Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining

Clean Air & Outdoor Dining

Secondhand Smoke is a health hazard, both indoors and outdoors. Research tells us that Secondhand Smoke may impact your health in many ways:

  • Out of the 250 harmful chemicals in Secondhand Smoke, 69 can cause cancer
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke increases heart disease risk
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke increases lung cancer risk
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke experience more Asthma attacks, Ear infections, and Respiratory illnesses

There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. In outdoor dining venues, the toxic smoke from a single smoker can drift 1 to 2 tables away.

As of April 2018, there are 122 municipalities in California that restrict smoking in all outdoor dining areas and patios. These policies ensure that customers and workers are free from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. For more information on smoke-free outdoor dining visit 8 out of 10 Mariposa County Residents say Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining areas are "somewhat" or "very important"

8 of 10 Mariposans say smoke-free Outdoor Dining is important
Image of Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining Table Tent

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Want to learn more? View our Smoke-free Outdoor Dining Fact Sheet.

For more information contact the Tobacco Education Program staff at 209-966-3689.