Agenda - August 19, 2019 (pdf)
Agenda - June 10, 2019 (pdf)
Public Notice - Annual Public Meeting - June 10, 2019 (pdf)
Agenda - May 13, 2019 (pdf)
Agenda - April 8, 2019 (pdf)
Agenda - Feb 11, 2019 (pdf)

P.O. Box 966, 5284 Hwy 49 N. Suite 2, Mariposa, CA 95338
Phone – 209-742-5437 Fax – 209-742-5439 e-mail –
Executive Director - Nikki West 

Public Notice 
Who: First 5 of Mariposa County 
What: Commission Meeting 
When: Monday, August 19, 2019
Where: The Commission Office at 5284 Hwy 49 N., Suite 2 @ 4:00 P.M. 

Public comment periods: Matters under the jurisdiction of the Board, and not on the posted agenda, may be addressed by the general public at the beginning of the regular agenda and any matters on the agenda before the Board for consideration. However, California law prohibits the Board from taking action on any matter, which is not on the posted agenda unless it is determined to be an emergency by the Board. Any member of the public wishing to address the Board during the Public Comment period will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.

 4:00     I.      Call to Order 

             II.     Public Comments 

I/D*       III.    Approval of Minutes:

                     a. June 10, 2019 (Attachment A)

I/D/A     IV.    Budget Reports: 

                      a. Discuss and Approve First 5 and School Readiness (Attachment B)
                          Budget Reports (June 30, 2019)

                      b. Discuss and Approve First 5 and School Readiness (Attachment C)
                          Budget Reports (July 31, 2019)

I/D/A     V.    Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2019 - 2020

            VI.    Update on the CDE Grant on Inclusive Early Education and Expansion
                    Program (Lydia Lower)

I/D/A   VII.    Executive Director's Report:

                    a. Preschools Report
                        Graduation and End-of-the-Year Programs:  
                            Catheys Valley, June 13, 2019
                            Lake Don Pedro, June 12, 2019—EOY Party with Magician
                            Lake Don Pedro, June 13, 2019 

                       Summer Maintenance:
                           CVPS – septic, shade cover, metal table coating, back up drive  
                           BBPS – sprinkler system, internet                

                       Parent Handbook for 2019/2020 Completed (Attachment D)

                       Back to School – August 20th

                       First 5 Express – both preschools – 9/16 & 9/17

                   b. Samantha Thompson Lawsuit

                   c. Child Care Assessment 2019

                   d. First 5 Association Update (Attachment E)

                   e. Mariposa/Merced Block Grant

                   f.  Training/Orientation - Child Care Center Licensing & Compliance  (Attachment F)

                   g. Certification of Compliance Completed

                   h. Small County Augmentation Funds Report Submitted

                   i.  Annual Audit (Smith & Newell) – Fieldwork 8/27 – 8/29

                   j. 4th Quarter Grant Reports Received     

I/D/A   VIII.  Adjourn the Meeting: Next Meeting: October 14, 2019

*I/D/A Information, Discussion and Action