1997 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1997-001 (PDF)January 7, 1997(ADMIN) Proclaiming existence of a local emergency and requesting Governor to Proclaim a State of Emergency &; request a Presidential declaration
1997-002 (PDF)January 7, 2007(ADMIN) Flood Disaster Report
1997-003 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PLG) Waive Second Reading and Adopt Ordinances Relative to Permit Streamlining - Appeal Procedures
1997-004 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PLG) Waive Second Reading and Adopt Ordinances Relative to Permit Streamlining - General Plan Amendments
1997-005 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PLG) Waive Second Reading and Adopt Ordinances Relative to Permit Streamlining - Amendments to the Mariposa Town Planning Area Specific Plan
1997-006 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PWD) Agenda action for bids on Patch, A. B. Class II, &; Clean Crush
1997-007 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PWD) Action on adopting a bid on County Hangar PWD project PW 95-41,
1997-008 (PDF)January 7, 2007(SO) Continue participating in the state funded boating safety program
1997-009 (PDF)January 7, 2007(SO) Execute application for a Cops Universal Hiring Program Grant
1997-010 (PDF)January 7, 2007(PLG) Approve issuance of “letter of public convenience and necessity” to 01-07-97 transfer beer &; wine license
1997-011 (PDF)January 7, 2007(VBD) Sign letter developed by coalition of Yosemite region county and city 01-07-97 visitors bureaus for submittal to Secretary of Interior
1997-012 (PDF)January 14, 1997(HCD) Transferring Funds ($2500) from Recreation Services &; Supplies Budget 01-14-97 to the Facilities Maintenance Fixed Asset Budget to Purchase a Pool Cover for the El Portal Pool
1997-013 (PDF)January 14, 1997(AG) Sign the California Seed Law MOU for FY 1996/97 with CDFA
1997-014 (PDF)January 14, 1997(HEALTH) Appoint Mark Radanovich to Emergency Medical Care Committee
1997-015 (PDF)January 14, 1997(HEALTH) Appoint Ed Duncan to Emergency Medical Care Committee
1997-016 (PDF)January 14, 1997(DA-FAM) Execute Agreement for Professional Services with Long Beach 01-14-97 Genetics to Provide Genetic Testing Services
1997-017 (PDF)January 14, 2009(BOS) Execution of a Grant Contract with the California Arts Council
1997-018 (PDF)January 14, 2009(DA-CRIM) Budgetary Transfer from Jury &; Witness Expense ($2,295) to 01-14-97 Transportation and Travel, for Reimbursement of Child Abduction Jury Expenses
1997-019 (PDF)January 14, 2009(HCD) Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Community Development 01-14-97 Block Grant Program Administered by the HCDA
1997-020 (PDF)January 14, 2009(CO CSL) Amending the Staffing Structure of the Municipal Court
1997-021 (PDF)January 14, 2009(PWD) Approving Final Subdivision Map for Brian J. Anthony
1997-022 (PDF)January 21, 1997(CO CSL) Adopt Revised Class Specification which Changes the Title and all References therein from Justice Court Clerk to Municipal Court Clerk
1997-023 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PWD) To Sign Caltrans State-Local Transportation Partnership Program Supplement No. 002 for Partial Funding of the Asphalt Concrete Overlay Program on County Roads
1997-024 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PWD) Amending the Membership Requirements for the Coulterville Service Area No. 1 Advisory Board
1997-025 (PDF)January 21, 1997(BOS) Commending Dianne Fritz as President of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce
1997-026 (PDF)January 21, 1997(AUD) Final Payments for the Promotional Subsidy’s to Motels
1997-027 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PWD) Execute Lease Agreement for a Building for Temporary County Administrative and Board Offices During Construction of the New Government Center Building
1997-028 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PWD) Ratifying Emergency Purchase of a Fixed Asset for the Coulterville Water Supply System ($572) and Purchase of Additional Water Treatment and Monitoring Equipment ($2778) from the Coulterville CSA Utility Capital Fund
1997-029 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PWD) Purchase an Existing Metal Hangar from a Private Party at the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1997-030 (PDF)January 21, 1997(PLG) Approving Temporary Concrete Batch Plant Use and Temporary Borrow Sites for Emergency Road and Structures Repair Work in Merced River Canyon Following Flooding Events
1997-031 (PDF)January 21, 1997(LIB) Grant Application for InFoPeople Internet Project from the State Library
1997-032 (PDF)January 21, 1997(BOS) Execute Amendment to the Alpine, Mother Lode, San Joaquin, Emergency Medical Services Agency
1997-033 (PDF)January 28, 1997(BOS) Recognizing, William “Mike” Turkington for his Service to the County of Mariposa and the District Attorneys Office
1997-034 (PDF)January 28, 1997(BOS) Recognizing James F. “Jim” Evans for his Service to the County of Mariposa
1997-035 (PDF)January 28, 1997(HSD) Sign Preliminary Letter of Intent to Participate as the Mental Health Plan in Phase II of the Consolidation of Medi-Cal Mental Health Services
1997-036 (PDF)January 28, 1997(HSD) Sign Amendment No. A-6 to the Multi-year Agreement with the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs for Provisions of Services in Mariposa County for Fiscal 1996-97
1997-037 (PDF)January 28, 1997(PWD) Sign the Stipulated Compliance Order Between County and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) to Fund Deficit in Mariposa County Landfill’s Closure/postclosure Maintenance fund
1997-038 (PDF)January 28, 1997(AUD) Authorizing PWD Director to Execute Contracts with MPUD for the Pressure Zone and Water Tower Projects Funded in the CIP Budget
1997-039 (PDF)January 28, 1997(AUD) Approve Upgrade of AS 400 &; Purchase Computer Workstation Totaling ($82,000)
1997-040 (PDF)January 28, 1997(SO) Award Contract for Cops More Award to Purchase Laptop Computers
1997-041 (PDF)January 28, 1997(CO CSL) Taking Action on the 1996 Reclassification Requests Pursuant to Recommendations Set Forth
1997-042 (PDF)February 4, 1997(CSD) Support Celebrity concert fund-raiser for United Way in April
1997-043 (PDF)February 4, 1997(TREAS) Action and Justification regarding County’s Investment Portfolio and County Treasurer’s Investment Guidelines
1997-044 (PDF)February 4, 1997(PLG) Public Hearing to consider appeal No. 96-8 ; Appeal of planning commission’s condition of approval for land division application no. 1476
1997-045 (PDF)February 4, 1997(PLG) Approving temporary borrow site and associated uses on APN 11-250-018, an exemption from the state surface mining and reclamation act, for the borrow site, and an exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act for the project action.
1997-046 (PDF)February 4, 1997(BOS) Supports the legislation introduced by Congressman Radanovich and John Doolittle for the recovery of Yosemite National Park.
1997-047 (PDF)February 4, 1997(BOS) Directing CAO to prepare a letter to encourage Congress in this process as requested regarding the Floods
1997-048 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Authorize the public works director to execute an agreement for Biological Studies at Mariposa Yosemite Airport for 1997 projects
1997-049 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD Ratifying the long-term rental of a D-7 Dozer from Hilton Construction Company to be used for the Triangle Road/ Carter curve project
1997-050 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Authorizing designation as agents of the Office of Emergency Services Marty Allan, Fleet Fiscal Manager; Robert A. Johnson, Dep. Director, Roads
1997-051 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Authorizing designation as agents of the Office of Emergency Services For Sheriff’s Dept: Roger Matlock, Sheriff; Pelk Richards, Undersheriff; James H. Allen, Captain
1997-052 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Authorizing designation as agents of the Office of Emergency Services For Emergency Services: Blaine Shultz, County Fire Chief; Environmental Health, Blaine Shultz, County Fire Chief; Department of Human Services, Blaine Shultz, County Fire Chief
1997-053 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Agreement with BLM and issue a contract for work in the River Canyon on the access road below Briceburg Bridge
1997-054 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Restoration of Incline Road and removal of rock rip rap from the landfill
1997-055 (PDF)February 11, 1997(PWD) Gives Public Works Director discretion to accept the material at $32 per ton with Park Service having the choice of stockpiling it in El Portal for use by the County, or taking it to the landfill.
1997-056 (PDF)February 18, 1997(ADMIN) Recognizing Susan Lyons for her service to the County of Mariposa
1997-057 (PDF)February 18, 1997(PWD) Advertise and accept the most favorable Bid to the County for removal of the Facilities Maintenance Shop building upon review by the County Counsel
1997-058 (PDF)February 18, 1997(ADMIN) Electing to become subject to the provisions of the Trial Court Program for the fiscal year July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998
1997-059 (PDF)February 18, 1997(PWD) Iincrease the total project budget by $18,600 to $143,00 to construct 10 new hangars and request loan processing by the Aeronautics Program
1997-060 (PDF)February 18, 1997(PLG) Deny the fee waiver request based upon the County Fee Schedule.
1997-061 (PDF)February 25, 1997(FIRE) Sign revised signature specimen for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Revision due to CAO change
1997-062 (PDF)February 25, 1997(FIRE) Authorize the Chairman to sign a personal service agreement with Thomas Brusoe. He will coordinate the closing of the El Portal feeding facility.
1997-063 (PDF)February 25, 1997(PARK) Approve the use of 2 Mariposa Park Tennis Courts for the annual Mariposa Tennis Club use schedule.
1997-064 (PDF)February 25, 1997(ADMIN) Approve Personal Service Agreement with Bruce Daniels to serve as Contract Manager for Housing and Community Development Department for period 02-17 -09-97
1997-065 (PDF)February 25, 1997(PWD) Authorize Public Works Department to use $3,00 in anticipated revenue to purchase a computer system for the Mariposa/ Yosemite Airport.
