1996 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1996-001 (PDF)January 2, 1996(CSD) Sign FY 95/96 Subvention Certificate of Compliance and Medical Cost Avoidance Program Agrm. to receive funds from the Ca. Department of Veterans Affairs
1996-002 (PDF)January 2, 1996(CO CSL) Reject claim No. C95-21
1996-003 (PDF)January 2, 1996(CO CSL) Existing Lease Agreement for County-Owned Grazing Property, Which is Located in the Lake Don Pedro 1M Area Terminates 04/30/96-4
1996-004 (PDF)January 2, 1996(CO CSL) Establish a public hearing date Tuesday, December 12, 1995 to inform the public that the Board intends to purchase real property Located Within the Site of the Government Center
1996-005 (PDF)January 2, 1996(DATA) Transferring $4,345 from Salary Savings to Programming in the Data Processing Budget to pay for programming approved last fiscal year
1996-006 (PDF)January 2, 1996(PW) Award Contract for Re-roofing the airport terminal building to Mari Construction
1996-007 (PDF)January 2, 1996(PW) Recommends that the Board approve the Refuse Disposal Contract and Contract Modification with Yosemite National Park Service (YNP)
1996-008 (PDF)January 2, 1996(TREASURER) Establishing a Treasury Oversight Committee
1996-009 (PDF)January 9, 1996(BOARD) Recognizing the citizens of Mariposa County for their Volunteer Efforts of Assist. During the Federal Budget Shutdown and closure of Yosemite National Park
1996-010 (PDF)January 9, 1996(SHERIFF) Authorizing the Sheriff to fill vacant jail Officers Position
1996-011 (PDF)January 9, 1996(PW) Award the Patch, A.B. Class II and 3/4" Clean Crush Rock bids for the 1996 Road Division Inventory to the Lowest Bidders
1996-012 (PDF)January 9, 1996(SHERIFF) Authorizing the Sheriff to continue participating in the State Boating Safety Program
1996-013 (PDF)January 9, 1996(PWD) Application for transportation Enhancement Act (TEA) Funds for the Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase 2
1996-014 (PDF)January 9, 1996(PWD) Application for transportation Enhancement Act (TEA) Funds for the Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase 3
1996-015 (PDF)January 9, 1996(BOARD) Appropriating $5,000 from Reserve for Contingencies to the Administration Budget for Expenses for the February 9-11, 1996
1996-015a (PDF)January 16, 1996(HEALTH) Appointing George Rosenburg as Representative to the Mariposa County EMCC from the California Highway Patrol
1996-016 (PDF)January 16, 1996(CO CSL) establishes a public hearing date of Tuesday, December 12, 1995 to inform the public that the Board intends to purchase real property
1996-017 (PDF)January 16, 1996(HEALTH) Authorizing Health Officer to dispose of surplus emergency disaster equipment.
1996-018 (PDF)January 16, 1996(SHERIFF'S) Request resolution to provide insurance coverage for the "Dare" Pancake Breakfast to be held at the Old Masonic Hall
1996-019 (PDF)January 16, 1996(PW) Approve the purchase of a used three-point disk from the Roads budget
1996-020 (PDF)January 16, 1996(PW) Awarding the contract for appraisal of an ajacent 5-acre parcel for the Mariposa Pines wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation project
1996-021 (PDF)January 16, 1996(CAO) Discussion with Dale Wagerman, Consultant on Governor's Budget and Legislative Program for Mariposa County
1996-022 (PDF)January 16, 1996(PLG/BLDG) Approval of 6 month extension of PSA between the Building Department and County Resource Conservative District
1996-023 (PDF)January 16, 1996(PLG/BLDG) Approve Flex schedule for Planning and Building Department
1996-024 (PDF)January 16, 1996(BOARD) Changes with Regards to Board Committees
1996-025 (PDF)January 16, 1996(BOARD) Discuss request to support RCRC's resolution relative to Rural counties are of origin alternative to be offered to the State Water Resources
1996-026 (PDF)January 16, 1996(D.A.) Continued Use of Temp Victim/Witness Coordinator Bill Flaherty
1996-027 (PDF)January 23, 1996(PLG) High Speed Rail Proposals
1996-028 (PDF)January 23, 1996(HCD) Reserved Use of the Mariposa Tennis Courts by the Mariposa Tennis Club Subject to Terms and Conditions Adopted in 1995
1996-029 (PDF)January 23, 1996(HCD) Approp. Unanticipated Revenue for Energy Crisis Intervention Program to Assist Low Income Employees Affected by the Closure of Yosemite National Park ($7,000)
1996-030 (PDF)January 23, 1996(CO CLK) Sign Rental Agreements for Lake Don Pedro Elementary and Yosemite Elementary Schools, and the Fair Association to be used as Polling Places March 26, 1996 and November 5, 1996
1996-031 (PDF)January 23, 1996(DA) Appropriation of Revenue Received through SB90 Reimbursement /Child Abduction, Waiving Hiring Freeze and Authorizing the District Attorney to fill/hire a Deputy DA I (Extra-Help only)
1996-032 (PDF)January 23, 1996(HCD) Execution of A Grant Contract with the CA Arts Council
1996-033 (PDF)January 23, 1996(PWD) Intention to Dissolve the Apple Seed Land Maintenance Zone of Benefit associated with the Parcel Map for William Maikranz
1996-034 (PDF)January 23, 1996(PWD) Recommends the Board send a Letter to Caltrans Protesting the Proposed Designation of Highway 132 as a part of the "State Highway Secondary System"
1996-035 (PDF)January 23, 1996(CO CSL) Declaring the Board's Intent to Lease Real Property Located in the Lake Don Pedro 1M Area
1996-036 (PDF)January 23, 1996(CO CSL) District Attorney is designated to Assume the Responsibility for Filing Petitions for Commitment under AB 888
1996-037 (PDF)January 23, 1996(SUP COURT) Transfer of Vacation Time to HSD (Jenrich)
1996-038 (PDF)January 23, 1996(BOARD) "Welcome to Mariposa Weekend" Event
1996-039 (PDF)February 6, 1996(DA) PSA w/ Debbie Walton and Rosalie Muller for their Services to assist in Auditing, Extraction and Input of Designated Case Information into the Statewide Automated Child Support System
1996-040 (PDF)February 6, 1996(HEALTH) Adopting Appendix D to the Mariposa County Rules and Regulations Governing On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems Entitled "Use of Chambered Devices in Leachfields"
1996-041 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PERSONNEL) SEIU MOU
1996-042 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PLG) Approving General Plan/Zoning Amend No. 94-7 and Notice of Exemption and Waive First Reading and Introduce Ordinance Amending Mariposa County Zoning Map
1996-043 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Public Works to Advertise for Sealed Bids for One Rim Clamp Tire Changer for Fleet Maintenance and to Award the Bid to the Lowest Responsible Bidder
1996-044 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Award Bid to Gray Automotive in the Amount of $1,763 for one 2,000-pound Transmission Jack with Differential Adapter System
1996-045 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Award Bid to Gray Automotive in the Amount of $1,689 for two 22-ton air/hydraulic Truck Service Lifts
1996-046 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Purchase of a two-horsepower, belt-driven Commercial Air Compressor to Replace the Failed Compressor on the Courthouse Fire Sprinkler System
1996-047 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Purchase of Two Model PP1250 Power Pruners for Use by the Facilities and Roads Divisions
1996-048 (PDF)February 6, 1996(PWD) Purchase of Used 1989 Chevy Suburban 3/4-ton, 4X4 for Road Div. Survey Crew in the Amount of $12,000
1996-049 (PDF)February 6, 1996(BOARD) Hornitos Patrons Club to make improvements to the Hornitos Park Electrical System Adjacent to Stagg Hall, Under the Direct Supervision of PWD; Waiving all Applicable Permit Fees; and, Authorizing the Public Works Department to Provide Technical and in-kind Support
1996-050 (PDF)February 6, 1996(CO COUNSEL) Encroachment for the Earthtones Nursery
1996-051 (PDF)February 13, 1996(PERSONNEL) Amended Class Specification for the Position of Deputy Sheriff - Extra-Help
1996-052 (PDF)February 13, 1996(AUD) Allow all out of Co Mileage to be Reimbursed at the IRS Standard Rate
1996-053 (PDF)February 13, 1996(AUD) Temporary Assignment of Account Clerk III Step 5 to an Accounting Tech I, Step 5 to Fill in for 6 Month Maternity Leave
1996-054 (PDF)February 13, 1996(SHERIFF) To Change a Part-Time Animal Control a 60% Position
1996-055 (PDF)February 13, 1996(CO CSL) Establishing Guidelines and Policies Regulating Model Airplane Activity at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-056 (PDF)February 13, 1996(PWD) Unanticipated Revenue in the Capital Regulating Model Improvement Projects (C.I.P.) Budget for the Mariposa Pines Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds ($168,500)
1996-057 (PDF)February 13, 1996(PWD) Purchase of Used 4,000-pound Forklift with 36" Forks and a 12-foot two-stage Vertical Lift
1996-058 (PDF)February 13, 1996(PLG) Authorize the Executive Director of the Transportation Commission and County Counsel to Execute Document and all required Assurances and Certification: the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) State Planning and Research Technical Assistance Grant pplication for 1996-97
1996-059 (PDF)February 13, 1996(HSD) Approving 1994/95 GAIN Plan Update
1996-060 (PDF)February 13, 1996(ADMIN) Appropriation of Funds from Contingency Reserve to Admin ($57,891) for Payment of PERS Two Years Additional Service Credit
1996-061 (PDF)February 20, 1996(COUNTY CLERK) Adopting Exhibit A, as Amended
1996-062 (PDF)February 20, 1996(HSD) 1995/96 FY Performance Contract Between State of CA Dept of Mental Health and Mariposa County
1996-063 (PDF)February 20, 1996(CSD) Sign Sub- Contract Agreement with the Calavaras-Mariposa Community Action Agency
