1983 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1983-001 (PDF)1/4/1983Amends Building & Grounds Employee Allocation Schedule to Reflect 3 Building & Grounds Workers, & 2 Custodians
1983-002 (PDF)1/4/1983Target Range Use Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc.
1983-003 (PDF)1/4/1983Agreement for Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse FY 1982-83
1983-004 (PDF)1/4/1983Appoints Law Library Board of Trustees
1983-005 (PDF)1/10/1983Preliminary Agreement for Relocation of Mineral Exhibit
1983-006A (PDF)1/10/1983Intention to Consort with Mt. Counties under New Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA)
1983-006B (PDF)1/11/1983Environment Review Policies & Procedures for Purposes of Implementing Calif. Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines
1983-007 (PDF)1/11/1983Sets Forth & Incorporates Revisions Establishing Rules & Regulations Governing County Aid & Relief to Indigents
1983-007B (PDF)1/11/1983Chair Authorized to Sign County Medical Services Program for Administration of Care to Indigent Adults
1983-008 (PDF)1/11/1983Medical Services Program Contract
1983-009 (PDF)1/11/1983Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant Modification
1983-010 (PDF)1/11/1983Amendment to LIHEAP Weatherization Contract
1983-011 (PDF)1/11/1983Amendment to Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract
1983-012 (PDF)1/11/1983Amends Assessor Salary Res./Extra Help Appraisal Services
1983-013 (PDF)1/11/1983Authorizes County to Acquire Federal Surplus Property
1983-014 (PDF)1/25/1983Establishes AG Preserves 82-1, 82-2, 82-3
1983-015 (PDF)1/25/1983Waives Formal Bid Process, & Authorizes Vehicle Purchase for Building Inspector
1983-016 (PDF)1/25/1983Extends Agreement with Small Claims Legal Advisors
1983-017 (PDF)1/25/1983Approves Minority Business Enterprise Program for Airport Construction
1983-018 (PDF)1/25/1983Agreement for Nursery Inspections
1983-019 (PDF)1/25/1983Notice of Intention to Sell Tax Deeded Property
1983-020 (PDF)2/1/1983Not Assigned
1983-021 (PDF)2/1/1983Approves Concept Paper for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program
1983-022 (PDF)2/1/1983Road Dept. Claim for Federal-Aid Secondary (F.A.S.) Funds
1983-023 (PDF)2/1/1983Amends AG Preserve Map to Include 82-1, 82-2, & 82-3
1983-024 (PDF)2/1/1983Recommends Secretary of Interior not Implement Federal Land Use Regulations, & County be Allowed to Implement Land Use Regulations Derived through Wawona Town Planning Area Process
1983-025 (PDF)2/1/1983Establishes Welfare Line Item for Temporary Help, & Authorizes Transfer
1983-026 (PDF)2/1/1983Declares Copy Machines as Surplus Property
1983-027 (PDF)2/1/1983Dept. of Procurement Purchase of Tires for Parks & Facilities
1983-028 (PDF)2/1/1983Budget Transfers: Sheriff & Health
1983-029 (PDF)2/1/1983Appoints Board of Supervisors Chairman as Director of Emergency Services
1983-030 (PDF)2/1/1983Appreciation to Bob Vaughn/CDF
1983-031 (PDF)2/8/1983Supports SB 48, Delays Implementation of Public Utilities Commission Decision, & Requires Legislative Analyst to Direct Preparation of Economic Impact Study
1983-032 (PDF)2/8/1983Extension of General Relief Eligibility
1983-033 (PDF)2/8/1983Revised Fee Schedule for Building & Grading Permits
1983-034 (PDF)2/8/1983Amends Sheriff Dept. Salary Res.
