1991 Resolutions Index

Description Of Action
1991-001 (PDF)January 8, 1991Recognizes Stephen Dunbar
1991-002 (PDF)January 8, 1991Recognizes Harriet Hanson
1991-003 (PDF)January 8, 1991Tutor-Learner Coordinator for Northside/Class Specs/Amends and Supercedes Res. 90-616
1991-004 (PDF)January 8, 1991Recognizes Walter Castle
1991-005 (PDF)January 8, 1991Library Budget Transfer
1991-006 (PDF)January 8, 1991Approves Road Name "Ponds Way"
1991-007 (PDF)January 8, 1991Health Department Budget Transfer
1991-008 (PDF)January 8, 1991Designates Health Department as Lead Agency in Response to Department of Alcohol and Drug Proposal
1991-009 (PDF)January 8, 1991Amends Employee Allocation Schedule to Implement Salary Survey Adjustment/Amends and Supercedes Res. 91-3
1991-010 (PDF)January 8, 1991Extends Lease Agreement with State Department of Conservation for the Mining and Mineral Exhibit
1991-011 (PDF)January 8, 1991Appoints Members to Countywide Community/Economic Development Committee
1991-012 (PDF)January 8, 1991Appeal of Planning Commission Condition of Approval for LDA 1355
1991-013 (PDF)January 8, 1991Initiates Series of Zoning Amendments Establishing Scenic Highway and Other Standards
1991-014 (PDF)January 15, 1991Recognizes Teri Steagall
1991-015 (PDF)January 15, 1991Approval of Claim C91-1
1991-016 (PDF)January 15, 1991County Clerk's Desk/Budget Transfer
1991-017 (PDF)January 15, 1991Planning Commission Regular Meetings to be Held in the Conference Room of Jeffrey Hotel in Coulterville
1991-018 (PDF)January 15, 1991Fire Department Budget Transfer
1991-019 (PDF)January 15, 1991Law Library Members for 1991
1991-020 (PDF)January 15, 1991Award Corrugated Galvanized Steel Pipe and Band Couplers Contract to PDM Culvert Division
1991-021 (PDF)January 15, 1991Multi-Year Plan and Budget
1991-022 (PDF)January 15, 1991Emergency Shelter Program Grant Application
1991-023 (PDF)January 15, 1991Eliminates Drafting Technician Position
1991-024 (PDF)January 15, 1991Approves Zone of Benefit for Little Bear Road
1991-025 (PDF)January 15, 1991Agreement with Hughes Heiss and Assoc. to Conduct Countywide Fire Service Study
1991-026 (PDF)January 15, 1991Commends Larry B. Stockwell/President of Chamber of Commerce
1991-027 (PDF)January 22, 1991Budget Transfer to Pay for Services to Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council
1991-028 (PDF)January 22, 1991Agreement with SO.H.& A. Structural Engineers
1991-029 (PDF)January 22, 1991Justice Court Judge/Budget Transfer for Salary
1991-030 (PDF)January 22, 1991Marlene Gilbreth PSA/Janitorial Services for GAIN Classroom
1991-031 (PDF)January 22, 1991Hold Harmless Agreements and Application Forms for Use of School Facilities
1991-032 (PDF)January 22, 1991Rental Agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Assoc/Tobacco Cessation Program
1991-033 (PDF)January 22, 1991Enforcement Assistance Grant Application/Calif. Integrated Waste Management Board
1991-034 (PDF)January 22, 1991Reallocates Building Permits Function from Public Works to Planning Department
1991-035 (PDF)January 22, 1991Amends Wawona TPA Specific Plan to Establish Fencing and Exterior Lighting Standards
1991-036 (PDF)January 22, 1991Appropriation to Plant Acquisition, Merced River Trail
1991-037 (PDF)January 22, 1991Directs Human Services Director to not Accept any New GAIN Participants Effective November 1, 1992; and Accept New Enrollments on Priority Basis as Outlined in 1990-91 GAIN Plan Change Executive Summary
1991-038 (PDF)January 22, 1991Chamber of Commerce Agreement
1991-039 (PDF)January 22, 1991Appropriates Calif. Mining and Mineral Exhibit Entry Fees into Authorized Budget Line Items
1991-040 (PDF)January 22, 1991Amends Employee Allocation Schedule
1991-041 (PDF)January 22, 1991Provides Additional Funding for Health Benefits for Employee Code Groups 01, 02, 03, 04
1991-042 (PDF)January 22, 1991Adds Chapter 3.56 Entitled "Public Agency Administrative Overhead Fee" to Title 3 of Mariposa County Code
1991-043 (PDF)February 5, 1991Weights and Measures Agreement FY 1990-91
1991-044 (PDF)February 5, 1991Weights and Measures Equipment Rental Contract with Madera County
1991-045 (PDF)February 5, 1991Awards 6-7 Foot Blades for 1991 Road Department. Inventory
1991-046 (PDF)February 5, 1991Re-establishes Commission on Aging
1991-047 (PDF)February 5, 1991Clerk of the Board to Sign Map
1991-048 (PDF)February 5, 1991Trust Fund for Abatements to be in Compliance with Ordinance for Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
1991-049 (PDF)February 5, 1991Mountain Crisis Services to Receive Domestic Violence Services Revenue
1991-050 (PDF)February 5, 1991El Portal Library/$50 per Month Allocated toward Utility Costs
1991-051 (PDF)February 5, 1991Approves Commercial-Industrial-Manufacturing Plan/Yosemite Motels
1991-052 (PDF)February 5, 1991Farm Advisor's Extra Help Appropriation
1991-053 (PDF)February 12, 1991Health Department Budget Transfer/Computer Monitor
1991-054 (PDF)February 12, 1991Elections Special Departmental Recall Appropriation
1991-055 (PDF)February 12, 1991Appoints At-Large Representative to Economic Development Committee
1991-056 (PDF)February 12, 1991Regional Research Agreement with CSU to Conduct Three Regional Studies
1991-057 (PDF)February 12, 1991Approves Recommendations Regarding Old Home on Hill Behind Lind House, Library Site, Rehabilitation of Lind House and Location of Health and Human Services
1991-058 (PDF)February 12, 1991Amends Agenda/Adds "Forthcoming Policy Issues"
1991-059 (PDF)February 12, 1991Authorizes Distribution of Property Tax Administration Fee
1991-060 (PDF)February 19, 1991Land Conservation Act Contracts
1991-061 (PDF)February 19, 1991Charles Shirley/Contract for Appraisal of Lake McClure Houseboats
1991-062 (PDF)February 19, 1991Agreement with CDF and Fire Protection
1991-063 (PDF)February 19, 1991Sierra Tel Tronics Telephone Equipment Proposal
1991-064 (PDF)February 19, 1991Claim for Department of Veteran Affairs County Subvention Program Allocation Funds
1991-065 (PDF)February 19, 1991Reduced Dog License Fees for Persons Participating in Public Animal Vaccination Clinics
1991-066 (PDF)February 19, 1991County's Total Exposure in AT&T Lawsuits would be $2800/it would not be Prudent to Continue Litigation
1991-067 (PDF)February 19, 1991Health Benefits/Amends Res. 91-41
1991-068 (PDF)February 19, 1991Health Benefits/Amends Res. 91-67
1991-069 (PDF)February 19, 1991Mountain Crisis Services to Receive Domestic Violence Trust Funds
1991-070 (PDF)February 19, 1991Amends Coulterville TPA Specific Plan/Initiates Ordinance Amending County Zoning Map
1991-071 (PDF)February 19, 1991Planning Department Overtime Budget/to Complete Mariposa Specific Plan
1991-072 (PDF)February 19, 1991Land Conservation Act Contract 2-A
1991-073 (PDF)
Recommendations Regarding Long Term Operation of Mining and Mineral Museum 02/19/91
1991-074 (PDF)February 26, 1991Personnel Salary Increase
1991-075 (PDF)February 26, 1991California Arts Council Grant Contract
1991-076 (PDF)February 26, 1991Purchase of Television and VCR for Law Library Users
1991-077 (PDF)February 26, 1991Typewriter Replacement Budget Transfer
1991-078February 26, 1991Mental Health Services Contract with KingsView Corporation FY 1990-91
1991-079 (PDF)February 26, 1991Establishes Petty Cash Fund within Health Department for Tobacco Cessation Activities
1991-080 (PDF)February 26, 1991Standard Agreement to Receive AB-8 Funds
1991-081 (PDF)February 26, 1991Salary Budget Transfer/2% Transient Occupancy Tax Fund
Not Assigned
1991-083 (PDF)February 26, 1991Program Manager/Class Specs, Two Positions
1991-084 (PDF)February 26, 1991Self-Help Enterprises Agreement for Preparation of Community Development Block Grant Application
1991-085 (PDF)February 26, 1991Appropriation for Services to Prepare CDBG Housing Rehab Application and Other Related Activities
1991-086 (PDF)February 26, 1991Compensation to Yosemite Medical Clinic for Emergency Care to Indigent Patients
1991-087 (PDF)February 26, 1991Equipment for County Volunteer Medical Responders
1991-088 (PDF)February 26, 1991Adopts Jail Needs Assessment, Acquisition of Property SW of Existing Jail and Pursual of Improvements to Jail