1997-066 (PDF)February 25, 1997(PWD) Dissolving the Apple Seed Lane Maintenance Zone of Benefit
1997-067 (PDF)February 25, 1997(FIRE) Authorize Auditor to issue Check for $27,00 to acquire a pre-owned fire engine from the Woodside Fire Protection District.
1997-068 (PDF)February 25, 1997(FIRE) Authorize Chairman to sign amendment to 3 year contract with CDF for dispatch and command control services
1997-069 (PDF)February 25, 1997(FIRE) Sign the Budget Estimate/ Five year plan for fiscal 1996-97
1997-070 (PDF)March 11, 1997(VBD) Approval of emergency enhancement of County Transit System to promote visitor access to YNP during 97 summer season
1997-071 (PDF)March 4, 1997(HEALTH) PSA w/ Kathleen Friedland for Tobacco Health Education Program
1997-072 (PDF)March 4, 1997(VBD) Approval of Personal Services Agreement with Michael Habermann to represent Mariposa County at International Tourism Exchange, Berlin, Germany
1997-073 (PDF)March 11, 1997(PERS) Approve new class specification for position of Family Support Officer
1997-074 (PDF)March 4, 1997(DATA) Authorize Board Chair to sign contract with JLAN, for the JLAN Court Automation Software License and Annual Maintenance Agreement
1997-075 (PDF)March 4, 1997(PWD) Award contract for construction of Fleet and Heavy Equipment Maintenance Shop Addition, Ben Hur Yard, PW Project 94-35 for $568,271 to Curll Construction. of Fresno
1997-076 (PDF)February 25, 1997(VBD) Recommend to BOS the Visitor’s Bureau Report and discussion regarding national park service fast-tracking of the Day Use Reservation System
1997-077 (PDF)March 11, 1997(HSD) Modifying County General Assistance Program to change maximum benefit aid payment formula
1997-078 (PDF)March 11, 1997(PERS) Approve revised class specification for AIDS Program Coordinator
1997-079 (PDF)March 4, 1997(PERS) Approve new class specification for position of Family Support Officer
1997-080 (PDF)March 11, 1997(PWD) Appropriating $50,000 from General Fund Reserve Contingencies to Road Fund for critical emergency work on County Roads
1997-081 (PDF)March 11, 1997(PLG) Deny appeal of frontage improvement conditions related to Parcel A of LDA-1478
1997-082 (PDF)March 11, 1997(BOS) Recognize Carlie “Callie” Crisp on his Retirement from Sierra Telephone
1997-083 (PDF)March 18, 1997(PLG/BLDG) Approve appropriation of $6,000 to Transportation Planning Budget for Transportation Demand Management Programs
1997-084 (PDF)March 18, 1997(ADMIN) Authorize Chairman to execute agreement with State of California for Emergency Housing and Assistance Program IV in amount of $10,000
1997-085 (PDF)March 18, 1997(DA/FAM) Approve moving existing funds from Salary Line item to Fixed Assets within Family Support Divisions Budget
1997-086 (PDF)March 18, 1997(ADMIN) Receive presentation and consider endorsement and support of Merced County effort to create a Central Valley Foreign Trade Zone
1997-087 (PDF)March 18, 1997(PLG/BLDG) Approve transfer of $6,000 from Salaries and Benefits in Planning Department Budget to Extra-Help to train staff
1997-088 (PDF)March 18, 1997(ADMIN) Consider request from California State Association of Counties to adopt resolution supporting Civil Grand Jury Training, Communication and Efficiency Act of 1997
1997-089 (PDF)March 18, 1997(BOS) Adopt resolution designating Bob Pickard official representative for Mariposa County and provide him with direction regarding proposed new area code
1997-090 (PDF)March 25, 1997(HSD) Recognizing Susan Young for retirement HSD as Staff Service Manager
1997-091 (PDF)March 25, 1997(AUD) Approve emergency purchase and wave bidding requirements for purchase of new pumps for water system at Yosemite West
1997-092 (PDF)March 25, 1997(DA) Approve budgetary transfer from office expense line item ($408) to newly created fixed asset line for purchase of desk
1997-093 (PDF)March 25, 1997(PROB) Authorize Chief Probation Officer to submit Juvenile Challenge Grant
1997-094 (PDF)March 25, 1997(PROB) Approve contract with January Stutsman for completion of Juvenile Justice Action Plan and preparation of Juvenile Accountability &; Challenge Grant
1997-095 (PDF)March 25, 1997(PLAN/BLDG) Yosemite Housing Plan Response
1997-096 (PDF)March 25, 1997(ADMIN) Adopt resolution authorizing Request for Proposals for County Audit for fiscal years 97/98 - 2001/02
1997-097 (PDF)March 25, 1997(ADMIN) Oppose funding level in Admin’s request of Payments in Lieu of Taxes
1997-098 (PDF)April 1, 1997(HSD) Authorize County participation in Medi-Cal Small County Risk Pool
1997-099 (PDF)April 1, 1997(HSD) App/Assurances for 96 Federal Community-Based Family Resource funds
1997-100 (PDF)April 1, 1997(ADMIN) Support SB558 (Leslie) regarding Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
1997-101 (PDF)April 1, 1997(HSD) Authorize Chair to sign Fairtime Rental Agreement 97-3E with 35-A District AG Association to rent space in 97 Fair
1997-102 (PDF)April 1, 1997(PWD) Approve addition of 70% Permanent Part-Time Maintenance Worker II
1997-103 (PDF)April 1, 1997(PWD) Supporting AB 585 (Ashburn) to provide additional funding for County Roads
1997-104 (PDF)April 1, 1997(BOS) Request for waiver of prepayment of property taxes for lot line adjustment for APN: 06-040-025 and 031
1997-105 (PDF)April 8, 1997(ADMIN) Approve submission of supplemental application for Head Start Training and Technical Assistance Funds in amount of $5,247
1997-106 (PDF)April 8, 1997(HSD) Disaster Assist. Agreement &; Request for Reimbursement of $13,005
1997-107 (PDF)April 8, 1997(BOS) Sign Admin Match Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging for providing in-kind services to Agency for 96/97 fiscal year
1997-108 (PDF)April 8, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim Number C97-4 in the Amount of $50
1997-109 (PDF)April 8, 1997(HSD) Contract with Sue Young to provide technical consultation and training
1997-110 (PDF)April 8, 1997(PWD) Seek informed bids &; buy (3) 5-watt portable radios at cost of $500 each
1997-111 (PDF)April 8, 1997(BOS) Changing name of Wawona Library
1997-112 (PDF)April 8, 1997(BOS) Recommend Board write letter of support to Cal-Trans giving Board permission for Pow-Wow Banner to go up in town
1997-113 (PDF)April 8, 1997(BOS) Changing location for the afternoon of Board’s regularly scheduled meeting for 4-22-97 to Houtz Family Restaurant at Cedar Lodge in El Portal
1997-114 (PDF)April 8, 1997(ASSESS/AUD) Approve transfer/donation of historical documents that are no longer needed in operation of Auditor, Treasurer, Assessor or Clerk
1997-115 (PDF)April 8, 1997(CSD) Sign bid proposal in response to area 12 Agency on Aging
1997-116 (PDF)April 8, 1997(PWD) Transferring $60,000 from General Fund Contingency Reserve to Road Fund for critical spring road work
1997-117 (PDF)April 8, 1997(PWD) Approving on-street parking on Woodland Dr. and Stroming Road
1997-118 (PDF)April 8, 1997(ADMIN) 96-97 Mid-Year Budget Adjustments
1997-119 (PDF)April 8, 1997(FIRE) Personal service agreement with Jane Siebeneicher
1997-120 (PDF)April 8, 1997(PLG) Amend General Plan and Land Use Map and Zoning Map
1997-121 (PDF)April 15, 1997(BOS) Recognize Betty Crisp for service to County
1997-122 (PDF)April 15, 1997(FIRE) Request terminating proclamation of local emergency caused by January floods
1997-123 (PDF)April 15, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C97-5
1997-124 (PDF)April 15, 1997(BOS) Declaring Barbecue Fund-raiser an annual County Event
1997-125 (PDF)April 15, 1997(HCD) PSA w/Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency to Provide Low Income Energy Assistance Program ($27,512)
1997-126 (PDF)April 15, 1997(PWD) Appropriating unanticipated revenues from National Park Service to Compost Consultant line in SW for Mixed Solid Waste Co-Composting Program
1997-127 (PDF)April 15, 1997(PWD) Approve Change Order 1 for total deduction of $99.793, Resulting from Value Engineering for construction of Fleet and Heavy Equipment Maintenance Shop
1997-128 (PDF)April 15, 1997(DA) Approving Budgetary Transfer ($2,156) from Legal Secretary Salary
1997-129 (PDF)April 15, 1997(CSD) Sign Amended Agreements Between County of Mariposa, Department of Community Services and Area 12 Agency Aging
1997-130 (PDF)April 15, 1997(VBD) Request to complete appropriation increase needed to utilize cash balance carried forward from previous year
1997-131 (PDF)April 15, 1997(CO CSL) Case No. 7592, County of Mariposa v. Bank of California, NA.
