Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining


On September 24, 2019 the Board of Supervisors will conduct a Second Reading to amend Chapter 8.25 (Regulate Smoking and Tobacco Product Use) to prohibit smoking in Outdoor Dining Areas. Public comments can be made during the Board meeting, which takes place at the Mariposa County Government Center, 5100 Bullion Street at 9:00am. Comments may also be submitted to the Clerk of the Board at or mail to PO Box 784, Mariposa.  

The proposed definition of Outdoor Dining Areas is shown below and includes a defined radius area around food trucks.

Proposed Definition: 

“Outdoor Dining Area” means:

Any area, including streets and sidewalks, that is available to or customarily used by the general public or an Employee, and that is designed, established or regularly used for consuming food or drink, and all non-enclosed areas within 25 feet thereof. An outdoor dining area shall not include an area that is contiguous to a restaurant, business or non-commercial building that is completely closed to the public for a private event.

An area comprised of a 25-foot radius of a business, such as a food kiosk, food cart, or mobile food truck, that regularly sells or provides food or drinks but has no area dedicated by the business as a place for the consumption of food or drinks regularly sold or provided by that business.

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For more information contact the Tobacco Education Program staff at 209-966-3689.