1991-089 (PDF)February 26, 1991Cemetery Organization/Identification of Unmarked Graves/Placement of Signs at Entrances of Cemetery
1991-090 (PDF)February 26, 1991Senior Civil Engineer/Adds Position at 206-222
1991-091 (PDF)February 26, 1991Solid Waste Budget Transfer
1991-092 (PDF)February 26, 1991National County Government Week
1991-093 (PDF)February 26, 1991Agreement with State Department of Conservation for Curation Services for Mining and Mineral Museum
1991-094 (PDF)March 5, 1991Honoring Valerie Fall
1991-095 (PDF)March 5, 1991Justice Court Judge/Salary Range Increase
1991-096 (PDF)March 5, 1991Challenge Grant Applications and Assurances for FY 1990-91 Challenge Grant Funds
1991-097 (PDF)March 5, 1991Fire Protection MOU with Yosemite National Park
1991-098 (PDF)March 5, 1991Purchase of 1967 Crown ($20,500) and 1964 Coast ($12,000) from Mountain View Fire Department
1991-099 (PDF)March 5, 1991Mariposa Creek Project Bridge Abutments/Change Order
1991-100 (PDF)March 5, 1991Mining and Mineral Museum/Operating Budget, Schedule, and Advertising Plan
1991-101March 5, 1991Releases Funds Impounded Pursuant to Agreement with Board of Education
1991-102 (PDF)March 5, 1991Agreements with Local Physicians to Utilize Prop. 99 Funds for Indigent Persons
1991-103March 5, 1991Mariposa Vista Estates - Requires Focused EIR for Issues Concerning Circulation, Water, Geological Characters of the Project and some Investigation of Cultural Resource as Identified
1991-104 (PDF)March 5, 1991Recognizes "Rusty" Rust for Service as Postmaster of Yosemite National Park
1991-105 (PDF)March 12, 1991Payment for 80% of Building Permits for Mr. Oliveira
1991-106 (PDF)March 12, 1991Amends Joint Powers Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging/Adds Fiscal Manager of A12AA
1991-107 (PDF)March 12, 1991Amends Joint Powers Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging/Includes Senior Representatives
1991-108 (PDF)March 12, 1991Public Works Director to Establish and Maintain Enterprise Fund for Landfill
1991-109 (PDF)March 12, 1991Contract Local Health Services Program not to be Included in Realignment
1991-110 (PDF)March 12, 1991Creates Flex in Appraiser Positions
1991-111 (PDF)March 12, 1991Appraiser III Salary Range Increase
1991-112 (PDF)March 12, 1991Computer Purchase Budget Transfer
1991-113 (PDF)March 12, 1991District Attorney Investigator Extra Help/ New Position
1991-114 (PDF)March 12, 1991Travel Mileage Reimbursement Rate Increase/25 cents to 27.5 cents
1991-114A (PDF)March 12, 1991Justice Court Extra Help Budget Transfer
1991-115 (PDF)March 19, 1991Recognizes Erik Bruun upon Retirement as Deputy Superintendent from Mariposa County Unified School District
1991-116 (PDF)March 19, 1991Amends Conflict of Interest Code Res. 85-53 Relative to Exhibit A Only
1991-117 (PDF)March 19, 1991Budget Transfer due to Unanticipated Increases in Fuel for Electricity and Heating
1991-118 (PDF)March 19, 1991Sealer's Budget Transfer for Utilities
1991-119 (PDF)March 19, 1991Contract for Space at Fair
1991-120 (PDF)March 19, 1991Rental Agreement with Fair Association for Use of Building A on March 26, 1991
1991-121 (PDF)March 19, 1991Sharp Copier Model SF 8300 Acquisition from Copy Company on Three Year Lease/Purchase Agreement
1991-122 (PDF)March 19, 1991Awards Bid for 1991 Eight Passenger Mini Van for Veterans Services
1991-123 (PDF)March 19, 1991Jane Siebeneicher PSA/Independent Living Program
1991-124 (PDF)March 19, 1991District Attorney Criminal Div. Budget Transfer
1991-125 (PDF)March 19, 1991Salary Increase and Additional Budget Adjustments
1991-126 (PDF)March 19, 1991Letter Requesting Extension of PERS Resolutions to Local Agencies and Lower Charges
1991-127 (PDF)March 19, 1991Supports State Funding of Deficiency Appropriation for Maintaining State Commitments toward Medically Indigent Adults in Rural Communities
1991-128 (PDF)April 2, 1991Building Department Budget Transfer
1991-129 (PDF)April 2, 1991Sealer Budget Transfer
1991-130 (PDF)April 2, 1991Housing and Community Development Grant Agreement
1991-131 (PDF)April 2, 1991Fire Department Budget Tranfer/Pagers
1991-132 (PDF)April 2, 1991Adopting Mid-Year Budget Report
1991-133 (PDF)April 2, 1991Mid-Year Budget Transfers
1991-134 (PDF)April 2, 1991Constable Salary
1991-135 (PDF)April 2, 1991Personal Computer Purchase
1991-136 (PDF)April 2, 1991Declaration of Intent with Health Department
1991-137 (PDF)April 9, 1991Recognizes Ted Hilliard upon Retirement
1991-138 (PDF)April 9, 1991Agreements with Physicians for Indigent Care
1991-139 (PDF)April 9, 1991Senior Supportive Services Budget Transfer
1991-140 (PDF)April 9, 1991Notice of Rejection for Claim C91-3
1991-141 (PDF)April 9, 1991Supports Location of Next U.C. Campus in Merced
1991-142 (PDF)April 9, 1991Application for Funding/Execution of Grant from Planning/Technical Assistance Allocation of State CDBG Program
1991-143 (PDF)April 9, 1991Base Hospital Agreement
1991-144 (PDF)April 9, 1991GAIN Plan Update 1990-91, Teen Plan, GAIN Plan 1991-92
1991-145 (PDF)April 9, 1991Establishes Data Processing Advisory Committee
1991-146 (PDF)April 16, 1991Cooperative Agreement for Law Enforcement on Forest Service Land
1991-147 (PDF)April 16, 1991Annual Work Plan and Reimburseable Budget Plan FY 1991-92
1991-148 (PDF)April 16, 1991County Counsel Budget Transfer
1991-149 (PDF)April 16, 1991Amended Standard Agreement for Tobacco Cessation
1991-150 (PDF)April 16, 1991Amendment to Joint Powers Agreement and Approving Participation in Liability Insurance Program
1991-151 (PDF)April 16, 1991Walter Thomas Strickland Disability Retirement
1991-152 (PDF)April 16, 1991Purchase of Two Computers and Printers
1991-153 (PDF)April 16, 1991GAIN Program Budget Transfer
1991-154 (PDF)April 16, 1991Mental Health/Alcohol and Drug Budget Transfers
1991-155 (PDF)April 16, 1991Office Hours/Assessor, Auditor, Treasurer, Superior and Justice Courts
1991-156 (PDF)April 16, 1991Initiates Countywide Personnel Function
1991-157 (PDF)April 16, 1991Hepatitis B Vaccine and Education
1991-158 (PDF)April 16, 1991Courthouse Renovation, 2nd Phase/Budget Transfer
1991-159 (PDF)April 16, 1991Vehicle Maintenance Shop/Alternate Work Schedule
1991-160 (PDF)April 16, 1991Denies Appeal and Upholds Planning Commission's Adoption of Negative Declaration and Conditional Approval for Major Subdivision App. No. 10/26/90
1991-161 (PDF)April 16, 1991Designating Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train Event as County Activity
1991-162 (PDF)April 16, 1991Computer Purchase/Board Clerk
1991-163 (PDF)April 16, 1991Administration Budget Transfers
1991-164 (PDF)April 16, 1991Recognizes Kit Perlee for Service as USFS District Ranger
1991-165 (PDF)April 23, 1991Recognizes Shirley Bass upon Retirement
1991-166 (PDF)April 23, 1991Approves Claim for Repair of Vehicle Windshield/Side Mirror Damaged by Snow Plow in Yosemite West
1991-167 (PDF)April 23, 1991Subdivision Improvement Agreement for Acuerdo Con Dios Phase III/Standen Company
1991-168 (PDF)April 23, 1991Pesticide Regulatory Services Contract and Nursery Services Contract
1991-169 (PDF)April 23, 1991Budget Appropriation to Cover Don Pedro Sewer District Utilities
1991-170 (PDF)April 23, 1991Budget Appropriation to be Used within all Three Yosemite West Districts
1991-171 (PDF)April 23, 1991Establishes Appropriation Limits for FY 1980-81 and Each Succeeding Year
1991-172 (PDF)April 23, 1991Application for Funding from General Allocation of State CDBG Program
1991-173 (PDF)April 23, 1991Sheriff's Purchase of Two Replacement Vehicles
1991-174 (PDF)April 23, 1991Mountain County Air Basin Control Council Basin Agreement By and Between Air Pollution Control Districts
1991-175 (PDF)April 23, 1991Establishes Procedures for Disbursement of Monies in Emergency Medical Services Fund
1991-176 (PDF)April 23, 1991Health Department Budget Transfers
1991-177 (PDF)April 23, 1991Health Department Personal Computer Purchase
1991-178 (PDF)April 23, 1991Contracts with John C. Fremont Hospital and Yosemite Medical Clinic for Tobacco Cessation Services
1991-179 (PDF)April 23, 1991Application for Grant Funds for Environmental License Plate Program, Mariposa Mineral Exhibit
1991-180 (PDF)April 23, 1991Revises County Maintained Road Mileage
1991-181 (PDF)April 23, 1991Establishes Safety Commission and Advisory Comm.