1997-132 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PWD) Transfer of $3,500 from Airport Extra-Help to Airport Maint. Worker II
1997-133 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PWD) Accepting California Airport Loan Agreement of $164,000 for Fuel Facility at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1997-134 (PDF)April 22, 1997(FARM) Sign Hold Harmless Agreement between Regents of the University of California &; Mariposa County for Mariposa 4-H Clubs to use County Facilities
1997-135 (PDF)April 22, 1997(AUD) Approval of agreement with David M. Griffith to provide professional consulting services and preparation of cost plan
1997-136 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PWD) Authorizing 1-year renewal for Airport Management Personal Services Agreement with Maria Liddle
1997-137 (PDF)April 22, 1997(CSD) App. for Federal Transit Assist Sec. 5310 Funds for transit vehicle
1997-138 (PDF)April 22, 1997(VBD) Requested budget adjustments which are funded from salary savings and intrabudget transfers within advertising fund
1997-139 (PDF)April 22, 1997(VBD) Request to release frozen funds from terminated matching grant program to fund efforts in flood recovery activities
1997-140 (PDF)April 22, 1997(FIRE) PSA with Bill Bondshu for services provided in amount of $4,455.84
1997-141 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PWD) Public Hearing Designating “East Whitlock” and “West Whitlock”
1997-142 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PLG) Adopting Negative Declaration and Approving Commercial-Industrial-Manufacturing Plan No. 96-1; Lake Shore Ranch
1997-143 (PDF)April 22, 1997(PWD) Approve plans and specifications, architect’s cost estimate, authorize PW Director to advertise for bids and set bid opening
1997-144 (PDF)May 6, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Jerry Rankin Upon his Career Change
1997-145 (PDF)May 6, 1997(BOS) Action on Funding ($5,000) Request Received from the Chamber of Commerce for the Annual County Exhibit to be Displayed at the California
1997-146 (PDF)May 6, 1997(TAX COLL) Approve Tax Sale at Public Auction
1997-147 (PDF)May 6, 1997(HCD) Submission of Application for FY 1997 one-time Program Improvement Funds for the Head Start in the Amount of $19,570
1997-148 (PDF)May 6, 1997(BOS) Amend Contract w/ Mercy Medical Trans. Relative to Reporting Provision
1997-149 (PDF)May 6, 1997(SO) Transfer $3,500 for a Computer to Implement the State Mandated Program Required by AB 1562 Commonly Referred to as Megan’s Law
1997-150 (PDF)May 6, 1997(PWD) Supporting the Merced County Association of Governments’ (MCAG) Request to have Funding Provided as Part of the ISTEA Reauthorization for the University of California Merced Campus Parkway Loop System
1997-151 (PDF)May 6, 1997(PWD) Transfer Appropriations to Pay for Repair and Maintenance of Ballfield Lights due to Total Short-out of the Electrical Delivery Date
1997-152 (PDF)May 6, 1997(HCD) Ratifying the Acceptance of a Grant of Maintenance and Recreation Materials by the Parks &; Recreation Division from Cotter and Company and Stockwell’s True Value Hardware, Valued at Approximately $1,000
1997-153 (PDF)May 6, 1997(BOS) Sign a Letter to our State Legislative Delegation Urging their Support for Action Relative to the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
1997-154 (PDF)May 6, 1997(CAO) Approve organizational changes to the Department of Housing and Community Development
1997-155 (PDF)May 6, 1997(HEALTH) Sign EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Hospital Contract for Reimbursement to the Hospital of 25% of the EMS Fund for Emergency Medical Care Service Rendered to the Indigent Beginning July 1, 1996, and Continuing until SB-12 is Amended or Repealed
1997-156 (PDF)May 6, 1997(HEALTH) To Apply for the 1997-98 Enforcement Assistance Grant ($17,760)
1997-157 (PDF)May 6, 1997(FIRE) PSA with Jim Kilner for Teaching the State Fire Marshall Certified Command 1 A Course
1997-158 (PDF)May 13, 1997(CSD) Recognizing Auther I. Laursen as Senior Gentleman of the Year 1997
1997-159 (PDF)May 13, 1997(CSD) Recognizing Pat Rickert as Senior Lady of the Year 1997
1997-160 (PDF)May 13, 1997(HSD) Sign California Department of Mental Health Federal/State Disaster Assistance Agreement and Request Reimbursement in the Amount of $4,391
1997-161 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Accepting Resignation of Dodie Heiny from the Coulterville Service Area No. 1 Advisory Board
1997-162 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Accepting Resignation of Eugene Bright from the Lake Don Pedro Service Area 1-M Advisory Board
1997-163 (PDF)May 13, 1997(LIB) Accepting InforPeople Internet Grant Award of $10,000 from the California State Library and Authoring Auditor to Sign Certification and Claim Form and Appropriating $9,000 in Anticipated Revenue to the Library for Fiscal Year 96-97
1997-164 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Barbara J. “BJ” Griffin for her Service to Yosemite National Park and the Community of Mariposa
1997-165 (PDF)May 13, 1997(SO) Cooperative Agreement with Forest Service for Law Enforcement Patrol in the Merced River Canyon and the Greeley Hill Area
1997-166 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Changing the Location for the Afternoon of the Board’s Regularly Scheduled Meeting for May 27, 1997 to the Senior Activity Center for a Public Hearing Appeal from Meherana, Inc.
1997-167 (PDF)May 13, 1997(PLG) Reimbursement of Building Department Fees for Kiwanis Club/Darrah Schoolhouse Permit Totaling $305.14, from Reserve for Contingency Fund
1997-168 (PDF)May 13, 1997(HEALTH) Sign Certification for Release of $36,667 in withheld Funds Associated with the Standard Agreement with the State of California for Health Education Grant (Tobacco Cessation)
1997-169 (PDF)May 13, 1997(AG) Sign Agreement No. 97-73-06-0260-RA the Annual Work Plan and Reimbursable Budget Plan for FY 1997/98 with USDA/APHIS/ADC (Animal Damage Control)
1997-170 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Declaring Joaquin Murrieta Days an Annual County-Sponsored Event on the Condition the Committee Notify County Counsel at Least 30 Days Prior to the Event on an Annual Basis
1997-171 (PDF)May 13, 1997(PWD) Amending the Mariposa County Road Circulation and Improvement Requirements to County Roads for New Residential Subdivisions, Retroactive to February 1, 1997
1997-172 (PDF)May 13, 1997(PWD) Amending Conditions of Approval for Land Division App. No. 1476; Judith Moore, Applicant, to Delete the Condition Established by the Planning Commission for Frontage Improvements to Carter Road, a County Road
1997-173 (PDF)May 13, 1997(PWD) Application for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Funds for Improvements at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport and Certifying that the County will Comply with Grant Assurances
1997-174 (PDF)May 13, 1997(ADMIN) Review the Final Status of the General Fund and Other Funds at Third-Quarter and Tak+e Action Regarding Budget Changes, Reallocating Realignment Revenue, Modifying the Local Transportation Commission Budget, Modifying the Water Agency Budget and Consider Adopting a Resolution Reducing the General Fund General Reserve in Order to Balance the General Fund (same as 97-175)
1997-175 (PDF)May 13, 1997(ADMIN) Review the Final Status of the General Fund and Other Funds at Third-Quarter and Tak+e Action Regarding Budget Changes, Reallocating Realignment Revenue, Modifying the Local Transportation Commission Budget, Modifying the Water Agency Budget and Consider Adopting a Resolution Reducing the General Fund General Reserve in Order to Balance the General Fund (same as 97-174)
1997-176 (PDF)May 13, 1997(FIRE) To Acquire Surplus Hose from the Los Angeles County Fire Department
1997-177 (PDF)May 13, 1997(BOS) Cancellation of Board Meeting of June 3, 1997
1997-178 (PDF)May 20, 1997(PWD) Establishing Line Items Within the Government Center Budget for Payment of Rent and Utilities for the County Administration Office
1997-179 (PDF)May 20, 1997(HSD) Sign the 1996-97 Fiscal Year Performance Contract Between the State of California, Department of Mental Health and the County of Mariposa
1997-180 (PDF)May 20, 1997(HSD) PSA with Kathleen Lozares to Provide Fiscal and Other Support Services for Housing and Community Development Programs
1997-181 (PDF)May 20, 1997(ASSESSOR) Maintenance of Equipment
1997-182 (PDF)May 20, 1997(BOS) Destruction of Bullion Street Offices
1997-183 (PDF)May 20, 1997(PWD) Agreement with Shutt Moen Associates to Provide Design Engineering Services for the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport for $77,736
1997-184 (PDF)May 20, 1997(PWD) Purchase of Airport Hangar
1997-185 (PDF)May 20, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C97-10
1997-186 (PDF)May 27, 1997(HSD) Recognizing Lee Hanna for Retirement from the Department of Social Social Services Division as the Eligibility Program Assistant
1997-187 (PDF)May 27, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Larry Stewart for his Outstanding Service on the Mariposa County Planning Commission
1997-188 (PDF)May 27, 1997(BOS) Recognizing and Congratulating Chief Brian Weatherford on his Retirement from the California Department of Forestry
1997-189 (PDF)May 27, 1997(SO) To Continue to Participate in the State Boating Program for Fiscal Year of 1998-1999 and Execute the Application for the State Boating Grant
1997-190 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) Adopting Bid and Specification Documents for the Collection System Repairs for Mariposa Pines Sewer Zone
1997-191 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) Adopt Bid and Contract Documents for the Repair of the Slide at Greeley Hill at Shingle Hill
1997-192 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) Recommends the Approval with Kleinfelder for Geotechnical Investigations for the Ballfield Lighting at Mariposa High School
1997-193 (PDF)May 27, 1997(HSD) Sign Service Agreement with Digital Equipment Corporation for Hardware Maintenance for GAIN Employment Management Systems (GEMS) and Further Authorize Payment of Service
1997-194 (PDF)May 27, 1997(SO) Auditor to Transfer Funds ($2,226) for Two Patrol Bicycles and One.45 Caliber Pistol
1997-195 (PDF)May 27, 1997(CO CSL) Approving the Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train Event as a County Activity which will be held June 12, 1997 through June 14, 1997
