1984 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1984-0011/3/1984Appoints Members of Law Library Board of Trustees
1984-0021/3/1984Authorizes Office of Procurement to Purchase Light Bulbs
1984-0031/3/1984Fire Protection Appropriation ($2,000)
1984-0041/3/1984Accepts Conditional Gift of Real Property from Reno Ferrero
1984-0051/17/1984Proclaims Mariposa as Neighborhood Watch County
1984-0061/17/1984Amends Membership on Personnel Policies & Procedures Committee
1984-0071/17/1984Road Department Budget Transfers
1984-0081/17/1984Amends El Portal Town Planning Advisory Committee as to Term & Manner of Appointment
1984-0091/17/1984Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)/LIHEAP Weatherization Control Contract
Not Assigned - Resolution Not Required to Establish Petty Cash Fund
1984-0111/17/1984Increases Filing Fees in Specific Civil Actions per GC 68090.7
1984-0121/17/1984Accepts Express Utility Easement/Charles Shirley
1984-0131/17/1984Extends Joint Powers Agreement Creating Central California Emergency Medical Services Agency
1984-0141/24/1984Energy Crisis Intervention Program Amendment
1984-0151/24/1984Appoints Supervisor Erickson to Respond to Letter from Don L. Blubaugh Regarding Mineral Exhibit
1984-0161/24/1984Board Enters into Formal Negotiations with California Mineral Exhibit Assoc., Inc.
1984-0171/24/1984Applications for AG Preserve #83-1 & #83-2 Simon & Northway
1984-0181/24/1984"Mariposa County AG Preserve Map" Amendment
1984-0191/24/1984CDF Training Assistant Appropriation ($837.60)
1984-0201/24/1984Welfare Department Budget Transfer
1984-0211/24/1984Directs Auditor to Allocate Additional Revenues for Increased Assessment
1984-0221/24/1984Commends Naval Captain Bruce McCandless II, Astronaut
1984-0231/24/1984Special Departmental Advertising Brochure Appropriation ($7,500)
1984-0241/24/1984Solid Waste Probation Appropriation ($10,000)
1984-0251/24/1984Budget Transfers: Solid Waste, Probation
1984-0261/24/1984County Mental Health Plan Update FY 1983-84
1984-0271/24/1984Modifications to Mental Health, Drug Abuse Services Contract, & Alcohol Program Contract FY 1983-84
1984-0281/24/1984Mental Health Appropriation ($5,335)
1984-0291/24/1984Mental Health Appropriation ($1,537)
1984-0301/24/1984Mental Health/Child Abuse Budget Transfer
1984-0312/7/1984Supports Tuolumne County Resolution in Opposition to Designating Tuolumne River & South Fork of Merced River as "Wild & Scenic"
1984-0322/7/1984Endorsement Amending Policy Provisions, Group Term Life Insurance for Dependents, Etc.
1984-0332/7/1984Amends Salary Resolutions
1984-0342/7/1984Justice Court Appropriation ($3,500)
1984-0352/7/1984Budget Transfers: Veterans Service Office, Senior Assistance Program, Planning, Superior Court
1984-0362/7/1984Parks & Facilities Appropriation ($10,000)
1984-0372/7/1984Agreement with Castle Air Force Base for Removal of Building No. 302
1984-0382/7/1984Amendment to Dept. of Energy (DOE) Weatherization Contract 83-834-528
1984-0392/14/1984Map Boundary Line Between Mariposa & Tuolumne Counties
1984-0402/14/1984Objects to Senator Wilson's Compromise Regarding Wilderness Legislation
1984-0412/14/1984Health Department Quarterly Invoice for State Reimbursement
1984-0422/14/1984Welfare Appropriation/Special Program Adult SSI ($3,000)
1984-0432/14/1984Senior Citizens Jubilee Fund Appropriation ($100)
1984-0442/14/1984Board Disapproves of RCRC Employees Joining PERS
1984-0452/21/1984Amends Welfare Department Salary Resolution
1984-0462/21/1984LIHEAP Weatherization Close-Out
1984-0472/21/1984Cal/Neva Weatherization Contract
1984-0482/21/1984County Jail Budget Transfers
1984-0492/21/1984Notice of Intention to Sell Tax Deeded Property
1984-0502/28/1984District Attorney Budget Transfer
1984-0512/28/1984Williamson Act Contracts with Simon & Northway
1984-0522/28/1984Proclaims March 11-17, 1984, as "Girl Scout Week"