1996-064 (PDF)February 20, 1996(HEALTH) Request for Variance From Statutory Setback Distance of 100 Feet Between well and Septic SystemLeachfield for APN 06-160-012, Chris and Doe Falkenstein
1996-065 (PDF)February 20, 1996(DATA) Dispose of Basic Four Computer Equipment
1996-066 (PDF)February 20, 1996(BOARD) Changing Board's Regular Scheduled Meeting for March 12, 1996 for a Bus Tour to El Portal and Yosemite Relative to Transportation Issues, Yosemite Valley Implementation Plan and Other Issues
1996-067 (PDF)February 20, 1996(BOARD) Request from the Merced-Mariposa County Cattlemen's Association for Mariposa County to Endorse Proposition 197, Californians for Balanced Wildlife Management
1996-068 (PDF)February 20, 1996(PWD) Approving map of MARI PLAZA, Major Subdivision
1996-069 (PDF)February 20, 1996(PLG) Staff Recommends that the Board Deny the Appeal and Uphold the Planning 's Determination that a Plastic Sign does not Comply with the "Natural" Materials Criteria for Signs in Mariposa Town Planning Area's Historic Design Review Overlay District
1996-070 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) SB 848 (KOPP), Vehicles: Speed Limits Support
1996-071 (PDF)February 27, 1996(ADMIN) Adopt Resolution Electing to Become Subject to the Provisions of the Trial Court Program for the Fiscal Year July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1997
1996-072 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Appropriating State Grant Monies of $20,000, Received in February 96, to the CIP Budget to Reimburse the History Center HVAC Line Item for Installation of Energy Efficient HVAC Improvements at the History Center/Museum
1996-073 (PDF)February 27, 1996(BOARD) Declaring the Barbecue Fundraiser, Which will be held by the Brigade Division of the Coulterville Fire Department, a County Sponsored Event
1996-074 (PDF)February 27, 1996(CO CSL) Sealed Proposal for Parcel 1 in Area 1M of Lake Don Pedro (Stephen and Brenda Schmidts)
1996-075 (PDF)February 27, 1996(DA) Appropriations from the General Contingency Fund ($15,200), in Order to Replenish and Sufficiently Fund the Following Budget Accounts Due to Significant Trial and Prosecution Expenses during the 1995-96 Fiscal Year
1996-076 (PDF)February 27, 1996(VBD) Transfer of Funds for Travel ($9,500) and Computer System ($10,000)
1996-077 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Public Hearing Proposed Increase of Monthly Ground Lease Fees at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1996-078 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Approving Additional $14,930 from Reserve for the Midpines Community Center Water Well
1996-079 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Adopt Operational Policy for the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-080 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Approving Application for State Loan Funds for Installation of Approximately Ten County Hangars at the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1996-081 (PDF)February 27, 1996(PWD) Approving Application for State Loan Funds to Replace Fueling Facility at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1996-082 (PDF)February 27, 1996(BOARD) Resolution Authorizing Staff to Apply for a Loan from RECDS (U. S Department of Agricultural) for Construction of the Government Center
1996-083 (PDF)March 5, 1996(CO COUNSEL) Emergency Medical Services Litigation
1996-084 (PDF)March 5, 1996(PWD) Adopting Plans and Specifications to Install a New Concrete Pool Deck at the El Portal Swimming Pool, (PWD) 94-30
1996-085 (PDF)March 5, 1996(SHERIFF) Board to Execute Lease for Radio Vault Space at the State of California's Radio Vault at Penon Blanco
1996-086 (PDF)March 5, 1996(HCD) Authorizing the Housing and Community Development Agency Director to Negotiate a Subgrant Agreement with the Madera County Action Committee, Inc. to Operate the Mariposa County Head Start Program
1996-087 (PDF)March 5, 1996(PWD) Conditionally Dissolving the Apple Seed Lane Maintenance Zone of Benefit
1996-088 (PDF)March 5, 1996(PERSONNEL) 1995 Reclassification Request
1996-089 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for Sealed Bids for One 1996, 2WD mini-cargo Van for the Sheriff's Department
1996-090 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for One 1996, 7-Passenger, 2-Wheel Drive Mini-van for the Sheriff's Department
1996-091 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for one 1996, 4-Passenger, 2-door, 4X4, Mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle for the Building Department
1996-092 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for one 1996, 2WD, 3/4 Ton Cab and Chassis for the Sheriff's Animal Control Truck
1996-093 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for one 1996, 1/2-Ton, 4X4, Short-bed regular Cab Pickup for the Building Department
1996-094 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for one 1996, 5-Passenger, 4-Door, intermediate mid-size Sedan for the Social Services Department
1996-095 (PDF)March 12, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for one 1996, 5-Passenger, 4-door, 4X4 Utility Vehicles for the Sheriff's Department
1996-096 (PDF)March 12, 1996(BOARD) Pending Water Rights Issues and the Calfed Hearing
1996-097 (PDF)March 19, 1996(AUD) Approve Correction of Account Number on Visitor Bureau Travel from 0450 to 0049
1996-098 (PDF)March 19, 1996(DA-CRIM) To Fill Vacant Position of Victim/Witness Coordinator Advocate
1996-099 (PDF)March 19, 1996(CSD) Additional Expenditures in the Senior Nutrition Services Budget
1996-100 (PDF)March 19, 1996(HDC) PSA ($24,472) with the Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency to Provide Low Income Energy Assistance Services in Mariposa County
1996-101 (PDF)March 19, 1996(HCD) Opposing Assembly Bill 2982 regarding the State Department of Community Services and Development Implementation of the LIHEAP
1996-102 (PDF)March 19, 1996(HCD) Potential County Application to the Community Development Block Grant General and Native American Allocations
1996-103 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Enter into an Agreement for Co-Composting consulting Services Integrated Recycling, Inc., (IRI)
1996-104 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Issuance of a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) co-composting letter of Interest (LOI)
1996-105 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Budget Appropriation of $56,848.09 for Resolution Number 96-117 pertaining to the Mariposa County Energy Partnership Program
1996-106 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Agreements for Biological and Archaeological Services for the Joe Howard-Fournier Road Intersection
1996-107 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PLG) Adopt a Claim for 1995-96 Transportation Development Act Funds
1996-108 (PDF)March 19, 1996(VBD) Filling Vacancy for Visitor Bureau Director
1996-109 (PDF)March 19, 1996(HSD) To Purchase a New Telephone System for More Sufficient Operation of the Department
1996-110 (PDF)March 19, 1996(CO CSL) Concerning the Results of the Verbal Discussion with William Klump's Agent Relative to Renewal of the Lease Agreement for the Buildings which House the Social Services Division of the HSD
1996-111 (PDF)March 19, 1996(ADMIN) Settlement Agreements with the Deputy Sheriff Association (DSA) and the Mariposa Sheriff's Management Association (MSMA)
1996-112 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Recognizing Frank Dalton Reynolds Upon his Retirement from the Public Works Department
1996-113 (PDF)March 19, 1996(PWD) Recognizing Everett H. "Bud" Anthony Upon His Retirement from the Public Works Department
1996-114 (PDF)March 19, 1996(BOARD) Appointments to the Lake Don Pedro Service Area 1-M Adv Board
1996-115 (PDF)March 19, 1996(MUNI COURT) Transfer $304 from Court Salaries/Justice Court Clerk II to Extra Help
1996-116 (PDF)April 2, 1996(BOARD) Opposition to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Approval of Geographical Deaveraging of Telephone Rates
1996-117 (PDF)April 2, 1996(CSD) Chairman to Sign the Title IIIB, Title IIIC-1 and Title IIIC-2 Contract Amendments with Area 12 Agency on Aging (A12AA)
1996-118 (PDF)April 2, 1996(SHERIFF) To Expend not more than $19,000 from the Sheriff's Asset Forfeiture Account for the Purchase of a Van to be Used for the "DARE PROGRAM"
1996-119 (PDF)April 2, 1996(DATA) Transferring $4.650 within the Data Processing Budget for the Purchase of a Computer System for Data Processing and Training for all Departments
1996-120 (PDF)April 2, 1996(BOARD) Transferring Funds within the Board of Supervisors Budget for Extra Help to Cover Behind an Office Assistant II Position During an Unscheduled Medical Leave
1996-121 (PDF)April 2, 1996(PWD) Authorizing Recruitment for Full-Time Custodian and Authorizing Transfer of Funds Within the Facilities Budget to Extra-Help Line to Pay for Interim Extra-Help Custodian
1996-122 (PDF)April 2, 1996(PWD) Approving Change Order 3 for Lake Don Pedro Sewer Rehabilitation
1996-123 (PDF)April 2, 1996(ADMIN) Mid-Year Financial Report for 1995-96
1996-124 (PDF)April 2, 1996(SHERIFF) Waiving Hiring Freeze to Replace Two Vacant Positions (One in the Jail and One in Patrol)
1996-125 (PDF)April 9, 1996(HCD) Conduct Public Hearing and Authorize Submission of Two Community Development Block Grant Applications for Dental Project Public Services and American Indian Allocation for Public Works and Housing Rehabilitation
