1999 Resolutions Index

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Description of Action
1999-001 (PDF)January 5, 1999Approve the Community Based Family Resource and Support Grant, of $1,000, Awarded to Mariposa County Library to Help Provide Telecommunications (Internet Access) to Yosemite Branch Library The Funding is for the Federal Fiscal Year (October - Sept.) 1999 Only (Library)
1999-002 (PDF)January 5, 1999A Resolution Commending Neil A. Stonum as President of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce (BOS)
1999-003 (PDF)January 5, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving New Classification Specification for Court Executive Officer at Salary Range 300, Approve Allocation of One Position to the Courts and Waive Hiring Freeze on Management Positions to Allow Recruitment for the Position (Administration)
1999-004 (PDF)January 5, 1999Request for Fish and Game Fund Expenditures: Authorizing $7,500 to be Expended from Fish and Game Fund for Quail Habitat Project (BOS)
1999-005 (PDF)January 5, 1999Request for Fish and Game Fund Expenditures: Authorizing $2,107 to be Expended from the Fish and Game Fund for the Night Vision Binoculars (BOS)
1999-006 (PDF)January 5, 1999Authorizing Chairman to Sign the Special Use Permit Issued by the Stanislaus National Forest (USDA Forest Service) to Allow Mariposa County to Contract with an Individual to Provide Caretaker Responsibilities for the Jordan Creek/Bower Cave Special Interest Area (BOS-Supervisor Balmain)
1999-007 (PDF)January 5, 1999Consider Adopting a Resolution Addressing the Management of the Sierra Nevada National Forests, Urging the Forest Service to Work in Cooperation with Mariposa County and the State of California to Develop and Implement Strategic Comprehensive and Integrated Timber Stand and Watershed Management Plans that Will Provide for Reduced Potential of Stand Replacing Fires, Enhanced Watershed Yields and Quality, Improved Wildlife Habitat, Increased Bio-Diversity, Sustainable Livestock Grazing and Superior Recreational Activities (BOS)
1999-008 (PDF)January 5, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving the New Class Specification at a Salary Range of 102 for the Classification of Supervising Custodian (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-009 (PDF)January 5, 1999Request that the Board Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Sheriff, Board of Supervisors of Tuolumne County and U.S. Department of Justice in Transferring Three Mariposa County Law Enforcement Grant Positions to Tuolumne County (Sheriff)
1999-010 (PDF)January 5, 1999Adopt Resolution Establishing Fees for Solid Waste Collection Service within the Wawona County Service Area 2-W (PW)
1999-011 (PDF)January 5, 1999Resolution Approving and Authorization for Director of Public Works to Participate with the Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC), Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA), in a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Grant Program Funded by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) and any Future Similar Grant Programs Offered through the RCRC ESJPA (PW)
1999-012 (PDF)January 5, 1999Request Authorization to Transfer $20,000 from the Yosemite West Utility Capital Budget to the Yosemite West Sewer Operation Budget to Cover Cost of Required monitoring for the Balance of the Fiscal Year (PW)
1999-013 (PDF)January 12, 1999A Resolution Recognizing Roger Matlock for his Service to the County of Mariposa (BOS)
1999-014 (PDF)January 12, 1999Request Resolution Authorizing Staff of the District Attorney’s Office to Donate Unused Vacation Time to an Employee Who is Ill and has No Vacation or Sick Time Left. Maximum Number of Hours to Be Donated is 25 Hours Which Will Be Used By January 31, 1999 (D.A.)