1983-035 (PDF)2/8/1983Authorizes R. McElligott to Sign Airport Eligibility Grant
1983-036 (PDF)2/8/1983Proclaims February as "American History Month"
1983-037 (PDF)2/8/1983Intent to Execute Joint Powers Agreement with Tuolumne, Calaveras & Amador Counties for Job Training Partnership Act
1983-038 (PDF)2/8/1983Endorses Historical Society Invitation to Queen Elizabeth II to View Historical Museum
1983-039 (PDF)2/8/1983Opposes SB 187, Diverts Court Filing Fees to Legal Aid Services
1983-040 (PDF)2/8/1983County Counsel Budget Transfer
1983-041 (PDF)2/15/1983Tax Negotiation for MPUD Annexation
1983-042 (PDF)2/15/1983Appreciation to William Pierce/School Board
1983-043 (PDF)2/22/1983Policy RE: Local Assistance for Flooding on Private Property
1983-044 (PDF)2/22/1983Agreement for Assistant Director Services of Office of Emergency Service (OES)
1983-045 (PDF)2/22/1983Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act Grant
1983-046 (PDF)2/22/1983Budget Transfers: Auditor & Air Pollution/Library Appropriation ($100)
1983-047 (PDF)2/22/1983Lease Agreement with Lushmeadows Association for County-Owned Storage Building
1983-048 (PDF)2/22/1983Establishes Rules for Certification of Employee Competence after age 70 (Rescinded)
1983-049 (PDF)2/22/1983Pauline Hand Certification of Competence
1983-050 (PDF)2/22/1983Proclaims March 5, 1983, as "Majestic Day" in Mariposa County in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II
1983-051 (PDF)3/1/1983Amends Special Districts Salary Res./Account Clerk III
1983-052 (PDF)3/1/1983Policy Allocating Funds for Underground Utilities
1983-053 (PDF)3/1/1983Planning Commission Budget Transfer
1983-054 (PDF)3/1/1983Endorses Siskiyou Resolution Supporting Senate Joint Resolution No. 1 RE: Disclosure of Personnel Information Concerning Applicants for Federally Funded Public Assistance Programs to Assist in Enforcing Laws
1983-055 (PDF)3/1/1983"Welcome" Banner for Queen Elizabeth II
1983-056 (PDF)3/1/1983Proclaims March 6-12, 1983, "Girl Scout Week"
1983-057 (PDF)3/1/1992Appreciation to Jim Kendrick, Planning Commission Chairman 1982
1983-058 (PDF)3/8/1983Budget Transfers: District Attorney, Building, Constable, County Trapper, Special Aviation’s, Future Plant Acquisitions, Solid Waste, Historical Preservation
1983-059 (PDF)3/8/1983Justice Court Budget Appropriation ($3,500)
1983-060 (PDF)3/8/1983Health Services Plan Update
1983-061 (PDF)3/8/1983Establishes Welfare Petty Cash Fund ($50)
1983-062 (PDF)3/8/1983Endorses Siskiyou Resolution Opposing Sunset Provision of AB-8 -- Funding for Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Foster Care Program
Not Assigned
1983-064 (PDF)3/8/1983Establishes Rules for Certification of Employee Competence after Age 70
1983-065 (PDF)3/8/1983Designates Sheriff Matthys as Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics
1983-066 (PDF)3/15/1983Health Dept. Budget Transfer
1983-067 (PDF)3/15/1983Recognizes Pioneer Wagon Train as Official County Event
1983-068 (PDF)3/15/1983Amends Personnel Policies & Procedures Handbook to Include Maternity Leave & Lay-Off
1983-069 (PDF)3/15/1983Local Agreement for Child Development Services
1983-070 (PDF)3/15/1983Senior Assistance Budget Transfer
1983-071 (PDF)3/15/1983Authorizes Investment in Local Agency Investment Fund
1983-072 (PDF)3/22/1983Transit Systems Budget Transfer
Not Assigned
1983-074 (PDF)3/22/1983Proclaims May 7-13, 1983 as "Countywide Library Fund Drive Week"
1983-075 (PDF)3/22/1983Supports Reform of Joint & Several Liability Doctrine
1983-076 (PDF)3/22/1983State of Local Emergency for Road Repairs in Mariposa County
1983-077 (PDF)3/22/1983Supports SCR #8, which Addresses Problem of State Mandated Local Programs
1983-078 (PDF)3/22/1983Adopts Standard Development Agreement Form
1983-079 (PDF)3/22/1983Accepts Donation of Coakley Land for Mineral Exhibit
1983-080 (PDF)3/22/1983Health Service Agreement FY 1982-83
1983-081 (PDF)3/22/1983Mental Health Budget Transfer; & Appropriation ($683)
1983-082 (PDF)3/22/1983Approves Post Phase III Update of Local Arts Council Plan
1983-083 (PDF)3/22/1983Appreciation to Bootjack & Lushmeadows Volunteer fire Departments for Negotiating Purchase of 2 Fire Tankers from Los Angeles
Not Assigned
Not Assigned
1983-086 (PDF)4/5/1983Stephen Stein Authorized to Purchase for Fire Dept. through General Services
1983-087 (PDF)4/5/1983Amends Planning Commission Salary Res. To Include Hourly Personnel Position
1983-088 (PDF)4/5/1983Budget Transfers: Welfare & Planning
1983-089 (PDF)4/5/1983Appreciation to Larry Enrico/Assoc. Planner
1983-090 (PDF)4/5/1983Sign LIHEAP Program Close-Out Documents
1983-091 (PDF)4/5/1983Amends Calif. Employment Training Act (CETA) Intake Officer Salary Res.