1996-126 (PDF)April 9, 1996(HCD) Conduct Public Hearing and Authorize Submission of Two Community Development Block Grant Applications for Dental Project Public Services and American Indian Allocation for Public Works and Housing Rehabilitation
1996-127 (PDF)April 9, 1996(PWD) Sign a California Tire Recycling Program Grant Application and Conduct all Negotiations with CIWMB
1996-128 (PDF)April 9, 1996(AG COMM) Agreement Between Merced County and Mariposa County for the use of Weights and Measures Testing Equipment and Personnel for FY 96/97 and 97/98
1996-129 (PDF)April 9, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-1
1996-130 (PDF)April 9, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-3
1996-131 (PDF)April 9, 1996(CO CSL) Lease Agreement with Stephen and Brenda Schmidt for Parcel 1 in Area 1M of Lake Don Pedro for the Period of May 1, 1996 through and including April 30, 1999
1996-132 (PDF)April 9, 1996(FIRE) PSA with Jane Williams for Medical Fire Responder re-certification course for Firefighters in Fish Camp
1996-133 (PDF)April 9, 1996(FIRE) PSA with Jim Wilson for Teaching a Medical Fire Responders Certification Course
1996-134 (PDF)April 9, 1996(FIRE) PSA with Bill Bondshu for Teaching the Volunteer Fire Fighter Certification Course
1996-135 (PDF)April 9, 1996(FIRE) PSA with Bill Hodson for Teaching the Volunteer Fire Fighter Certification Course
1996-136 (PDF)April 9, 1996(HCD) PSA with Michelle Pecchenino, RD, CDE to Provide Head Start Nutrition Services
1996-137 (PDF)April 9, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bid and Contract Documents for 1996 Overlay Program on Various County Roads
1996-138 (PDF)April 9, 1996(PWD) Implementing a Combination of a year-round 4/10 and 9/80 Flex Schedule and Assignments for Facilities Maintenance Staff
1996-139 (PDF)April 9, 1996(PWD) Change Shift Assignments for Custodial Staff in Facilities
1996-140 (PDF)April 9, 1996(PWD) Approving New Class Specifications for Positions of Senior Maintenance Worker - Facilities and Senior Maintenance Worker - Roads
1996-141 (PDF)April 9, 1996(BOARD) Actions Regarding Certain Board Committees
1996-142 (PDF)April 9, 1996(BOARD) Supporting AB 2455 (BATTIN), an Act to Amend Section 31000 of the Government Code, Relating to County Contracts
1996-143 (PDF)April 9, 1996(SHERIFF) Elected Department Heads Salaries
1996-144 (PDF)April 9, 1996(SHERIFF) Elected Department Heads Salaries
1996-145 (PDF)April 16, 1996(HEALTH) Sign "Declaration of Intent" Contract with Department of Health Services for FY 1996/97
1996-146 (PDF)April 16, 1996(HEALTH) Sign State Standard Agreement Number 95-23544 for Provision of Public Health Services
1996-147 (PDF)April 16, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-5
1996-148 (PDF)April 16, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-8
1996-149 (PDF)April 16, 1996(HSD) Fairtime Rental Agreement 96-7E
1996-150 (PDF)April 16, 1996(DA) Agreement for Additional Funding of Victims of Crime Assistance (VOCA) 04-16-96
1996-151 (PDF)April 16, 1996(HCD) Transfer of $18,085 from Headstart Salaries to Services
1996-152 (PDF)April 16, 1996(HCD) Transfer of $1,000 from Services and Supplies to Travel
1996-153 (PDF)April 16, 1996(PERSONNEL) Approving Revised and New Extra-Help Class Specifications for the Positions of Lifeguard I/II/III and Recreation Aide I/II/III
1996-154 (PDF)April 16, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bid and Contract Documents for the Broncho Hollow Chip Seal Program
1996-155 (PDF)April 16, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bid and Contract Documents for 1996 Chip Seal Program on Various County Roads
1996-156 (PDF)April 16, 1996(BOARD) Request from the Arts Council for Support of the Spring Festival-Blue Grass Festival to be Held May 17-19, 1996
1996-157 (PDF)April 16, 1996(ADMIN) Accepting Audit Report for the Period Ending June 1995 with Responses from Departments
1996-158 (PDF)April 16, 1996(ADMIN) Approving Classifications Recommended to be Exempted from the Hiring Freeze
1996-159 (PDF)April 16, 1996(FIRE) Fire Chief's Association is Requesting that the Board meet to Discuss Activities of the County Fire Department During the Vacancy of the Fire Chief
1996-160 (PDF)April 16, 1996(AUD) Increasing Salaries for Appointed Officials
1996-161 (PDF)April 23, 1996(Board) Recognizing Dan Tinnel for his Service to the Mariposa Community
1996-162 (PDF)April 23, 1996(BOARD) Proclaiming Thursday, May 2, 1996 as the National Day of Prayer
1996-163 (PDF)April 23, 1996(FIRE) PSA with John Faleski for teaching a Water Tender Driver Certification Course for Fire Fighters throughout the County
1996-164 (PDF)April 23, 1996(CO CSL) Mariposa County Wagon Train Event
1996-165 (PDF)April 23, 1996(PLG) Approving Road Name "Shy Fox Lane"
1996-166 (PDF)April 23, 1996(PWD) Install New Surfaces for the Mariposa Park Tennis Courts
1996-167 (PDF)April 23, 1996(FIRE) Five Year Contract with Yosemite National Park for Fire EMS Services
1996-168 (PDF)April 23, 1996(PERSONNEL) Inclusion to Existing Extra-Help Class Specification for Sanitarian Aide
1996-169 (PDF)April 23, 1996(TAX COLL) Transfer From Cost Fund to Transportation and Travel $2,000
1996-170 (PDF)April 23, 1996(HSD) Transferring Funds from the Department of Human Services to Department of Public Works/Building Maintenance in Order to Fund Interior Modifications at the Social Services Building
1996-171 (PDF)April 23, 1996(AUD) Amend the County's PERS Contract
1996-172 (PDF)April 23, 1996(AUD) Designating Appropriation Limits
1996-173 (PDF)April 23, 1996(PWD) Direct Staff and the Government Center Committee to Proceed with the Completion of Negotiations with DuPertuis-Scott for Detailed Design of the Government Center
1996-174 (PDF)April 23, 1996(ADMIN) PSA for Acting Fire Chief and Acting Deputy Fire Chief
1996-175 (PDF)April 23, 1996(ADMIN) Presentation by Tourism Advisory Council; on Suggested Promotional Activities During Vacancy of Visitor's Bureau Director Position
1996-176 (PDF)May 7, 1996(BOARD) Recognizing and Congratulating Wallace "Tom" Reavis on his Retirement from the California Department of Forestry
1996-177 (PDF)May 7, 1996(CSD) Sign the Older Americans Act Title IIIB, IIIC-1 and IIIC-2 Contract Amendment with Area 12 Agency On Aging (A12AA) for FY 1995-96
1996-178 (PDF)May 7, 1996(DA/VIC) Transfer of Funds within the Benefits Line Item
1996-179 (PDF)May 7, 1996(HCD) Authorizing the Mariposa County Visitors Bureau to Provide Courthouse Tours from May 10, 1996 through June 30, 1997
1996-180 (PDF)May 7, 1996(HCD) Adopting Class Specifications and Establishment of an Hourly rate of $7 for the Extra Help Position of Courthouse Tour Guide
1996-181 (PDF)May 7, 1996(AUDITOR) 457 Deferred Comp Program for Part-Time Employees
1996-182 (PDF)May 7, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving new Class Specification for the Extra-help Position of Water Safety Instructor at an Hourly rate of $8
1996-183 (PDF)May 7, 1996(ADMIN) Third Quarter Financial Report 1995-96
1996-184 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PLG) Supporting Changes in Federal Law to Relieve Downwind Jurisdictions from Penalties Resulting from Upwind Pollution Sources
1996-185 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PLG) Transfer $25,000 from Reserve for Contingencies to Building Department Enterprise Fund to Reimburse the Fund for Free Services Provided to County Residents that are not Paid for by permit Fees
1996-186 (PDF)May 7, 1996(BOARD) Discussion and Possible Action on Funding ($5,000) request from the Chamber of Commerce for the Annual County Exhibit to be Displayed at the California State Fair and Los Angeles County Fair
1996-187 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) g $3,700 from the Coulterville Service Area Contingency Line for the Implementation of the State- Approved Sludge Disposal Plan
1996-188 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Appropriation of $55,000 from Yosemite West Utility Capitol for the first Phase of a three-phase Project to rehabilitate the Water System in the Yosemite West Special District
1996-189 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Appropriation of $20,000 from the Don Pedro Sewer Zone Utility Capital Fund for Repairs of Lift Stations in the Wastewater Collection System of the Don Pedro Sewer Zone
1996-190 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Transfer of $10,000 from the Fleet Maintenance Equipment Mechanics' salary Savings to the Gas and Oil Line item
1996-191 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Sign Contract Change Order Number 13 with Total Waste Systems to Provide water/leachate Transportation from the Mariposa Landfill to Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) for Disposal
1996-192 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Sign Caltrans State-Local Transportation Partnership Program Agreement No. SLTPP-5490
1996-193 (PDF)May 7, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign License Agreement with the Mariposa County Unified School District for the Period of May 1, 1996 through April 30, 2006 for the use of the Coulterville Community School for Community Purposes
1996-194 (PDF)May 7, 1996(ADMIN) Submission of Deferred Responses to 1994-95 Grand Jury Report
1996-195 (PDF)May 7, 1996(BOARD) Approving in Concept a Finger Print Imaging System for Public Assistance Applicants in Order to Reduce Fraud and Support Merced County's Application for Federal Waivers to Implement such a System on a Regional Basis
1996-196 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Approval of a Four Month Temporary Extension of the 240-hour Vacation Accrual Limit for three employees