1991-182 (PDF)April 23, 1991Contract with Bridalveil Resources Corp. for Removal of Dead and Dying Trees Located Near Oak Road in Midpines
1991-183 (PDF)April 23, 1991Adds Public Health Project Supervisor Extra Help and Community Education Coordinator Extra Help
1991-184 (PDF)April 23, 1991Promissory Note Between Redevelopment Agency and Mariposa County
1991-185April 23, 1991Deletes Senior Office Assistant/Board of Supervisors to Secretary/Board of Supervisors
1991-186 (PDF)April 23, 1991Appropriation to Data Processing Criminal Justice System for Added Computer Hardware for Constable and Sheriff
1991-187 (PDF)April 23, 1991Water Agency Res. Supporting Amendment to Proposed Legislation Designating Lower Merced River as Wild and Scenic
1991-188 (PDF)May 7, 1991Recognizes Helen Green
1991-189 (PDF)May 7, 1991Budget Transfer for Air Conditioner at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1991-190 (PDF)May 7, 1991Egg Quality Control Contract
1991-191 (PDF)May 7, 1991Agreement with Fairgrounds for Rental of Space for Learn to Read Program
1991-192 (PDF)May 7, 1991RHS Hospital Contract for Reimbursement to Hospital of $6,126 for Indigent Care
1991-193 (PDF)May 7, 1991RHS Hospital Contract for Reimbursement to Hospital of $10,299 for Indigent Care
1991-194 (PDF)May 7, 1991Fairtime Rental Agreement with 35A District Agriculture Association for Space for Alcohol/Drug Advisory Board During 1991 Fair
1991-195 (PDF)May 7, 1991Grant Amendment Agreement Re: Department of Economic Opportunities Liheap Weatherization and Energy Crisis Intervention Program
1991-196 (PDF)May 7, 1991Contract with State Board of Equalization for Appraisal of YP&CC
1991-197 (PDF)May 7, 1991Authorizes Program Manager I to Sign State Fiscal Claims/Reports in Absence of Human Services Director
1991-198 (PDF)May 7, 1991Accepts Findings of State's Single Audit Report of Welfare Administrative Claims for Period of July 1, 1984 to June 30, 1989
1991-199 (PDF)May 7, 1991Proclaims Month of May as Mental Health Month
1991-200 (PDF)May 7, 1991Notice of Intent to Designate Two-County Community Action Agency with Calaveras County
1991-201 (PDF)May 14, 1991Fire Protection Budget Transfer
1991-202 (PDF)May 14, 1991Rejects Claim C91-5/Refund of Ad Valorem Property Taxes on Claimant's State Assessed Property
1991-203 (PDF)May 14, 1991Rejects Claim C91-6
1991-204 (PDF)May 14, 1991Deny Appeal and Uphold Project Requirements Established by County Sanitarian in Letter Dated 3-28-91/Jedziniak
1991-205 (PDF)May 14, 1991Complete Public Hearing Process to Determine Distribution of Special District Augmentation Funds
1991-206 (PDF)May 14, 1991Supports SB 140/Would Increase Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT)
1991-207 (PDF)May 14, 1991County Counsel's Recruitment of Executive Legal Secretary
1991-208 (PDF)May 14, 1991Approves Participation in CSAC Workers Comp/Disability Retirement Project
1991-209 (PDF)May 14, 1991Determines Proposed Addition of New Pump Island and Upgrading of Gas Pumps at Mariposa Beacon Station is Substantial Expansion of an Existing Non-Conforming Use and Requires Conditional Use Permit
1991-210 (PDF)May 21, 1991Alcohol/Drug Program Budget Transfer
1991-211 (PDF)May 21, 1991Authorizes Acceptance of Stte Literacy Grant
1991-212 (PDF)May 21, 1991Authorizes Northside Bus Part-Time Driver
1991-213 (PDF)May 21, 1991Health Department's Purchase of Software Package "Pagemaker"
1991-214 (PDF)May 21, 1991Awards Bid for Health Department's Personal Computer Purchase to Creative Edge Computers
1991-215 (PDF)May 21, 1991Christopher Ralph Engineering Services for Air Pollution Review
1991-216 (PDF)May 21, 1991Clerks Index Program Purchase from Munimetrix Company
1991-217 (PDF)May 21, 1991Fire Department Budget Transfer
1991-218 (PDF)May 21, 1991Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant
1991-219 (PDF)May 21, 1991Agreements with Yosemite Physicians to Utilize Prop. 99 Funds to Reimburse Care to Indigent Persons
1991-220 (PDF)May 21, 1991Authorizes Payment to State Air Resources Board as Refund of Unexpended State Subvention Money for FY 1989-90
1991-221 (PDF)May 21, 1991Weights and Measures Agreement G-701422 FY 1991-92; Weights and Measures Agreement P-569022/Both with CDFA Division of Measurement Standards
1991-222 (PDF)May 21, 1991Awards Bid for 1991 Five-Passenger 4x4 for Health to Folsom Lake Ford
1991-223 (PDF)May 21, 1991Proposal to State Department of Alcohol/Drug Programs to Fund High-Risk Youth Demo Project
1991-224 (PDF)May 21, 1991Modifications to Land Use Map of Mariposa County General Plan/Harry Kobayashi, Applicant
1991-225 (PDF)May 21, 1991Extra Help Employees Under Contract Before April 16, 1991, "Grandfathered" into Designated Extra Help Positions without Recruitment Testing
1991-226 (PDF)May 28, 1991Recognizes Gertrude Fichtner
1991-227 (PDF)May 28, 1991Recognizes Bob and Louise Hill
1991-228 (PDF)May 28, 1991Recognizes Jim Forga for Service as CDF Fire Captain
1991-229 (PDF)May 28, 1991Joint Powers Agreement with Calaveras County Regarding Formation of Calaveras-Mariposa Community Action Agency
1991-230 (PDF)May 28, 1991Masonic Lodge Lease/July 2, 1991 - June 30, 1992
1991-231 (PDF)May 28, 1991Road Work and Lease Agreement Amendment for Senior Activity Center
1991-232 (PDF)May 28, 1991Designates James W Moffett as Official Authorized to Sign Grant Proposal for Victim/ Witness Program
1991-233 (PDF)May 28, 1991Appropriates Funds for Court Appointed County Services to Meet Mandatory Expenditures Required by Law
1991-234 (PDF)May 28, 1991Discussion Regarding Creation and Use of Advertising Fund/Community Trust
1991-235 (PDF)May 28, 1991Awards Outside Audit for FY 1991-95 to Pongratz, Boden and Brown and Authorizing Staff to Negotiate Agreement
1991-236 (PDF)June 4, 1991Health Department FAX Machine Purchase
1991-237 (PDF)June 4, 1991Contract Renewal with Freese and Gianelli to Continue Liability Claims Administration FY 1991-92/Increase Rate $35/Hr to $38.50/Hr