1984-0532/28/1984Parks & Facilities Appropriation ($8,500)
1984-0542/28/1984Amends Procedures for Obtaining Security for Accrued Taxes Pursuant to Government Code Section 66493(a)
1984-0552/28/1984Authorizes Investment in Local Agency Investment Fund with State (Amends Res. 83-71)
1984-055A3/6/1984Auditor Budget Transfer
1984-0563/6/1984Senior Citizens Jubilee Fund (Amends Res. 84-43)
1984-0573/6/1984Authorizes Trans Sierra Roisterous Alliance of Senior Humbugs (TRASH) to Stay in Midpines Park July 20 & 21, 1984
1984-0583/13/1984Amends District Attorney Salary Resolution, Creates Administrative Assistant Position
1984-0593/13/1984County Health Service Agreement FY 1983-84
1984-0603/13/1984District Attorney Budget Transfer
1984-0613/13/1984Board of Supervisors Budget Transfer/Tape Recorder
1984-0623/13/1984Agreement for Rental of Weights & Measures Equipment
1984-0633/13/1984Board of Supervisors Budget Transfer for Payment of NACO Membership Fees
1984-0643/13/1984Amends Assessor Salary Resolution
1984-0653/13/1984General Plan Amendments 82-14-G & 82-27-G/ Butler & Stoel
1984-0663/20/1984Declaration of Intent to Enter into Contract with California Health Services for Participation in County Medical Services Program
1984-0673/20/1984Recordation of Final Map & Acceptance of Fire Station Site/Monte Vista Estates
1984-0683/20/1984Road Department Budget Transfer
1984-0693/20/1984Authorizes Auditor/Recorder to Destroy Certain County Records after 5 Years
1984-0703/20/1984Treasurer/Tax Collector Budget Transfer
1984-0713/20/1984Commends Jay Anderson upon Retirement from Merced Irrigation District
1984-0723/20/1984Commends James Wagner upon Transfer from Mariposa County CDF
1984-0733/20/1984Proposal for Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract FY 1984-85
1984-0743/20/1984Proclaims May 3, 1984, as "National Day of Prayer"
1984-0753/27/1984Mariposa Arts Council - Post Phase III Update
1984-0763/27/1984Agreement with Southwest Insulation
1984-0773/27/1984Social Welfare Budget Transfer; & Reclassification of Position SWIII

1984-0783/27/1984Bailman Agreement between Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train & Macready Trust & Snider Lumber Company
1984-0793/27/1984Coulterville State Park Bond Act-Appropriation ($6,000)
1984-0803/27/1984Joint Exercise Powers Agreement Continuation of Call Contract (Central California Emergency Medical Services Agency)
1984-0813/27/1984Proclaims April as "Child Abuse Prevention Month"
1984-0823/27/1984MOU Regarding Building Permits & Inspections at El Portal Administrative Site
1984-0834/3/1984Proclaims Week of April 17-23, 1984, as "Victims Rights Week"
1984-0844/3/1984Agreement with Yosemite Community College Dist. Regarding Firefighter Certification Course
1984-0854/3/1984Budget Transfers: Senior Assistance, Grand Jury, County Clerk
1984-0864/3/1984Susan Odell Service Agreement/U.S. Forest Service & Extending Best Wishes to her in New Position as District Ranger at Big Bear Lake
1984-0874/17/1984Appreciation to Mr. Gene Victor for Donation of Microfilm Equipment to County
1984-0884/17/1984Wawona Community Recommendations or Draft Land Use Policies & Procedures
1984-0894/17/1984Assessor Budget Transfer
1984-0904/17/1984Courthouse Tour Guide - Changes Tour Hours & Appropriation for Tour Guide ($650)
1984-0914/17/1984Exemption of Mandated Obligation to Pay Representation Fees Pursuant to W & I Code 17403.1
1984-0924/17/1984Amends Res. 83-13 by Adding O.T. Monsen to List of Names of Persons Authorized by Board to Acquire Federal Surplus Property
1984-0934/17/1984Agreement with Mariposa Sanitary Landfill Salvager
1984-0944/17/1984Parks & Facilities Budget Transfers; & Appropriation ($1,000)
1984-0954/17/1984County Counsel Appropriation ($50)
1984-0964/17/1984Approves Proposed Appellant Procedures for County Medical Services Program (Signed 11/26/84)
1984-096A4/24/1984Amended Weatherization Close-Out for Contract 8200-0875