1996-197 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Transferring Funds from Solid Waste and Mariposa Pines Sewer Zone Budgets to Facilities Maint. to Cover Expected Overtime Expenses through FY 95/96 ($400)
1996-198 (PDF)May 7, 1996(PWD) Authorizing the Extension of an Emergency Hire Agreement Until the Completion of the Current Equipment Mechanic Recruitment
1996-199 (PDF)May 7, 1996(CO CLK) Accepting the Statement of All Votes Cast in the Primary as Certified to the Secretary of the State
1996-200 (PDF)May 7, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) To Reject Claim No. C96-10, for $350
1996-201 (PDF)May 7, 1996(HSD) Sign the 1995-96 FY Contract with Kingsview Corporation for Alcohol, Drug and Perinatal Services for Mariposa County
1996-202 (PDF)May 14, 1996(BOARD) Proclaiming Friday, May 17, 1996 as POPPY DAY
1996-203 (PDF)May 14, 1996(HCD) Lease Agreement with Almost Like Home for Use 05-14-96 of the Woodland Community Hall for FY 1996/96
1996-204 (PDF)May 14, 1996(AUDITOR) Agreement with David M. Griffith to Provide Professional Consulting Services in the Preparation of the County Cost Allocation Plan
1996-205 (PDF)May 14, 1996(HSD) Sign FY 1995-96 Mental Health Service Contracts with Kingsview Corporation for the County Child Abuse Prevention Program (AB 1733) and the American Indian Community Mental Health Program
1996-206 (PDF)May 14, 1996(ADMIN) Settlement Agreement between Mariposa County and the Mariposa County Managerial/Confidential Organization and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Local 2703
1996-207 (PDF)May 14, 1996(AUDITOR) Establishing the Appropriation Limits for the 1994-95 Fiscal Year
1996-208 (PDF)May 14, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject Claim No. C96-6 for $760
1996-209 (PDF)May 14, 1996(PWD) Approving Airport Management Items
1996-210 (PDF)May 14, 1996(PWD) Allocate the Position of Associate Civil Engineer within the Public Works Roads Division and authorize Recruitment for the Same to Replace the Junior Civil Engineer who has Resigned Effective April 25, 1996
1996-211 (PDF)May 14, 1996(PWD) Approving FINAL MAP for Condominium Conversion Purposes for Donald J. Starchman and Francie M. Starchman and authorizing the Clerk of the Board to Sign the Map
1996-212 (PDF)May 14, 1996(PWD) Renewal of the Bid for Fuel with Chase's Foothill Petroleum until December 31, 1996
1996-213 (PDF)May 14, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject Claim No. C96-9 for $289
1996-214 (PDF)May 14, 1996(COUNTY COUNSEL) Establishes a Methodology for the Board to Use During Discussion and Possible Adjustment of Elected Officials' Salaries
1996-215 (PDF)May 14, 1996(ADMIN) Execution of Contract with David M. Griffith and Associates, Ltd (DMG) for Preparation and Submittal of Claims for SB-90 Reimbursement from the State for Fiscal Years 1993-94, 1994-95 and 1995-96
1996-216 (PDF)May 14, 1996(ADMIN) Appropriation of $154,061 in Funds to Make Transfers to Departments Implementing Negotiated Salary Increases and additional Authorization to the Auditor to Make Transfers of Approximately an Additional $11,400 to Implement the MCMCO Agreement
1996-217 (PDF)May 14, 1996(PLG) Denying General Plan/Zoning Amendment No. 95-38 and Development Agreement No. 96-1; Mack and Pam Toney, Applicants
1996-218 (PDF)May 21, 1996(CSD) Recognizing Kathie and Joe Dalton as Senior Lady and Senior Gentleman of the Year
1996-219 (PDF)May 21, 1996(CSD) Special Recognition of Dorothy Bauer as Senior Lady of the Year
1996-220 (PDF)May 21, 1996(CSD) Recognizing Mary and Grant Colliver for their Outstanding Service to the Community of Mariposa
1996-221 (PDF)May 21, 1996(BOARD) Discussion and Consideration of Supporting AB 705 (Ayala and Aguiar), the "Making Criminals Pay" Proposal which will Impose a Financial Criminal Penalty on Convicted Criminals in order to Support the Law and Justice System
1996-222 (PDF)May 21, 1996(AG COMM) Sign the Regulatory Pesticide Enforcement Contract No. 96-0023 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) for 1996/97
1996-223 (PDF)May 21, 1996(PWD) Adopt the Contract Documents for the Installation of Service Entry Conversions for the Underground Utilities District NO. 2, along 8th and Jones Street
1996-224 (PDF)May 21, 1996(HEALTH) Sign PSA with Jim Carl to Write the First Draft of a Comprehensive Tobacco Control Plan and Budget for 1996-98
1996-225 (PDF)May 21, 1996(ADMIN) Budget Outlook Report
1996-226 (PDF)May 21, 1996(ADMIN) Execution of Contingency Contract with David M. Griffith (DMG) to Prepare SB-90 Claims for Additional Programs Authorized by AB-818, for the Amount of 30% of State Reimbursement Amount Received, not to exceed $10,000
1996-227 (PDF)May 21, 1996(BOARD) Discussion and Consideration of Supporting[ AB 50 (Johnson and Pringle), which will Repeal the Mandate for an Ergonomic Regulation
1996-228 (PDF)May 21, 1996(ADMIN) Transferring of Funds for Purchase of Computer for Clerk of the Board, Computer for the Board of Supervisors, computer for County Counsel Secretary
1996-229 (PDF)May 21, 1996(BOARD) Sign Compromise Settlement and Mutual Release Agreement with Yosemite Concession Services Corporation (YCSC) for Refund of Property Taxes
1996-230 (PDF)May 28, 1996(HEALTH) Authorizing Increase in Office Space Rent and Water for Environmental Health at Italian Acres
1996-231 (PDF)May 28, 1996(HEALTH) Contract with Boyer Temporary Personnel to fill Temporary Vacancy of the Accounting Technician
1996-232 (PDF)May 28, 1996(ADMIN) Approving Equity Adjustments Authorized Pursuant to Labor Negotiations with MCMCO
1996-233 (PDF)May 28, 1996(HSD) Designating Fresno Community Hospital, Cedar Vista Hospital and Tuolumne General Hospital as Mental Health Evaluation and Intensive Treatment Faculties (5150) for Residents of Mariposa County for the Purposes of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act
1996-234 (PDF)May 28, 1996(HCD) Authorizing the Jesse Benton Fremont School to Use County Courthouse Grounds and Front Parking Area on June 3, 1996 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. to Publicize a California Sesquicentennial Celebration
1996-235 (PDF)May 28, 1996(TREAS/TAX COLL) Establishing Minimum Requirements for Public Member to Serve on Treasury Oversight Committee
1996-236 (PDF)May 28, 1996(ADMIN) Temporary Appointment of Steve Hayes to Tourism Assistant to CAO During Vacancy of Visitors Bureau Director
1996-237 (PDF)May 28, 1996(PWD) Hearing on Mpsa County's Solid Waste Nondisposal Facility Element
1996-238 (PDF)May 28, 1996(PLG) Negative Declaration and Mitigation Measures for the Mariposa County Government Center Project
1996-239 (PDF)May 28, 1996(PWD) Agreement with DuPertuis-Scott Architects of Merced for Architectural Design of the Administrative and Development Services Building
1996-240 (PDF)May 28, 1996(HEALTH) Sign Standard Agreement with CA Department of Health Services (CDHS), Local Public Health Services Section (LLPHSS), for Local Assistance Block Grant (LABG) for $6,900 for AIDS Testing in the Amount of $5,400
1996-241 (PDF)June 4, 1996(BOARD) Scheduling a Public Hearing relative to the Location and Construction of a Library Facility for June 18, 1996, at 7 p.m.
1996-242 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AG) Sign the 1996/97 Nursery Inspection Contract No. 96-0026 with the Department of Food and Agriculture
1996-243 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AG) Sign the 1996/97 Egg Quality Control Contract No. 96-0151 with the Department of Food and Agriculture
1996-244 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AG) Sign the 1996/97 MOU for Pesticide Use Reporting Number 96-0142 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation
1996-245 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AG) Sign the 1996/97 Pesticide Application Reporting Contract Number 96-0085 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation
1996-246 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AG) Authorizing the Mariposa County Sealer of Weights and Measures to Sign the 1996/97 Weights and Measures Agreement P-56922 and the 96/97 Weights and Measures Agreement W-56922
1996-247 (PDF)June 4, 1996(HEALTH) PSA with Clara Mossman for Janitorial Services
1996-248 (PDF)June 4, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bid and Specification Documents for a Heated/Agitated Gallon Oil Emulsion Tank for the Ben Hur Yard
1996-249 (PDF)June 4, 1996(HEALTH) Appointing Mark Koenig as the CDF Representative to the Emergency Medical Care Committee (EMCC)
1996-250 (PDF)June 4, 1996(HEALTH) Extra-Help Agreement with Carolyn Rose, MD, to Provide Services to the Health Department at no Expense to the County
1996-251 (PDF)June 4, 1996(DA) Approval of a Six Month Temporary Extension of the 240-hour Vacation Accrual Limit for Marita Green and Johnnie Wackerman
1996-252 (PDF)June 4, 1996(PWD) Authorizing Appropriation of $1,500 from the Yosemite West Utility Capital to Purchase a Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) Meter for use at the Yosemite West Wastewater Treatment Pond
1996-253 (PDF)June 4, 1996(AUD) Appropriation Limits to be Computed for FY 95/96 for Each Jurisdiction
1996-254 (PDF)June 4, 1996(HEALTH) Recommend Discussion and Possible Action in Response to Request for Fee Waiver by the Mariposa Youth Football
1996-255 (PDF)June 4, 1996(HEALTH) Appropriating $4,700 for AIDS Blood Testing
1996-256 (PDF)June 4, 1996(TREAS/TAX) Appropriation to Elections Budget to Cover Ballot Counting Specialist from DFM Assoc.