1997-196 (PDF)May 27, 1997(HEALTH) Sign Rent Lease Agreement with Ken Mari for Real Property at Italian Acres to be Utilized as Office Space for Environmental Health
1997-197 (PDF)May 27, 1997(CO CSL) Approving the Renewal of the Storage Vault Lease with Kenneth and Lamerna Mari for a one year Period Beginning July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998
1997-198 (PDF)May 27, 1997(CO CSL) Sign an Addendum to the Agreement with Ross &; Castillo, the County’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator
1997-199 (PDF)May 27, 1997(AUD) Purchase of Printer for Printing of Family Support Checks ($3,000)
1997-200 (PDF)May 27, 1997(AG) Sign the 1997/98 Pesticide Application Reporting Contract No. 97-0143 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation
1997-201 (PDF)May 27, 1997(AG) Sign 1997/98 MOU for Pesticide Use Reporting Number 97-0087 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation (Standard Agreement Contract Number 97-0087)
1997-202 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) Approval of an Agreement with Kleinfelder for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sampling &; Testing of the Stockpiled Soil at Ben Hur &; Coulterville Road Yards
1997-203 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) Sign Fairtime Rental Agreement with the 35-A District Agricultural Association for Space for Public Works to Provide Environmental Education at the District Fair August 29 through September 1, 1997
1997-204 (PDF)May 27, 1997(AG) Sign the Regulatory Pesticide Enforcement Contract Number 97-0032 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation for 1997/98
1997-205 (PDF)May 27, 1997(BOS) Recognizing the Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year 1997, as Selected by the Chamber of Commerce
1997-206 (PDF)May 27, 1997(BOS) Recognizing the Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year 1997, as Selected by the Chamber of Commerce
1997-207 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PWD) To Negotiate and sign Agreement with Kleinfelder Associates to Provide Soils Testing Services for the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport for $13,424
1997-208 (PDF)May 27, 1997(DA-VIC) Transfer of Funds to Allow Usage of a Work Studies Trainee
1997-209 (PDF)May 27, 1997(SO) Increasing the Sheriff’s Budget Revenue by $8,353.41 to Allow the Purchase of a Laptop Computer and Radio
1997-210 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PLG) Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration to approve Commercial-Industrial Manufacturing Plan No. 95-1
1997-211 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PLG) Recommends that the Board Deny the Appeal of LDA No. 1479, requiring the Applicant to Complete the Engineered Plans
1997-212 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PLG) Recommends the Board Deny Appeal No. 97-3 (Conditional Use Permit No. 240, Meherana Inc., Applicant
1997-213 (PDF)May 27, 1997(PLG) Approve Transfer of $4000 from Professional Service to Overtime and $1000 from Building Inspector to Extra Help for Building Enterprise Budget
1997-214 (PDF)May 27, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C97-13 in the Amount of $252.25
1997-215 (PDF)May 27, 1997(CO CSL) Recommending Approval of an Amendment to the Road Maintenance Association (RMA) Declaration of Tokosaben by Removing the Lien Rights Contained in the Declaration
1997-216 (PDF)June 10, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. 97-16 in the Amount of $2,296.49
1997-217 (PDF)June 10, 1997(AG) Mariposa County Sealer of Weights &; Measures to Sign the 1997/98 Weights and Measures Agreement W-56922
1997-218 (PDF)June 10, 1997(AG) Mariposa County Sealer of Weights &; Measures to Sign the 1997/98 Weights and Measures Agreement P-56922 with DMS
1997-219 (PDF)June 10, 1997(HSD) Sign Amendment to the 1996/97 Mental Health Contract with Kingsview Corporation, Reflecting a $27,176 Increase in Hospital Consolidation Funds and Disaster Assistance
1997-220 (PDF)June 10, 1997(HSD) Sign Amendment to the 1996/97 Contract with Kingsview Corporation for Alcohol, Drug and Perinatal Services in the Amount of $12,514
1997-221 (PDF)June 10, 1997(HSD) Sign Amendment No. A-7 to the Multi-Year Agreement with the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs for Fiscal 1997-98
1997-222 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PWD) Approving a Two-Month Extension, up to 275 Hours, Vacation Accrual for Jennie Verley of the Parks &; Recreation Division of Public Works
1997-223 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PWD) Need for Replacement of the Bridge, Dogtown Road at Maxwell Creek
1997-224 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PROB) Approve Budget Appropriation of $8,100 in Unanticipated Revenue
1997-225 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PROB) Contract with Lori Lynn Allen-Ritter to Provide Professional Psychological Evaluation and Counseling Services for Selected Juvenile Clients
1997-226 (PDF)June 10, 1997(HEALTH) Approving Approach to Issuing Permits to Temporary Food Facilities
1997-227 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PWD) To Issue a Notice to Proceed to Curll Construction for Fleet Maintenance Shop Consolidation Project, PW94-35, prior to Closing the Closing with RDA
1997-228 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PWD) Execute an agreement for archaeological services with California State University Stanislaus Foundation and Dr. Kyle Napton for investigation of proposed site of expansion of Don Pedro Wastewater Treatment Plan ($1,210)
1997-229 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PERSONNEL) Approving Revised Class Specification for the Extra-Help Position of Kitchen Aide and Providing for Temporary Out-of-Class pay as an Extra-Help Senior Nutrition Cook/Site Supervisor when Assigned those Functions
1997-230 (PDF)June 10, 1997(CO CSL) Disscussion and Possible Action Relative to the Proposed Ground Lease Agreement with Catheys Valley Historical Society to Relocate the Catheys Valley Schoolhouse to the Catheys Valley Park
1997-231 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PLG) Deny Request for Extension of the Temporary use, Based upon Finding that Operation of a Concrete Batch Plant from 1/97 to 6/98 does not Constitute a Temporary Use
1997-232 (PDF)June 10, 1997(ADMIN) Approving Contract with Madera County Action Committee, Inc., for Provision of Head Start Program Services for the Period of 3/1/98 through 2/28/98 in the Amount not to Exceed $381,073
1997-233 (PDF)June 17, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Jesse Attaway for his Service to the County of Mariposa
1997-234 (PDF)June 17, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Augusta J. Kidd, Director of the Almost Like Home Childcare Program
1997-235 (PDF)June 17, 1997(HEALTH) Extra Help Agreement with Carolyn Rose, MD, to Provide Services to the Health Department at no Expense to the County
1997-236 (PDF)June 10, 1997(PROB) Authorize Members of the Mariposa County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, Together with Skate Park Committee Members to Perform a One-Day Voluntary Clean-Up of the “Old Jail”
1997-237 (PDF)June 17, 1997(FIRE) PSA with Jim Kilner to Provide Basic Command 1A Course ($400)
1997-238 (PDF)June 17, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Margaret Goodman for her Service to the Mariposa County Library System While Serving as Head of the Yosemite Branch
1997-239 (PDF)June 17, 1997(PLG) Budget Transfer ($3000) from Extra Help to Professional Services
1997-240 (PDF)June 17, 1997(PLG) Budget Transfer ($1000) from Contracts to Extra Help
1997-241 (PDF)June 17, 1997(HSD) Agreement with Mother Lode Job Training ($4,968) accepting Funds for GAIN Basic Education
1997-242 (PDF)June 17, 1997(PERS) Approving Recommendation to Reclassify the Position of Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector to the Position of Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector and County Clerk-Public Administrator
1997-243 (PDF)June 17, 1997(ADMIN) 1997-98 Budget Outlook Report
1997-244 (PDF)June 17, 1997(CO CSL) Relative to an Amendment to Agreement with Via Adventures, Inc., for Subsidy of Transit Services for the Fiscal Year
1997-245 (PDF)June 17, 1997(PWD) Status Report on the Removal of the Former Administration/Board Office Structure at 5100 Bullion Street and Award Contract to Highest Bidder
1997-246 (PDF)June 17, 1997(PWD) Status Report on Expenditures of FY 96/97 Budgeted Funds from the PW Administration Improvement Projects Line; Ratify Individual Expenditures in Excess of $1,000; and Approve the Balance of the Funds for a Laptop Computer
1997-247 (PDF)June 24, 1997(SUP CT) Grant for Title IV-D Child Support Commissioner &; Facilitator
1997-248 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Requested direction with regards to liability insurance cov’g for removal of the old Board/Administration offices
1997-249 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Authorizing PWD/Auditor to set up Three New Accounts within the Airport Special Aviation Fund as Required by Section 4073(d), Title 21 of the California Code of Regulations to Track all Revenues and Expenses Associated with California Airport Loan Agreements
1997-250 (PDF)June 24, 1997(SO) Contract with California Youth Authority for the Housing of CYA Wards
1997-251 (PDF)June 24, 1997(DA-FAM) Purchase a CD ROM Tower to Enable more Timely Research to be conducted in Legal Matters Concerning the Family Support Division ($1,700)
1997-252 (PDF)June 24, 1997(HSD) Sign Three Year Standard Agreement with the State Department of Social Services to Fund the Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention &; Treatment Program
1997-253 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PLG) Approving Road Name “Deer Creek Road”
1997-254 (PDF)June 24, 1997(DA-VIC/WIT) Authorize the Rental Lease Renewal of the Building Located at 4983 8th Street for use by the Mariposa County Victim/Witness Program
1997-255 (PDF)June 24, 1997(DATA) Approve Prepayment of $6,000 from AS/400 Criminal Justice Line Item in Data Processing to use During next Fiscal Year for HTE Training