1984-097A4/24/1984Budget Transfers: Health, Auditor/Recorder, Insurance, AG Commissioner
1984-097B4/24/1984County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Contract FY 1983-84
1984-0984/24/1984Alcohol Service Annual Plan Assurances & Certificates
1984-0994/24/1984Delegate Agency Agreement with California Human Development Corporation (CHDC) for Mariposa County Low Income Needs Assessment Project
1984-1004/24/1984Welfare Appropriation ($1,942.47)
Not Assigned
1984-1025/1/1984Amends Road Department Salary Resolution
1984-1035/1/1984AG Commissioner Salary Contract #6130
1984-1045/1/1984Apiary Inspection Contract #6315
1984-1055/1/1984Egg Quality Control Contract #6190
1984-1065/1/1984Nursery & Seed Service Contract #6258
1984-1075/1/1984Pesticide Regulation Contract #6072
1984-1085/1/1984Insect Trapping Contract #6018
1984-1095/1/1984Waives Bid Procedure for Purchase of Property Tax Statements
1984-1105/1/1984Not Prepared/Rescinded by Res. 84-116
1984-1115/1/1984County Clerk Budget Transfer
1984-1125/1/1984Close-Out Reports for Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract 83-834-528
1984-1135/1/1984Health Dept. Invoice for Actual Expenditures Jan. 1 through March 31, 1984
1984-1145/1/1984Supports SB 575 Regarding Joint & Several Liability
1984-1155/1/1984Data Processing Appropriations ($28,000)
1984-1165/1/1984Tax Collector Appropriation ($780)
1984-1175/8/1984Social Welfare Budget Transfers
1984-1185/8/1984Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)/Dept. of Energy Coordinator Salary Resolution (Rescinds Res. 84-102)
1984-1195/8/1984Annual Road Mileage Certification to Caltrans
1984-1205/8/1984Certifies Work Furlough/Crime Prevention Program & Crisis Program FY 1984-85

1984-1225/8/1984Supports Senior Youth Partnership's Efforts Regarding Funding of Youth Services Bureau
1984-1235/15/1984Grand Jury Budget Transfer; & Appropriation ($2,700)
1984-1245/15/1984Clerk of the Board Salary Budget Transfer
1984-1255/15/1984Data Processing Budget Transfer
1984-1265/15/1984Annual Lease Agreement with Mariposa Lodge
1984-1275/15/1984Designates Merced Community Mental Health Center, Psychiatric Health Facility for Mariposa County Residents
1984-1285/15/1984Jail Budget Transfers
1984-1295/22/1984Parks & Facilities Budget Transfer (Amends Res. 84-94)
1984-1305/22/1984Parks & Facilities Budget Transfer
1984-1315/22/1984Intent to Contract with CDF for Fire Protection Services
1984-1325/22/1984Public Health Budget Transfers
1984-1335/22/1984Agreement to Amend the 1979 Agreement on Fiscal Independence of Mariposa County Unified School District
1984-1345/22/1984Increases Travel Reimbursement from 20 cents to 25 cents per Mile
1984-1355/22/1984Professional Consulting Services Agreement
1984-1365/22/1984License Agreement for Use of Fairgrounds Facilities for Commission on Aging Activity
1984-1375/22/1984County Clerk' Office & Clerk of the Board/Amends Salary Resolution 84-118
1984-1385/22/1984County Clerk's Office & Deputy Clerk Elect/ (Amends Salary Res. 84-137)
1984-1395/22/1984Sheriff's Department/Amends Salary Resolution
1984-1405/22/1984Rental Agreement for Weights & Measures
1984-1415/22/1984Lease Agreement for Highway Patrol Building
1984-1426/12/1984Adopts Ninth Annual Butterfly Days Parade as Official County Activity
1984-1436/11/1984Lease Agreement for Display of California Mineral Exhibit
1984-1446/11/1984Sub-Lease Agreement for Display of California Mineral Exhibit
1984-1456/12/1984SEE 85-15
1984-1466/12/1984County-State Agreement #17 Exchange Fund Project
1984-1476/12/1984Authorizes Carry-Over of Comp Time/Road Dept.
1984-1486/12/1984AG Commissioner, Building, County Clerk, Planning
1984-1496/12/1984Boating Safety Program Budget Transfers
1984-1506/12/1984Budget Transfers: Plant Acquisition, Health
1984-1516/12/1984Amends Res. 84-147 Regarding Comp Time by Adding Probation Dept.