1991-238 (PDF)June 4, 1991Declaration of Intent to Contract with Department of Health Services (DHS)
1991-239 (PDF)June 4, 1991OCJP Drug Abuse Grant (2nd Year) Utilizing Grant Monies for Drug Abuse Enforcement Involving Sheriff, District Attorney and Probation
1991-240 (PDF)June 4, 1991OCJP Drug Abuse Grant Application/Award Agreement
1991-241 (PDF)June 11, 1991Recognizes Donald Mitchell for Contributions to Sport of Soaring
1991-242 (PDF)June 11, 1991Health Department Budget Transfer
1991-243 (PDF)June 11, 1991Budget Transfer for Repairs on Roads in Yosemite West District
1991-244 (PDF)June 11, 1991Awards Bid for Patrol Vessel Construction to Design Concepts of Chico, CA
1991-245 (PDF)June 11, 1991Extends New Patrol Vessel Contract with Calif. Boating and Waterways
1991-246 (PDF)June 11, 1991California Housing Rehabilitation-Owner Housing Program Grant Application and Standard State Agreement
1991-247 (PDF)June 11, 1991Department of Energy Weatherization Program Agreement
1991-248 (PDF)June 11, 1991Rental of Fire Station 25 at Airport to Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
1991-249 (PDF)June 11, 1991Modifies Membership in Emergency Medical Care Committee to Include a Firefighter
1991-250 (PDF)June 11, 1991Pesticide Use Reporting FY 1991-92 MOU
1991-251 (PDF)June 11, 1991Probation Budget Transfer due to Increase in Juvenile Hall and Temporary Foster Home Usage
1991-252 (PDF)
Recognizes New Ranger Station, Groveland 06/11/91
1991-253 (PDF)June 11, 1991Public Works Budget Transfer
1991-254 (PDF)June 11, 1991Appropriation to Pay for Court Reporter and Interpreter Services
1991-255 (PDF)June 11, 1991Local Needs Plan for Community Services Block Grant
1991-256 (PDF)June 11, 1991Lifeguard Pay Scale and Requirements
1991-257 (PDF)June 11, 1991Assignment of Vehicles to Departments and Authorization to Take Them Home
1991-258 (PDF)June 11, 1991Abolishes Pre-Employment Physicals for Clerical Positions
1991-259 (PDF)June 11, 1991Establishes Policy on PC Software and Federal Copyright Act
1991-260 (PDF)June 11, 1991Unclaimed Spay/Neuter Deposits to be Used to Pay Balance of Cost of Spay/Neuter of Animals Adopted from County
1991-261 (PDF)June 11, 1991Awards Personal Computer Bid to Boyer Business
1991-262 (PDF)June 11, 1991Copy Company/Equipment Lease Agreement
1991-263 (PDF)June 11, 1991Board Meetings to Start at 2 p.m. on July 2, 9, 16, 1991
1991-264 (PDF)June 11, 1991Appoints Punte and Baggett as Representatives of Mariposa County on Calaveras-Mariposa Joint Power Authority/Two County Community Action Agency
1991-265 (PDF)June 18, 1991Recognizes Lisa Carisio as Salutatorian of Mariposa High Class of 1991
1991-266 (PDF)June 18, 1991Recognizes John Paris as Valedictorian of Mariposa High Class of 1991
1991-267 (PDF)June 18, 1991Human Services Budget Transfer for Purchase of HP Laserjet III Printer
1991-268 (PDF)June 18, 1991Budget Transfer to Pay Part of May and June's Bills for County Vehicle and Utilities for County Buildings
1991-269 (PDF)June 18, 1991County-State Agreement No. 006 for State Match/Exchange Fund Project on Old Highway in Mariposa
1991-270 (PDF)June 18, 1991Rate Increase by Klump Properties for Welfare Building Rental
1991-271 (PDF)June 18, 1991Honors Janet March for Work as AIDS Coordinator
1991-272 (PDF)June 18, 1991Sheriff's Department Budget Transfer
1991-273 (PDF)June 18, 1991Refund of Property Tax Penalty and Interest to John and Shirley Campbell
1991-274 (PDF)June 18, 1991Contract with Merced Irrigation District for Patrol Services on Lakes McClure and McSwain Areas
1991-275 (PDF)June 18, 1991Intention to Form Zone of Benefit for Snowplowing on Bootjack/Ahwahnee Road
1991-276 (PDF)June 18, 1991Lease Agreement with Bob Lobaugh for 5160 Bullion
1991-277 (PDF)June 18, 1991Rejects All Bids for Janitorial Services and Fills Existing Custodian Vacancy within Building Maintenance
1991-278 (PDF)June 18, 1991Approves New Line Item in Economic Development/Mining and Mineral Exhibit for Extra Help
1991-279 (PDF)June 18, 1991Rate Increase by HCM Claim Management Corp. (Formerly Bierly and Assoc) for Workers Comp Claims Management for FY 1991-92
1991-280 (PDF)June 18, 1991Establishes Committee Structure Among County Departments with Department Head's Executive Council and Five Functional Area Committees
1991-281 (PDF)June 25, 1991Probation Expenditure for Victim/Witness Program
1991-282 (PDF)June 25, 1991Transportation Budget Transfer Due to Increased Use of Northside Transit Bus
1991-283 (PDF)June 25, 1991Approves Road Names "Sierra Vista Way" and "Mountain Way"
1991-284 (PDF)June 25, 1991Sheriff Department Budget Transfer
1991-285 (PDF)June 25, 1991Cooperative Agreement to Participate in Narcotics Task Force
1991-286 (PDF)June 25, 1991Cooperative Agreement Providing Funding to Augment Law Enforcement Services in Merced River Canyon
1991-287 (PDF)June 25, 1991Annual Renewal Application to State to Continue Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) Block Grant Program for All-Tribes Counseling Program
1991-288 (PDF)June 25, 1991Budget Transfer to All-Tribes Counseling Center for Services to Native American Children
1991-289 (PDF)June 25, 1991Lease Agreement with Neil and Tina Svendsen for Premises Housing Red Cloud Library in Greeley Hill
1991-290 (PDF)June 25, 1991Rejects Claim C91-7
1991-291 (PDF)June 25, 1991Amends Membership of Mariposa County Emergency Care Committee to Include Representative of MPUD
1991-292 (PDF)June 25, 1991Waives Bid Process of Combustible Gas Indicator/Awarded to Allied Industrial Dist.
1991-293 (PDF)June 25, 1991Extends Human Services Contract with KingsView Corporation FY 1990-91; and Delta Action Programs FY 1991-92
1991-294 (PDF)June 25, 1991County Clerk's Office Reorganization, Eliminates Position of Senior Superior Court Clerk, and Creates Second Superior Court Clerk
1991-295 (PDF)June 25, 1991Payment of Tax on Bid of Personal Computer Awarded to Creative Edge Comp.
