1985 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1985-0011/8/1985Fire Protection Budget Transfer
1985-0021/8/1985Appoints Law Library Board of Trustees
1985-0031/8/1985Urban Mass Transit Administration (UMTA) Section 17 Application
1985-0041/15/1985County/State Agreement No. 18
1985-0051/15/1985Directs Road Dept. to Re-post Signs on Chowchilla River Bridge; & Directs Homer Wilson to Remove Boulders & Signs
1985-0061/15/1985Sheriff Budget Transfer for Purchase of Two Chairs
1985-0071/15/1985Approves General Plan Amendment No. 84-1/Frank Long
1985-0081/15/1985Encroachment Permit with Caltrans Re: Girl Scout Banner on Highway 140
1985-0091/15/1985County Counsel Budget Transfer; Data Processing Appropriation
1985-0101/22/1985Supports Workfare Program
1985-0111/22/1985Public Health Appropriation
1985-0121/22/1985Commends Jeannie Nix-Temple
1985-0131/22/1985Fire Protection Appropriation
1985-0141/22/1985Mental Health Plan, Part B Budget FY 1984-85
1985-0151/22/1985Public & Environmental Health Services Contract FY 1984-85
1985-0161/22/1985Amends Medical Services Program Contract
1985-0171/22/1985Probation Budget Transfer
1985-0181/22/1985District Attorney Budget Transfer
1985-0191/22/1985Recognizes Harry Harris upon Retirement
1985-0202/5/1985Recognizes Harry Harris upon Retirement
1985-0212/5/1985Fire Protection Cooperative Agreement FY 1984-85
1985-0222/5/1985Personal Services Contracts: Patty Parker, Joy McClure, Sandy McGargar/Parenting Training
1985-0232/5/1985Supports Concurrent Jurisdiction over Parts of Wawona Area
1985-0242/5/1985Creates Supplemental Tax Fund
1985-0252/5/1985Right-of-Way Agreement with Pacific, Gas & Electric (County Maintenance Yard, Coulterville Underground District)
1985-0262/5/1985Extends Completion District for Coulterville Underground Utility District
1985-0272/13/1985Health Budget Transfer
1985-0282/13/1985Right-of-Way Agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric
1985-0292/13/1985Agreement for Space Needs & Priorities (SNAP) Funding (Ambulance Subsidy)
1985-0302/13/1985Establishes Mariposa Community Planning Advisory Council (Amended by Res. 86-7)
1985-0312/19/1985Tax Collector Budget Transfer/Appropriations: Probation, Planning
1985-0322/19/1985Williamson Act Contracts: Richardson, Jensen & Dos Amigos
1985-0336/25/1985Amending Mariposa County Res. No. 84-195
1985-0342/19/1985Standard Agreement for Health Services FY 1984-85
1985-0352/26/1985Approves Specific Plan Amendment 84-2/Van Meter-Williams
1985-0362/26/1985Health Dept. Quarterly Invoice for Oct-Dec, 1985
1985-0372/26/1985Amends Local Agreement for Child Development Services
1985-0382/26/1985No-Fee Building Permits for County-Owned or Leased Structures
1985-0392/26/1985Appropriations: Sheriff & Insurance
1985-0402/26/1985Educational Benefits to Sheriff's Middle Management (Amended by Res. 85-59)
1985-0412/26/1985Objects to Hydroelectric Project of Keating on Merced River
1985-0422/26/1985Supports Candidacy of Ann Klinger to 4th Vice-Presidency of NACO
1985-0432/26/1985Welfare Budget Transfer; Probation Appropriation
1985-0443/5/1985Recognizes William Shimer upon Retirement
1985-0453/5/1985Agreement with Donald Grover, AIA, Re: Jail Renovation
1985-0463/5/1985Agreement for Child Development Services-Respite Care
1985-0473/5/1985Close-Out Documents of Energy Program Contracts
1985-0483/5/1985Establishes Need for Bridge over Maxwell Creek
1985-0493/5/1985Agreement for Space Needs & Priorities (SNAP) Funding/Health
1985-0503/5/1985Library Appropriation