1996-257 (PDF)June 4, 1996(PLG) Approve Time Extension for Planned Development No. 84-2, with the Zone Condition that this be the Final Time Extension to be Granted to this Project
1996-258 (PDF)June 4, 1996(PLG) Approve Processing Strategy for the 23 Applications Initiated Under the Commercial Sites Open Window Program
1996-259 (PDF)June 4, 1996(PWD) Rejecting Bid for the Broncho Hollow Chip Sealing Project
1996-260 (PDF)June 11, 1996(CO CSL) Addendum to Agreement with Ross and Costillo, the County’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator
1996-261 (PDF)June 11, 1996(CO CSL) Lease Agreement with Mariposa Lodge NO. 24 F&AM Temple Association for use of the Masonic Hall
1996-262 (PDF)June 11, 1996(CO CSL) Extension to Lease w/ Kenneth and Lamerna Mari for Rental of Vault Space
1996-263 (PDF)June 11, 1996(AG) Sign the 1996/97 Detection Trapping Contract NO. 96-0081
1996-264 (PDF)June 11, 1996(PWD) Approving Interim Rental Agreement with 35-A Dist Ag Assoc.
1996-265 (PDF)June 11, 1996(HEALTH) Apply for Maternal-Child Health Grant Number 96-25591 for FY 96/97
1996-266 (PDF)June 11, 1996(HEALTH) Apply for 96/97 Enforcement Assist Grant for of $17,827
1996-267 (PDF)June 11, 1996(CSD) Sign the County Subvention Program Certificate of Compliance and the Medi-Cal Cost Avoidance Agrmt w/ CA Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA)
1996-268 (PDF)June 11, 1996(HCD) Purchase a Computer System and Software Upgrade from EdTech Computer Services in the Amount of $2,810
1996-269 (PDF)June 11, 1996(PWD) an Application for State Aeronautics Program Funding ($342,900) for Runaway Safety Area Improvements Runaway and Taxiway Slurry Seal
1996-270 (PDF)June 11, 1996(HSD) PSA with Jane Siebeneicher for the Provision of Independent Living Skills Training to Teenage Children in Foster Care Preparing them for Transitioning to Independent Adult Life
1996-271 (PDF)June 11, 1996(HSD) PSA w/Jane Siebeneicher to Provide in home Family Preservation Services
1996-272 (PDF)June 11, 1996(PLG) Denying and Upholding Planning Commission’s Approval of a Conditional Certificate of Compliance to APN 08-330-011
1996-273 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Advised of an upcoming Committee Hearing on AB 1647 (Bustamante) Which would reaffirm the CA Integrated Waste Management Board’s Earlier Policy Which Authorized Limited use of Alternative Daily Cover for Diversion Credits
1996-274 (PDF)June 18, 1996(MUNI CT) Transfer $418 Supplies to Purchase a Executive Swivel Chair
1996-275 (PDF)June 18, 1996(HEALTH) Sign Declaration of Intent Not to Apply for Rural Health Services Program Funding for FY 96/97
1996-276 (PDF)June 18, 1996(HEALTH) Transferring $452 from Rent to Taxes and Assessments
1996-277 (PDF)June 18, 1996(DA) Transfer Remaining Funds Between Asset Categories, in order to Replace a Failing Computer Monitor within the Criminal Division
1996-278 (PDF)June 18, 1996(AUD) Establishing the Appropriation Limits for 1995/96 Fiscal Year
1996-279 (PDF)June 18, 1996(DA) Request to Apply for the Continuation of the Drug Enforcement Grant Offered by the OCJP
1996-280 (PDF)June 18, 1996(CO CSL) Policy for Implementation of Drug and Alcohol Testing for Drivers, Mechanics and Supervisory Personnel Directly Involved in the Operations of Commercial Motor Vehicles
1996-281 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Execute the Application for State-Local Transportation Partnership Program (SLTPP) Funds for Cycle 8
1996-282 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Regarding Use of Mariposa Lightning District Funds for Replacement of Inadequate Lightning and Poles at the Ballfields
1996-283 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Prepare Plans and Specifications to Build an Extension on the Heavy Equipment Shop
1996-284 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Sign an Amended and Restated JPA Creating the Regional Council of Rural Counties Authority for Environmental Services
1996-285 (PDF)June 18, 1996(PWD) Approving Additional County Transportation Permits Conditions
1996-286 (PDF)June 18, 1996(CO CSL) Endorses the Concept of Straw Bale Construction in Mariposa County.
1996-287 (PDF)June 18, 1996(LIBRARY) Amend LSCA Application to Increase Funding Commitment from Mariposa County or Change Project Scope
1996-288 (PDF)June 18, 1996(BOARD) Recognizing Brian McFaden for His Outstanding Service on the Mariposa County Planning Commission
1996-289 (PDF)June 18, 1996(FARM) Interim Rental Agreement between 35-A District Agricultural Associations and Mariposa County for the Purpose of Leasing the Campbell Building Located at the Fairgrounds
1996-290 (PDF)June 25, 1996(PLG) Approving Road Name “LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN ROAD”
1996-291 (PDF)June 25, 1996(SHERIFF) Sign Contract for State Reimbursement for CYA Prisoners Housed in the County Jail
1996-292 (PDF)June 25, 1996(AUD) Allowing Employees the Option of a Pre-Tax Deduction in Cases Where the Employee is Buying Back Service Credit for PERS Retirement
1996-293 (PDF)June 25, 1996(HSD) Sign an Amendment to the 1995-96 Mental Health Contract with Kingsview Corporation, Reflecting $15,000, Increase in Realignment Funds
1996-294 (PDF)June 25, 1996(SUP COURT) Transfer of Funds for Purchase of Personal Computer, Printer and Software for use in the Court Clerk’s Office
1996-295 (PDF)June 25, 1996(PWD) Lease Agreement Forms for the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1996-296 (PDF)June 25, 1996(BOARD) Discussion and Request for Coverage on the County’s Blanket Insurance Policy for Joaquin Murrieta Days
1996-297 (PDF)June 25, 1996(CO CSL) Lease Agreement with Douglas and Suzanne Griepp and Raymond and Tamara Willey for the Building that Houses the Red Cloud Library Located in Greeley Hill
1996-298 (PDF)June 25, 1996(CO CSL) Agreement for Renewal of the Lease with R. Scott and Karen E Godfrey for County Office Space on the Northside
1996-299 (PDF)June 25, 1996(AG COMM) Sign Agreement NO. 96-73-0260-RA the Annual Work Plan and Reimbursable Budget Plan for FY 96/97 w/ USDA/APHIS/ADC (Animal Control Damage)
1996-300 (PDF)June 25, 1996(ADMIN) Approving One Year Contract with AT&T for Long Distance Service
1996-301 (PDF)July 2, 1996(PWD) Bid and Specification Documents for a 24-Hour Above-Ground Fueling System at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-302 (PDF)July 2, 1996(PWD) Ratify the Department’s Decision to Tag-On to the County Overlay Project (with Tiechert Construction) for an Overlay with 0.1 Foot Asphalt Concrete in the Broncho Hollow Subdivision Zone of Benefit Roads
1996-303 (PDF)July 2, 1996(PLG) Approval of 6 Month Extension of PSA Between the County Building Department and and County Resource Conservation District
1996-304 (PDF)July 2, 1996(PLG) Approval of 6 month Extension of PSA Between the County Building Department and County Resource Conservation District
1996-305 (PDF)July 2, 1996(CO CSL) Agreement with State Fire Marshall for Fire Prevention Services
1996-306 (PDF)July 9, 1996(PWD) Negotiate and Sign Agreements for Geotechnical Services for the Government Center, upon Review of Agreement by County Counsel
1996-307 (PDF)July 9, 1996(HSD) Sign Contract with U.C. Davis for Training for HSD Staff
1996-308 (PDF)July 9, 1996(CO CSL) Execute Agreement with Freese and Gianelli Claim Services to Continue Liability Claims Administration for the 1996-97 Fiscal Year
1996-309 (PDF)July 9, 1996(CO CLK) (1) Consolidating John C. Fremont Healthcare District Election and Mariposa County Unified School District Election with the November 5, 1996 General Election (2) Directing the County Clerk to Canvass Returns of Said Election (3) Directing County Clerk to Bill the Healthcare District and School District in Full for Costs of Services
1996-310 (PDF)July 9, 1996(AUD) Approval of AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company) as the New Administrator for Section 125 Plan
1996-311 (PDF)July 9, 1996(SHERIFF) Authorize the Sheriff to Execute the Cops More Award (Number 96-CM-WX-0228) for the Purchase of Laptop Computers and a Video Arraignment Systems
1996-312 (PDF)July 9, 1996(PLG) Approve Issuance of “Letter of Public Need and Necessity” Based Upon the Tourist Nature of the Community and the Tourist Serving Nature of the Proposed Use
1996-313 (PDF)July 16, 1996(SHERIFF) Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program.
1996-314 (PDF)July 16, 1996(CSD) Services and Nutrition Under Title III/VII of the Older Americans Act
1996-315 (PDF)July 16, 1996(PLG) Grant a 6 month time extension for applicants to comply with all parking requirements or obtain a variance to the parking standards.