1991-296 (PDF)June 25, 1991Agreement with Yosemite National Park for Ambulance Service in El Portal
1991-297 (PDF)June 25, 1991Five Year Master Plan to Reduce Community's Alcohol and Other Drug Related Problems; Human Services Director to Designate Master Plan Advisory Body to Provide Oversight of Plan Implementation
1991-298 (PDF)June 25, 1991Three Year Standard Agreement with Department of Social Services to Fund Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention and Intervention Program FY 1992-94
1991-299 (PDF)June 25, 1991GAIN Program Budget Transfer for Purchase of Computer and VCR/TV
1991-300 (PDF)June 25, 1991GAIN Program Budget Transfer
1991-301 (PDF)June 25, 1991Reclassification Report RE: Ag Commission, Auditor/Recorder, District Attorney, Human Services, and Treasurer
1991-302 (PDF)June 25, 1991MOU with Local 752, Service Employees International Union, Mariposa County Employee Association Chapter FY 1990-93
1991-303 (PDF)June 25, 1991Fire Protection Appropriation for Operating Costs of County Fire
1991-304 (PDF)June 25, 1991Fire Protection Budget Transfer for Operating Costs for Remainder of FY 1990-91
1991-305 (PDF)June 25, 1991Waiver of Permitting Fees for Facilities Selling Nonperishable Prepackaged Foods for Camping and Occupying Less than 25 Square Feet
1991-306 (PDF)June 25, 1991Extends Existing Agreements with Chamber of Commerce, Yosemite Rennaisance, Arts Council, and Fair Parade until After Final Budget
1991-307 (PDF)June 25, 1991Tax Rate Area Apportionment Mechanism Exam Agreement with Katz Hollis
1991-308 (PDF)June 25, 1991Intention to Form a Zone of Benefit for Sierra Vista Estates
1991-309 (PDF)June 25, 1991Eliminates the Following Extra Help Positions: Rec Cashier, Rec Leader, Rec Lifeguard/Cashier, Rec Maintenance Worker. Approves Cashier Step I, Cashier Step II, and Program Aide
1991-310 (PDF)June 25, 1991Supports Improved Regional Transit; Consultant to Perform Task I-Information Review/Analysis of Regional Transit Study
1991-311 (PDF)July 2, 1991Adopts FY 1991-92 Proposed Budget
1991-312 (PDF)July 2, 1991Recognizes Catherine "Nadine" Broomfield Upon her Retirement from County Counsel Office
1991-313 (PDF)July 2, 1991Rescinds Winning Bid to Folsom Lake Ford for Health Department 4x4 Vehicle/Unable to Deliver
1991-314 (PDF)July 2, 1991Establishes Victim/Witness Trust Account for Depositing Donations; Authorizes Expenditures from Account; Appoints DA as Administrator
1991-315 (PDF)July 2, 1991Lease Agreement with Mariposa County Unified School District for Day Care Center Activities for School Children at Woodland Community Hall
1991-316 (PDF)July 2, 1991Reissuance of Warrant to Genesis Group Home/Original Lost
1991-317 (PDF)June 25, 1991Letter Signifying County's Intent to Participate in Federal Child Care/Development Block Grant Program
1991-318 (PDF)July 9, 1991Senior Supportive and Senior Nutrition Services Contracts
1991-319 (PDF)July 2, 1991Lease Agreement with Golden Agers for Rental of Space for Senior Services Program
1991-320 (PDF)July 2, 1991Interim Rental Agreement for Campbell Building at Fairgrounds for Ag Commission Cooperative Extension and Eventually Soil Conservation
1991-321 (PDF)July 2, 1991Ag Commissioner's MOU with Structural Pest Control Board FY 1991-92
1991-322 (PDF)July 2, 1991FY 1991-92 Detection Trapping Contract with CDFA
1991-323 (PDF)July 2, 1991Board Meetings to be Held at Masonic Hall from August 6, 1991 through September 30, 1991 Due to Courthouse Renovations
1991-324 (PDF)July 2, 1991Recognizes Joel Bartsch as Curator of Mining and Mineral Museum
1991-325 (PDF)July 2, 1991Henry Falany's Horse-Drawn Carriage Proposal, Utilizing TOT Revenues
1991-326 (PDF)July 2, 1991Policy on Payment to Volunteer Firefighters when Assigned to OES Incidents
1991-327 (PDF)July 9, 1991Establishes Human Services Petty Cash Fund
1991-328 (PDF)July 9, 1991Redevelopment Plan and Draft EIR for Public Review, Referral to Planning Commission for Recommendations, Request for Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing on Draft EIR
1991-329 (PDF)July 9, 1991Redevelopment Plan and Draft EIR for Public Review, Referral to Planning Commission for Recommendations, Request for Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing on Draft EIR
1991-330 (PDF)July 9, 1991Mariposa 2005 County Parks and Rec Master Plan
1991-331 (PDF)July 9, 1991Draft Cemetery Ordinance and Consideration of Appointments to the Ad Hoc Catheys Valley Cemetery Committee
1991-332 (PDF)July 9, 1991Contract for Electronic Surveillance Equipment Rented from Madera County for Use in Monitoring Mariposa County Probationers
1991-333 (PDF)July 9, 1991Commemorates Dedication of Mineral Building at the Fairgrounds as Stroming Building
1991-334 (PDF)Lease Agreement for Display of California Mineral Exhibit 07/09/91
1991-335 (PDF)July 9, 1991Leo "Scotte" Koll PSA/to Implement County Master Plan, Year Two
1991-336 (PDF)July 16, 1991JKaplan Associates Contract for Professional Services to Complete TASK I of Action Plan for Yosemite Regional Transit System
1991-337 (PDF)July 16, 1991Sale of County-Owned Farnsworth House at 5091 Bullion Street
1991-338 (PDF)July 16, 1991Mariposa (Brown) Hotel Contract
1991-339 (PDF)July 16, 1991Accepts Resignation of Barbara Turner from Alcohol/Drug Abuse Advisory Board
1991-340 (PDF)July 16, 1991Awards Bid for Health Department's Two-Way Radios and Base Station to Cook's Communications
1991-341 (PDF)July 16, 1991Linda Brocchini PSA/Health Department
1991-342 (PDF)July 16, 1991Maintenance Contract for Health Department's Adler Royal Copy Machine
1991-343 (PDF)July 16, 1991Notice of Completion with Bridalveil Resources
1991-344July 16, 1991Chief Building Inspector and Executive Secretary Salary Adjustment
1991-345 (PDF)July 23, 1991Supports Bill to Increase Federal P.I.L.T. Payments to Units of General Local Government
1991-346 (PDF)July 23, 1991Reinstates 165 Hours Sick Leave and 79 Hours Vacation Leave to Mark Anderson
1991-347 (PDF)July 23, 1991Board Meetings Located at Courthouse Pending Commencement of Courthouse Reconstruction/Rescinds Res. 91-323
1991-348 (PDF)July 23, 1991Lease Agreement with Greeley Hill Community Club for Community Club Annex for Senior Nutrition Program
1991-349 (PDF)July 23, 1991Approves Claim C91-8/Vehicle Damaged by County Vehicle
1991-350 (PDF)July 23, 1991Rejects Claim C91-9/Charone Gilmore
1991-351 (PDF)July 23, 1991Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors
1991-352 (PDF)July 23, 1991Agreement with Elmer Keller/Check Sewer Pumps at Coulterville Lift Stations and Level of Water Tanks
1991-353 (PDF)July 23, 1991Commemorates Dedication of Senior Activity Courtr
1991-354 (PDF)July 23, 1991Chief Building Inspector and Executive Secretary Salary Adjustments
1991-355 (PDF)July 23, 1991Agreement with Arnold Assoc for Appraisal Services
1991-356 (PDF)July 23, 1991Victim/Witness Coordinator/Advocate, Salary at $9.43/Hr
1991-357 (PDF)July 23, 1991Employee Donation and Use of Time-Off Benefits
1991-358 (PDF)July 23, 1991Replacement of Mail Machine in Hall of Records
1991-359 (PDF)August 6, 1991Recognizes Edna Hotchkin for Service to Planning Commission, District I
1991-360 (PDF)August 6, 1991Agreement with Kenneth and Lamerna Mari for Storage Vault
1991-361 (PDF)August 6, 1991FY 1991-92 Service Agreement with Partners in Learning for Update of AFDC Learning Guide
1991-362 (PDF)August 6, 1991Lease Agreement with John C. Clark for El Portal Library
1991-363 (PDF)August 6, 1991Request to DTAC for State Scenic Highway Designation for Highway 140
1991-364 (PDF)August 6, 1991Lease Agreement with Stanley Saint for Weatherization Program Shop
1991-365 (PDF)August 6, 1991Delete Programmer Manager I/Replace with Deputy Director
1991-366 (PDF)August 6, 1991Jane Siebeneicher PSA/Independent Living Program
1991-367 (PDF)August 6, 1991Establishes Child Care and Development Planning Council and Designates Membership
1991-368 (PDF)August 6, 1991Zone of Benefit for Miami Mountain Snowplowing
1991-369 (PDF)August 6, 1991Zone of Benefit for Sierra Vista Estates
1991-370 (PDF)August 6, 1991Waste Management Specialist/Job Description &Salary
1991-371 (PDF)August 6, 1991Public Works Department's Emergency Hire of Two Equipment Mechanics Due to Medically Excuses Absences of Teed Gann and Roy Briese
1991-372 (PDF)August 6, 1991Public Works Recommendations for Vehicle Bids
1991-373 (PDF)August 6, 1991Approves General Plan/Zoning Amendment No. 91-3
1991-374 (PDF)August 6, 1991Area 12 Agency on Aging In-Kind Agreement
1991-375 (PDF)August 12, 1991Exempts Precinct Workers for Election from County Recruitment Procedures
1991-376 (PDF)August 12, 1991Increases Planning Commissioner's Compensation to $50 per Meeting
1991-377 (PDF)August 13, 1991Cooperative Agreement to Provide Fire Prevention Service
1991-378 (PDF)August 13, 1991Scott Keller PSA/Janitorial Services to Red Cloud Library
1991-379 (PDF)August 13, 1991Lease Agreement with Neil and Tina Svendsen
1991-380 (PDF)August 13, 1991Encroachment Permit for Labor Day Parade
1991-381 (PDF)August 13, 1991Board's Regular Meeting Rescheduled to Accommodate Public Hearing that Evening
1991-382 (PDF)August 13, 1991Upholds Appeal and Overturns Planning Commission's Decision
1991-383 (PDF)August 13, 1991Agreement with Thomas Wilkens Company for Indian Peak Road Project
1991-384 (PDF)August 13, 1991Agreement with Thomas Wilkens Company for Hayward Road Project
1991-385 (PDF)August 13, 1991Appropriates Use of Special District Augmentation Fund
1991-386 (PDF)August 14, 1991Continued Public Hearing to Consider Final Budget
1991-387 (PDF)August 14, 1991Approves Contracting with CDF Model of Organization for County Fire Services until 01/01/92; then Transfer to Combined County/CDF Model of Organization; Directs County Counsel to Prepare Ordinance Establishing County Fire Department
1991-388 (PDF)August 20, 1991Auditor to Re-Issue Stale-Dated Warrant
1991-389 (PDF)August 20, 1991Budget Transfers for Proper Closure of County Books
1991-390 (PDF)August 20, 1991Authority to Public Works
1991-391 (PDF)August 20, 1991Probation Department to Use County Seal on Community Service Program Sign for Adopt-A-Highway Program
1991-392 (PDF)August 27, 1991Recognizes Maureen Spacke
1991-393 (PDF)August 27, 1991Deletes Financing of Safety Employee Comp.