1985-0513/5/1985Budget Transfer: Transit to Senior Assistance
1985-0523/5/1985Agreement with Riggs Ambulance No. 33 (See Res. 85-71)
1985-0533/5/1985Adopts Uniform Conflict of Interest Code (Amends Res. 81-59)
1985-0543/5/1985Mineral Exhibit Agreements: Amended Lease with Dept. of Conservation for Display; Loan Specimen Agreement with California Academy of Sciences
1985-0553/12/1985Airport Budget Transfer; Solid Waste Appropriation
1985-0563/12/1985Boating Safety Appropriation
1985-0573/12/1985Declaration of Intent to Contract with County Medical Services Program FY 1985-86
1985-0583/12/1985Supports AB 107, Tourism
1985-0593/12/1985Educational Benefits to Sheriff's Middle Management (Amends Res. 85-40)
1985-0603/19/1985Recognizes Everett & Rhesa Bagby
1985-0613/19/1985County Clerk Budget Transfer
1985-0623/19/1985Supports Tioga Pass Council
1985-0633/19/1985Amends Joint Powers Agreement, Alpine, Mother Lode, San Joaquin Emergency Medical Services Agency
1985-0643/19/1985Supports AB 454, Foster Care Placement Funding
Not Signed - See Res. 85-106
1985-0663/26/1985Joint Powers Agreement with Merced County for Drinking Driver Program Services
1985-0673/26/1985Memorandum of Understanding with Mental Health Re: Child Abuse Program
1985-0683/26/1985Mental Health Plan FY 1985-86
1985-0693/26/1985Waives Formal Bid Procedure on Purchase & Installation of Heating/Air Conditioning for District Attorney Office
1985-0703/26/1985Declares County's Intent to Receive Community Service Block Grant Funds
1985-0713/26/1985Agreement with Riggs Ambulance to Lease Ambulance No. 33
1985-0723/26/1985Documents Re: Pioneer Wagon Train
1985-0733/26/1985Declares Calculator in Senior Assistance to be of No Value
1985-0743/26/1985Amends Countywide Library Committee Membership
1985-0753/26/1985Approves Application & Execution of Grant Contract with California Arts Council
1985-0763/26/1985Amends Auditor/Recorder Employee Allocation Schedule
1985-0773/26/1985Budget Transfers: Health, Road, Farm Advisor, Welfare; Parks & Facilities Appropriation
1985-0783/26/1985Supports AB 532, Abandoned Vehicles
1985-0793/26/1985Proclaims "Day of the Teacher"
1985-0804/2/1985Energy Weatherization Contract
1985-0814/2/1985Brings Salary Res. to Percentage Basis; Approves Classification Changes
1985-0824/2/1985Budget Transfers: Assessor, County Clerk, Elections, Health, Board of Supervisors; Sheriff Appropriation
1985-0834/2/1985Fire Appropriation
1985-0844/2/1985Supports AB 200 & SB 75, Public Entity Liability
1985-0854/2/1985Proclaims "National Day of Prayer"
1985-0864/9/1985Certifies Mileage of County Maintained Roads
1985-0874/9/1985Cancels Williamson Act Contract/Hoagland
1985-0884/9/1985Grant Application for County Health Facilities
1985-0894/9/1985Budget Transfers: Health, Probation, Fire, Assessor, Special Districts
1985-0904/9/1985Acuerdo Con Dios Documents
1985-0914/9/1985Encroachment Permit Re: 4-H Spring Show
1985-0924/9/1985Rental Agreement for Commission on Aging's Jubilee
1985-0934/9/1985Opposes Proposed Contracting of Fire Lookouts
1985-0944/9/1985Supports Calaveras County Letter Re: Hardwood Task Force Report
1985-0954/16/1985Waives Formal Bid Process for Auditor's Computer System
1985-0964/16/1985Budget Transfers: Auditor/Recorder, Courthouse Guide Salary
1985-0974/16/1985Vehicle Maintenance Reports
1985-0984/16/1985Recognizes Dean Monsen upon Retirement
1985-0994/16/1985Budget Transfers: Veterans Service, Senior Assistance
1985-1004/16/1985Apt. Mgt. Agreement & Lease Agreement