1997-256 (PDF)June 24, 1997(DATA) Approve Renewal of IBM Extended Maintenance AS/400 and Peripheral Equipment and Purchasing of Various Peripheral Equipment
1997-257 (PDF)June 24, 1997(SO) Application for the Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant
1997-258 (PDF)June 24, 1997(DA &; SO) Ratifying Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution (SRVP) Grant Modification Application (Extending Grant to December 31, 1997)
1997-259 (PDF)June 24, 1997(AUD) Increase Valuation for Fixed Asset Purchases from $300 to $750
1997-260 (PDF)June 24, 1997(CO CSL) Board rejecting claims, which total $4,506.72 for damaged tires and propellers, alleged to have caused improper slurry seal application at the Airport
1997-261 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Public Hearing: Report of Delinquent Fees and Add to Property Tax Roll for Collection
1997-262 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Public Hearing to Fix FY 97/98 Fees for Mariposa/Yosemite Airport Ground Lease Fees Increases
1997-263 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Public Hearing to Fix Fees Charged in County Service Area (CSA) Special Districts including Standby Charges for Don Pedro Sewer Zone No. 1 and Mariposa Pines Sewer Zone and Zone of Benefits for Midpines Fire Equipment and County Road Maintenance Zones at the Same Rates as in Fiscal Year 1996/97
1997-264 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Public Hearing to Fix Fees Charged for Sewer, Water and Roads
1997-265 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PWD) Transfer ($8,500) from Yosemite West Maintenance District Water System Fixed Asset Line to Water Utility Line to Pay for Utility Cost Overruns
1997-266 (PDF)June 24, 1997(FIRE) Accept the Donation of a 1990 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, Utility Vehicle, for use by the Fire Department as a Strike Team and Duty Officer Vehicle
1997-267 (PDF)June 24, 1997(FIRE) Accept $7,131 in Unanticipated Revenue from the California OES for the Strike Team Services Provided to Los Angeles County on the Calabasas Incident
1997-268 (PDF)June 24, 1997(FIRE) Approve Budget Action Increasing General Fund Contingencies by $745
1997-269 (PDF)June 24, 1997(FIRE) Accept $11,145 in Unanticipated Revenue from the State of California for the Emergency Management Assistance Program
1997-270 (PDF)June 24, 1997(PLG) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding Application Proposals to be Submitted to the State Department of Housing &; Community Development for Possible Funding
1997-271 (PDF)June 24, 1997(ADMIN) Approve Increase in Contract Amount for Public Defender Services in the Amount of $17,250 (15 Percent) to Commence July 1, 1997
1997-272 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PERS) Amended Class Specifications for Assosciate Civil Engineer and Junior Civil Engineer deleting the word “Civil” from their Title
1997-273 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PWD) Adopt Documents Related to Financing of the Government Center/Fleet Maintnance Shop Projects
1997-274 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PWD) Adopting Bid &; Specification Documents for the Removal of Three Underground Fuel Tanks at the Hornitos Road Yard
1997-275 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PROB) Submit Grant Application and Enter into an Agreement with the Office of Criminal Justie Planning (OCJP) as to Jail Removal Grant ($33,000)
1997-276 (PDF)July 1, 1997(SO) Contract for Veterinarian Services with Dr. Rosebrock for fiscal year 97
1997-277 (PDF)July 1, 1997(CAO) Approve 1996-97 Adjusted Budget as Mariposa County’s Operating Budget for 1997/98 From July 1, 1997 until Adoption of Final Budget and Consider Authorizing Department Heads to Execute Contracts which Contain Substantially the Same Terms and Contions as in 1996-97 Subsequent to the Review and Appoval of County Counsel and the County Administrative Officer
1997-278 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PWD) Waive first reading and introduce Ordinance amending Ch. 19.02 of County Code, “Airport Rules and Regulations”
1997-279 (PDF)July 1, 1997(PWD) Agreements for biological and archaeological services for the restoration of slides on Greeley Hill, Bull Creek and Old Yosemite Roads (4,500)
1997-280 (PDF)July 8, 1997(AG) Sign 97/98 Nursery Inspection Cont. No. 97-0093 w/ Department of Food &; Ag
1997-281 (PDF)July 8, 1997(HEALTH) Extra-Help Agreement w/DR. Castellino to provide services
1997-282 (PDF)July 8, 1997(LIB) Accept restricted grant from Sara Miller McCune to provide 96 additional hours of library service to the Bassett Memorial Library for period July 12 - September 27 and authorize County Librarian to work with library staff to schedule these hours on Saturdays and Tuesdays/and or Wednesdays
1997-283 (PDF)July 8, 1997(HSD) Sign Amendment No. A-8 with State of Califiornia to the multi-year agreement Alcohol and Drug Programs for provision of services in Mariposa County for fiscal year 96/97
1997-284 (PDF)July 8, 1997(AG) Sign 97/98 Agreement between CDFA Egg Quality Control Progam and County of Mariposa as well as the Drug Free Workplace form
1997-285 (PDF)July 8, 1997(HCD) Lease with Almost Like Home, Inc., a California non-profit corporation, for use of the Woodland Community building
1997-286 (PDF)July 8, 1997(HCD) Lease with Mariposa Preschool Cooperative, a California non-profit corporation, for use of the Woodland Community building
1997-287 (PDF)July 8, 1997(PWD) Grant Agreement for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funds for improvements at Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1997-288 (PDF)July 8, 1997(VBD) Recommend BOS approve existing contract with Chamber of Commerce for operation of Visitors Bureau enters with 30 day termination clause until after Budget Hearings in Sept.
1997-289 (PDF)July 8, 1997(BOS) Discussion and possible action to support Mountain-Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency’s resolution in support of a State General Fund augmentation for regional emergency medical services systems
1997-290 (PDF)July 15, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Linda Berentsen for her service to the County of Mariposa
1997-291 (PDF)July 15, 1997(HSD) PSA w/ Jane Siebeneicher to provide in home family preservation services to at risk families referred by the Probation Department and Family Services
1997-292 (PDF)July 15, 1997(HSD) Personal Services Agreement with Jane Siebeneicher for provision of Independent Living Skills Training to teenage children in Foster Care
1997-293 (PDF)July 15, 1997(HSD) Personal Service Agreement with Kathleen Lozares to provide fiscal and other support services for Housing and Community Dev. Programs
1997-294 (PDF)July 15, 1997(BOS) Encroachment Permit for the annual Labor Day Parade. Request for $750 for purchase of trophies for parade
1997-295 (PDF)July 15, 1997(PWD) Application for State Matching funds for projects at Mariposa/Yosemite Airport
1997-296 (PDF)July 15, 1997(PWD) Award construction contract for Government Center to lowest responsible bidder; bid opening is scheduled for July 2
1997-297 (PDF)July 15, 1997(VBD) Recommend BOS approve and authorize Mariposa County VBD to sign contract between Merced County Association of Governments and the Mariposa County Vistiors Bureau (promote and sell advertisement on Yosemite Area Traveler Information System (YATI)
1997-298 (PDF)July 22, 1997(AG) To Sign the 1997/98 Detection Trapping Contract No. 97-0030
1997-299 (PDF)July 22, 1997(PWD) Agreement with Roger Stephens Engineering for Light Pole Foundation Design for the Ballfield Lighting at Mariposa High School
1997-300 (PDF)July 22, 1997(BOS) Commending the Kartner Madrigalchor of Klafenfurt for Enlightening the People of Mariposa County
1997-301 (PDF)July 22, 1997(CO CSL) Reject Claim No. C97-20, in the Amount of $3,700
1997-302 (PDF)July 22, 1997(TAX COLL) Approve Tax Sale at Sealed Bid and to Direct the Sell of Property
1997-303 (PDF)July 22, 1997(DA-CRIM) Ratifying the Submission of the 1997/98 Application for Funding ($50,000) for the Office of Criminal Justice Planning (OCJP) Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution (SRVP) Program
1997-304 (PDF)July 22, 1997(DA-CRIM) Ratifying Modifications to 1996/97 Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution Grant by Transferring SRVP Grant Revenue and Appropriations ($4,566) within the SRVP Grant Line Items
1997-305 (PDF)July 22, 1997(CSD) Sign Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging to Provide Older American’s Act Title IIIB (Senior Supportive Services) and Title IIIC (Senior Nutrition Services)
1997-306 (PDF)July 22, 1997(PLG) Deny Appeal No. 97-4 (Conditional Use Permit No. 250, Joe Simon, Applicant), upholding the Planning Commission’s Approval of Conditional Use Permit No. 250
1997-307 (PDF)July 22, 1997(PWD) Approving Composting Mixed Solid Waste Request for Proposal (RFP) and Authorizing Submittal to the Previously Selected Vendors
1997-308 (PDF)July 22, 1997(BOS) MOU with Sierra National Forest and Stanilaus National Forest Relative to Developing Watershed Rehabilitation Projects to Protect Regional Water Quality and Corresponding Watershed Properties Pursuant to Prop. 204
1997-309 (PDF)August 5, 1997(BOS) Accept Resignation of Teri Steagall from the Mariposa County Planning Commission Representing Supervisorial District II
1997-310 (PDF)August 5, 1997(HSD) Sign Contract with U.C. Davis for Training for HSD Staff
1997-311 (PDF)August 5, 1997(BOS) Sign Administrative Match Agreement with Area 12 on Aging (A12AA) for the Purpose of Providing in-kind Services to the Agency
1997-312 (PDF)August 5, 1997(PWD) Sign Amendment to the Agreement for geotechnical services with Kleinfelder, Inc., for the Government Center
1997-313 (PDF)August 5, 1997(CSD) Sign Fiscal Year 97/98 Subvention Certificate of Compliance and Medi-Cal Agreement with the California Department of Veterans Affairs
1997-314 (PDF)August 5, 1997(PWD) Official Groundbreaking Ceremonies for the New Government Center and Inviting Former County Supervisors, Elected Federal Representatives, the Public and other People who have been Directly Involved in the Planning and Implementation of this Project
1997-315 (PDF)August 5, 1997(PWD) Approving Cost Reductions for the County Government Center Project as a Result of the Value Engineering Process and execute Change Order with Tech Four Construction Inc.