1996-316 (PDF)July 16, 1996(PWD) Execute a contract for Services with Einarson, Fowler and Watson (EFW) to Provide Special Geologic and Hydorgeologic Services
1996-317 (PDF)July 16, 1996(PWD) Reject Bid for a Heated/Agitated 2000 Gallon Oil Emulsion Tank
1996-318 (PDF)July 16, 1996(CO CSL) Adopt Family and Medical Leave Policy and Procedures
1996-319 (PDF)July 16, 1996(ADMIN) Approve the 1995-96 Budget as the 1996-97 Proposed Budget
1996-320 (PDF)July 23, 1996(PWD) Accepting Resignation from Vicki McMichael from the Yosemite West District Advisory Committee
1996-321 (PDF)July 23, 1996(HCD) Sih PSA with Paul Beard to Provide Courthouse Tours
1996-322 (PDF)July 23, 1996(PLG) Continuing Winterberg Public Hearing
1996-323 (PDF)August 6, 1996(BOARD) Proclaiming Existence of a Local Emergency
1996-324 (PDF)August 6, 1996(SHERIFF) Execute Inmate Telephone Contact with Sierra Telephone
1996-325 (PDF)August 6, 1996(HSD) Implementing the State Automated Welfare System (SAWS) and the State Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS)
1996-326 (PDF)August 6, 1996(HSD) Sign the Application/Assurances for 1995 Federal Community-Based Family Resource Program (CBFRP) Grant Funds
1996-327 (PDF)August 6, 1996(PWD) Negotiate an Architectural Contract with McCabe-Pressey Architects
1996-328 (PDF)August 6, 1996(PWD) Execute a Contract with Valley Trenching of Fresno for a 24 Hour Fueling Facility at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-329 (PDF)August 6, 1996(PWD) discussion and Direction of the California Integrated Waste Management Board’s (CIWMB) Financial Assurance Requirements for the Closure of the Landfill
1996-330 (PDF)August 6, 1996(PWD) Approving Request for Qualification (RFQ) for a Mixed Solid Waste Composting Facility at the County Landfill
1996-331 (PDF)August 6, 1996(CO CSL) Approving an amendment to the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) Creating the CSAC Excess Insurance Authority
1996-332 (PDF)August 6, 1996(ADMIN) Approving Amendment Number 2 of Contract with Chamber of Commerce for Visitors Centers Activities through December 1996
1996-333 (PDF)August 8, 1996(SCHOOL) Authorizing Encroachment Permit for the Annual Labor Day Parade
1996-334 (PDF)August 8, 1996(PWD) Documents for Anti-Corrosion Coating of Bridge, Oak Grove Road
1996-335 (PDF)August 6, 1996(HSD) Sign Amendment No. A-4 to the Multi-Year Agreement with the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs
1996-336 (PDF)August 6, 1996(PWD) Execute a Revised Application for State Aeronautics Program Funding ($381,000) for Runway Safety Area Improvements
1996-337 (PDF)August 6, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-12
1996-338 (PDF)August 6, 1996(CO CSL) Execute Agreement with Yosemite National Park to Continue the Mutual Structural Fire Protection and Emergency Assistance
1996-339 (PDF)August 13, 1996(BOARD) Commending Bill Bondshu as 1996 Businessman of the Year
1996-340 (PDF)August 13, 1996(BOARD) Commending Marguerite Collins as 1996 Businesswoman of the Year
1996-341 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Fire Debris From Stumpfield Fire Fee Waiver for Solid Waste
1996-342 (PDF)August 13, 1996(HSD) Sign Service Agreement with Digital Equipment Corp. for Hardware Maintenance for GAIN Employment Management Systems (GEMS)
1996-343 (PDF)August 13, 1996(DA) To Apply for the CA Victim/Witness Program Grant through the OCJP
1996-344 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bids and Specification Documents for the Community Leachfield for Mariposa Pines Sewer Zone
1996-345 (PDF)August 13, 1996(HCD) Amendment to the Existing Professional Services Agreement ($5,688) with the Amador-Tuolomne Community Action Agency
1996-346 (PDF)August 13, 1996(HCD) Agreement with Madera County Action Agency ($268,839) regarding Operation of the Mariposa County Head Start Program
1996-347 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PLG) Approving Mariposa TPA Specific Plan/Zoning Amendment (SP/ZA) No. 95-1 with Modifications as Recommended by the Planning Commission
1996-348 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Banner Encroachment for Fish Camp Volunteer Fire Department. Fund raiser
1996-349 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Adopting Policy for Operation of Ultralights at Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-350 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Authorizing Purchase of Tabbs II Utility Billing Software for Special District
1996-351 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Ratifiying Emergency Purchase of a Replacement Component at the Coulterville Wastewater Treatment Facility at the Cost of $4941.44
1996-352 (PDF)August 13, 1996(PWD) Adopt Bid and Specification Documents for a Runaway and Taxiway Slurry Seal at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-353 (PDF)August 20, 1996(BOARD) Accept Resignation from Garrett DeBell from the Yosemite West District Advisory Committee
1996-354 (PDF)August 20, 1996(SHERIFF) Contract for Veterinary Services with Dr. Rosebrock
1996-355 (PDF)August 20, 1996(SHERIFF) Create a Supplemental Law Enforcement Service Fund (SLESF) under the new Provisions of AB3229 and Recognize an Oversight Committee
1996-356 (PDF)August 20, 1996(CSD) Sign the Federal Transportation Act (FTS) Section 18 Application
1996-357 (PDF)August 27, 1996(HEALTH) Renew the Services Contract with Standard Office Systems in the Amount of $1,134.05
1996-358 (PDF)August 27, 1996(PWD) authorizing Certain County Employees to take home Vehicles per County Code Chapter 2.76
1996-359 (PDF)August 27, 1996(PWD) Request to Schedule Evening Meeting for 6 p.m., September 24, 2996 for Presentation of Alternatives for Highway 140 Sidewalks in the town of Mariposa, and Solicit Public and Board Imput
1996-360 (PDF)August 27, 1996(FIRE) Proclamation Requesting State Director, Office of Emergency Services’ Concurrence in Local Emergency
1996-361 (PDF)September 3, 1996(PWD) Adopting Bid and Contract for the 1996 Raised Marker Program on Various County Roads
1996-362 (PDF)September 3, 1996(PWD) Regarding Process to Allow Vending Machines in County-Own Bldg
1996-363 (PDF)September 3, 1996(PWD) Contract with Total Waste systems (TWS) to Purchase Soil as Cover Material, at Best Available Price, for the Mariposa County Landfill for FY 96/97
1996-364 (PDF)September 3, 1996(CO CSL) Agreement with the national Park Service to Provide a Public Library Facility and Service in Wawona
1996-365 (PDF)September 3, 1996(LIB) Sign Agreement for LSCA Title II Mariposa County Library Project
1996-366 (PDF)September 3, 1996(SHERIFF) Implementing a Personalized Patrol Vehicle Program for the Sheriff’s Department
1996-367 (PDF)September 10, 1996(BOARD) Memorial Service for the Late Supervisor Taber
1996-368 (PDF)September 10, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-16 in the amount of $327
1996-369 (PDF)September 10, 1996(HSD) Designating Fresno Community Hospital, Cedar Vista Hospital, Tuolomne General Hospital, and Merced Psychiatric Facility as Mental Health Evaluation and Intensive Treatment Facilities (5150) for Residents of Mariposa County for the Purposes of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act
1996-370 (PDF)September 10, 1996(PWD) To Advertise for Bids for Roadside Herbicide Spraying
1996-371 (PDF)September 10, 1996(HSD) PSA with Janet K. Stutzman to Continue as Planning Consultant
1996-372 (PDF)September 10, 1996(CSD) Sign Administrative Match Agreement Between the County of Mariposa and Area 12 Agency on Aging
1996-373 (PDF)September 10, 1996(HEALTH) Modification of Variance Previously Granted by Res. 93-603 Deleting Condition Number 2 “Quarterly Bacterial Testing”
1996-374 (PDF)September 10, 1996(PWD) To sign an Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) Creating the Regional Council of Rural Counties Authority for Environmental Services
1996-375 (PDF)September 10, 1996(CSD) Lease Agreement with th3 Greeley Hill Community Club to use the Senior Annex as a Senior Nutrition Meal Site
1996-376 (PDF)September 10, 1996(BOARD) Old Masonic Hall
1996-377 (PDF)September 11, 1996(BOARD) Final Budget for Fiscal Year 1996/97 (FEES)
1996-378 (PDF)September 11, 1996(BOS/PWD) FY 96/97 Fee Hearings; Conduct Public Fee Hearing on Proposed Revised Assessment Fees, in Mariposa Countywide County Service Area No. 1, Zoning Benefits
1996-379 (PDF)September 17, 1996(BOARD) Adopt Resolution to be Presented at a Ceremony Recognizing the Mariposa Lutheran Church for its Contributions to the Well-being of the Community Sunday, September 22, 1996
1996-380 (PDF)September 17, 1996(BOARD) Adopt Resolution to be Presented at the Memorial Service for Gertrude Taber Recognizing her Outstanding Service to Mariposa County
1996-381 (PDF)September 17, 1996(HCD) Authorizing a Memorial Service for Supervisor Gertrude Tabor on the County Courthouse Lawn at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, September 20, 1996.
