreciation to Paul Paige/Mental Health Advisory Board Service
1982-007 (PDF)1/12/1982Authorizes Welfare Director to Sign Amendment to Social Services Agreement
1982-008 (PDF)1/12/1982Requires Advertising of Newly Created Positions
1982-009 (PDF)1/12/1982Adopts State Water Resources Control Board Guidelines as Interim Policy for ET & ETI Systems with Modifications
1982-010 (PDF)1/12/1982Probation Budget Transfer
1982-011 (PDF)1/19/1982LTC Audit Fund Transfer
1982-012 (PDF)1/19/1982Budget Loans: Parks & Rec. for McCay Hall Project/Veterans Service for PG&E Rate Increase
1982-013 (PDF)1/19/1982Rescinded by Res. 82-14
1982-014 (PDF)1/19/1982Establishes Commission on Aging
1982-015 (PDF)1/19/1982Certificate Appointing Reed, Robert’s & Assoc. to Represent Mariposa County in All Matters Affecting Unemployment Tax Insurance
1982-016 (PDF)1/26/1982Designates Gazette as Official County Newspaper
1982-017 (PDF)2/2/1982Supports SB 1336, RE: Rule of Joint & Several Liability
1982-018 (PDF)2/2/1982Small Claims Legal Advisor Agreement
1982-019 (PDF)2/2/1982Budget Transfers: Sheriff, Insurance, Health
1982-020 (PDF)2/9/1982Fire Dept. Appropriation for Mobile Radios ($5,000)
1982-021 (PDF)2/9/1982Civil Defense Appropriation ($3,600)
1982-022 (PDF)2/9/1982Buckeye Ranch Estates Subdivision Agreement
1982-023 (PDF)2/9/1982Budget Transfers: Probation, Farm Advisor, Parks & Rec.
1982-024 (PDF)2/9/1982Appreciation of Planning Commissioner Forbes Simpson
1982-025 (PDF)2/16/1982Veterans Service Appropriation ($1,200)
1982-026 (PDF)2/16/1982Distribution of County Payroll Warrants
1982-027 (PDF)2/16/1982Board of Supervisors Travel Budget Transfer
1982-028 (PDF)2/16/1982Budget Transfers: Airport & County Clerk
1982-029 (PDF)2/16/1982Request for Airport Grant Funds
1982-030 (PDF)2/16/1982Adjourns Meeting in Memory of George Strathearn
1982-031 (PDF)2/23/1982Air Pollution Control Budget Transfer
1982-032 (PDF)2/23/1982Authorizes Workman’s Compensation for Sheriff's Air Patrol Volunteers
1982-033 (PDF)2/23/1982Special Use Permit for Yosemite Park Library
1982-034 (PDF)2/23/1982Establishes Appropriation Limits for Special Districts
1982-035 (PDF)2/23/1982Health Dept./Animal Control Appropriation ($5,000)
1982-036 (PDF)2/23/1982Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Modification Package No. 1
1982-037 (PDF)2/23/1982Interagency Agreement/Welfare Child Health Disability Program (CHDP)
1982-038 (PDF)3/2/1982Appropriations: County Clerk/Publications ($2,635.55) & Planning ($4,000)
1982-039 (PDF)3/9/1982Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone Budget Transfer
1982-040 (PDF)3/9/1982Office of Economic Opportunity Agreement FY 1982-83
1982-041 (PDF)3/9/1982Crisis Intervention-Home Placement, Work Furlough/Crime & Delinquency Prevention Program
1982-042 (PDF)3/9/1982Justice Court/Jury & Witness Appropriation ($1,500)
1982-043 (PDF)3/9/1982Proclaims March 8-12, 1982, "Girl Scouts Week"
1982-044 (PDF)3/9/1982Budget Transfers: Fire Protection & Plant Acquisition
1982-045 (PDF)3/16/1982Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone Budget (Rescinds Res. 82-39)