1983-092 (PDF)4/5/1983Amends Welfare Salary Res. to Reflect Reorganization
1983-093 (PDF)4/5/1983Amendment to Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) Agreement
1983-094 (PDF)4/5/1983Agreement for Transfer of State Mineral Exhibit to Mariposa County
1983-095a (PDF)4/5/1983Proclaims April 17-23, 1983, as "Victim's Rights Week"
1983-095b (PDF)4/5/1995Mineral Exhibit Agreement
1983-096 (PDF)4/5/1983Appreciation to John Morrow/CDF
1983-097 (PDF)4/5/1983Adopts Seventh Annual Butterfly Days Parade as Official County Activity
1983-098 (PDF)4/5/1983Pest Detection Contract FY 1983-84
1983-099 (PDF)4/5/1983Endorses Senator Pepper's Letter RE: Older Americans Act (OAA) Programs
1983-100 (PDF)4/5/1983Opposes Increase in CSAC Dues & Salaries
1983-101 (PDF)4/12/1983Certifies Criminal Justice System Subvention Program (CJSSP) Work Furlough/Crime Prevention Program, & Crisis Home Placement Program
1983-102 (PDF)4/12/1983Opposes AB 187 & SB 778, Binding Arbitration
1983-103 (PDF)4/12/1983Supports AB 365, Criminal Procedure Change of Venue Costs
1983-104 (PDF)4/12/1983Supports AB 1813, Homicide Trials
1983-105 (PDF)4/12/1983Supports AB 2006, Juvenile Court Law
1983-106 (PDF)4/12/1983Supports SB 578, Establishment of Director of Finance Position
1983-107 (PDF)4/12/1983Supports SB 666, Court Cost Reimbursement
1983-108 (PDF)4/12/1983Amends LIHEAP Weatherization Agreement
1983-109 (PDF)4/12/1983Proclaims May as "Neighborhood Watch Month"
1983-110 (PDF)4/12/1983Budget Transfers: Fire Protection & Auditor
1983-111 (PDF)4/19/1983Addendum to Mental Health Plan FY 1982-83
1983-112 (PDF)4/19/1983Supports AB 2099, State Park Bond Act
1983-113 (PDF)4/19/1983Acknowledgment of Assignment of Funds to J.C. Fremont Hospital Fund Account
1983-114 (PDF)4/19/1983Cost Allocation Plan Agreement
1983-115 (PDF)4/19/1983Farm Advisor's Office Lease
1983-116 (PDF)4/19/1983Firefighters Certification Program Agreement
1983-117 (PDF)4/19/1983Proclaims July 9, 1983, "Senior Citizen Day"
1983-118 (PDF)4/19/1983Farm Advisors Budget Transfer
1983-119 (PDF)4/19/1983Appreciation to Caltrans for Clearing State Route 140
1983-120 (PDF)4/19/1983Letter of Intent to Contract with County Medical Services Program (CMSP) for Care of Medically Indigent Adults
1983-121 (PDF)4/19/1983Opposes SB 270, Exempting Water Gatherers from Air Pollution Regulations
1983-122 (PDF)4/19/1983Appreciation to Jim Spacke for Scheduling Blue Shield Project for Mariposa County
1983-123 (PDF)4/26/1983Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Weatherization Close-Out
1983-124A (PDF)4/26/1983Authorization to Submit Proposal for Additional Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Weatherization Allocation
1983-124B (PDF)4/26/1983Adopts Nutrition Site Crosswalk Location
1983-125 (PDF)4/26/1983Certifies Total County Mileage
1983-126 (PDF)4/26/1983"Salvager" Agreement
1983-127 (PDF)4/26/1983Amends Rules & Procedures for Public Hearings
1983-128 (PDF)4/26/1983Masonic Hall Lease Agreement for Nutrition Site
1983-129 (PDF)5/3/1983Appeals Decision of Federal Government to Deny Assistance for Storm Damage
1983-130 (PDF)5/3/1983Informal Bidding for Road Dept. Backhoe Purchase
1983-131 (PDF)5/3/1983"Fast Track" Res. for Processing Benefits of Economic Development
1983-132 (PDF)5/3/1983Approves Negative Declaration for County Initiated General Plan Amendment
1983-133 (PDF)5/3/1983Rescinds Res. 83-132
1983-134 (PDF)5/3/1983Approves Negative Declaration for County Initiated General Plan Amendment
1983-135 (PDF)5/3/1983Approves Negative Declaration for Sturtevant General Plan Amendment 83-2-C
1983-136 (PDF)5/3/1983District Attorney Appropriation ($7,000)
1983-137 (PDF)5/3/1983Policy for Workers Compensation Coverage for Volunteer Fire Dept. Members in Transit
1983-138 (PDF)5/3/1983Extends Agreement for Services of Sealer of Weights & Measures
1983-139 (PDF)5/10/1983Appropriation (Loan) to Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA)/LIHEAP ($6,000)
1983-140 (PDF)5/10/1983Supports SB 394, Control of Court Costs for Murder Trials
1983-141 (PDF)5/10/1983Adopts Negative Declaration on Mineral Exhibit Facility Development