1991-394 (PDF)August 27, 1991Agreement with Northern Mariposa County History Center
1991-395 (PDF)August 27, 1991County/State Agreement for Hayward Road
1991-396 (PDF)August 27, 1991County/State Agreement for Indian Peak Road
1991-397 (PDF)August 27, 1991County/State Agreement for Ashworth and Grist
1991-398 (PDF)August 27, 1991Donated Equipment from Dr. Dahlem
1991-399 (PDF)August 27, 1991Amended Pesticide Regulation Services Contract
1991-400 (PDF)August 27, 1991Rejects Claim C91-10
1991-401 (PDF)August 27, 1991Approves Claim C91-12
1991-402 (PDF)August 27, 1991Agreement with David M. Griffith to Provide Professional Consulting Services
1991-403 (PDF)August 27, 1991Approves Claim C91-11
1991-404 (PDF)August 27, 1991Final Budget
1991-405 (PDF)August 27, 1991Farnsworth House Sold to Helen and Blair Fowler
1991-406 (PDF)August 27, 1991Waiver of Formal Bid Process to Purchase Three Police Sedans
1991-407 (PDF)August 27, 1991Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant Program
1991-408 (PDF)August 27, 1991Driving Under the Influence Reporters Reward Program
1991-409 (PDF)August 27, 1991Appeals Planning Commission Decision LDA 1389
1991-410 (PDF)August 27, 1991Amends Res. 85-344
1991-411 (PDF)August 27, 1991Board Meeting to be Held at Cedar Lodge Conference Room
1991-412 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with El Portal Child Development Courtr
1991-413 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Yosemite Renaissance
1991-414 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Yosemite Child Care Center
1991-415 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Mariposa Arts Council, Inc.
1991-416 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Mariposa Chamber of Commerce
1991-417 (PDF)September 3, 1991MOU with Social Services on Foster Family Homes
1991-418 (PDF)September 3, 1991Lease Agreement for Portable Hangars at Mariposa Airport
1991-419 (PDF)September 3, 1991Lease Agreement with Scott and Karen Godfrey/Northside County Office
1991-420 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Yosemite National Park/Ambulance Service to El Portal
1991-421 (PDF)September 3, 1991Contract with Davis Office Systems
1991-422 (PDF)September 3, 1991Contract with J.D. Edwards Company
1991-423 (PDF)September 3, 1991Agreement with Bob McCabe/Architectural Services
1991-424 (PDF)September 3, 1991Courthouse Renovations/Natural Environments
1991-425 (PDF)September 3, 1991Vacating Unused Easement for Twin Oaks Road
1991-426 (PDF)September 3, 1991Remodel of Catheys Valley McCay Hall
1991-427 (PDF)September 3, 1991Form of Intention and Boundary Maps
1991-428 (PDF)September 3, 1991Claim C91-2 with TCE
1991-429 (PDF)September 10, 1991Linda Erhardt PSA/GAIN
1991-430 (PDF)September 10, 1991Lease Agreement with D.J. Johnston/Housing of Victim Witness Program
1991-431 (PDF)September 10, 1991Tax Collector to Sell Property
1991-432 (PDF)September 10, 1991Action to Implement Budget 1991-92
1991-433 (PDF)September 10, 1991Capital Improvement Program
1991-433A (PDF)September 10, 1991Promissory Note for $50,000 to MPUD for Wastewater Treatment
1991-434 (PDF)September 10, 1991Tom Gay PSA/Curator Services
1991-435 (PDF)September 10, 1991Authorization to Underfill Positions
1991-436 (PDF)September 10, 1991Controlling Document for Position/Employee Allocation Schedule
1991-437 (PDF)September 10, 1991Board Meeting Moved to Masonic Hall/Effective September 14, 1991
1991-438 (PDF)September 17, 1991House Arrest and Misdemeanor Diversion Programs
1991-439 (PDF)September 17, 1991Weights and Measures Testing Agreement with Merced County
1991-440 (PDF)September 17, 1991Statement on Drug Free Workplace
1991-441 (PDF)September 17, 1991Overtime Related Reapportionment to Comply with 1990 Census
1991-442 (PDF)September 17, 1991Appoints Directors for Yosemite-Alpine Community Services and Mariposa County Utility District
1991-443 (PDF)September 17, 1991Proposed Application for CDBG Planning/Technical Assistance Funding for Head Start Development
1991-444 (PDF)September 17, 1991Formal Bid Processes
1991-445 (PDF)September 17, 1991Formal Bid Processes
1991-446 (PDF)September 24, 1991Building Department Budget Transfer
1991-447 (PDF)September 24, 1991Award Bid to Reed Equipment
1991-448 (PDF)September 24, 1991Linda Brocchini PSA
1991-449 (PDF)September 24, 1991Health LVN and RN, Full Time Senior Civil Engineer/Class Specs
1991-450 (PDF)September 24, 1991Planning Department Budget Transfer
1991-451 (PDF)September 24, 1991Record of Survey for Charles K. Heath
1991-452 (PDF)September 24, 1991Time Extension for Completion of Airport Master Plan
1991-453 (PDF)September 24, 1991Contract with Merced Transporation Company
1991-454 (PDF)September 24, 1991Budget Transfer to Review Underground Tanks
1991-455 (PDF)September 24, 1991Division of APN 4-290-12/Ivan and Linda Metzger
1991-456 (PDF)September 24, 1991Budget Transfer to Review Underground Tanks
1991-457 (PDF)September 24, 1991Teen Center Report and Recommendations
1991-458 (PDF)September 24, 1991Lease Agreement with R. Scott Godfrey for Northside County Office Space
1991-459 (PDF)September 24, 1991Proclaims October 19-27, 1991 as Red Ribbon Week
1991-460 (PDF)October 1, 1991Pesticide Use Reporting FY 1991-92
1991-461 (PDF)October 1, 1991Intention to Form Zone of Benefit
1991-462 (PDF)October 1, 1991MPUD Budget Transfer
1991-463 (PDF)October 1, 1991Contract with Riggs Ambulance Service FY 1991-92
1991-464 (PDF)October 1, 1991Mariposa County Designated a "Health Manpower Shortage Area"
1991-465 (PDF)October 1, 1991Associate Engineer (S.R. 182-198)
1991-466 (PDF)October 1, 1991Extension of Agreement wih Richard Rosebrock for Impound and Professional Veterinarian Services
1991-467 (PDF)October 1, 1991Legal Services to John C. Fremont Hospital, $75/Hr
1991-468 (PDF)October 1, 1991Wawona TPA Specific Plan Establishing Fencing and Lighting Standards
1991-469 (PDF)October 1, 1991Acceptance of Advertising Fund Child Care Grant Requests from Mariposa Preschool Coop, Almost Like Home, Mariposa Children's Center, Catheys Valley Preschool
1991-470 (PDF)October 15, 1991Recognizes Eddie Mankins
1991-471 (PDF)October 15, 1991Recognizes Harry Harris
1991-472 (PDF)October 15, 1991Recognizes Harry Stewart
1991-473 (PDF)October 8, 1991Farm Advisor Extra Help; 4-H and Youth Assistant/Class Specs (S.R. $8.67)
1991-474 (PDF)October 8, 1991Walton and Dahlem Personnel Agreement for Services Provided to Child Protective Services
1991-475 (PDF)October 8, 1991Adds Two Alternate Members to Coulterville Service Area No. 1 Advisory Board
1991-476 (PDF)October 8, 1991Copy Company Lease Modification
1991-477 (PDF)October 8, 1991Proposal to Use Public Administrator/Public Guardian Fees
1991-478 (PDF)October 8, 1991Three Year Agreement with CDF for Dispatch Svc.