1985-1014/16/1985Veterans Service Budget Transfer
1985-1024/16/1985Agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Re: Mariposa Dump Site Easement
1985-1034/16/1985AG Commissioner Agreements
1985-1044/16/1985Agreement with Riggs Ambulance Re: Space Needs & Priorities (SNAP) Funds
1985-1054/16/1985Space Needs & Priorities (SNAP) Grant Ambulance Trust Budget Transfer
1985-1064/16/1985Joint Powers Agreement with Emergency Services
1985-1074/16/1985Supports AB 1470, Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax
1985-1084/23/1985Right-of-Way Certification for Maxwell Creek Bridge
1985-1094/23/1985Certifies Work Furlough & Crisis Programs FY 1985-86
1985-1104/23/1985See Closed Session Resolutions
1985-1114/23/1985Certifies Environmental Impact Report for General Plan Amendment 82-9-G
1985-1124/23/1985Recognizes Laura Herring & Valley Federal Savings & Loan
1985-1134/23/1985Designates Bootjack Volunteer Fire Dept. Designates Bootjack Volunteer Fire Dept. Spring Festival as Official County Activity
1985-1144/23/1985Budget Transfers: Fire Protection, Mental Health, Sheriff, Board
1985-1154/23/1985Rejects Settlement Offer by Gene White
1985-1165/7/1985Recognizes Henry Berrey
1985-1175/7/1985Approves Specific Plan Amendment 84-4/Hauck & Rose
1985-1185/7/1985Transit Budget Transfer
1985-1195/7/1985Designates Butterfly Days Parade as Official County Activity
1985-1205/7/1985Juvenile Hall Contract with Merced County
1985-1215/7/1985Joint Powers Agreement, Continuation of Call
1985-1225/7/1985Authorizes Purchase from California State Agency for Surplus Property
1985-1235/7/1985Supports AB 951, Hydroelectric Power Development
1985-1245/7/1985Budget Transfers: Superior Court, Board, Health, Planning
1985-1255/7/1985Adds Arts Council to Mariposa Town Planning Area Membership (Amends Res. 85-30)
1985-1265/7/1985Month-to-Month Salvage Agreement with Jennis Enos
1985-1275/14/1985Agreement with Flintkote for Greeley Hill Road Project
1985-1285/14/1985Agreement 64D441 with California Dept. of Transportation for Urban Mass Transportation Assoc. (UMTA) Funds
1985-1295/14/1985Budget Transfers: Data Processing, Sheriff, Ag Commissioner
1985-1305/14/1985Nutrition Site Lease & Addendum
1985-1315/14/1985Renews Contract for Child Abuse Program
1985-1325/14/1985Revised Agreement with Merced for Drinking Driver Program
1985-1335/14/1985Block Grant Funds Application for Amended Mental Health Program
1985-1345/14/1985Sheriff Budget Transfer
1985-1355/21/1985Solid Waste Management Plan
1985-1365/21/1985See Closed Session Agreements
1985-1375/21/1985Energy Crisis Intervention Program & Weatherization Contract #84C-3131 Amendment #1
1985-1385/21/1985Health Dept. Quarterly Invoice to State
1985-1395/21/1985Professional Consulting Services Agreement with David M. Griffith & Assoc.
1985-1405/21/1985Supports SB 593, Surface Mining & Reclamation Act
1985-1415/21/1985Budget Transfers: Treasurer, Insurance, District Attorney
1985-1425/21/1985Professional Services Agreement with Orb Hatton
1985-1435/28/1985Certifies Work Furlough/Crime Prevention Program & Crisis Program
1985-1445/28/1985Amends Hourly Personnel Positions Salary Res.
1985-1455/28/1985Authorizes County Clerk to Destroy Jury Records of May/74 through November/81
1985-1465/28/1985Supports US/USSR Crisis Control Centers
1985-1475/28/1985Waives Formal Bid Process for Road Dept. Purchase
1985-1485/28/1985Public Health Contract FY 1985-86
1985-1495/28/1985Budget Transfers: Sheriff, Constable, Road Dept.