1983-142 (PDF)5/10/1983Reaffirms Agreement with State Dept. of Conservation for Transfer of Mineral Exhibit to Mariposa County
1983-143 (PDF)5/10/1983Reaffirms Designation of Bill Moffitt to Sign Mineral Exhibit Packing Agreement
1983-144 (PDF)5/10/1983Pesticide Enforcement Contract FY 1983-84
1983-145 (PDF)5/10/1983Accepts 1966 Chevrolet Station Wagon into County Transit System for Use as Nutrition Site Vehicle --Parks & Facilities to Complete Necessary Maintenance ($120)
1983-146 (PDF)5/10/1983Opposes AB 1599, Housing Elements
1983-147 (PDF)5/10/1983Health Dept. Appropriation; Veterans Service
1983-148 (PDF)
Budget Transfer
1983-149 (PDF)5/10/1983Waives Formal Bid Process for Computer Purchase
1983-150 (PDF)5/10/1983Appreciation to Third Grader Justin Walsh for Interest in Operation of County Government
1983-151 (PDF)5/10/1983Data Processing Appropriation for Computer Purchase ($50,000)
1983-152 (PDF)5/17/1983Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Subgrant Modification
1983-153 (PDF)5/17/1983Accepts Quote on Backhoe from Reed Equipment
1983-154 (PDF)5/17/1983Probation Budget Transfer
1983-155 (PDF)5/17/1983Appreciation to City of Los Angeles for Purchase of Fire Tanker for $1.00
1983-156 (PDF)5/17/1983Approves County Initiated General Plan Amendment
1983-157 (PDF)5/24/1983Budget Transfers: Mariposa Pines, Solid Waste, Airport, Special District Manager, Parks & Facilities
1983-158 (PDF)5/24/1983Authorizes A. McElligott to Advertise Bids for Airport Taxiway Construction
1983-159 (PDF)5/24/1983Appreciation to Fish Camp Town Planning Advisory Committee for Efforts in Completing Specific Plan
1983-160 (PDF)5/24/1983Increases Civil Court Reporting Fees
1983-161 (PDF)5/24/1983Nursery Inspection Contract FY 1983-84
1983-162 (PDF)5/24/1983Forgives Loan to Hornitos Lighting District; & Hornitos Lighting District Budget Transfer ($300)
1983-163A (PDF)6/7/1983Special Use Permit with U.S. Forest Service for Use of Land for Fish Camp Dump Site
1983-163B (PDF)6/7/1983Adopts Negative Declaration for GPA 83-1/Standen Contingent upon Receipt of Documentation RE: Indian Burial Site
1983-164 (PDF)6/7/1983Certifies EIR for Storey Hill Commercial Project
1983-165 (PDF)6/7/1983Opposes Intent of AB 70
1983-166 (PDF)6/7/1983Shell Egg Contract FY 1983-84
1983-167 (PDF)6/7/1983AG Commissioner Salary Subvention Contract FY 1983-84
1983-168 (PDF)6/7/1983Budget Transfers: Board of Supervisors, Library, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Auditor, Fire Protection, Justice Court
1983-169 (PDF)6/7/1983Authorizes Sherrelle Evans & Bill Lincoln to Sign Federal Financial Assistance Acceptance Documents
1983-170 (PDF)6/7/1983Authorizes Assessor to Examine Records of State Board of Equalization RE: Public Utilities
1983-170B (PDF)6/14/1983Adopts Fish Camp Town Planning Area Specific Plan & Certifies Fish Camp Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report
1983-171 (PDF)6/7/1983Chair Authorized to sign Agreement with Central Sierra Elderly Assistance (CSEA) for Senior Support Services
1983-172A (PDF)6/14/1983Chair Authorized to Sign Cal-Neva Contract - Low Income Weatherization Program
1983-172B (PDF)6/14/1983Welfare Budget Transfer & Appropriation
1983-173 (PDF)6/14/1983Supports HR 278, Increase in Local Revenue Sharing Allocation
1983-174 (PDF)6/14/1983Policy Regarding Compensatory Time vs. Overtime Pay
1983-175 (PDF)6/14/1983Authorizes Carry-Over of Compensatory Time
1983-176 (PDF)6/14/1983Establishes Appropriation Limits FY 1981-82
1983-177 (PDF)6/14/1983Establishes Appropriation Limits FY 1982-83
1983-178 (PDF)6/14/1983Authorizes Rich Begley to Apply for Grant Funding Under Park Restoration & Urban Reforestation Program
1983-179 (PDF)6/14/1983Authorizes Ken Matthys to Sign Licensing Agreement for Radio Equipment
1983-180 (PDF)6/14/1983Special Use Permit Covering Operation of Snow Plow in Foresta Area
1983-181 (PDF)6/14/1983Budget Transfers: Courthouse Guide, Sheriff, Farm Advisor, Veteran Services
1983-182 (PDF)6/21/1983Road Department Budget Transfer for Respite Care
1983-183 (PDF)6/21/1983Dept. of Energy Agreement for Respite Care
1983-184 (PDF)6/21/1983Dept. of Energy Child Care Services Agreement