1982-046 (PDF)3/16/1982Superior Court & Grand Jury Budget Transfers
1982-047 (PDF)3/23/1982AG Commissioner Budget Transfer ($325)/Camper Shell for Medfly Activities
1982-048A (PDF)3/23/1982Upgrading of Private Roads in Public Interest
1982-048B (PDF)3/23/1982Transit System Policies Adopted
1982-049 (PDF)3/23/1982Social Welfare & Probation Agreement
1982-050 (PDF)3/23/1982Amendment to Agreement Covering Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) with Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
1982-051 (PDF)3/23/1982Bailment Agreement/Pioneer Wagon Train Ride
1982-052 (PDF)3/23/1982Recognizes Pioneer Wagon Train as County Sponsored Event
1982-053 (PDF)3/23/1982Sheriff Budget Transfer
1982-054 (PDF)4/6/1982Justice Court Appropriation ($5,000)
1982-055 (PDF)4/6/1982Kirchner Family Services Agreement
1982-056 (PDF)4/6/1982Declares State of Local Emergency/Yosemite Rockslide & Concurrent Sewage Spill
1982-057 (PDF)4/6/1982Acceptance of Real Property from Varain & Bass/Bootjack Volunteer Fire House
1982-058 (PDF)4/6/1982Appreciation to Varain & Bass/Gift Deed Bootjack Volunteer Fire Dept.
1982-059 (PDF)4/6/1982LEA Agreement with Schools FY 1982-83
1982-060 (PDF)4/6/1982Agreement with Bear Valley Construction for Bear Valley F.A.S. Project
1982-061 (PDF)4/6/1982Supports Great California Resource Rally
1982-062 (PDF)4/6/1982Supports SB 1958/Appropriation for Unbudgeted Revenue
1982-063 (PDF)4/6/1982Opposes AB 2418/Tax Allocation to School Districts
1982-064 (PDF)4/6/1982Standard Agreement for Health Services
1982-065 (PDF)4/6/1982Budget Transfers: Airport, Auditor, Building/Appropriation to Contingency
1982-066 (PDF)4/6/1982Proclaims April 18-24, 1982 "Victims’ Rights Week"
1982-067 (PDF)4/13/1982Amends Building Permit Fee Schedule
1982-068 (PDF)4/13/1982Settlement of Rolfe Condemnation Suit
1982-069 (PDF)4/13/1982Proclaims May 8-16, 1982 "Arts Festival Week"
1982-070 (PDF)4/13/1982Adopts Arts Plan for Mariposa County
1982-071 (PDF)4/13/1982Lake Don Pedro Sewer Budget Transfer
1982-072 (PDF)4/13/1992Appreciation to Chuck & Ruth Jette for Donated Document
1982-073 (PDF)4/20/1982Office of Economic Opportunity Grant Agreement
1982-074 (PDF)4/20/1982Adopts Butterfly Days Parade as County Event
1982-075 (PDF)4/20/1982Policy RE: Land Use Classification Boundaries & Subdivision of Parcels
1982-076 (PDF)4/20/1982Endorses Tuolumne County Support of Two Amendments to SB 14
1982-077 (PDF)4/20/1982Supports AB 2893/Duties of Welfare under W&I 601 Relating to Juvenile Court Law
1982-078 (PDF)4/20/1982Extends Veterinarian Agreement with Rosebrock
1982-079 (PDF)4/27/1982Budget Transfer & Appropriation/Airport & Library
1982-080 (PDF)4/27/1982Accepts Real Property/Darrah School
1982-081 (PDF)4/27/1982Sheriff Budget Transfer
1982-082 (PDF)4/27/1982Revises Resolution 81-137 Establishing Wawona Town Planning Advisory Council
1982-083 (PDF)5/4/1982Auditor & Treasurer Budget Transfer for Purchase of Computer Terminal & Port
1982-084 (PDF)5/4/1992Amends Salvager Agreement
1982-085 (PDF)5/4/1982Masonic Hall Lease Agreement