1984-1526/12/1984Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract 84-852-627
1984-1536/12/1984Amends Salary Res. 84-139 Regarding Part-Time Jailer Position
1984-1546/12/1984License Agreement 84-64 with Fairgrounds for Interim Use of Facility by Farm Advisor
1984-1556/19/1984Accepts Dedication of Interest in Real Property from Jean C. Beaton
1984-1566/19/1984Accepts Dedication of Interest in Real Property from Toshiko Tanaka
1984-1576/19/1984Quitclaim Deeds for Parcels Created by Realigning Usona Road
1984-1586/19/1984Budget Transfers: Probation, Parks & Fac., Airport, Parking District, Mariposa Pines, Don Pedro Sewer, Don Pedro 1-M, Solid Waste, Special Districts Manager, Coulterville Water, Yosemite West Sewer, Yosemite West Water
1984-1596/19/1984Municipal Lease Purchase Agreement with Reed Equipment Company
1984-1606/19/1984Endorses "Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration"
1984-1616/19/1984Amends Res. 84-160 to Provide Liability Insurance
1984-1626/19/1984Agreement with Tuolumne County for Library Service FY 1984-85
1984-1636/19/1984Recognizes Coulterville Independence Day Celebration as Official County Activity
1984-1646/19/1984Sheriff Dept. Appropriation ($15,000)
1984-164A6/19/1984Waives Bid Process on Sheriff Dept. Purchase of Truck for Boating Program
1984-1656/19/1984Insurance Budget Transfer; & Authorizes Auditor to Pay Bondshu Insurance Agency for Premium Adjustment RE: Payroll
1984-1666/19/1984Agreement with Central Sierra Elderly Assist.
1984-1676/19/1984Designates Junior Rodeo as Official County Activity
1984-1686/19/1984Authorizes Auditor to Appropriate FY 1983-84 Unanticipated Revenues into Contingency
1984-1696/19/1984Establishes Appropriation Limits FY 1983-84
1984-1706/19/1984Amends Res. 84-151 RE: Carry-Over of Compensatory Time
1984-1716/19/1984Establishes Countywide Library Committee (Supersedes Res. 81-221) (Amended by Res. 88-597)
1984-1726/19/1984Agreement to Transfer Ownership of Emergency Medical Service Radio Equipment
1984-1736/19/1984Designates Hunter's Valley Music Festival as Official County Activity
1984-1746/19/1984Board of Supervisors Budget Transfer
1984-1756/19/1984Supports HJR 196 Proposing "National Garden Week" for First Week in June
1984-1766/19/1984Waives Bid Procedure on Remodeling Old Calif. Highway Patrol Building
1984-1776/26/1984Ratifies Yosemite West County Services Area Board of Directors Res. 84-1
1984-1786/26/1984Solid Waste Appropriation ($30,000)
1984-1796/26/1984Adopts Preliminary Budget FY 1984-85
1984-1806/26/1984Amends Sheriff Dept. Lieutenant/Administrative Assistant Salary Resolution
1984-1816/26/1984Opposes SB 978 (Wildlife & Parks Act) & HR 2379 (Park Protection Act)
1984-1826/26/1984Directs County Counsel to File Amicus Curiae Brief in Any Litigation between PG&E & State Board of Equalization RE: County's Request to Tax McSwain & Exchequer Power Plants
1984-1836/26/1984Standard Agreement for County Health Services FY 1983-84 - Amended
1984-1846/26/1984LIHEAP Appropriation ($500.97)/Budget Transfers: Auditor, Farm Advisor, Senior Assistance, Fire Protection, Library, Welfare, District Attorney, Elections, County Clerk, Road, Parks
1984-1856/26/1984Public Health Budget Transfer; Appropriation -787
1984-1866/26/1984Solid Waste Appropriation ($2,435)/Budget Transfers: Probation, Parks, Airport, Parking, Mariposa Pines, Don Pedro Sewer, Special Districts, Coulterville Sewer, Don Pedro 1-M, Yosemite West Water (Rescinds Res. 83-185)
1984-1876/26/1984Budget Transfer: Welfare
1984-1886/26/1984AB-8 Budget FY 1981-82 Revisions
1984-1896/26/1984AB-8 Budget FY 1982-83 Revisions
1984-1906/26/1984Establishes Board Agenda Section Entitled "Budget Actions”
1984-1916/26/1984Extends Small Claims Legal Advisors Agreement
1984-1926/26/1984Consolidates Mariposa County Unified School District Election with November General Election
1984-1936/26/1984Designates Fish Camp Volunteer Fire Department Barbecue as Official County Activity
1984-1947/3/1984Social Welfare Budget Transfer
1984-1957/3/1984Establishes Underground Utility District in Coulterville
1984-1967/3/1984Amendment to LIHEAP Weatherization Contract with State Office of Economic Opportunity
1984-1977/3/1984Agreement with Jim MacKenzie, Environmental Review Specialist
1984-1987/3/1984Consolidates John C. Fremont Hospital District Election with November General Election RE:Tax Levy Measure
1984-1997/3/1984Agreement with Central Sierra Area Agency