1983-185 (PDF)6/21/1983Joint Powers Agreement for Creation of Mother Lode Job Training
1983-186 (PDF)6/21/1983Endorses "Old Fashioned Fourth of July"
1983-187 (PDF)6/21/1983Intent to Contract with Calif. Dept. of Forestry for Fire Protection Services
1983-188 (PDF)6/21/1983Agreement with Tuolumne County for Library Services
1983-189 (PDF)6/21/1983Budget Transfers: Auditor/Recorder, Boating Safety, County Jail
1983-190 (PDF)6/21/1983Auditor to Appropriate any FY 1982-83 Unanticipated Revenues into General Contingency
1983-191 (PDF)6/21/1983Supports Butte County in Lawsuit against Hilda Wheeler
1983-192 (PDF)6/21/1983Recognizes Coulterville Fourth of July Celebration as Official County Activity
1983-193 (PDF)6/21/1983Commends Marion Barnett as Senior Citizen of the Year
1983-194 (PDF)6/21/1983Appreciation to Richard Denhalter for Services as County Counsel
1983-195 (PDF)6/28/1983Authorizes Use of Unexpended County Justice System Subvention Program (CJSSP) Monies
1983-196 (PDF)6/28/1983Adopts Preliminary Budget FY 1983-84
1983-197 (PDF)6/28/1983Agreement for Environmental Review Specialist
1983-198 (PDF)6/28/1983Office of Economic Opportunity Weatherization Contract
1983-199 (PDF)6/28/1983Budget Transfer from SYEP Fund to LIHEAP Fund
1983-200 (PDF)6/28/1983Amends Salary Resolution
1983-201 (PDF)6/28/1983Adopts Jr. Rodeo as Official County Activity for Purposes of Advertising
1983-202 (PDF)6/28/1983Authorizes Overtime Pay to Road Dept. Employees with Excessive Comp Time due to Federal Disaster Assistance Project
1983-203 (PDF)6/28/1983Budget Transfers: Welfare, Special Districts, Solid Waste, Health, Sealer of Weights & Measures
1983-204A (PDF)7/5/1983Endorses Publication of Historical Sites Book& Application for Funding
1983-204B (PDF)6/28/1983Extends Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisor
1983-205 (PDF)7/5/1983License Agreement with Fairgrounds for July 9, 1983, "Senior Citizens Day"
1983-206 (PDF)7/5/1983Recognizes Catheys Valley Ball Park Fund Raiser as County Activity
1983-207 (PDF)7/5/1983Authorizes Rich Begley to Sign Grant Document for Continued Maintenance of Woodland Park
1983-208 (PDF)7/5/1983Amendment to Policy & Procedures Handbook RE:Court Reporters & Order of Presentation during Grievance Hearings
1983-209 (PDF)7/12/1983Accepts State Grant for Library Funding
1983-210 (PDF)7/12/1983Appreciation to Countywide Library Committee & Friends of the Library
1983-211 (PDF)7/12/1983Transit Systems Policy
1983-212 (PDF)7/12/1983Amends Policy & Procedures Handbook RE: Personal Holiday
1983-213 (PDF)7/12/1983Waives Formal Bid on Cal/Neva Contract
1983-214 (PDF)7/12/1983Transfer from Tax Collector's Overage Funding to General Fund
1983-215 (PDF)7/19/1983Authorizes Social Welfare Director Jeanie Nix-Temple to Apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food & Shelter Program Funding
1983-216 (PDF)7/19/1983Certifies Environmental Impact Report for GPA 82-21-G/Bittner
1983-217 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Robert Gustafson
1983-218 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Nina Clow
1983-219 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Kathy Hamilton
1983-220 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Dave Cenrs
1983-221 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Joe Pratt
1983-222 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Charles O'Neill
1983-223 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Brad Lyles
1983-224 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to John Gordo
1983-225 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Eric Taylor
1983-226 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Rick Rempel
1983-227 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Paula Highfill Stewart
1983-228 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Dave Sholes
1983-229 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Ken Clark
1983-230 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Jim Ruiz
1983-231 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Craig Poole
1983-232 (PDF)7/19/1983Res. of Appreciation to Clay Rogers
1983-233 (PDF)7/19/1983Responsibilities for Vehicle Assigned to Nutrition Site Committee