1991-479 (PDF)October 8, 1991Exempts Assessed Value of $2000 or Less in Accordance with Sec. 155.20 of R&T Code
1991-480 (PDF)October 8, 1991Bids for Purchase of Electronic Storage and Image-Based Document Storage System/Tax Collector/ and Assessor
1991-481 (PDF)October 8, 1991Recognizes William "Bill" Shimer on his Birthday
1991-482 (PDF)October 8, 1991County Counsel Reappointed to Four Year Svc.
1991-483 (PDF)October 15, 1991Opposes H.R. 2967, Older Americans Act
1991-484 (PDF)October 15, 1991Lease Agreement with Mariposa Preschool Coop for Use of Woodland Community Hall
1991-485 (PDF)October 15, 1991Advertising Fund Child Care Component Agreement
1991-486 (PDF)October 15, 1991California Department of Economic Opportunity Agreement RE: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
1991-487 (PDF)October 15, 1991U. C. Davis Contract
1991-488 (PDF)October 15, 1991Establishes Fire Department Petty Cash Fund
1991-489 (PDF)October 15, 1991Extends Calif. Mining and Mineral Museum Lease
1991-490 (PDF)October 15, 1991Office Assistant I/II in Personnel
1991-491 (PDF)October 15, 1991Lease Agreement Addendum with Mariposa Unified School District
1991-492 (PDF)October 15, 1991Charles B. Mosher PSA
1991-493 (PDF)October 15, 1991Engine Rental for A-Rock Fire
1991-494 (PDF)October 15, 1991Waives Formal Bid Process for Sheriff's Purchase of Undercover Vehicle
1991-495 (PDF)October 15, 1991Office of Criminal Justice to Purchase Specialized Drug Enforcement Equipment
1991-496 (PDF)October 15, 1991Final Map of Spring Hill Estates II
1991-497 (PDF)October 15, 1991Approves Sopp Chevrolet Bid Additional Cost
1991-498 (PDF)October 15, 1991Appeal of Planning Commission Decision on LDA No. 1386
1991-499 (PDF)October 22, 1991Shows Need to Maintain USDA Soil Conservation Office in Mariposa County
1991-500 (PDF)October 22, 1991Authorizes Programmer/Analyst Overtime to Assist County Hospital in Locating and Evaluating Software
1991-501 (PDF)October 22, 1991Solid Waste Budget Transfer
1991-502 (PDF)October 22, 1991Corrections to Tax Rolls 91-551, 91-553, 91-564, 91-568, and 91-569
1991-503 (PDF)October 22, 1991Comprehensive Perinatal Plan to Provide Services to Alcohol and Drug Abusing Pregnant and Parenting Women and their Children
1991-504 (PDF)October 22, 1991Dr. Carolyn Rose Professional Agreement for Services Rendered in Health Officer's Absence
1991-505 (PDF)October 22, 1991Suzanne Anderson PSA/Hazardous Materials Services
1991-506 (PDF)October 22, 1991Application for Grant Funds for Child Health and Disability Prevention Program/Health Department
1991-507 (PDF)October 22, 1991Agreements with Local Physicians to Utilize Prop. 99 Funds to Reimburse Care to Indigent Persons
1991-508 (PDF)October 22, 1991Lease Agreement for Health Department. Underground Storage Tank
1991-509 (PDF)October 22, 1991Richard Rosebrock, DVM/Agreement for Impound and Professional Veterinary Services
1991-510 (PDF)October 22, 1991Designates Management and Confidential Employees
1991-511 (PDF)October 22, 1991Fire Warden/Emergency Services Officer/Job Description and Recruitment
1991-512 (PDF)November 5, 1991Agreement with Merced County for Certain Animal Control Services
1991-513 (PDF)November 5, 1991Human Services Budget Transfer to All-Tribes Counseling Center
1991-514 (PDF)November 5, 1991Social Services Budget Transfer for Secretarial Services to Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council
1991-515 (PDF)November 5, 1991Approves Road Name "Coyote Court"
1991-516 (PDF)November 5, 1991Corrections to Tax Rolls SB84-181, 91-96, 91-95, 91-92, 91-68, 91-593, 91-583, 91-574
1991-517 (PDF)November 5, 1991Agreement with Mother Lode Job Training for GAIN Basic Education
1991-518 (PDF)November 5, 1991Leanne Priest PSA/Conservatorship Assistant
1991-519 (PDF)November 5, 1991Rural Health Services Application for Prop 99 Funds FY 1991-92
1991-520 (PDF)November 5, 1991Base Hospital Agreement with John C. Fremont Hospital and Regional EMS Agency
1991-521 (PDF)November 5, 1991Waives Food Facility Permitting Fee Golden Agers Gift Center
1991-522 (PDF)November 5, 1991Health Department. Computer Purchase/Comprehensive Perinatal Plan
1991-523 (PDF)November 5, 1991Medical Aspects of Tobacco
1991-524 (PDF)November 5, 1991County Counsel's Purchase of Color Monitor Computer
1991-525 (PDF)November 5, 1991Traffic Technician Trainee and Traffic Technician/Class Specs
1991-526 (PDF)November 5, 1991Deputy Sheriff and Jail Officer-Dispatcher/Class Specs
1991-527 (PDF)November 5, 1991Proposed Alcohol and Drug Programs Services Plan
1991-528 (PDF)November 5, 1991Five Year Plan as Requirement for Fire Protection Services
1991-529 (PDF)November 5, 1991Golden Stag Hall Improvements Added to List of Capital Improvement Projects
1991-530 (PDF)November 5, 1991Intention to Form Zone of Benefit
1991-531 (PDF)November 5, 1991Modifying Road Improvements and Circulation Policy
1991-532 (PDF)November 5, 1991Amendments to Land Use Map and Land Use Element of Mariposa General Plan
1991-533 (PDF)November 5, 1991Denies General Plan Amendment No. 90-6
1991-534 (PDF)November 5, 1991Appropriation to Pay Expenses Associated with Mariposa Creek Leak
1991-535 (PDF)November 5, 1991Health Officer to Budget Unallocated RHS Money for Ambulance
1991-536 (PDF)November 5, 1991Denies Appeal and Upholds Public Works Director's Decision to Adopt Negative Declaration
1991-537 (PDF)November 12, 1991Awards Bid for Coulterville Sewage Grinder to JWC Environment
1991-538 (PDF)November 12, 1991Awards Bid for Three 10-Wheel Dump Trucks to Central Valley Truck Center
1991-539 (PDF)November 12, 1991Bids for PW-90-19, PW-90-20, PW-90-21A, PW-90-21B, PW-90-26
1991-540 (PDF)November 12, 1991McKinney Homeless PATH Funds to Provide Services for the Homeless Mentally Ill Dual Diagnosis Residents of Mariposa County
1991-541 (PDF)November 12, 1991Mental Health Budget Transfer for Alcohol/Drug Program
1991-542 (PDF)November 12, 1991Budget Transfer/Data Processing to Tax Collector
1991-543 (PDF)November 12, 1991Rejects Claim C91-13
1991-544 (PDF)November 12, 1991Rejects Claim C91-14
1991-545 (PDF)November 12, 1991FY 1991-92 Calif. Seed Law MOU with CDFA
1991-546 (PDF)November 12, 1991Zone of Benefit for Parcel Map for Ronald Lee Chaffin
1991-547 (PDF)November 12, 19914-H and Youth Assistant Extra Help/Revised Class Specs
1991-548 (PDF)November 12, 1991Rejects Claim C91-14
1991-549 (PDF)November 19, 1991Allows Quarterly Prospective Allocations to Tobacco Cessation Program