1982-086 (PDF)5/4/1982Weights & Measures Agreement
1982-087 (PDF)5/4/1982Endorses Position to Prohibit State of Calif. from Using Funds from Peace officer Standards & Training
1982-088 (PDF)5/4/1982Certifies Total Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1982-089 (PDF)5/4/1982Proclaims May 6, 1982, as "Nurse's Day"
1982-090 (PDF)5/11/1982Health Services Agreement
1982-091 (PDF)5/11/1982Appreciation to Historic Sites Survey Volunteers
Not Assigned
1982-093 (PDF)5/11/1982Proclaims May 23-29, 1982, "Public Works Week"
1982-094 (PDF)5/11/1982Budget Transfers: Superior Court & Transit
1982-095 (PDF)5/11/1982California Arts Council Agreement
1982-096 (PDF)5/18/1982Proclaims May as "Older American's Month"
1982-097 (PDF)5/18/1982Grant Agreement for Ambulance Purchase
1982-098 (PDF)5/18/1982Child Care Services Agreement
1982-099 (PDF)5/18/1982Amendment to ECI Program RE: Increase in Funding
1982-100 (PDF)5/18/1982Rejects Bid on Woodland Park Grading
1982-101 (PDF)5/18/1982Board of Supervisors Travel Budget Transfer
1982-102 (PDF)5/18/1982Opposes AB 2577/Off-Track Horse Race Wagering
1982-103 (PDF)5/25/1982Mental Health Drug Abuse & Alcohol Program Plans
1982-104A (PDF)5/25/1982Amends Office of Economic Opportunity Salary Resolution
1982-105 (PDF)5/25/1982Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant Modification RE: Summer Youth Employment
1982-105B (PDF)5/25/1982Improvements to Covey Lane
1982-106 (PDF)5/25/1982Budget Transfers: Assessor, Treasurer, Senior Assistance, District Attorney
1982-107 (PDF)5/25/1982Cooperative Extension Agreement for Lease of Farm Advisor Office
1982-108 (PDF)6/1/1982Amendment to PERS Contract/Employee Contribution
1982-109 (PDF)6/1/1982Fee Schedule/Vertebrate Pest Control Material
1982-110 (PDF)6/1/1982Budget Transfers: Fire Protection, Health, County Clerk, Air Pollution Control
1982-111 (PDF)6/1/1982Sets Amount for Official Bonds for County Officers
1982-112 (PDF)6/1/1982Appreciation to AG Students & Alton McRae for Beautifying Courthouse with Plants
1982-113 (PDF)
Rescinded by Res. 82-114
1982-114 (PDF)6/15/1982District Attorney Budget Transfers & Appropriations
1982-115 (PDF)6/15/1982Office of Economic Opportunity Amendment No. 1
1982-116 (PDF)6/15/1982Office of Economic Opportunity Close-Out Package
1982-117 (PDF)6/15/1982Waiver of Allowance/Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Classroom Participants
1982-118 (PDF)6/15/1982General Revenue Sharing Allocation to Senior Citizen Community Center & County General Fund
1982-119 (PDF)6/15/1982Establishes Senior Citizens Community Center Fund
1982-120 (PDF)6/15/1982Policy for Fees & Charges for County Facilities
1982-121 (PDF)6/15/1982Proclaims 1982 as "National Year of the Disabled"
1982-122 (PDF)6/15/1982Budget Transfers: Probation, Parks & Rec., Insurance, Welfare, & County Clerk
1982-123 (PDF)6/22/1982Budget Transfers & Appropriations: Elections, County Buildings, Assessor, County Counsel, Special Districts, District Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer, AG Commissioner, Road Dept.