1997-316 (PDF)August 5, 1997(LIB) Negotiate Agreement with DuPertuis-Scott Architects to Perform a Feasibility Study to Evaluate and Determine the Feasibility of Property Purchase and Construction of a New Library
1997-317 (PDF)August 5, 1997(VBD) Prepare and Release a Request for Proposal for the Development of a Revised Edition of the Mariposa County Vacation Planner
1997-318 (PDF)August 5, 1997(PWD) Make Offer to Purchase a 30- to 40- Acre Parcel from one of two Adjacent Landowners for a new wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) for the Don Pedro Sewer Zone
1997-319 (PDF)August 5, 1997(ADMIN) Consideration of Appointment of Skip Skyrud to the Mariposa County Resource Conservation District (MCRCD) to Fill an Existing Vacancy on the Board of Directors
1997-320 (PDF)August 5, 1997(ADMIN) Negotiations with VIA Adventures, Inc.
1997-321 (PDF)August 12, 1997(VBD) Sign Contract with Mariposa County Arts Council, Inc. (MCACI)
1997-322 (PDF)August 12, 1997(BOS) Commending George Gordo for his Service to the Community
1997-323 (PDF)August 12, 1997(BOS) Commending Betty Gordo for her Service to the Community of Mariposa
1997-324 (PDF)August 12, 1997(BOS) Terminating the Continuation of Call Agreement No. 84-185 between Mariposa County and Fresno County
1997-325 (PDF)August 12, 1997(HSD) PSA with Janet K. Stutzman to Continue as Planning Consultant
1997-326 (PDF)August 12, 1997(HSD) Renewal Application for the State FY 97/98 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin. (SAMHSA) Block Grant for “All Tribes” Counseling
1997-327 (PDF)August 12, 1997(HCD) PSA and Amendment Number 1 with Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency for $6,603.50 to Provide Low Income Weatherization Services
1997-328 (PDF)August 12, 1997(PWD) Lease Agreement for Mariposa-Yosemite Airport Hangars
1997-329 (PDF)August 12, 1997(PWD) Disposal of County Structure on Lushmeadows Association Property Old Fire House
1997-330 (PDF)August 12, 1997(PERS) Increasing Hourly Rate for the Extra-Help Specialized Classes of Kitchen Aide, Lifeguard I and Work Study Student/College
1997-331 (PDF)August 12, 1997(PLG) Grant Application for $35,000 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds for Economic Development Planning/Technical Assistance
1997-332 (PDF)August 19, 1997(LIB) Use of Bassett Memorial Library in Wawona in Non- Operational Hours
1997-333 (PDF)August 19, 1997(AUD) Booking Cleanup Procedure to Balance Budgeted Appropriations for 1996-97 Insurance Charges
1997-334 (PDF)August 19, 1997(PWD) Intention to Vacate a Portion of Eleventh Street in Mariposa
1997-335 (PDF)August 19, 1997(PWD) Partial use of the Projected Fund Balance from the Hornitos Lighting District for the Completion of the Lighting Project at Hornitos Park
1997-336 (PDF)August 19, 1997(FIRE) Accept Donation of a One Acre Parcel in Ponderosa Basin Area
1997-337 (PDF)August 19, 1997(BOS) Sign Letter to Congressman Radanovich regarding Mariposa County’s Concern over the Loss of Revenue due to Mismanagement of the Salvage Timber Harvest by the Forest Service
1997-338 (PDF)August 12, 1997(BOS) Changing the Location and Time of the Boards Regularly Scheduled Meeting for October 14, 1997, to be held at the Bassett Memorial Library in Wawona Commencing at 10 a.m.
1997-339 (PDF)August 26, 1997(PWD) Concession Agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to Provide Rental Cars at the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1997-340 (PDF)August 26, 1997(AUD) Amendment to Contract with Great Western Bank for Mariposa County Deferred Compensation Program
1997-341 (PDF)August 26, 1997(PWD) Accepting the Location of a Portion of the Common Line Between Mariposa and Toulumne Counties as Shown on “RECORD OF SURVEY FOR COLEMAN RANCH AND SOUTH SHORE RANCHES”
1997-342 (PDF)August 26, 1997(PWD) Agreement for Services between Mariposa County and Merced County for Striping County-Maintained Roads
1997-343 (PDF)August 26, 1997(FIRE) PSA with John Faleski to Provide Water Tender Operators Safety Course
1997-344 (PDF)August 26, 1997(VBD) Discussion of the Membership Composition of the Tourism Advisory Council (TAC)
1997-345 (PDF)August 26, 1997(PWD) Appropriating $25,000 for a New Water Well and Appurtenances at the County Landfill
1997-346 (PDF)August 26, 1997(PLG) Specific Plan Zoning Amendment
1997-347 (PDF)August 26, 1997(ADMIN) Contract Amendment with VIA Adventures, Inc.
1997-348 (PDF)August 26, 1997(ADMIN) Update on the Head Start Program
1997-349 (PDF)August 26, 1997(BOS) To Sponsor the Biodiversity Council Regional Leadership Forum ($300)
1997-350 (PDF)September 2, 1997(PWD) Reconstruction of Ben Hur Road, Public Works Project Number PW 96-19
1997-351 (PDF)September 2, 1997(TAX) Approval to Purchase two PC’s for the Tax Collectors Office ($4500)
1997-352 (PDF)September 2, 1997(DA) Ratifying the Submission of Application for Funding for the Continuation of the OCJP Drug Enforcement Grant
1997-353 (PDF)September 2, 1997(DA) Ratifying the Submission of Application for Funding for the Continuation of the OCJP Mariposa County Victim/Witness Program Grant
1997-354 (PDF)September 2, 1997(HSD) Authorizing Filling Vacancies for Eligibility Worker I, II, and III
1997-355 (PDF)September 2, 1997(PWD) Negotiate Agreement with California Waste Associates to Prepare Environmental Review and Documentation for the County of Mariposa Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE), Household Hazardous Waste Element (HHWE), Countywide Siting Element (CSE), and Summary Plan (SP) ($3167)
1997-356 (PDF)September 2, 1997(PWD) Land Exchange with Sierra Telephone at the Mariposa Landfill
1997-357 (PDF)September 2, 1997(PWD) Waive Formal Bids Requirements and Seek Informal Bids for the Electrical Components and Light Poles for the Ballfield Lighting Project
1997-358 (PDF)September 2, 1997(AUD) Approve Contract with David M. Griffith to Prepare Claims for State Reimbursement of State Mandated Costs
1997-359 (PDF)September 2, 1997(CO CSL) Provides Written Policy Relative to Disseminating Information Concerning Current or Former Employees (Recinded by Res. 2016-100)
1997-360 (PDF)September 9, 1997(PWD) Adopting bid and contract documents for the repair of Greeley Hill Road at Shingle Hill
1997-361 (PDF)September 9, 1997(PWD) Adopting bid and contract documents for the repair of 16 small slides on Old Yosemite &; Bull Creek Roads
1997-362 (PDF)September 9, 1997(PWD) Approving negotiation with Hilton Construction for a change order for additional emergency repairs to Incline Road, est. cost $83,000
1997-363 (PDF)September 9, 1997(PWD) To execute Small Communities Grant Financial Assistance Applications for planning allowance, design allowance and ultimately a construction grant up to a maximum of $520,406 for the Don Pedro Sewer Zone Wastewater Treatment Facility Rehabilitation
1997-364 (PDF)September 9, 1997(CO-CSL) Authorizing Chairman to sign an order of the board to reject Claim Number C97-22, which was filed with this Board on July 17, 1997, in the amount of $1,500
1997-365 (PDF)September 9, 1997(VBD) To remember battered women who were killed, to honor the survivors of domestic violence, and to celebrate those working to end violence against women &; children
1997-366 (PDF)September 9, 1997(CO-CSL) County policy for Implementation of Drug &; Alcohol Testing &; approving execution of Amended Carrier Agreement with DrugTech Toxicology Serv.
1997-367 (PDF)September 9, 1997(CO-CSL) Ownership change relative to Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc.
1997-368 (PDF)September 15, 1997(CAO) Adopted approving the appropriation of $2,600 for a new computer for the Deputy Clerk of the Board.
1997-369 (PDF)September 9, 1997(HSD) Authorize Chair to sign a Personal Service Agreement with Kathleen Lozares to provide fiscal and other support services for Housing and Community Development Program
1997-370 (PDF)September 16, 1997(HSD) Approve and accept McKinney Homeless-PATH grant to provide services for the Homeless Mentally Ill dual diagnosis resident of Mariposa County for fiscal year 1997-98.