1983-234 (PDF)7/26/1983Cal/Neva Project Fund Transfer
1983-235 (PDF)8/2/1983Agreement with Emergency Planning Coordinator
1983-236 (PDF)8/2/1983Recognizes Labor Day Fair Parade as Official County Activity
1983-237 (PDF)8/2/1983Authorizes Welfare Dept. to Administer Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food & Shelter Program (Supersedes Res. 83-215)
1983-238 (PDF)8/9/1983Establishes Alternatives to Commission on Aging
1983-239 (PDF)8/9/1983Agreement for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food & Shelter Program
1983-240 (PDF)8/16/1983Awards Airport Taxiway Consultant Contract to Genstar
1983-241 (PDF)8/16/1983Eliminates Two Parking Spaces at Highway 140 & 5th Street
1983-242 (PDF)8/16/1983County Medical Services Program Contract
1983-243 (PDF)8/16/1983Denies General Plan Amendment 80-4/Aguire
1983-244 (PDF)8/16/1983Approves General Plan Amendment 83-1/Standen
1983-245 (PDF)8/16/1983Woodland Park Project Loan Appropriation ($5,000)
1983-246 (PDF)8/16/1983Amends Solid Waste Salary Res.
1983-247 (PDF)8/16/1983Coordinated Agreement for Mountain Counties Air Basin FY 1983-84
1983-248 (PDF)8/16/1983Claim for Receipt of State Library Grant
1983-249 (PDF)8/16/1983Congratulations to Father Francis Walsh upon Appointment as Monsignor
1983-250 (PDF)8/23/1983Grant Contract by County Arts Council
1983-251 (PDF)8/23/1983County Veterinarian Agreement with Dr. Rosebrock FY 1983-84
1983-252 (PDF)8/23/1983Amends Policy & Procedures Handbook RE: Out-of-County Meals
1983-253 (PDF)8/23/1983License Agreement for Mineral Exhibit at Fair
Not Assigned
1983-255 (PDF)8/23/1983Adopts Final Budget FY 1983-84
1983-256 (PDF)8/23/1983Adopts Tax Rate FY 1983-84
1983-257 (PDF)8/23/1983Amends Non-Elected Employees Salary Res.
1983-258 (PDF)9/6/1983Waives Formal Bid Process on Purchase of Vehicle for Veterans Service Officer
Not Assigned
1983-260 (PDF)9/6/1983Foster Family Home Licensing Contract
1983-261 (PDF)9/6/1983Dept. of Education Child Care Contract Amendment
1983-262 (PDF)9/6/1983Joint Agreement with Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Tulare Counties for Emergency Medical Services
1983-263 (PDF)9/6/1983Creation of Jail Advisory Ad Hoc Committee
1983-264 (PDF)9/6/1983Carry-Over of Compensatory Time (Amends Res. 83-175)
1983-265 (PDF)9/6/1983Escrow Instructions for Midpines County Park
1983-266 (PDF)9/6/1983Grant Deed from Juanita Moore for Midpines County Park
1983-267 (PDF)9/6/1983List of Roads Needing Improvement or Repairs
1983-268 (PDF)9/6/1983Endorses 14th Annual Crescent Arabian Horse Show
1983-269 (PDF)9/6/1983Waives Formal Bid Process for County Clerk's Purchase of Word Processor
1983-270 (PDF)9/13/1983Sheriff/Coroner Budget Transfer
1983-271 (PDF)9/13/1983Auditor to Pay $50 Assessment to Fund Appeal/Poer vs. Alameda
1983-272 (PDF)9/13/1983Proclaims September 18-24, 1983, "Emergency Medicine Week"
1983-273 (PDF)9/13/1983County Clerk Budget Transfer
1983-274 (PDF)9/13/1983Amended Contract for Library Services
1983-275 (PDF)9/13/1983Library Appropriation ($2,119)
1983-276 (PDF)9/13/1983Approves Specific Plan Amendment 82-2/Mariposa Town Planning Area
1983-277 (PDF)9/13/1983Authorizes Roger McElligott to Sign Amendment to Airport Grant Agreement
1983-278 (PDF)9/20/1983Corrects Board Minutes of 02/22/83 RE: El Portal Library
1983-279 (PDF)9/20/1983Approves Request for Increased Rent at El Portal Library
1983-280 (PDF)9/20/1983Appoints Walker & Hackett to Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) Board of Directors
1983-281 (PDF)9/20/1983Workman’s Compensation Fund Transfer
1983-282 (PDF)9/20/1983Authorizes Auditor to Pay $2657.78 to Chickering & Gregory RE: Mineral Exhibit
1983-283 (PDF)9/27/1983Collection Agreement with Stanislaus National Forest RE: Deer Feed Project
1983-284 (PDF)9/27/1983Audit Contract with Bartig, Basler & Ray FY 1982-83
1983-285 (PDF)9/27/1983Parks & Facilities Budget Loan Appropriation ($8,500)
1983-286 (PDF)9/27/1983Final Map & Public Utility Easements for Whispering Oaks Estates
1983-287 (PDF)9/27/1983Includes County Property into Right of Way of Howard Street (16th)
1983-288 (PDF)9/27/1983Amendment to MOU with Public Employees Assoc.