1982-124 (PDF)6/22/1982Contract with Bartig, Basler & Ray for Auditing Services
1982-125 (PDF)6/22/1982Carry-Over of Comp Time/Sheriff, Road Dept., AG Commissioner, County Counsel, Deputy County Clerks
1982-126 (PDF)6/22/1982Agreement for Library Services with Tuolumne County
1982-127 (PDF)6/22/1982County Transit Policies (Supersedes Res. 82-48)
1982-128 (PDF)6/22/1982AG Commissioner Salary Agreement
1982-129 (PDF)6/22/1982Medfly Program Renewal Agreement
1982-130 (PDF)6/22/1982Appropriation to Contingency & Plant Acquisition
1982-131 (PDF)6/23/1982Authorizes Acquisition of Federal Surplus Property from State Agency
1982-132 (PDF)6/23/1982Library Services Contract with Tuolumne County (Supersedes Res. 82-126)
Not Assigned
1982-134 (PDF)6/23/1982Reduces Travel Reimbursement Rate from 25 Cents to 20 Cents
1982-135 (PDF)6/24/1982PERS Contribution/Employee Share Assumed by County
1982-136 (PDF)6/24/1982Recognizes Coulterville 4th of July as County Activity & Waives Permit Requirement for Use of Park
1982-137 (PDF)7/6/1982Recognizes Mariposa Jr. Rodeo as County Sponsored Activity
1982-138 (PDF)7/6/1982Amends Parks & Facilities Salary Res.
1982-139 (PDF)7/6/1982Amendment to PERS Contract RE: Employee Contributions
1982-140 (PDF)7/6/1982Pesticide Enforcement Agreement
1982-141 (PDF)7/6/1992Appreciation to Fire Dept. Volunteers for Commendable Efforts
1982-142 (PDF)7/13/1982Sheriff Deputies/Policy for Residence Response Time for Emergency Employees
1982-143 (PDF)7/13/1982Agreement with Masons & Central Sierra Elderly Assistance for Kitchen Equipment at Community Center
1982-144 (PDF)7/13/1982Coop Law Enforcement Agreement/Sierra & Stanislaus National Forests
1982-145 (PDF)7/13/1982Environmental Review Specialist Agreement
1982-146 (PDF)7/13/1982Specific Plan Amendment 82-1/Standen
1982-147 (PDF)7/13/1982Approves Use Permit 165 with Findings of Fact & Condition of Approval/Standen
1982-148 (PDF)7/20/1982Modifies Buckeye Ranch Estates Agreement
1982-149 (PDF)7/20/1982Opposes AB 3480, Transfer of Medically Indigent Adults to Counties
1982-150 (PDF)7/20/1982Consolidates Fremont Hospital Board Election with November General Election
1982-151 (PDF)7/20/1982Appreciation to Gene Riker/Chief of Coulterville/Greeley Hill Volunteer Fire Dept.
Not Assigned
1982-153A (PDF)8/3/1982Grant Deed Exchange/County Property with Baileys
1982-153B (PDF)7/27/1982Fixes Limit for Agency Purchases
1982-154 (PDF)7/27/1982PERS Contribution Assumed by County (Amends Res. 82-135)
1982-155 (PDF)7/27/1982Appreciation/Emergency Medical Care Committee
1982-156 (PDF)7/27/1982Authorizes Sheriff to Enter Into Agreement with State to Perform Examining Services
1982-157 (PDF)7/27/1982Egg Quality Control Contract
1982-158 (PDF)7/27/1982Consolidates School Board Election with November General Election
1982-159 (PDF)8/3/1982Central Sierra Elderly Assistance (CSEA) Agreement for Disbursement of III B Monies
1982-160 (PDF)8/3/1982Industrial Disability Retirement/H. Harbulak
1982-161 (PDF)8/3/1982Agreement with Dr. R.W. Rosebrock for Veterinarian Services
1982-162 (PDF)8/3/1982Lease Agreement with Osborn/Bear Valley VFD
1982-163 (PDF)8/10/1982Office of Economic Opportunity Amendment #1
1982-164 (PDF)8/10/1982Amendment #3 to Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) Agreement
1982-165 (PDF)8/10/1982Loan to Senior Assistant Program Fund
1982-166 (PDF)8/17/1982Adopts Park Circle Drive into County Road System
1982-167 (PDF)8/17/1982Adopts Trabucco Street into County Road System
1982-168 (PDF)8/17/1982Central Sierra Elderly Assistance Agreement for Use of Masonic Hall for Nutrition Site Project
1982-169 (PDF)8/17/1982California Cost Systems Agreement for Completion of Cost Allocation Plan Services
1982-170 (PDF)8/17/1982Fee for Justice Court Installment Accounts ($30)
1982-171 (PDF)8/17/1982Establishes El Portal Town Planning Advisory Council (Supersedes all Previous Resolutions)
1982-172 (PDF)8/17/1982Hornitos Lighting Appropriation ($800)
1982-173 (PDF)8/24/1982Certifies County Justice System Subvention Program as Reduced FY 1982-83
1982-174 (PDF)8/24/1982Amends Welfare, Sheriff, Parks & Rec Salary Res.