1996-382 (PDF)September 17, 1996(HEALTH) Approving Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Plan and Budget Justification for FY 96/97 in the Amount of $20,422 for California Children Services (CCS) and $46,363 for Child Health and Disability Program (CHDP)
1996-383 (PDF)September 17, 1996(CO CSL) amending Policy for Permanent Part-Time Employment
1996-384 (PDF)September 17, 1996(BOARD) Letter of Support for the economic Development Corporation of Mariposa County Application Heritage Fund for Renovation of Two Historic Buildings in Mariposa
1996-385 (PDF)September 17, 1996(PWD) Request to do the Hall of Records Re-roof Project in Conjunction with the Courthouse Vault re-roof Project to get a Better Price
1996-386 (PDF)September 24, 1996(FIRE) Designating Authorized Officials to Execute for and on Behalf of Mariposa County for the Purpose of Obtaining Financial Assistance
1996-387 (PDF)September 24, 1996(PWD) Mariposa Pines Waste Water Treatment Project
1996-388 (PDF)September 24, 1996(PWD) Agreement with the National Park Service for the RFP Co-Composting
1996-389 (PDF)September 24, 1996(PWD) Execute Documents for Runaway and Taxiway Slurry Seal funding
1996-390 (PDF)September 24, 1996(PWD) Agreement with Merced County to Provide Household Hazardous Waste Pickup Events
1996-391 (PDF)September 24, 1996(HSD) MOU w/ State of CA for the Implementation of the Statewide Automated Welfare Systems (ISAWS)
1996-392 (PDF)September 24, 1996(HSD) Approving and Accepting the Renewal Application for the State FY 96/97 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Block Grant for “All Tribes” Counseling Center
1996-393 (PDF)September 24, 1996(HSD) Accept McKinney Homeless-PATH Grant to Provide Services for the Homeless Mentally Ill Dual Diagnosis Residents of Mariposa County for FY 96/96
1996-394 (PDF)September 24, 1996(FIRE) Rental Agreement with 35-A for the 5th Annual Fire Fighter Appreciation Barbecue
1996-395 (PDF)September 24, 1996(CO CSL) Extending Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors FY 96/97
1996-396 (PDF)September 24, 1996(PWD) Fees Proposed with Implementation of Final Budget
1996-397 (PDF)September 24, 1996(ADMIN) Final Budget for Fiscal Year 1996/97
1996-398 (PDF)September 24, 1996(CO CSL) Approving Amendment to the Existing Agreement Between the County and Mercy Ambulance
1996-399 (PDF)September 24, 1996(BOARD) Concerning Support of Prop. 213, Known as the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996, which will Protect Local Governments from Huge and Unfair Lawsuits
1996-400 (PDF)September 24, 1996(HSD) Approving the 96/97 and 97/98 Biennial GAIN Plan
1996-401 (PDF)September 24, 1996(ADMIN) Adopting the Response to the 1995/96 Grand Jury Report and Directing the County Administrative Officer to Transmit the Response to the Judge of the Superior Court
1996-402 (PDF)October 1, 1996(BOARD) Resolution Commending V. Michael Coffield for His Service to Mariposa County as Administrative Officer
1996-403 (PDF)October 1, 1996(PWD) To Execute the Exchange and State Match Program with Caltrans; Agreement No. X96-5940 in the Amount of $236,573
1996-404 (PDF)October 1, 1996(PWD) PW Director to Execute all Documents Related to the Raised Marker Project on Various County Roads
1996-405 (PDF)October 1, 1996(CSD) Sign Mariposa Section 18 Contract Number 646031 for FY 94/95 &95/96 Funds
1996-406 (PDF)October 1, 1996(HSD) Approving FY 96/97 Exhibit “C” of the 3-Year Mental Health Contract with Kingsview Corporation
1996-407 (PDF)October 1, 1996(HSD) Sign the FY 96/97 contract w/ Kingsview for Alcohol, Drug and Perinatal Services for Mariposa County
1996-408 (PDF)October 1, 1996(HSD) Sign FY 96/97 Mental Health Services contract with Kingsview Corp. for the Child Abuse Prevention Program (AB 1733) and the American Indian Community Mental Health Program
1996-409 (PDF)October 1, 1996(PLG) Amend the Membership of the Coulterville Town PLG Advisory Comm.
1996-410 (PDF)October 1, 1996(FIRE) Mariposa County will be included in a Federal disaster Application to Secure Funding which Offsets Expenditures Incurred in the Stumpfield Incident
1996-411 (PDF)October 1, 1996(DA) Ratifying the Submission of Application for Funding ($50,000) for the OCJP Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution Program
1996-412 (PDF)October 1, 1996(PERS) Renaming the Position of “Fire Chief/Emergency Services Officer” to “Fire Chief/Emergency Planning Coordinator”
1996-413 (PDF)October 1, 1996(ADMIN)Approving Settlement Agreement with Constable Bill Hipbshman
1996-414 (PDF)October 8, 1996(HCD) Proposal to Save and Restore the Catheys Valley School House
1996-415 (PDF)October 8, 1996(BOARD) Direction Regarding the Proposed New Area Code Boundaries
1996-416 (PDF)October 8, 1996(PWD) Notice of Intent to Condemn and Resolution of Intention to Purchase Real Property for the MPSA Pines Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project
1996-417 (PDF)October 8, 1996(PWD) Approving Agreement with Integrated Recycling, Inc. (IRI) to Prepare Proposal for Mixed Solid Waste Composting Facility
1996-418 (PDF)October 8, 1996(PWD) Develop an Application for Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEMP) Funds
1996-419October 8, 1996(PWD) County auditor to Issue a Warrant to $500 to SWANA Legislative Task Forces (LTF) for Solid Waste Legislative Advocacy
1996-420 (PDF)October 8, 1996(VBD) Elimination of Matching Grant Program
1996-421 (PDF)October 8, 1996(BOARD) Appointing Peter Ulyatt to the Yosemite West District Advisory
1996-422 (PDF)October 8, 1996(HEALTH) Sign Agreement Between Central San Joaquin HIV Care Consortium and Mariposa County Health Department for FY 96/97
1996-423 (PDF)October 8, 1996(HEALTH) Sign Contract with Regional EMS Agency
1996-424 (PDF)October 8, 1996(BOARD) Direction Relative to the Board’s Regularly Scheduled Meetings for November 19, 1996 and December 24, 1996
1996-425 (PDF)October 8, 1996(PERS) Approve Hourly rate Increases for Specialized Classes which have been affected by the Federal Minimum Wage Increase
1996-426 (PDF)October 8, 1996(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C96-17 for $335.83
1996-427 (PDF)October 8, 1996(CO CSL) Amend the Existing Policy Relative to the Procedures on Filing a Complaint Against Appointed Department Heads or Other County Employees
1996-428 (PDF)October 8, 1996(VBD) Administrative and Signature Authority Over Tourism Assistant
1996-429 (PDF)October 8, 1996(DA) Ratifying the Submission of the Application for Funding ($152,734) for the U.S. Department of Justice Grant to Encourage Arrest Policies
1996-430 (PDF)October 15, 1996(DA) Lease Agreement with Robert Evans, Jr., Concerning Shared Office Space by the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office and Victim/Witness
1996-431 (PDF)October 15, 1996(PERS) Approving Revision Amending Section VI: Mariposa County
1996-432 (PDF)October 15, 1996(FIRE) Amending Chapter 2.96 Entitled “Mariposa County Fire Department” of the Mariposa County Code
1996-433 (PDF)October 15, 1996(PLG) Consider Additional Information by Attorneys Jamison and Bagget. Deny Appeal No. 96-5 and Uphold the Planning Commission’s Ruling on the Planning Director’s Use Determination
1996-434 (PDF)October 15, 1996(PLG) Provide Direction to Staff on Building Department. Budget Deficit
1996-435 (PDF)October 15, 1996(PLG) Approve Transfer $5,000 from Salaries and $2,000 from Benefits to Professional Services for the Planning Department Budget
1996-436 (PDF)October 15, 1996(PWD) Approve revisions in Liability Requirements for Aircraft Based on Tie-down Space at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-437 (PDF)October 15, 1996(CO CSL) Provide Staff the Authority to submit a Bid to the Mariposa County Unified School District for Lease of Real Property to Construct a Public Library Facility.
1996-438 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HEALTH) Proclaiming the Week of October 20-26, 1996 as Pull the Plug on Violence Week
1996-439 (PDF)October 22, 1996(VBD) Two Out of Town Travel Requests ($803.70) ($3,175)
1996-440 (PDF)October 22, 1996(SHERIFF) Execute Application for a Cops More Grant
1996-441 (PDF)October 22, 1996(BOS/PWD) Recognizing Richard D. Welton, Director of Public Works and Development Services for Fresno County, Upon His Retirement
1996-442 (PDF)October 22, 1996(PERS) Approving Revised Extra-Help Class Specification for the Position of 4-H Youth Assistant
1996-443 (PDF)October 22, 1996(PWD) Awarding Contract for Appraisals on Twelve Parcels Associated with Four Separate Projects to the Thomas Wilkens Company of Merced
1996-444 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HCD) Amending the Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines to Increase the Maximum Loan/Grant from $35,000 to $45,000 per Housing Unit (Necessary to Address Increased Costs Particularly for Replacement Housing for Fire Victims)
1996-445 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HCD) Amending the Community Block Grant Housing rehabilitation Program Guidelines to Increase the Maximum Loan/Grant Amount from $35,000 to $45,000 Per Housing Unit (Continuation of Existing Program that is Implemented by the Human Services Department with Administrative Support by HCD)
1996-446 (PDF)October 22, 1996(AUD) Tentative Approval for PWD to Tag On to Los Angeles County for the Purchase of Patrol Vehicles
1996-447 (PDF)October 22, 1996(PLG) Give Planning Director Authorization to allow Unpaid Volunteer to Work one (1) or More Days Per Week in Planning and Building Department
1996-448 (PDF)October 22, 1996(CSD) Erection of Mausoleums in Public Cemeteries
1996-449 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HEALTH) Authorizing Certain County Volunteer Fire Companies to Initiate a Pilot Program Utilizing Semi-Automatic External Defibrillators in Conjunction With First Responder Activities
1996-450 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HEALTH) Mariposa Youth Football has Requested an Exemption from Fees Charged for Permitting their Food Facility at the County Fair
1996-451 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HEALTH) Discussion and direction to Staff Regarding the HIV Prevention and Education Program and Structure of the AIDS Task Force
1996-452 (PDF)October 22, 1996(HEALTH) Standard Agmt w/State of CA for Tobacco Cessation Services
1996-453 (PDF)November 12, 1996(BOARD) Recognizing Barbara Miller for her Outstanding Service on the Mariposa County Planning Commission