1983-289 (PDF)9/27/1983Proclaims October 2-8, 1983 as "4-H Club Week"
1983-290 (PDF)9/27/1983Emergency Crisis Intervention Program Contract
1983-291 (PDF)9/27/1983Treasurer/Tax Collector Budget Transfer
1983-292 (PDF)9/27/1983Welfare OEO/DOE Coordination Position Salary Res.
1983-293 (PDF)10/4/1983Agreement with Bartig, Basler & Ray for Transit System Audit FY 1982-83
1983-294 (PDF)10/4/1983Agreement with Copy Company
1983-295 (PDF)10/4/1983LIHEAP Weatherization Extension Contract
1983-296 (PDF)10/4/1983Modification to Subdivision Agreement for Buckeye Ranch Estates
1983-297 (PDF)10/11/1983Appropriation for Payment of Revenue Sharing Audit
1983-298 (PDF)10/11/1983Establishes Fish Camp Town Advisory Committee
1983-299 (PDF)10/11/1983Dept. of Health Services Contract 83-81724
1983-300 (PDF)10/18/1983Auditors Appropriation ($2,086.41); Health Appropriation ($600)
1983-301 (PDF)10/18/1983Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Interest Fund Transfer to General Fund
1983-302 (PDF)10/18/1983Supports Greeley Hill Fire Department's Efforts to Solicit Donations for Fire Truck
1983-303 (PDF)10/18/1983Declares Portion of 10th Street as a Public Interest Road
1983-304 (PDF)10/18/1983Allocates State Park Bond Act Monies from Mariposa Park to Woodland Park
1983-305 (PDF)10/18/1983Delegate Agency Agreement with California Human Development Corporation
1983-306 (PDF)10/25/1983Amends Welfare Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)/Dept. of Energy (DOE) Coordination Position Salary Res. 83-292
1983-306A (PDF)10/18/1983Health Service Plan & Budget FY 1983-84
1983-307 (PDF)10/25/1983Proclaim November 1983 as "Veterans Unity Month -a Salute to Women Veterans"
1983-308 (PDF)10/25/1983Designates County Counsel to Notify Claimants with Late Claims
1983-309 (PDF)10/25/1983County Counsel & Fire Protection Budget Transfers
1983-310 (PDF)11/1/1983Release Form Closing Out Expired Energy Crisis Intervention Control
1983-311 (PDF)11/1/1983Budget Transfer/Board Travel Dist. IV to Health
1983-312 (PDF)11/1/1983Elections Appropriation ($15,000)
Not Assigned - Used Minute Order Instead
1983-314 (PDF)11/1/1983Supports "A Musical Adventure," Library Fund Raiser
1983-315 (PDF)11/1/1983Authorizes Veterans Service Office Purchase of Used Vehicle
1983-316 (PDF)11/1/1983Abandons Road Easement in Mariposa Pines Unit 1-A
1983-317 (PDF)11/1/1983Budget Transfer: General Trust/CDF-SBA to Workman’s Compensation
1983-317B (PDF)11/8/1983CETA Close-Out Package
1983-318 (PDF)11/8/1983Proclaims November 13-19, 1983, "Winter Storm Preparedness Week"
1983-319 (PDF)11/8/1983Approves General Plan Amendment #82-21-G
1983-320 (PDF)11/8/1983Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement FY 1983-84
1983-321 (PDF)11/8/1983AG Commissioner Agreement
1983-322 (PDF)11/15/1983Authorizes Grant Application for Renovating & Upgrading Jail
1983-323 (PDF)11/15/1983Appropriation for Stag Hill Structural Repairs ($5,500)
1983-324 (PDF)11/15/1983Appropriation for Exxon 520 Information Processor ($795)
1983-325 (PDF)11/15/1983Approves Specific Plan Amendment #83-2
1983-326 (PDF)11/15/1983Health Dept. Invoice 07/01/83 to 09/30/83
1983-327 (PDF)11/15/1983Agreement RE: Grading at Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
1983-328 (PDF)11/15/1983Recognizes Mariposa County Deputy Sheriff Assoc. as Exclusive Representative of Employees within Classifications Defined by By-Laws
1983-329 (PDF)11/15/1983Auction Agreement for Surplus County Property