1982-175 (PDF)8/24/1982Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Modifications/Subgrant & Amendment to Title VII
1982-176 (PDF)8/24/1982Establishes Nutrition Site Vehicle Committee
1982-177 (PDF)8/24/1982Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) Budget Allocation Agreement/2nd Revision
1982-178 (PDF)8/30/1982Adopts Final Budget FY 1982-83
1982-179 (PDF)8/30/1982Establishes Tax Rate FY 1982-83
1982-180 (PDF)8/30/1982Establishes Delinquency Allowance (8%)
1982-181 (PDF)8/30/1982Authorizes Submission of Application for BLM Land
1982-181B (PDF)9/7/1982Exchange of Property with School District
1982-182 (PDF)9/7/1982Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant 8200-2910
1982-183 (PDF)9/7/1982Balance of State Subgrantee Plan
1982-184 (PDF)9/7/1982Employment Development Dept. (EDD) Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant 8200-2918
1982-185 (PDF)9/7/1982Employment Development Dept. (EDD) Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant 8200-3109
1982-186 (PDF)9/7/1982Employment & Training Agreement/State Youth Grant
1982-187 (PDF)9/7/1982Health Services Agreement with State
1982-188 (PDF)9/7/1982Proclaims October 4-10, 1982, "Family Communication Week"
1982-189 (PDF)9/7/1982Appreciation to Planning Commissioner Roger Gramer
1982-190 (PDF)9/7/1982Appreciation to Planning Commissioner Wally Stovall
1982-191 (PDF)9/7/1982Appreciation to Planning Commissioner James Sharp
1982-192 (PDF)9/7/1982Appreciation to Planning Commissioner Lou Bittner
1982-193 (PDF)9/14/1982Policy for Purchases over $3,000
1982-194 (PDF)9/14/1982Acknowledges Assignment of Funds for John C. Fremont Hospital
1982-195 (PDF)9/14/1982Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) & LIHEAP Agreements
1982-196 (PDF)9/14/1982Authorizes Roger McElligott to Sign FAA Grant for Construction of Airport Taxiway
1982-197 (PDF)9/21/1982Authorizes Roger McElligott to Sign Don Pedro Sewer Zone Proposal with Raymond Vail & Assoc.