1985-1506/4/1985Accepts Mifsud Paintings & Appoints Arts Council to Act as Agent
1985-1516/4/1985Specific Plan Amendment 84-2 Agreements/Williams, Van Meter
1985-1526/4/1985Supports HR 1390, Long-Term Leases in El Portal
1985-1536/4/1985Best Western Stairway
1985-1546/4/1985Budget Transfers: Library, Farm Advisor, Justice Court, Superior Court, AG Commissioner, Probation, Welfare, Fire Protection
1985-1556/4/1985Encroachment Permit for Junior Rodeo
1985-1566/4/1985Intervenes Re: Power Project on Merced River & Crane Creek
1985-1576/4/1985Opposes AB 686, Workers' Compensation Reserves
1985-1586/4/1985Opposes SB 1398, Mandating Arbitration of Economic Disputes with Police & Fire Unions
1985-1596/11/1985Supplement to State Agreement Re: Maxwell Creek Bridge/Road Dept
1985-1606/11/1985Yosemite Recycling's Agreement to Work under Salvager Contract
1985-1616/11/1985Waives Formal Bid Procedures on Fire Dept. Purchase
1985-1626/11/1985Amends Office of Economic Opportunity to Increase Energy Crisis Intervention Program
1985-1636/11/1985Supports Augmentation to Child Welfare Services Budget
1985-1646/11/1985Supports Foster Parent Recruitment
1985-1656/11/1985Agreement for Use of Masonic Hall by Central Sierra elderly Assistance
1985-1666/11/1985Authorizes Vice-Chair to Execute Documents on behalf of County
1985-1676/11/1985Budget Transfers: Board, Parking, Solid Waste, Health, County Clerk, Assessor
1985-1686/11/1985Extends Completion Dates for Coulterville Underground Utilities District (Amends Res. 85-26)
1985-1696/11/1985Supports AB 148, Lottery Ticket Retailers
1985-1706/18/1985Weights & Measures Quality Control Contract
1985-1716/18/1985Accepts Mariposa Parking District Recommendation Re: Budget Action
1985-1726/18/1985Youth Crisis Worker Contract with Ron Stablein
1985-1736/18/1985Landing Fees for Golden Eagle Air Tours at Mariposa Airport
1985-1746/18/1985Joint Res. with Planning Commission #85-8 Commending Cal-Poly Study
1985-1756/18/1985Soil Conservation Questionnaire
1985-1766/18/1985Mineral Exhibit Management Plan
1985-1776/18/1985Revises County Clerk's Fee Schedule
1985-1786/18/1985Recognizes Coulterville Independence Day as Official County Activity
1985-1796/18/1985Budget Transfers: Senior Assistance, Sheriff, Fire, Auditor, Roads
1985-1806/18/1985Grant Application for Native American Craft Cooperative
Not Prepared (Rescinded by Res. 85-184)
1985-1826/25/1985Recognizes Edward C. Hardy as 1985 Recipient of Distinguished Citizen's Award
1985-1836/25/1985Sanitarian Inspection of Jalisco Cheese Products
1985-1846/25/1985Board Budget Transfer (Rescinds Res. 85-181)
1985-1856/25/1985Agreement with Total Waste Systems for Hauling of Solid Waste
1985-1866/25/1985Fills Positions of Female Jail Officer & Dispatcher/Sheriff Dept.
1985-1876/25/1985Carryover of Comp Time: Bill Lincoln, Matt Carryover of Comp Time: Bill Lincoln, Matt Cavanaugh
1985-1886/25/1985Air Basin Control Council Agreement FY 1985-86
1985-1896/25/1985Central Sierra Elderly Assistance Contract for Senior Assistance Program FY 1985-86
1985-1906/25/1985Memorandum of Understanding with Sonora Community Hospital
1985-1916/25/1985Extension of Environmental Review Spec. Agreement
1985-1926/25/1985Establishes Appropriation Limits
1985-1936/25/1985Authorizes Auditor to Appropriation FY 1984-85 Unanticipated Revenues
1985-1946/25/1985Recognizes Undersheriff & Lieutenant as Separate Bargaining Unit
1985-1956/25/1985Not Prepared (Replaced by Res. 85-228)
1985-1966/25/1985Salary Res.