1984-2007/3/1984Procedures RE: Preparation of Documents for Presentation to Board
1984-2017/10/1984Agreement for Hangar Space at Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1984-2027/10/1984Right of Way Contract / State Highway & Relinquishment of Access Rights
1984-2037/10/1984Declares Board's Intent that Proceeds from State Relinquishment of Access Rights to Road to Mormon Bar Fire Station be Transferred to Mormon Bar Volunteer Fire Department Budget
1984-2047/10/1984Energy Crisis Intervention Program Contract Amendment 83-844-136
1984-2057/10/1984Local Agreement for Child Development Services with California State Department of Education
1984-2067/10/1984Mountain Counties Air Basin Control Council Agreement with County Air Pollution Control District
1984-2077/10/1984Supports Model California Community Mental Health Programs
1984-2087/10/1984Partially Restricts Access to Portion of Hunter's Valley Road during Music Festival
1984-2097/10/1984Corrects Tax Record to Show Two Certain Parcels Owned by Frank Long are Not Included in Williamson Act Contract
1984-2107/10/1984Amended Library Contract with Tuolumne County
1984-2117/17/1984Livestock Surveillance Patrol Program Contract #6376 with State Department of Food & Agriculture
1984-2127/17/1984Amended Lease Agreement for Mineral Exhibit
1984-2137/17/1984Agreement for Use of Radio Frequencies with State Dept. of Forestry
1984-2147/17/1984Claim Management Contract for Self-Insurance Administrators
1984-2157/17/1984Agreement with OCLC On-line Computer Library Center for Library Computer Services
Not Assigned
1984-2177/17/1984Accepts Agreement for Gift of Real Property - Hunters Valley (Gibson/Dahlstrom)

1984-2187/17/1984Waives Bid Procedure for Bike-Pedestrian Path, Phase I Construction
1984-2197/17/1984Rescinds Conditional Certificate of Compliance of Record on APN 14-120-022
1984-2207/24/1984Approves GPA 83-2 Reclassifying Agriculture Exclusive to Mountain General/Dale Hoagland, Applicant
1984-2217/24/1984Approves AG Preservation Cancellation 83-1 & Amends AG Preserve Map
1984-2227/24/1984Authorizes County Counsel to Retain Outside Counsel in Legal Matters where Appropriate
1984-2237/24/1984Part-Time Boating Deputy Sheriff's I & II/Job Descriptions
1984-2247/24/1984Sheriff Department Salary Resolution Setting Hourly Rate for Part-Time Deputy Sheriffs for Boating Safety Program
1984-2257/24/1984County Medical Service Program Contract FY 1984-85
1984-2267/24/1984Amended Library Contract with Tuolumne County
1984-2278/7/1984Agreement with Roy H. & Linda Jacob’s & Dept. of Veterans Affairs RE: Repayment of Material which Slid from Jacob’s Real Property onto County Property
1984-2288/7/1984Agreement with Flintkote for Completion of Hornitos Road Project
1984-2298/7/1984Approves Destruction of Certain Sheriff's Dept. Records
1984-2308/7/1984Adopts Appeals Procedures
1984-2318/7/1984Adopts Conduct of Public Hearings Procedures
1984-2328/7/1984Lease Agreement with Mariposa Pre-School Coop for Use of Darrah Community Hall & Park
1984-2338/7/1984Sandra McCarvar PSA for Specialized Professional Service to be Provided to Probation Department
1984-2348/7/1984Permits Crescent Arabian Horse Show Committee to Place Banner across Highway 49
1984-2358/7/1984Commends Scott & Ernestine Bumguardner for Services as Foster Family Home Provider
1984-2368/7/1984Recognizes Labor Day Fair Parade as Official County Activity
1984-2378/7/1984Not Prepared - Rescinded by Res. 84-245
1984-2388/7/1984Not Prepared - Rescinded by Res. 84-244
1984-2398/7/1984Supports El Dorado County's Recommendation that Matter RE: Hardwood Resources in State be Submitted to University of California Extension Services for at Least 2 Year Study
1984-2408/14/19847% Cost of Living Increase plus Additional Increase in Benefits to Non-Elected Employees (Amends Res. 84-224)
1984-2418/14/1984Assessment Clerk & Deputy Auditor/Tax Collector Salary Resolutions (Amends Res. 84-240)
1984-2428/14/1984Deposits Motor Vehicle In-Lieu Funds into General Fund
1984-2438/14/19847% Plus $200 Mo. Increase to Dept. Heads & Elected Officials (Amends Res. 82-241)
1984-2448/14/1984Budget Transfers: Public Health & Justice Court (Rescinds Res. 84-238)
1984-2458/14/1984Rescinds Salary Resolution 84-237 which Granted Building Permit for Smith
1984-2468/21/1984Adopts Complaint & Grievance Procedure for Housing Authority
1984-2478/21/1984Amends Salary Resolution 84-245
1984-2488/21/1984Interim MOU with Deputy Sheriff's Assoc.