1982-198 (PDF)9/21/1982Application for Federal Assistance from State Air Resources Board
1982-199 (PDF)9/21/1982Requests Continued Air Resources Board Funding
1982-200 (PDF)9/21/1982Proclaims November as "Veterans Call to Unity Month"
1982-201 (PDF)9/21/1982Agreement for Foster Family Homes Licensing
1982-2029/21/1982Proclaims "Sept. 16-23, 1982, "Constitution Week"
1982-203 (PDF)9/28/1982Rules Governing Distribution of Alcohol at County Events
1982-204 (PDF)9/28/1982Amends Impound Fee for Animal Control
1982-205 (PDF)9/28/1982FAA Agreement for Airport Grant
1982-206 (PDF)9/28/1982Expresses Concern over BLM Control Burn in Merced River Canyon
Not Assigned
1982-208 (PDF)9/28/1982Future Plant Acquisition Budget Transfer
1982-209 (PDF)10/5/1982Proclaims October 3-9, 1982, as "4-H Club Week
1982-21010/5/1982Not Assigned
1982-211 (PDF)10/5/1982Drug Abuse Board Function under the Alcohol Advisory Board
1982-212 (PDF)10/5/1982Deletes Drug Abuse Board Function from Mental Health Advisory Board
1982-213 (PDF)10/5/1982Waiver of Cut in Mental Health Program & Cap on Reimbursement Rates
1982-214 (PDF)10/5/1982LIHEAP Agreement FY 1982-83
1982-215 (PDF)10/5/1982Finds Formal Bid not in Public Interest & Authorizes Lease/Purchase Agreement for Copier
1982-216 (PDF)10/5/1982Grant Application for Roberti-Z'Berg Program for Construction of Community Center
1982-217 (PDF)10/5/1982Changes Name of 16th Street to Howard Street
1982-218 (PDF)10/5/1982Mountain Counties Air Basin Agreement
1982-219 (PDF)10/5/1982Data Processing Appropriation ($5,000)
1982-220 (PDF)10/5/1982AG Commissioner Services Contract
1982-221A (PDF)10/5/1982Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) Agreement FY 1982-83
1982-221B (PDF)10/12/1982Supports Tehama Resolution RE: Privatization of Federally Controlled Land
1982-222 (PDF)10/12/1982Agreement for Lease/Purchase of Copiers (Res. 82-215 Budget Transfer Rescinded)
1982-223 (PDF)10/12/1982Approves Participation in State/Local Partnership with California Arts Council; & Designates Arts Council as Enabling Agency to Execute Agreement, FY 1982-83
1982-224 (PDF)10/12/1982Grand Jury Budget Transfer ($1,300)
1982-225 (PDF)10/19/1982Agreement for Lease/Purchase of Copiers Budget Transfer (Rescinds Res. 82-222)
1982-226 (PDF)10/19/1982Merced Employment Development Dept. (EDD) Agreement/Amends Title IIB
1982-227A (PDF)10/19/1982County Counsel Budget Transfer
1982-227B10/19/1982Adopts Findings of Fact on Use Permit 164/Cotton
1982-228 (PDF)10/19/1982County Health Services Plan & Budget FY 1982-83
1982-229 (PDF)10/19/1982Intent to Purchase Property from Juanita Moore/Midpines Park Rest Area
1982-230 (PDF)10/26/1982Plant Acquisition Appropriation ($7,000)/Midpines Park Rest Area
1982-231 (PDF)10/26/1982Endorses Mountain Counties Air Basin Resolution RE: Continued Funding from State Air Resources Board
1982-232 (PDF)10/26/1982Amends Salary Resolution to Revise Employee Allocation Schedule
1982-233 (PDF)10/26/1982Findings of Fact on LDA 888/Weston
1982-234 (PDF)10/26/1982County Clerk Budget Transfer
1982-235 (PDF)11/9/1982Coulterville Water Budget Transfer
1982-236 (PDF)11/9/1982Amends Salary Resolution to Reflect Full-Time Administrative Assistant Position in Road Dept.
1982-237 (PDF)11/9/1982Amended Parcel Map for T.C.E., Inc.
1982-238 (PDF)11/9/1982Supports Proposal to State Division of Mines & Geology for Acquisition of Mineral Exhibit
1982-239 (PDF)11/16/1982Revises Impound Fees/Animal Control
1982-240 (PDF)11/16/1982Data Processing Budget Transfer for Purchase of Computer Stand
1982-241 (PDF)11/16/1982Endorses Blue Shield Relocation to Mariposa
1982-242 (PDF)11/16/1982Amends Salary Resolution to Reflect Full-Time Administrative Assistant Position in Road Dept.