1985-1976/25/1985Adopts Preliminary Budget FY 1985-86
1985-1986/25/1985Recognizes 4th of July Coordinated by Arts Council
1985-1996/25/1985Supports SB 75, Joint & Several Liability
1985-2006/25/1985Supports AB 2157 & AB 2158, Emergency Medical Services
1985-2016/25/1985Extends Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors
1985-2026/25/1985Agreement with H. Forbes Simpson for Hangar Space
1985-2036/25/1985Budget Transfers: Sheriff, Special Districts, County Clerk, Parks, Planning, Welfare
1985-2047/2/1985Adopts Junior Rodeo as Official County Activity
1985-2057/2/1985Agreement with Charles Symens Re: Salary Survey
1985-2067/2/1985Agreement with Tuolumne County for Library Services
1985-2077/2/1985Wildlife Education Program with Senior/Youth Partnership
1985-2087/2/1985Approves Final Map/Quail Ridge Estates Subdivision
1985-2097/2/1985Acceptance of Dedication/Billy Jack Beesley
1985-2107/2/1985Acceptance of Dedication/Louella Duke
1985-2117/2/1985Acceptance of Dedication/Thomas Beesley
1985-2127/2/1985Acceptance of Dedication/Ila Harding
1985-2137/2/1985Acceptance of Dedication/Larry Harvison
1985-2147/2/1985Recognizes Catheys Valley Park Fund Raiser as Official County Activity
1985-2157/2/1985Office of Economic Opportunity Agreement 84F-6208; & American Indian Council Agreement
1985-2167/2/1985Policy Re: Work by Road Dept.
1985-2177/2/1985Designates Fish Camp Volunteer Fire Dept. Barbecue as Official County Activity
1985-2187/9/1985Energy Conservation Policy for County Buildings
1985-2197/9/1985Adds One Additional Sergeant Position/Sheriff
1985-2207/9/1985Amended Joint Cooperative Agreement for Law Enforcement
1985-2217/9/1985Lease Agreement with 35-A District AG Assoc. to Rent Campbell Building
1985-2227/9/1985Amends Appeals Procedure
1985-2237/9/1985Extends Personal Services Agreement with Phinas Orb Hatton
1985-2247/9/1985Agreement with Yosemite Recycling
1985-2257/9/1985Designates Auditor as County Official to Approve Budget Transfers & Revisions
1985-2267/9/1985Approves General Plan Amendment 82-9G, Frank Long
1985-2277/9/1985Firefighter Training Program Agreement FY 1985-86
1985-2287/16/1985Amends Memorandum of Understanding, Deputy Sheriff's Assoc. (Amends Res. 85-195)
1985-2297/16/1985Approves Purchase of Tires & Tubes for Fire Engines
1985-2307/16/1985Agreement for Fire Mutual Protection Aid; & Agreement with Volunteer Fire Dept. for Mutual Fire Protection
1985-2317/16/1985Waives Formal Bid Procedure for Fire Dept. Purchase
1985-2327/16/1985Courthouse Lock-Up Policy
1985-2337/16/1985Agreement with Bruce & Frank Tifft for Hangar Space Leasing
1985-2347/23/1985Policy Re: Overtime for County Employees
1985-2357/23/1985Budget Transfers: Senior Assistance, Sheriff
1985-2367/23/1985Amended Procedure for Conduct of Public Hearings
1985-2377/23/1985Memorandum of Understanding with Yosemite Memorandum of Understanding with Yosemite Medical Group for Emergency Medical Care
1985-2387/23/1985Schedule for Passing Lane Project/Hwy. 140
1985-2397/23/1985Intention to Create Adult Day Health Care Planning Council
1985-2407/23/1985County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Agreement with Health Services
1985-2418/6/1985Audit Contract with Kemper CPA Group
1985-2428/6/1985Establishes Membership for Adult Day Health Care Planning Council
1985-2438/6/1985Denies Appeal of APN 4-110-002/Arlie Stoner
1985-2448/6/1985Deferred Compensation Program
1985-2458/6/1985Weatherization Contract Amendment #2/84-BD-2167
1985-2468/6/1985Child Development Contract CD-7428 FY 1985-86
1985-2478/6/1985Cal-Neva Direct Weatherization Contract Amendments
1985-2488/6/1985Board of Supervisors Telephone Votes for Emergency Items (Rescinds Res. 84-336)
1985-2498/13/1985Authorizes Road Commissioner to Execute Documents Re: Right-of-Way & Entry
1985-2508/13/1985Supports AB 2580, Compromise Workfare Bill
1985-2518/13/1985Creates Vehicle Maintenance Department
1985-2528/13/1985Supports ACA 32, Declaring Public Employee Strikes to be Illegal
1985-2538/13/1985Child Development Contract - Day Care FY 1985-86
1985-2548/13/1985Amended Library Services Agreement FY 1985-86
1985-2558/20/1985Emergency Broadcast System Plan
1985-2568/20/1985Recognizes Labor Day Fair Parade as Official County Activity
1985-2578/20/1985Reclassifies Two Sergeant Positions/Sheriff
1985-2588/20/1985Extends Personal Services Agreement with Phinas Orb Hatton
1985-2598/20/1985Opposes SB 969 (Robbins), Punitive Damages
1985-2608/27/1985Child Abuse Prevention Grant & Contract Position