1997-371 (PDF)September 16, 1997(PKREC) Authorizing use of the Mariposa County Courthouse LAWN for Glenn party wedding on Saturday, 9-20-97
1997-372 (PDF)September 16, 1997(SUP CRT) Pass Resolution for Title IV-D for Child Support Commissioner &; Facilitators
1997-373 (PDF)
(PWD) Adopted Resolution of Vacation of Eleventh Street
1997-374 (PDF)September 17, 1997(PWD) Adopted Vehicle Replacement and Heavy Equipment Replacement
1997-375 (PDF)September 17, 1997(PWD) Adopted funding for membership in the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association Approving funding in the amount of $4,000 to RCRC to support their participation in the CalFed Bay-Delta project
1997-376 (PDF)September 18, 1997(HEALTH) Adopted approving the shift of $59,000 this fiscal year of Social Services Realignment revenue
1997-377 (PDF)September 18, 1997(PROB/JUV) Resolution authorizing the establishment of a $15 daily fee for minors detained in Mariposa County Juvenile Hall
1997-378 (PDF)September 17, 1997(FIRE) Authorizing the Fire Chief to take over the duties currently contracted for in the Amador Plan w/CDF
1997-379 (PDF)September 23, 1997(SO) Adopted authorizing Chairman to sign the Equipment/Technology grant for the laptop computer program &; video arraignment system
1997-380 (PDF)September 23, 1997(SO) Adopted authorizing SO to sign Agreement w/ Social Security Admin. to facilitate the payment of funds for info that results in the suspension of supplemental security income payments to certain confined individuals
1997-381 (PDF)September 23, 1997(PWD) Adopted approving the change order for the Government Center project to run conduit between. 11th St. &; Bullion St. Cost $6,226
1997-382 (PDF)September 23, 1997(HSD) Approve Personal Services Agreement w/ Jeanne Holl to provide technical consultation &; training to Housing Authority staff
1997-383 (PDF)September 23, 1997(PUBHLTH) Recommend resolution authorizing chairman to sign agreement between Regional EMS Agency &; Mariposa County
1997-384 (PDF)September 23, 1997(PUBHLTH) Recommend resolution approving Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Plan &; Budget Justification for Fiscal Year 1997 - 1998 in the amount of $18,360 for Calif. Children Services (CCS) and $47,290 for Child Health &; Disability Program (CHDP)
1997-385 (PDF)September 23, 1997(CO-CSL) Authorizing Auditor to sign a modified renewal contract with Vision Service Plan, and to enter into a new contract with Robert F. Driver Co. Inc. to provide identical dental plan benefits
1997-386 (PDF)September 23, 1997(CAO) Adopted modifying the hiring freeze to lift the freeze for positions that are not MCMCO &; SO Management
1997-387 (PDF)October 7, 1997(SO) Authorizing Chairman to execute the attached Grant Award for a COPS Universal Hiring Program Grant
1997-388 (PDF)October 7, 1997(PWD) Authorizing the Public Works Director to sign CalTrans revised master agreement and program supplement no. 001M to local agency-state agreement No. 10-5940 for funding the replacement of the Dogtown Road Bridge at Maxwell Creek, Public Works Project No. 95-31
1997-389 (PDF)October 7, 1997(PWD) Adopt resolution accepting the grant offer and authorizing the Public Works Director to execute the grant agreement for $42,210 of State Matching Funds for Improvements at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
1997-390 (PDF)October 7, 1997(PWD) Authorizing a one-year extension of the contract with Custom Weed Control for the roadside herbicide spraying program
1997-391 (PDF)October 7, 1997(FIRE) Authorize the Chairman to sign an Interim Rental Agreement between the 35A District Agricultural Association &; The County of Mariposa. Use of the Fairgrounds for the annual volunteer firefighters appreciation picnic on 10-4-97
1997-392 (PDF)October 7, 1997(FIRE) Authorize the Chairman to sign an Interim Rental Agreement between the 35A District Agricultural Association &; The County of Mariposa. Use of the Fairgrounds for quarterly training drills by volunteer firefighters
1997-393 (PDF)October 7, 1997(VBD) Accepting the proposal from New Times Publishing, Inc., of Mammoth Lakes for production of a Vacation Planner
1997-394 (PDF)October 7, 1997(VBD) Mariposa County Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) membership is recommending a change that will allow for one additional member
1997-395 (PDF)October 7, 1997(PWD) Public Works Director authorized to execute a contract with Einarson, Fowler and Watson for special geologic &; hydrogeologic services
1997-396 (PDF)October 7, 1997(PWD) Selection of a self-storage rental facility and negotiation of a rental agreement to store County departments’ inactive records
1997-397 (PDF)October 7, 1997(BOS) Adopted Final Budget for 1997/98
1997-398 (PDF)October 7, 1997(ADMIN) Approving the response of the BOS to the 1996-97 Mariposa County Grand Jury Final Report and direct the County Administrative Officer to Transmit the Response to the Judge of the Superior Court
1997-399 (PDF)October 14, 1997(CO-CSL) Approving revised class specification for the position of Animal Control Officer
1997-400 (PDF)October 14, 1997(CO-CSL) Authorize Chairman to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CSAC Excess Insurance Company for Workers’ Compensation Program
1997-401 (PDF)October 14, 1997(LIB) Approving the use of the Bassett Memorial Library in Wawona
1997-402 (PDF)October 14, 1997(PWD) Authorizing the Public Works Director to negotiate a contract amendment, subject to County Counsel approval, with Sierra Heritage Services for an additional field archeological investigation for the bridge widening project, Darrah Road at West Fork Chowchilla River, PW93-17
1997-403 (PDF)October 14, 1997(CO-CSL) Approving the assessment of a registration fee not to exceed $25 for defendants of either Municipal or Superior Courts
1997-404 (PDF)October 21, 1997(HSD) Proclaim October 23-31 as Red Ribbon Week
1997-405 (PDF)October 21, 1997(BOS) Recognizing Howard “Butch” Skinner for his services to the seniors
1997-406 (PDF)October 21, 1997(CO-CSL) Extending the Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors through the 1997/1998 fiscal year
1997-407 (PDF)October 21, 1997(VBD) Agreement with New Times Publishing for production of the 1998 Mariposa County Vacation Planner
1997-408 (PDF)October 21, 1997(CO-CLERK) Regarding the Purchase of an Elections Systems
1997-409 (PDF)October 21, 1997(PWD) Adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration &; approving Conditional Use Permit Number 255 &; Commercial-Industrial-Manufacturing Plan No. 95-1
1997-410 (PDF)October 21, 1997(PWD) Public Works Director to execute an agreement with California Waste Associates to prepare an amended report of Disposal Site Information (DSI) for the Mariposa County Landfill ($5,979)
1997-411 (PDF)October 21, 1997(PWD) Recommending the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) approval of a potential annexation application to the Don Pedro Sewer Zone
1997-412 (PDF)October 28, 1997(CO-CSL) Proposed purchase of the Ericksons property for expansion of the Lake Don Pedro sewer system
1997-413 (PDF)October 28, 1997(HSD) Authorizing the Human Services Director to sign Agreement between the Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) and the Mariposa County Human Services Department (HSD). Agreement continues a cooperative educational effort to provide adult basic education services for the community
1997-414 (PDF)October 28, 1997(LIB) Change hours at El Portal Branch Library
1997-415 (PDF)October 28, 1997(AUD) BOS adopt this resolution designating the appropriation limits to be computed for fiscal year 1996-97 for each jurisdiction
1997-416 (PDF)October 28, 1997(LIB) Designate a site for a new library, authorizes staff to negotiate an agreement and direct the County Librarian to prepare an amended Library Services &; Construction Act (LSCA) grant application
1997-417 (PDF)October 28, 1997(ADMIN) Authorizing the County Administrative Officer to assign a 9/80 flex schedule
1997-418 (PDF)October 28, 1997(BOS/JAIL) Review first quarter budget report and consider budget adjustments in the Clerk of the Board and Jail Budgets
1997-419 (PDF)October 28, 1997(PLG) Adopt a resolution denying Appeal No. 97-6 (Lot Line Adjustment No. 533, Planning Commission Appeal No. 97-5, Miller/Archbald, applicants), upholding the Planning Director’s approval of Lot Line Adjustment No. 533 and the Planning Commission’s denial of Appeal No. 97-5
1997-420 (PDF)October 28, 1997(BOS) Scheduling the Board’s regular meeting for 11/4/97 to be held at the Coulterville Community Club
997-421 (PDF)November 4, 1997(VBD) Approve &; authorize the Chairman to sign the Agreement with the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce to operate the Mariposa County Visitor Information Centers in Mariposa &; Coulterville
1997-422 (PDF)November 4, 1997(PWD) Approve fee adjustments for Coulterville County Service Area
1997-423 (PDF)November 4, 1997(CO-CSL) Establish a public hearing date of 12/2/97, to inform the public that the Board intends to purchase real property adjacent to the existing Lake Don Pedro Sewer District
1997-424 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PWD) Resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to execute a Personal Service Agreement w/Fred Youngren for loading tires at the Mariposa County Landfill through 9-1-98
1997-425 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PUBHLTH) Resolution authorizing Health Officer to advertise for a Request for Proposal for Services to Evaluate Health Education Program &; authorization for Health Officer to enter into contract with the lowest responsible bidder not to exceed $26,275
1997-426 (PDF)November 18, 1997(HSD) Authorized Social Services Aide position to Social Worker I
1997-427 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PLG/BLDG) Increase Planning Fee revenues due to unanticipated revenues from priority application processing for Yosemite View Motels
1997-428 (PDF)November 18, 1997(CO-CLERK) Appointing Clifford Collins, and Peggy Waltz to the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Board of Directors
1997-429 (PDF)November 18, 1997(CO-CLERK) Re-appoint John A. Gaidelis, Jack Hoover &; Robert Swan to the Yosemite Alpine Community Services District Board of Directors