1984-2498/21/1984Purchase of Typewriters & Vehicles under Authority of Purchasing Agent
1984-2508/21/1984Road Commissioner Salary Res.
1984-2518/21/1984Amendment Extending Child Abuse Prevention Agreement
1984-2528/21/1984Cooperative Agreement for Seed Law Enforcement with Dept. of Food & Agriculture
1984-2538/21/1984Health Department Invoice 4-1-84 through 6-30-84
1984-2548/28/1984Proclaims Oct. 7-13, 1984, as "4-H Club Week"
1984-2558/28/1984Parking of Nutrition Site Vehicle
1984-2568/28/1984Contractor's Application for Operating Expense Assistance Grant with Dept. of Transportation
1984-2578/28/1984Agreement with Brian J. Anthony RE: Issuance of Building Permit
1984-2588/28/1984Adopts Final Budget FY 1984-85
1984-2598/28/1984Adopts Tax Rate FY 1984-85
1984-2608/28/1984Sheriff & Welfare Salary Resolution
1984-2619/4/1984Sheriff Appropriation ($1,070)
1984-2629/4/1984Public Health Appropriation ($7,552)
1984-2639/4/1984Directs Auditor to Draw Warrant to Northside Women's Club for Paving Parking Lot ($3,700)
1984-2649/4/1984Senior Assistance Loan Appropriation ($2,000)
1984-2659/11/1984Establishes New Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Foster Family Home Rates
1984-2669/11/1984Welfare Appropriation ($535)
1984-2679/11/1984Fire Protection Appropriation ($9,362.74)
1984-2689/11/1984Waives Bid Procedure; & Authorizes Purchase of Patrol Cars for Sheriff Dept.
1984-2699/11/1984Public Health Appropriation ($2,800)
1984-2709/11/1984Waives Bid Procedure; & Authorizes Purchase of Tractor, Mower, & Loader for Parks Dept.
1984-2719/11/1984Interim Assistance 90 Day Extension
1984-2729/11/1984Contract with Dept. of Social Services to Provide Licensing Services for Foster Family Home
1984-2739/11/1984Declares Sheriff's Kitchen Oven Unit to be of No Value
1984-2749/18/1984Authorizes Dept. of General Services to Purchase Items on Behalf of Sheriff's Dept.
1984-2759/18/1984County Clerk Appropriation ($662.50); Auditor/Recorder Budget Transfer
1984-2769/18/1984Agreement with Dr. Rosebrock for Veterinarian Services
1984-2779/18/1984Directs Road Dept. to Maintain & Repair Cattle Guards
1984-2789/18/1984Proclaims Week of Sept. 17-23, 1984, as "Constitution Week"
1984-2799/18/1984Offers Terms & Conditions of MOU to Deputy Sheriff's Assoc.
1984-2809/18/1984Amendment to Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) Contract with Office of Economic Opportunity
1984-2819/18/1984Parks & Facilities Appropriation ($450)
1984-2829/18/1984School Facility Usage Agreement with Mariposa County Unified School District for Use of High School Auditorium for Public Hearing
1984-2839/25/1984Justice Subvention Budget Transfer
1984-2849/25/1984Condition to Grant Deed RE: Coulterville Sewer Project Land Grant Close-Out
1984-2859/25/1984Encroachment Permit Allowing 4-H Council to Hang Banner over Highway 140 Proclaiming National 4-H Club Week
1984-2869/25/1984Agreement with Bartig, Basler & Ray forTransit System Audit FY 1983-84
1984-2879/25/1984Adopts Adjustments to Court Filing Fees
1984-2889/25/1984Establishes Vehicle Purchase Fund; & Assessor Budget Transfer to Vehicle Purchase
1984-28910/2/1984Loan Appropriations RE: Possible Loan for Hornitos Road FAS Project ($200,000 from Plant Acquisition; $50,000 from General Contingency)
1984-29010/2/1984Deferred Improvement Agreement with Mariposa Development Company
1984-29110/2/1984Ratifies Chair Signature on County Contract with Luke & Linda Murphy RE: Midpines VFD Bldg.