1985-2618/27/1985Adopts Final Budget FY 1985-86
1985-2628/27/1985Adopts Tax Rate FY 1985-86
1985-2638/27/1985Adds & Deletes Positions in Solid Waste
1985-2648/27/1985Establishes Revenue Fund for Office of Economic Energy Programs
1985-2658/27/1985State Park Bond Project/Mariposa Park
1985-2668/27/1985State Park Bond Project/Catheys Valley Park
1985-2678/27/1985State Park Bond Project/Coulterville Park
1985-2688/27/1985State Park Bond Project/Midpines Park
1985-2698/27/1985Upholds Appeal of Road Improvement Requirements on LDA 1162/Fred Bardini
1985-2708/27/1985Approves Specific Plan 85-1
1985-2718/27/1985Distributes Revenue & Taxation Code Section 16141 "Replacement Revenue"
1985-2728/27/1985Health Dept. Invoice for Actual Expenditures 04/01/85-07/31/85
1985-2738/27/1985Close-Out Package for Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract #84-852-1116
1985-2748/27/1985Purchasing Agent Purchase of Office Equipment & Vehicles for Department
1985-2758/27/1985State Park Bond Project/El Portal Tennis Court
1985-2768/27/1985Application for Grant Funds under Regional Comp Program
1985-2779/3/1985Equipment Lease with Lease American Corp. for Copy Machines
1985-2789/3/1985Approves Specific Plan No. 84-1/Arlene Jones
1985-2799/3/1985Budget Transfers
1985-2809/3/1985Policies & Procedures for Operation of County Vehicles (Amended by Res. 85-343)
1985-2819/3/1985Proclaims October 6-12, 1985, as "4-H Club Week"
1985-2829/3/1985Not Prepared (Superseded by Res. 85-285)
1985-2839/3/1985Licensing Contract for Foster Care Licensing FY 1985-86
1985-2849/3/1985Adopts Minority Business Enterprise Program for Road Dept.
1985-2859/10/1985Coakley Major Subdivision #3-29-84 Final Map & Recordation
1985-2869/10/1985Application to Dept. of Housing RCFTAP
1985-2879/10/1985Appoints Jamison & Longstreet to Lake Don Pedro Community Service District
1985-2889/10/1985Appoints Johnston & Hoover to Yosemite Alpine Community Service District
1985-2899/10/1985Appoints Melton to Mariposa Public Utility District
1985-2909/10/1985Dept. of Energy Weatherization Contract #84D Amendment #2
1985-2919/10/1985Budget Transfers
1985-2929/10/1985Upholds Appeal of Planning Re: Mel-O-Dee Motel/ Loustalot
1985-2939/10/1985Building on Lushmeadows Property
1985-2949/10/1985Supports SB 424 (Presley), Enhanced Reimbursement for Felony Trials
1985-2959/10/1985See Closed Session Resolutions
1985-2969/10/1985Deposit for Candidate's Statement (Rescinds Res. 78-19)
1985-2979/17/1985Budget Transfers
1985-2989/17/1985Deferred Compensation Plan Document
1985-2999/17/1985Deferred Compensation Plan Agreement
1985-3009/17/1985Solid Waste Disposal Site Agreement with Puglizevich
1985-3019/24/1985Adopts Solid Waste Management Plan, with Revisions, for Review
1985-3029/24/1985Authorizes Golden Agers to Administer Senior Citizens Center Funds
1985-3039/24/1985Budget Transfers
1985-3049/24/1985Establishes Procedure for Naming of Easement Roads
1985-3059/24/1985Fee for Street Naming Request (Amends Res. 78-266)
1985-3069/24/1985Establishes Deferred Compensation Plan Advisory Committee
1985-3079/24/1985Proclaims October 6-12, 1985, as "Fire Prevention Week"
1985-30810/1/1985Budget Transfers
1985-30910/1/1985Wawona Agreement
1985-31010/1/1985Extends Madera County Contract Agreement with Donald Cripe for Agricultural Commissioner Services
1985-31110/1/1985Maintenance Agreement
1985-31210/1/1985Opposes President Reagan's Tax Reform Proposal
1985-31310/1/1985Memorandum of Understanding with John C. Fremont Hospital Designating JCF Hospital as Satellite Base Station for Mariposa County
1985-31410/8/1985Return of Confidential Funds from Phinas Orb Hatton
1985-31510/8/1985Establishes Policy Re: Complaints Against County Employee
1985-31610/8/1985Establishes Mariposa County Designated Exempt Employee Positions
1985-31710/8/1985Designates October 20-26, 1985, as "Soroptomist International Week"
1985-31810/8/1985Senior Citizen Center & Coakley Gift of Parcel
1985-31910/8/1985Budget Transfers
1985-32010/8/1985Basic Four Maintenance Agreement with Southwest Data Systems
1985-32110/8/1985Lease Agreement with Mariposa Preschool Coop for Use of Darrah Community Hall & Park (Not Signed - Superseded by Res. 85-381)
1985-32210/8/1985Agreement with Neil Trost, Freese & Gianelli Claim Services (Not Signed - Superseded by Res. 85-372)
1985-32310/8/1985Mariposa County Health Services Plan & Budget FY 1985-86
1985-32410/15/1985Adopts 28-Day Work Cycle for Sheriff's Dept.