1996-454 (PDF)November 12, 1996(LIB) Authorizing county Librarian to submit a Grant Application for the Grandparents and Books Program Announced by the California State Library
1996-455 (PDF)November 12, 1996(HSD) Appropriate the Community-Based Family Resource Program Grant Funds as Indicated on the Attached Budget Action Form
1996-456 (PDF)November 12, 1996(CO CSL) Join in a Motion Filed by Los Angeles and Santa Clara Counties to Enforce the Assessment Formula that Pacific Bell Agreed to used in Accordance With the May 1992 Settlement Agreement Approved by all 58 Counties, 27 Public Utilities, the State Board of Equalization and the Attorney General
1996-457 (PDF)November 12, 1996(PWD) Recommend that the Board Reject both Bids for the RE-roof of the Courthouse Vault and Hall of Records
1996-458 (PDF)November 12, 1996(HCD) Accepting Equestrian and Pedestrian Easement on Lot Number 536 of the Lake Don Pedro Subdivision and Vacating an Equestrian and Pedestrian on Lot 535
1996-459 (PDF)November 12, 1996(CO CSL) Subordination Agreement for Whispering Pines Apartments
1996-460 (PDF)November 12, 1996(HEALTH) Health Officer to Permit Part Time Staff of Work at Home
1996-461 (PDF)November 12, 1996(SHERIFF) Authorizing employee’s Donation and Use of Paid Time-Off Benefits for Deputy Gomes
1996-462 (PDF)November 12, 1996(PWD) Approving an Updated Pre-application for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Funds and Executing the Pre-application and Assurances For the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1996-463 (PDF)November 12, 1996(PWD) approving a Project to Realign a Portion of Triangle Road and Deliver Excess Excavated Soil to the land fill at a Reimbursement Cost to the Road Fund From the Solid Waste enterprise
1996-464 (PDF)November 12, 1996(CO CSL) Granting Another designated Period for Two Years Additional Service Credit Based on Amendment to the PERS Contract for Lynne Robinson, Chief Deputy Clerk/Public Administrator whose Previous Position was County Clerk
1996-465 (PDF)November 12, 1996(CO CSL) Execute a Sub-Lease Agreement with the Coulterville Community Club Effective May 1, 1996 for a 10-year Period for the lump Sum Payment $10
1996-466 (PDF)November 12, 1996(CO CSL) Possible Action and Public Announcement Relative to the Visitors Bureau Position
1996-467 (PDF)November 14, 1996(PLG) Directing that the Public Hearing Process for the Open Window Period General Plan/Zoning Amendment Applications be Concluded without any action At this point; with Direction given for Staff to Reschedule this Matte when they Are ready and after the Title 17 final issues are adopted
1996-468 (PDF)November 26, 1996(SHERIFF) To Provide Proof of Insurance to the Mariposa Fair for the use of Building “A” for the Mariposa Sheriff’s Program (Toys for Tots) December 18, 19, 20, 1996
1996-469 (PDF)November 26, 1996(HCD) To Send a Letter of Appreciation to the Mariposa Tennis Club for Financial Contributions Provided to the Mariposa Park Tennis court Renovation Project
1996-470 (PDF)November 26, 1996(HCD) Authorizing the Kiwanis Club of Mariposa to use the Courthouse Lawn for the Christmas Heritage Tree Lighting on Saturday Evening, December 7, 1996
1996-471 (PDF)November 26, 1996(HCD) Authorizing Director to submit the Mariposa County Head Start Program Year 5 Continuing Application in the Amount of $381,073
1996-472 (PDF)November 26, 1996(SHERIFF) Request Waiving the Formal Bid Process for the Grant Funded Laptop Computer Program
1996-473 (PDF)November 26, 1996(SHERIFF) Execute Grant Award Forms from the Bureau of Justice Assistance in the Amount of $43,153 and the County Match of $4,795
1996-474 (PDF)November 26, 1996(AUD) Annual Basis the Auditors Office Verifies to the California State Library what the County has Appropriated for the Current Library Budget
1996-475 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PROB) Agreement with OCJP for Jail Removal Fund ($33,000)
1996-476 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PROB) Establishing the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council and Appointing Chief Probation Officer as Chairperson
1996-477 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PROB) Agreement with Lake County for Detention of Juvenile Offenders
1996-478 (PDF)November 26, 1996(BRD) Discussion and Possible Action Relative to Sending a Letter to Caltrans Supporting the Chamber of Commerce’s Request for Displaying Holiday Banners
1996-479 (PDF)November 26, 1996(CO CSL) Authorize David J. Oster, Bond counsel, to Commence with the formation of a Non-Profit, Public Financing corporation for the Purpose of Obtaining Financing for the Government Center
1996-480 (PDF)November 26, 1996(CO CSL) Appointment of Janet Hogan as new County Administrative Officer
1996-481 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PLG) Approving Agricultural Preserve Applications No. 96-1, 96-3, 96-4
1996-482 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PWD) Approving Expenditure of Anticipated Revenue in the Amount of $249,000 for Road Improvements
1996-483 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PWD) Approving Application for Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEMP) Funds for Mariposa Town Tree Planting and Mariposa Creek Parkway Acquisition
1996-484 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PWD) Approving Application for Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEMP) Funds for Mariposa Town Tree Planting and Mariposa Creek Parkway Acquisition
1996-485 (PDF)November 26, 1996(PWD) Authorize a 60-day Public Comment Period for Draft of County Improvement Standards and Road Improvement Circulation Policy
1996-486 (PDF)December 3, 1996(PWD) Repair Hall of Records Roof
1996-487 (PDF)December 3, 1996(HSD) Agreement with State of CA Alcohol and Drug Programs for FT 96/97
1996-488 (PDF)December 3, 1996(PLG) Approving Road Name “Salamander Drive”
1996-489 (PDF)December 3, 1996(BRD) Amending Committee Membership of the Catheys Valley TPA
1996-490 (PDF)December 3, 1996(CO CLK) Declaring Elected Christine Kleiman-Chapman to the Mariposa County Unified School District board of Trustees
1996-491 (PDF)December 3, 1996(CO CLK) Appointing the Following Elected People: Donna Ross, Marguerite Collins, Robert Bartholomew to the Mariposa County Unified School District Board of Trustees, and Jeffery Jenrich, Neil O’Donel-Browne, and Becky Bradshaw to the John C. Fremont Healthcare District Board of Directors
1996-492 (PDF)December 3, 1996(PWD) Amendment to Paragraph 6 “Hold Harmless” Clause of the Agreement for Providing Emergency Response Service for the Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone 1
1996-493 (PDF)December 3, 1996(HEALTH) State Agreement Number 96-26008 for Provision of Public Health Services
1996-494 (PDF)December 3, 1996(AUD) Need Direction from the Board on what Purchasing Issues
1996-495 (PDF)December 3, 1996(AUD) Agreement with Area Agency on Aging In-Kind Services or Cash
1996-496 (PDF)December 3, 1996(TREAS/TX) Transfer from Salary Savings of Account Tech I Position in Tax Collectors Budget for “Extra-Help” and for “Overtime”
1996-497 (PDF)December 10, 1996(BRD) Letter to Secretary Bruce Babbitt Regarding Entrance Fee Increase for Yosemite National Park/Valley Implementation Plan
1996-498 (PDF)December 10, 1996(PWD) Declaring Certain County Assets as Surplus and Authorizing Public Works to Sell at Auction in Modesto by Roger Ernst and Associates/Auctioneers
1996-499 (PDF)December 10, 1996(PLG) Issuance of “Letter of Public Convenience and Necessity” Based upon the Tourist Nature of the Community and the Tourist Serving Nature
1996-500 (PDF)December 10, 1996(PROB) Discussion and Possible Adoption of the 1997 Legislative/ Regulatory Platform Developed by Wagerman and Associates and Ratification Of Continuation of the Contract
1996-501 (PDF)December 10, 1996(PWD) approving Revision of the Scope and Schedule for Federal Transit Assistance (FTA), Section 18I Grant Funds
1996-502 (PDF)December 10, 1996(PWD) ratifying the PWD Recommendation to the Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC) on Legislative Agenda to be Adopted in 1997
1996-503 (PDF)December 17, 1996(BRD) Recognizing Lynne Robinson for her Service to the County
1996-504 (PDF)December 17, 1996(BRD) Recognizing Darden Gilbert for her Service to the County
1996-505 (PDF)December 17, 1996(BRD) Acceptance of Gift to the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors of Courthouse Oil Painting by Darden Gilbert
1996-506 (PDF)December 17, 1996(PLG) Approving Road Name “Hummingbird Lane”
1996-507 (PDF)December 17, 1996(ADMIN) Transferring Funds from Administration Salary Savings to Fixed Assets for the Purchase of a 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet ($550)
1996-508 (PDF)December 17, 1996(DA and SO) Increasing District Attorney-Crime Divisions Budget Revenue ($39,680); and Increasing the Sheriff’s-Coronors Budget Line ($10,320)
1996-509 (PDF)December 17, 1996(FIRE) Acceptance of Donation of $10,000 from Dirk Winter representing the Apple Tree Inn for Mitigation of Impact under the California Environmental Quality Act
1996-510 (PDF)December 17, 1996(FIRE) Internal Transfer of budgeted Funds to Travel Account and Concurrence that the Volunteer Firefighters Appreciation Dinner Account be funded
1996-511 (PDF)December 17, 1996(FIRE) Personal Service Agreement with Bill Bondshu
1996-512 (PDF)December 17, 1996(FIRE) Personal Service Agreement with Bill Hodson
1996-513 (PDF)December 17, 1996(CO CSL) Action Relative to the extension of the Mercy Medical Transportation for two years based on existing Agreement
1996-514 (PDF)December 17, 1996(LIB) Request to Close the Mariposa County Libraries at 5p.m. on Christmas Eve and on December 31, 1996, New Years Eve
1996-515 (PDF)December 17, 1996(CO CLK) Accepting the Statement of all Votes Cast in the Consolidated General Election as Certified to the Secretary of State and Declare Elected Those Persons in Local Races as Set out in the Statement
1996-516 (PDF)December 17, 1996(PWD) Approving the Referral of Seriously Delinquent Accounts for Special Districts to Transworld Systems, Inc. for Collection
1996-517 (PDF)December 17, 1996(PWD) Conduct Public Hearing and Adopt Unimproved Tie-Down Fees at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport to be Effective January 1, 1997
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