1984-29210/2/1984Appropriations: Sheriff ($4,298), Insurance Retirement ($3,400), Insurance Special Security ($666); Budget Transfers: Coulterville Water, Coulterville Service Area, Yosemite Area
1984-29310/2/1984Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract 84-852-627 Extension with Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
1984-29410/2/1984DOE Weatherization Contract 84-852-1116 with Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
1984-29510/2/1984Dr. R.W. Rosebrock Agreement for Veterinarian Services
1984-29610/2/1984Purchase/Maintenance Agreement with Copy Company - Final Payment of Lease/Purchase of 11 Sharp Copiers
1984-29710/2/1984Lost Policy Release for Twin City Fire Policy for General Liability
1984-29810/9/1984MOU with Mental Health for Conduct & Administration of Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Program
1984-29910/9/1984Assurance of Nondiscrimination in Provision of Services
1984-30010/9/1984Corrects Mapping Error in Exhibit B of Res. 83-219
1984-30110/9/1984Modification to Subdivision Agreement/Buckeye Ranch Estates
1984-30210/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Mariposa Pool Projects
1984-30310/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Catheys Valley Park Project
1984-30410/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Coulterville Park Project
1984-30510/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Coulterville Pool Project
1984-30610/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Midpines Park Project
1984-30710/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Woodland Park Project
1984-30810/9/1984Application for Grant Funds for Mariposa Park Community Center
1984-30910/9/1984Amendment #4 to Energy Crisis Intervention Program with Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
1984-31010/16/1984Proclaims October 22-28, 1984, as "Emergency Medicine Week"
1984-31110/16/1984Revised Hangar Space Agreements
1984-31210/16/1984Commends Joseph E. Noel for Service as Chief of Lushmeadows Volunteer Fire Dept
1984-31310/16/1984MOU Between County Engine Companies of Mariposa County Fire Dept. & Mariposa County Fire Warden
1984-31410/16/1984Designates Volunteer Engine Companies as County Fire Dept.
1984-31510/16/1984Establishes Responsibilities of Fire Warden
1984-31610/16/1984Designates Mariposa County Fire Warden
1984-31710/16/1984Agreement for Distribution of Funds under Rural Community Fire Protection Program of Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978
1984-31810/16/1984Handicapped Grievance Procedures for Revenue Sharing Compliance
1984-31910/23/1984Road Department Salary Resolution Creating Positions of Additional Road Maintenance Worker III, & Road Maintenance Worker II
1984-32010/23/1984Agreement with Estate of John Leonard RE: Usona Road Construction
1984-32110/23/1984Contract with Bartig, Basler & Ray for Revenue Sharing Audit
1984-32210/23/1984Renewal of AG Commissioner Contract
1984-32310/23/1984Special Needs & Priorities (SNAP) Funds Cover Sheet, FY 1984-85 for Computerized Information System
1984-32410/23/1984Statement of Policy Regarding Loaning of Mineral Exhibit
1984-32510/23/1984Loan Specimen Agreement with California Academy of Science RE: Loaning of Mineral Exhibit
1984-32610/23/1984Appoints Robert Gustofsen as Interim Curator of Mineral Exhibit
1984-32710/23/1984Airport Taxiway Budget Loan Appropriation ($17,538.78)
1984-32810/23/1984Budget Transfer: Vehicle Property Damage to Vehicle Purchase Funds
1984-32910/23/1984Budget Transfer: Welfare to Vehicle Purchase
1984-33011/13/1984Budget Transfers: Parks & Facilities, Social Welfare, Tax Collector
1984-33111/13/1984Agreement with California Mineral Exhibit Assoc. (CMEA) and MOU with US Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Sierra National Forest, and Mariposa Ranger District Regarding Placement of Display of Mineral Exhibit Specimens at Mariposa Ranger District
1984-33211/13/1984Recognizes New Post Office Building, Fish Camp
1984-33311/13/1984Endorses Chamber of Commerce Trees & Christmas Lights Decorations
1984-33411/13/1984Endorses Chamber of Commerce Community Christmas Tree Event
1984-33511/13/1984Proclaims November 18-24, 1984, as "Family Week"
1984-33611/13/1984Obtains Telephone Votes from Board on Emergency Items
1984-33711/13/1984Proclaims November as "National Epilepsy Month”
1984-33811/13/1984Certification & Assurances of Applicant Regarding Section 18 Project Application
1984-33911/13/1984Amended AB-8 Health Services Plan & Budget FY 1984-85
1984-34011/13/1984Authorizes Office of Procurement, Dept. of General Services to Purchase Truck & Auto Tires on Behalf of Parks & Facilities
1984-34111/13/1984Agreement with Total Waste Systems for Fish Camp Refuse Transportation
1984-34211/20/1984Apportionment of FAS Funds
1984-34311/20/1984Grant Deed Regarding Property Exchange/Fifth Street with Mother Lode Lumber Company
1984-34411/20/1984Budget Transfers: Farm Advisor, Building Dept., Health; Appropriation: Revenue Account to Fire Protection ($560)
1984-34511/20/1984Waives Bid Procedure on Sheriff Dept. Purchase of Copy Machine from Sharp Co.