1985-32510/15/1985Establishes Contract Form for Economic Opportunity Weatherization
1985-32610/15/1985Agreement with California Dept. of Forestry to Provide Fire Protection Service FY 1985-86
1985-32710/22/1985Notifies California Dept. of Transportation Re: Federal-Aid Secondary (FAS) Highway Monies
1985-32810/22/1985Application & Agreement for Historical Preservation Grant Funds for Courthouse
1985-32910/22/1985Dept. of Transportation Agreement 64B577
1985-33010/22/1985Dept. of Transportation Revised Project Budget for Dept. of Transportation & Carry-Over Expense
1985-33110/22/1985Proposal for ECIP & Weatherization Contract
1985-33210/22/1985Lease of Historic Building to County
1985-33310/22/1985Agreement with Merced CC District for Fire-fighter Training
1985-33411/12/1985American Indian Council Quarterly Report 85F-6208
1985-33511/5/1985Welfare Director to Authorize Payments to Indian Council
1985-33611/12/1985Funding for Women's Specific Drug & Alcohol Proposal
1985-33711/12/1985Proposal for Augmentation Funding for Homeless & Transient Mentally Ill
1985-33811/12/1985Drug & Alcohol Program Annual Plan FY 1985-86
1985-33911/12/1985Kings View Contracts: Child Abuse Memorandum of Understanding, & Child Abuse Respite Care
1985-34011/5/1985Accepts Bid of Brian Anthony for Renovation of Jail (Rejected in Res. 85-405)
1985-34111/5/1985Budget Transfer
1985-34211/5/1985Procedures for Filing Affidavit/Unsecured Tax Levied against Mining
1985-34311/12/1985Policies & Procedures for Operation of County Vehicle (Amends Res. 85-280)
1985-34411/5/1985Increases Number of Members on Historical Sites & Records Preservation Committee
1985-34511/5/1985Approves John C. Fremont Hospital District Request for "Order for Assignment of Funds"
1985-34611/12/1985Budget Transfers
1985-34711/12/1985Health Dept. Quarterly Invoice for 07/01/85-09/30/85
1985-34811/12/1985Requests Support in Obtaining Funding for Courthouse Renovation
1985-34911/12/1985Tax Collector Directed to Sell Property
1985-35011/12/1985Adds Position in Welfare Dept.
1985-35111/12/1985Revises Fee for Lot Line Adjustment Applications
1985-35211/12/1985Extends Contract with Dr. Richard Rosebrock for Veterinarian Services
1985-35311/19/1985Welfare Community Services Block Grant Proposal for Low-Income Transportation
1985-35411/19/1985Solid Waste Management Plan & Negative Declaration for Plan
1985-35511/19/1985Dictaphone Equipment/Sheriff
1985-35611/19/1985Budget Transfers: County Clerk, Veterans Service
1985-35711/19/1985Cathy’s Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. Vehicles, Jeep Pickup Storage
1985-35811/19/1985Distribution of Highway Property Rental Funds
1985-35911/19/1985Environmental Impact Report for General Plan Amendment No. 82-25-G, Certified in Compliance
1985-36011/19/1985Agreement for Distribution of Funds for A/V Training Aids & Pagers for Volunteer Fire Depts.