1982-243 (PDF)11/16/1982Appreciation to Gene Worley/CDF Employee
1982-244 (PDF)11/23/1982PERS Refund to Employees/Amends MOU with County & Employee Assoc.
1982-245 (PDF)11/23/1982County Short-Doyle Mental Health Plan
1982-246 (PDF)11/23/1982Declaration of Intent to Contract for Medically Indigent Adults
1982-247 (PDF)11/23/1982Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Close-Out Release Forms
1982-248 (PDF)11/23/1992Amends PERS Contract to Include Provision for Early Retirement for Safety Members
1982-249 (PDF)11/23/1982General Election Appropriation ($1,200)
1982-250 (PDF)12/7/1982Modifies County Holidays Policy
1982-251 (PDF)12/7/1982Authorizes Roger McElligott to Purchase Vehicle through State Purchasing
1982-252 (PDF)12/7/1982Special Districts Budget Transfer for Purchase of Additional Items for New Pickup not Available through State Purchasing (See Res. 82-251)
1982-253 (PDF)12/7/1982Amendment to Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Agreement
1982-254 (PDF)12/7/1982Supports Tuolumne County Resolution Opposing Wild & Scenic Designation Study for Tuolumne River
1982-255 (PDF)12/7/1982Parks & Facilities Appropriation/Maintenance Structure ($3,000)
1982-256 (PDF)12/7/1982Intention to PERS for Waiver of Miscellaneous Members Compulsory Retirement
1982-257 (PDF)12/7/1982Certification for Receipt of Veterans Service Allocation
1982-258 (PDF)12/7/1982Federal Emergency Management Agency Forms to Receive FY 1983-84 Match Funds for Emergency Services
1982-259 (PDF)12/7/1982Amends Employee Association MOU RE: Early Retirement for Safety Members
1982-260 (PDF)12/7/1982Gypsy Moth Detection Contract
1982-261 (PDF)12/7/1982AG Commissioner Appropriation ($15,269) under Gypsy Moth
1982-262 (PDF)12/14/1982Revises County Clerk Fee Schedule
1982-263 (PDF)12/14/1982Accepts Real Property from Reno Ferrero
1982-264 (PDF)12/14/1982Welfare Dept. Budget Transfer
1982-265 (PDF)12/21/1982Tentatively Approves Hoagland Williamson Act Contract Cancellation
1982-266 (PDF)12/21/1982Revised Fee Schedule for Planning Office & Road Dept
1982-267A (PDF)12/21/1982Reaffirms Commitment to Acquire State Mineral Exhibit
1982-267B (PDF)12/21/1982Accepts Donation from Chamber of Commerce for State Mineral Exhibit Fund
1982-268 (PDF)12/21/1982Establishes Child Abuse Prevention Agreement
1982-269 (PDF)12/21/1982Auditor to Establish "Children's Trust Fund"
1982-270 (PDF)12/21/1982Cooperative Agreement for Fire Protection Services
1982-271 (PDF)12/21/1982Agreement with Dept. of Health Services
1982-272 (PDF)12/21/1982Treasurer/Tax Collector Budget Transfer
1982-273 (PDF)12/28/1982Approves Preliminary Agreement for Reallocation of State Mineral Exhibit
1982-274 (PDF)12/28/1982Supports Cyrus Hubbard Appointment as Director of Dept. of Rehabilitation
1982-275 (PDF)12/28/1982Supports Lake County Resolution RE: Repeal of Government Code Section Pertaining to Superior Courts
1982-276 (PDF)12/28/1982Assessor Budget Transfer
1982-277 (PDF)12/28/1982Amends County Clerk Filing Fees
1982-278 (PDF)12/28/1982Intention to Approve Amendment to PERS Contract to Provide Age 70 Waiver
1982-279 (PDF)12/28/1982Loan to Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Program
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