1983-329B (PDF)11/22/1983Road Dept. Insurance Budget Transfer
1983-330 (PDF)11/22/1983Claims Apportionment of Federal-Aid Secondary (F.A.S.) Funds
1983-331 (PDF)11/22/1983Waives Formal Bid Process for Road Dept. Snow Removal Equipment
1983-332 (PDF)11/22/1983Initial Study Planned Development Zone 83-2
1983-333 (PDF)11/22/1983Agreement with El Portal Community Assoc. for 11/22/83 Use of Carrol Clark Community Hall as Satellite Site of Central Sierra Elderly Assistance (CSEA) Nutrition Program
1983-334 (PDF)11/22/1983Cal/Neva Proposal
1983-335 (PDF)11/22/1983Approves & Endorses Christmas Trees & Lights along Charles Street
1983-336 (PDF)11/22/1983Building Dept. Budget Transfer
1983-337 (PDF)11/22/1983Approves Cal/Neva Proposal
1983-338 (PDF)11/22/1983Proclaims Nov. 20-26, 1983 as "Family Week"
1983-339 (PDF)12/6/1983Not Prepared - Passed & Rescinded
1983-340 (PDF)12/6/1983Authorizes Sheriff to Execute Agreements with State RE: Boating Safety Financial Aid
1983-341 (PDF)12/6/1983Refers Matter of Bids for Coulterville Bathhouse Project to County Counsel for Final Agreement Preparation
1983-342 (PDF)12/6/1983Approves Use of UMTA Section 18 Monies Transit
1983-343 (PDF)12/6/1983Auctioneer's Final Settlement
1983-344 (PDF)12/6/1983Declares 1948 Dodge Fire Truck VIN 1DT14822470 to be of No Value
1983-345 (PDF)12/6/1983Certifies EIR for General Plan Amendment Nos. 82-14-G & 82-27-G/Stoel & Butler
1983-346 (PDF)12/13/1983Establishes Courthouse Temporary Construction Fund Pursuant to Government Code 68073.6
1983-347 (PDF)12/13/1983County Certification for Veterans Service Office Funding FY 1983-84
1983-348 (PDF)12/13/1983Endorses Chamber of Commerce Community Christmas Tree Project
1983-349 (PDF)12/13/1983Endorses California Human Development Corps Proposed Service Plan for 1984
1983-350 (PDF)12/13/1983Forms Ad Hoc Needs Assessment Advisory Committee (HDC)
1983-351 (PDF)12/13/1983Weights & Measures Agreement
1983-352 (PDF)12/13/1983Revenue Sharing Assurance Statement
1983-353 (PDF)12/13/1983County Clerk Salary Budget Transfer
1983-354 (PDF)12/20/1983Transfers Handling of Dependent Children (W&T 300) from Probation to Social Welfare
1983-355 (PDF)12/20/1983Amends Welfare Dept. Salary Res. #83-306
1983-355B (PDF)12/20/1983Welfare Budget Transfer
1983-356 (PDF)12/20/1983Mental Health Interagency MOU Agreement
1983-357 (PDF)12/20/1983Mental Health Budget Appropriation ($29,870)
1983-358 (PDF)12/20/1983Mental Health Plan, Drug Abuse Program Plan & Budget, Alcohol Program Plan & Budget FY 1984-85
1983-359 (PDF)12/20/1983Interim Assistance Reimbursement Program
1983-360 (PDF)12/20/1983Respite Care Contract Amendment CD 4887
1983-361 (PDF)12/20/1983Authorizes Office of Procurement to Purchase Tires for Parks & Facilities Dept.
1983-362 (PDF)12/20/1983Amends Personnel Policy & Procedures Handbook RE: Legal Holidays
1983-363 (PDF)12/20/1983Agreement for Unemployment Compensation Services
1983-364 (PDF)12/20/1983Declares Need for Additional Fire Protection; & Authorizes Negotiations with CDF RE: Amador Plan Agreement
1983-365 (PDF)12/20/1983Amends Establishment of Fish Camp Advisory Committee (Amends Res. 83-298)
1983-366 (PDF)12/20/1983Amends Establishment of Wawona Town Planning Advisory Committee (Amends Res. 82-82)
1983-367 (PDF)12/20/1983Agreement for Gift of Real Property Pertaining to Monte Vista Estates
1983-368 (PDF)12/20/1983Agreement RE: Improvements to Coulterville Pool Building
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