1991-550 (PDF)November 19, 1991Plan and Specifications for Project PW-90-02
1991-551 (PDF)November 19, 1991McCay Hall Remodel, Project PW-90-04
1991-552 (PDF)November 19, 1991Larry Schuster PSA/Weatherization Program
1991-553 (PDF)November 19, 1991Agreement with Rural Health Services for Contract Back Programs
1991-554 (PDF)November 19, 1991Supports United Way and Payroll Deduction Plan
1991-555 (PDF)November 19, 1991Amends Wawona TPA Specific Plan
1991-556 (PDF)November 19, 1991Juvenile Detention Center Site
1991-557 (PDF)November 26, 1991Efforts of Community Service Crew of CYA, Mt. Bullion Youth Conservation Camp
1991-558 (PDF)November 26, 1991Approves Claim C91-17
1991-559 (PDF)November 26, 1991Purchase of IBM Personnel Wheelwriter Typewriter
1991-560 (PDF)November 26, 1991Certification Letter to State to Forego Payment of SB90 Claims for County Medical Services
1991-561 (PDF)November 26, 1991Contract for Production of Master Street Address Guide for Implementation of Enhanced 911 System
1991-562 (PDF)November 26, 1991Approves Road Name "Adams Ranch Road"
1991-563 (PDF)November 26, 1991Appropriation to Fix Mine Tunnel Leakage at Fairgrounds
1991-564 (PDF)November 5, 1991Request from Area Agency on Aging for Cash Subvention
1991-565 (PDF)November 26, 1991Agreement with School District Regarding El Portal Branch Library
1991-566 (PDF)November 26, 1991Letter Agreement with Fee Appraiser for Evaluation of Certain Creek Projects Parcel
1991-567 (PDF)November 26, 1991Appeal of Planning Director's Determination RE: Expansion of Non-Conforming Use on APN 15-114-008/CKC Lab
1991-568 (PDF)December 3, 1991Awards Bid for Micro Based Image Document Computer to Lacuna Computer
1991-569 (PDF)December 3, 1991Robert J. Kearney PSA/Attorney in DA Office
1991-570 (PDF)December 3, 1991Solid Waste Budget Transfer for Computer Purchase
1991-571 (PDF)December 3, 1991Agreement for Reimbursement for Housing CYA Prisoners in County Jail
1991-572 (PDF)December 3, 1991Proof of Insurance to Mariposa Fair to Enable Toys for Tots Program
1991-573 (PDF)December 3, 1991Board Meeting of December 24, 1991, Cancelled
1991-574 (PDF)December 3, 1991Mariposa Roadside Rest/Coakley and Jessie Streets
1991-575 (PDF)December 3, 1991Don Pedro 1-M Budget Appropriation
1991-576 (PDF)December 3, 1991Allows Teed Gann to Exceed Limit of 240 Hours of Vacation Accrual
1991-577 (PDF)December 3, 1991Amendment to Road Improvement and Circulation Policy to Establish Frontage Improvement Requirements for Rural Subdivisions Adjacent to County Roads
1991-578 (PDF)December 3, 1991Approves Claim C91-18 for Repairs to Steve Mindt Vehicle
1991-579 (PDF)December 10, 1991Auditor to Reissue Check to Replace Warrant Number 14155 to Dorie Oliver
1991-580 (PDF)December 10, 1991Challenge Grant Application/Assurances FY 1991-92
1991-581 (PDF)December 10, 1991Agreement with Regional EMS Agency
1991-582 (PDF)December 10, 1991CMSP Contract FY 1991-92
1991-583 (PDF)December 10, 1991Payment of Participation Fee for CMSP Program
1991-584 (PDF)December 10, 1991Establishes California Mining and Mineral Museum Petty Cash Fund
1991-585 (PDF)December 3, 1991Building Maintenance Appropriation for Modifications to Existing Facilities
1991-586 (PDF)December 10, 1991Senior Library Assistant, Library Assistant II, Library Assistant I/Class Specs; and Accepts Transfers from Tuolumne County
1991-587 (PDF)December 17, 1991Teen Activity Center Lease Agreement/Jim Bardini
1991-588 (PDF)December 17, 1991Recognizes January Mennig for Volunteerism
1991-589 (PDF)December 17, 1991Recognizes Steve Anderson
1991-590 (PDF)December 17, 1991Agreement with State Department of Economic Opportunity RE: Low Income Home Energy Assistance
1991-591 (PDF)December 17, 19911992 Personal Service Agreement RE: Weatherization Program Labor
1991-592 (PDF)December 17, 1991Awards L.P. Gas Heating Fuel Bid to Suburban Propane
1991-593 (PDF)December 17, 1991Board Meetings Held in Courthouse Boardroom, Effective January 7, 1992
1991-594 (PDF)December 17, 1991Zone of Benefit for Coyote Court Parcel Map for Leora Vaughn and Betty Doak
1991-595 (PDF)December 17, 1991Approves Ag Preserve Applications for Johnson, DeWitt, Bunning/DeWitt, as Set Forth in Planning Commission Resolution 91-22
1991-596 (PDF)December 17, 1991Agreement with Mariposa County Schools Amending Prior Agreements as to Cost of School Services (RESCINDED BY RESOLUTION 04-409)
1991-597 (PDF)December 17, 1991Agreement with Mariposa County Schools Providing for Change in Apportionment of Tax Dollars
1991-598 (PDF)December 17, 1991Movement of Administration from Flexible Benefits Administrators to Total Benefits Services
1991-599 (PDF)December 17, 1991Comprehensive Three Year Agreement with Mariposa County Sheriff's Management Association/2% Salary Adjustment and Certain Benefits Adjustments, Effective September 1, 1991
1991-600 (PDF)December 17, 1991Settlement Agreement Dated December 2, 1991, between Board of Supervisors and Mariposa County Employees' Association
1991-601 (PDF)December 17, 1991Appointed Department Heads/Salary and Benefits Adjustments
1991-602 (PDF)December 17, 1991Changes Salary Adjustments for Elected Officials from Fiscal Year Basis to Calendar Year
1991-603 (PDF)December 17, 1991Deletes $206 Monthly Contribution County has been Making toward Justice Court Judge's Retirement System
1991-604 (PDF)December 17, 1991Housing and Community Development Agency Employee Allocation Schedule Adjustment
1991-605 (PDF)December 17, 1991Eliminates Human Services Deputy Director/Creates Social Work Supervisor I
1991-606 (PDF)December 17, 1991Health Department Budget Transfer
1991-607 (PDF)December 17, 1991Health Department Budget Transfer of LEA Grant Funds for Computer Purchase
1991-608 (PDF)December 17, 1991Proposal to Contract with State Department of Health Services for Regulation of Small Public Water Supply Systems
1991-609 (PDF)December 17, 1991Formation of Calaveras-Mariposa Community Action Agency Budget Appropriation
1991-610 (PDF)December 17, 1991Sheriff to Participate in Boating Safety Program FY 1992-93
1991-611 (PDF)December 17, 1991Reinstates Third Full Time Boating Safety Position
1991-612 (PDF)December 17, 1991Agreement with Avenuery Enterprises for Inmate Telephone Vending System/Profits Go to Inmate Welfare Fund
1991-613 (PDF)December 17, 1991Courthouse Remodel Project for Courtroom Security
1991-614 (PDF)December 17, 1991Calif. Mining and Mineral Exhibit Lease Agreement Extension to February 29, 1992
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