1985-36111/19/1985Veterans Service Office Allocation Letter FY 1985-86
1985-36211/19/1985Budget Transfers
1985-36311/19/1985Addendum to Lease with Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bardini for Lease of Welfare Building (Not Signed –Superseded by Res. 85-383)
1985-36411/19/1985Agreement with Mariposa County Unified School District Re: Coulterville Community School Building
1985-36511/26/1985Destruction of Certain Sheriff Dept. Records
1985-36611/26/1985Supports Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lights Along Charles Street
1985-36711/26/1985Supports Chamber of Commerce Christmas Tree Lighting
1985-36811/26/1985Authorizes Submission of Mariposa Creek Grant Project to Dept. of Water Resources for Consideration
1985-36911/26/1985Addendum to Deferred Improvement Agreement with Standen Company for Major Subdivision No. 3-28-84
1985-37111/26/1985Budget Transfers
1985-37211/26/1985Contract with Freese & Gianelli Claim Services for Administration of Auto/General Liability Insurance Claims on Behalf of County
1985-37311/26/1985Extends American Indian Contract #84F-6208
1985-37411/26/1985Fair Responsibility Act of 1986
1985-37512/3/1985Budget Transfers
1985-37612/3/1985Amends Merced/Mariposa Juvenile Hall Placement Agreement
1985-37712/3/1985Policy Re: Overtime of County Employees (Rescinds Res. 85-234)
1985-37812/3/1985Close-Out for Weatherization Dept. of Energy Contract 84C-3131
1985-37912/3/1985Access Warranty & Grant Deed Re: Parcel H of Coakley Major Subdivision
1985-38012/3/1985Construction of Midpines Park Community Building
1985-38112/10/1985Lease Agreement with Mariposa Preschool Coop for Use of Darrah Community Hall & Park
1985-38212/10/1985Policy Re: Merced River Issues as Adopted by Mariposa County Water Agency
1985-38312/10/1985Addendum to Lease with Bardini for Lease of Welfare Building
1985-38412/10/1985Respite Care Program Cost of Living Amendment (COLA) FY 1985-86
1985-38512/10/1985Budget Transfers
1985-38612/10/1985Budget Transfers
1985-38712/3/1985Policy Re: Overtime of County Employees (Rescinds Res. 85-377)
1985-38812/10/1985Budget Transfer
1985-38912/10/1985Waives Formal Bid Procedure on Purchases of Equipment by Vehicle Maintenance
1985-39012/17/1985Mental Health Annual Plan Part B – Budget FY 1985-86
1985-39112/17/1985Grants Continuance of Interim Assistance for Case No. #22-90-0002355
1985-39212/17/1985Agreement with Century 21 Real Estate for Hangar Space at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1985-39312/17/1985Vehicle Maintenance Budget Transfer
1985-39412/17/1985Courthouse State Bond Budget Transfer
1985-39512/17/1985Budget Transfers: Special Districts, Health
1985-39612/17/1985Establishes County Recorders Fee Schedule
1985-39712/17/1985Dept. of Food & Agriculture Agreement No. 7022, Amendment #1, Computer
1985-39812/17/1985Agricultural Commissioner Budget Transfer/Computer Purchase
1985-39912/17/1985Waives Formal Bid Procedure for Purchase of Computer Equipment Shared by Agricultural Commissioner & Farm Advisor
1985-40012/17/1985Letter Agreement with A.J. Puglizevich Re: Excavations/Solid Waste
1985-40112/17/1985Treasurer/Tax Collector Extra Help Budget Transfer
1985-40212/23/1985Budget Transfers: Sheriff, Health, District Attorney
1985-40312/23/1985Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) & Weatherization Contract FY 1985-86
1985-40412/23/1985CAPP Contract with State Dept. of Social Services
1985-40512/23/1985Renovation of Jail: Rejection of Bid/Brian Anthony
1985-40612/23/1985Renovation of Jail: Second Lowest Bidder/DMC Construction Inc.
1985-40712/23/1985Renovation of Jail: Commitment to Full Dollar Amount of Contract
1985-40812/23/1985Vehicle Maintenance Budget Transfer
1985-40912/23/1985California Environmental Quality Act Review for Senior Citizen Center
1985-41012/23/1985Agreement with Whitmore, Kay & Stevens for Specialized Legal Services
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