1997-430 (PDF)November 18, 1997(CO-CLERK) Appointing James McGee, Robert W McKnight, &; David Radanovich to the MPUD Board of Directors
1997-431 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PWD) Adopt resolution awarding the contract for appraisal services on six parcels associated w/ the Airport improvement project to Real Property Analysts of Fresno &; authorize the Public Works Director to execute the contracts
1997-432 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PWD) Resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to execute individual Program Supplement Agreements to Caltrans’ Administering Agency State Agreement (Master Agreement) 10-5940
1997-433 (PDF)November 18, 1997(DATA) Sale of obsolete computer equipment
1997-434 (PDF)November 18, 1997(SO) Resolution appropriating $2,000 from the Reserve for contingencies to enable the Sheriff to implement the “Sheriff’s Community Organized Policing Efforts Program (SCOPE) in the communities of Don Pedro, Coulterville, Greeley Hill &; Buck Meadows
1997-435 (PDF)November 18, 1997(SO) Approve Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant &; corresponding increase of estimated revenue &; appropriations. Grant in the amount of $51,159 with a required match of $5,684
1997-436 (PDF)November 18, 1997(DA) Recommended Action following approval of a new Advocate Class Specification and Salary Range
1997-437 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PROB) Modification of employee allocation; adding one position DPO I/II and deleting one Senior Juvenile Supervisor
1997-438 (PDF)November 18, 1997**missing
1997-439 (PDF)November 18, 1997(ADM, LIB, PWD) Adopt resolution approving procedure for reviewing &; approving expenditures from the Library Construction Fund related to the new Mariposa Library
1997-440 (PDF)November 18, 1997(LIB) Authorize the Chairman to sign a revised LSCA (Library Services &; Construction Act) project application &; statement confirming the availability of local funding
1997-441 (PDF)November 18, 1997(PWD) Resolution approving a County skate park project, location of the facility on the Mariposa Park grounds &; accepting (in concept) responsibility for the long-term maintenance of the facility
1997-442 (PDF)November 18, 1997(BOS) Canceling the 12-23-97, regularly schedule Board meeting
1997-443 (PDF)November 18, 1997(ADMIN) Approve the Budget Adjustment for Administration &; County Counsel budget units
1997-444 (PDF)November 18, 1997(HSD) Authorize Chair to sign a Personal Service Agreement with Kathleen Lozares to provide fiscal &; other support services for HCD programs
1997-445 (PDF)November 18, 1997(VBD) Authorize the Chairman to sign a letter of support to CalTrans for the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce’s annual holiday banner display
1997-446 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PWD) Change order for Drilling Water Well at the Landfill
1997-447 (PDF)November 25, 1997(SUP CRT) Resolution authorizing the transfer of $20,000 from the Court House Construction fund and $15,000 from the Municipal Court Automation Fund, to the Court Automation Option 2 line item of the Data Processing Budget
1997-448 (PDF)November 25, 1997(AUD) Resolution establishing the appropriation limits for the 1996/97 fiscal yr
1997-449 (PDF)November 25, 1997(DA-FAM) Mariposa County Sheriff’s Department has expressed an interest in providing Deputies to conduct investigative work for the Family Support Division of the District Attorney’s Office
1997-450 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PWD) Resolution approving the transfer of funds ($90,000) from Child Support Program Excess Incentive Trust to the Capital Improvement Program (C.I.P) budget for purposes of a bldg. addition to the Family Support office
1997-451 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PWD) Resolution authorizing a land exchange with Mariposa Masonic Temple Assn. at the Mariposa Cemetery &; authorizing the Chair to Execute the Grand Deed
1997-452 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PWD) Resolution authorizing the purchase of 6 mid-size 4x4 sport utility vehicles for the Sheriff’s Dept
1997-453 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PWD) Resolution approving application to the Bureau of Land Management to participate in a 4 year program to identify, access, improve &; purchase a 19.01 acre quarts onyx claim for the purpose of expanding Catheys Valley County Park
1997-454 (PDF)November 25, 1997(PLG &; BLDG) Approval of a 6 month extension of Personal Service Agreement between the County Building Department and County resource Conservation District, for a term extending from 1/1/98 to 6/30/98
1997-455 (PDF)November 25, 1997(CO-CSL) Resolution approving class specification for the new position of Information Systems Specialist
1997-456 (PDF)November 25, 1997(CO-CSL) Resolution approving revised class specification for the position of Technical Services Director
1997-457 (PDF)
(ADMIN) 1998/99 Head Start Grant Application
1997-458 (PDF)December 2, 1997(ADMIN) Approving 12/26/97 as a Holiday for all County Employees
1997-459 (PDF)December 2, 1997(BOS) Resolution which 1) change name of the Fish Camp Community Advisory Committee to the Fish Camp Community Advisory Council, 2) reduces the membership from 12 to 9 members, 3) modifies representation from the Fish Camp Property Owners’ Assn., &; 4) makes other minors changes
1997-460 (PDF)December 2, 1997(HSD) Authorize Chair to sign a amendment to the contract between the County of Mariposa and the State Department of Housing and Community Development extending the contract expiration date to 3-31-98
1997-461 (PDF)December 2, 1997(CO-CSL) Public Hearing to consider purchase of real property (APN 01-260-15) from Timothy &; Bette Erickson for the Expansion of the Lake Don Pedro Sewer District Facilities
1997-462 (PDF)December 2, 1997(PWD) Adopt resolution approving application for $30,000 of Environmental Enhancement &; Mitigation Program (EEMP) funds and authorize the Public Works Director to execute application &; assurances for the Mariposa Park Improvements Projects
1997-463 (PDF)December 2, 1997(PWD) Adopt resolution approving application for Environmental Enhancement &; Mitigation Program (EEMP) funds &; authorize the Public Works Director to execute application &; assurance for “Mariposa Town Tree Planting”
1997-464 (PDF)December 2, 1997(BOS) Request that the County donate a used culvert for Valley View Drive
1997-465 (PDF)December 2, 1997(CO-CLERK) Request approval of recommended action to purchase new election system software
1997-466 (PDF)December 2, 1997(HSD) Approving Mariposa County CalWORKs Welfare Reform Plan
1997-467 (PDF)December 2, 1997(CO-CSL) Authorize Chairman to execute the Family Law Facilitator Agreement with Steve Dahlem for the period of 9/1/97 until 1/31/98
1997-468 (PDF)December 9, 1997(HSD) Authorize the Mental Health Director to submit a grant application to the Calif. Department of Mental Health for the funding of a Children’s System of Care program in Mariposa County
1997-469 (PDF)December 9, 1997(BOS) Authorizing the Kiwanis Club of Mariposa to use the Courthouse lawn for the annual Christmas Heritage Tree Lighting
1997-470 (PDF)December 9, 1997(VSB) Recommend that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors approve &; authorize the Visitors Bureau Director to sign the contract w/ the Calif. State Mining &; Mineral Museum Assn.
1997-471 (PDF)December 2, 1997(CO-CSL) Approving new class specification for the position of Advocate and deleting the existing extra-help specialized class specification of the Victim/Witness Advocate
1997-472 (PDF)December 16, 1997(PWD) Resolution and County tile plaque recognizing Sue Mejica upon heR retirement from the Mariposa County Department of Public Works
1997-473 (PDF)December 16, 1997(PWD) Resolution approving plans and specifications for installation of groundwater monitoring well at the Sheriff’s Office underground fuel tank site, Public Works project number PW 91-55; authorize advertisement for formal bids; and authorize the Public Works Director to award and execute contract with the lowest responsible bidder
1997-474 (PDF)December 16, 1997(BOS) Resolution accepting resignation of Eric Gourley from the Airport Advisory Committee
1997-475 (PDF)December 16, 1997(HEALTH) Recommend resolution authorizing Chairman to sign letters to State Senator and Assemblyman urging passage of AB 1180, California Safe Drinking Water Bond Act
1997-476 (PDF)December 16, 1997(BOS) Recommend resolution recognizing January Mennig as President of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce for 1997
1997-477 (PDF)December 16, 1997(PWD) Adopt resolution authorizing application for Proposition 204 funding for improvements in the Fresno and Merced River Watersheds and confirm County commitments per the proposals pending Prop 204 funding
1997-478 (PDF)December 16, 1997(PWD) Resolution approving an appropriation from General Fund Contingencies ($10,000) for a permanent ladder for the Ben Hur Maintenance Shop and authorizing the Public Works Director to issue a Change Order to Curll Construction to provide the ladder
1997-479 (PDF)December 16, 1997(PWD) Resolution opposing the “Government Cost Savings and Taxpayers Protection Amendment” (PECG Initiative)
1997-480 (PDF)December 16, 1997(ADMIN) Receive update report regarding responsibility for Community Development Block Grant programs (A) and authorize the Human Services Director to negotiate a contract with Self-Help Enterprises to administer existing Community Development Block Grant activities including housing rehabilitation, Mariposa Pines Sewer Project, electrification projects and community services projects; (B) confirm that the Planning Department will have primary resposibility to administer the recently approved CDBG grant economic development project with the Visitors Bureau Director coordinating on program matters
1997-481 (PDF)December 16, 1997(ADMIN) Review of Lockyer-Isenberg Trial Court Funding Act of 1977 and Possible Action regarding a budget change
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