1984-34611/20/1984Temporary Filling of Female Jail Officer Position & Temporary Extra Help
1984-34711/20/1984Authorizes Vice-Chair to Sign Health Dept. Invoice 7/1/84-09/30/84
1984-34811/20/1984Senior/Youth Partnership Agreement
1984-34911/20/1984Allocation Letter for Veterans Services Office Funding FY 1984-85
1984-35011/20/1984Changes to Personnel Policies & Procedures Handbook Regarding Extra Help & Permanent Employees
1984-35111/20/1984Appellant Procedures for County Medical Service Program (See Res. 84-96, 4/17/84)
1984-35211/27/1984California State Mineral Exhibit Management Plan
1984-35311/27/1984Congratulates Daisy Wolfsen for Recognition as Cattlewoman 1984
1984-35411/27/1984Removing (Of Record) Special Land Use Contained on Parcel Map for Luther Bagwell, et al
1984-35511/27/1984Parks Professional Services Appropriation ($200)
1984-35611/27/1984PERS Actuarial Valuation for Cost-of-Living/Retired County Employees
1984-35711/27/1984Salary Appropriation ($22,100); Maintenance Appropriation ($22,100)
1984-35811/27/1984Amendment to UMTA Section 18 Operating Grant
1984-35911/27/1984Operating Grant Contract Budget Appropriation ($5,130.71) from General Contingency to Health-Animal Control & Rabies
1984-36011/27/1984Adopts Rules & Regulations Governing On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
1984-36111/27/1984Supports Countywide Ambulance Service
1984-36211/27/1984Cooperative Agreement for Fire Protection with Tuolumne County in Lake Don Pedro Area
1984-36312/4/1984Mental Health Budget Transfers; & Mental Health Appropriation ($500)
1984-36412/4/1984Mental Health Services Contract FY 1984-85
1984-36512/4/1984Agreement for Conduct of Mental Health Child Abuse Prevention Program
1984-36612/4/1984Interagency Agreement for Respite Services in Connection with Child Abuse Prevention Program
1984-36712/4/1984Drug Abuse Services Contract FY 1984-85
1984-36812/4/1984Alcohol Program Contract FY 1984-85
1984-36912/4/1984Recognizes New Post Office Building/Fish Camp (Rescinds Res. 84-332)
1984-37012/4/1984Establishes Policy for Acceptance of Roads into County Road System for Maintenance
1984-37112/4/1984Planning Appropriation ($1,500)
1984-37212/4/1984Commends Walter E. Palmer/Chief of Catheys Valley Volunteer Fire Department
1984-37312/4/1984Commends Elmer Keller/Member & Chief of Coulterville Volunteer Fire Department
1984-37412/4/1984Agreement Regarding Louis J. Osip Termination; Sheriff Appropriation ($20,537.83)
1984-37512/11/1984Supports Northside Ambulance Service
1984-37612/11/1984Agreement with PG&E Granting Transformer Pad Easement at Solid Waste Site
1984-37712/11/1984Approves Road Department Bid Form
1984-37812/11/1984Acceptance of AG Preserve No. 84-1, Richard Jensen, Applicant
1984-37912/11/1984Acceptance of AG Preserve No. 84-2, Dos Amigos
1984-38012/11/1984Acceptance of AG Preserve No. 84-3, Richardson
1984-38112/11/1984Planning Appropriation ($4,170)
1984-38212/11/1984Authorizes Continued Interim Assistance for Case 22-90-0005496
1984-38312/11/1984Establishes Revenues Fund for OEO Energy Programs; Loan Appropriation ($7,500)
1984-38412/11/1984Welfare & Security Budget Transfers
1984-38512/18/1984Solid Waste Budget Transfer
1984-38612/18/1984Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) &Weatherization Contract
1984-38712/18/1984Recorder's Fee Schedule
1984-38812/18/1984County Clerk Fee Schedule
1984-38912/18/1984Amended Lease Agreement with School Dist.
1984-39012/18/1984Boating Safety & Enforcement Grant, Trainin Contract
1984-39112/18/1984Waives Workers Compensation Requirement for Building Permits for County Jobs, & Requires Volunteers to Sign Waiver of Such Coverage
1984-39212/18/1984Amends Cooperative Agreement for Fire Protection, Lake Don Pedro Area
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