1999-015 (PDF)January 12, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign the 1998-99 Fiscal Year Performance Contract Between the State of California, Department of Mental Health and the County of Mariposa (HSD/Mental Health)
1999-016 (PDF)January 12, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Human Service Director to Execute Contract Number 99B-1120 with the State Department of Community Services and Development. The Program is Funded with Federal Funds and No County Match is Required ($120,573) (HSD)
1999-017 (PDF)January 12, 1999Resolution Authorizing Execution of a Grant Contract with the California Arts Council (BOS)
1999-018 (PDF)January 12, 1999Approval of Annual Software Maintenance Agreement with Panoramic Software Program for County Veterans Service Office. (CSD)
1999-019 (PDF)January 12, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving New Class Specification at a Salary Range of 112 for the Classification of Maintenance Shop Worker (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-020 (PDF)January 12, 1999Adopt Resolution Amending the Employee Allocation Schedule to Eliminate the 80% Position of Senior Outreach Specialist, Add an 80% Office Assistant II and Appoint the Incumbent Extra-Help Senior Outreach Specialist to Fill this Vacancy in the Community Services Department Effective 2/1/99 (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-021 (PDF)January 12, 1999Status Report Regarding Solid Waste Compost Project and Authorization to Release Proposal Bond to Selected Vendor, HUWS, Inc. (PWD)
1999-022 (PDF)January 12, 1999Consider Request from State of California to Submit Funds Budgeted for Mining and Mineral Museum Rent to the State
1999-023 (PDF)January 19, 1999Mariposa Museum and History Center; Record Storage Space
1999-024 (PDF)January 19, 1999Request Authorization to Increase the Travel and Education Line Item in the Airport Budget to Cover Costs of Computer Software Training Not Anticipated During Budget Process (PW)
1999-025 (PDF)January 19, 1999Adopt Resolution Authorizing Staff of the Sheriff’s Department to Donate Unused Vacation Time to an Employee Who Was Involved in a Very Serious Automobile Accident and Does Not Have Enough Sick Time to Cover the Anticipated Recovery Period (Sheriff)
1999-026 (PDF)January 19, 1999A Resolution Recognizing the Sheriff’s Community Organized Policing Efforts (SCOPE) Program Volunteers for Their Service To the Citizens of Mariposa County (BOS)
1999-027 (PDF)January 19, 1999Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Baseball Backstop for Woodland Area; an Expenditure not to Exceed $7,000 from the CIP Youth Facilities Line Item (548 348-808-0601) to Purchase a Baseball Backstop, Related Fencing and Equipment (PWD)
1999-028 (PDF)January 19, 1999Authorize Health Officer to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Area 12 Agency on Aging (A12AA) for Preventive Health Care for Senior Citizens (BOS)
1999-029 (PDF)January 19, 1999Employees of the Human Services Department Who are Housed in the KUBB Building Have Expressed Concerns that the Building is Causing Them to Have Adverse Medical Problems (Co. Csl.)
1999-030 (PDF)January 19, 1999Authorize Chairman to Sign Letter in Support of a Grant for the Ponderosa Basin Fuel Management Project (BOS)
1999-031 (PDF)January 26, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Chair to Sign the Office of Traffic Safety Grant Application (Fire/OES)
1999-032 (PDF)January 26, 1999Approve Formal Transfer of VIA Transportation Oversight from the Visitors Bureau to PW per Board Direction During Budget Hearing. Transfer to be Done January, 1999 (PW)
1999-033 (PDF)January 26, 1999Recommends the Board Approve the Bid Process and Award to the Lowest Responsible Bid for a Breaker/Drill For the PW Road Division. This equipment is needed to Install the New Sign Support Breakaway System the County Will be Using as a Result of a Caltrans H.E.S. Grant. ($26,400) (PW)
1999-034 (PDF)January 26, 1999Resolution Authorizing Public Works to Advertise and Award New Lease Agreement to Lowest Responsible Bidder for Six (6) Sheriff Administrative and Undercover Vehicles and One (1) Mini-Van for Community Services for Medical Transportation (PW)
1999-035 (PDF)January 26, 1999Approval of Resolution Authorizing Public Works to Advertise for Sealed Bids and Award to Lowest Responsible Bidders Various 1999 Vehicles (PW)
1999-036 (PDF)January 26, 1999Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to Execute the Memorandum of Agreement No. 1443 MA8800-1999-006, for Search and Rescue Services Between the County of Mariposa and Yosemite National Park (Sheriff)
1999-037 (PDF)January 26, 1999Transfer Savings in Travel to Purchase High Quality Paper Shredder which will Serve the Auditor’s Office, Board Office And Administration (Auditor)
1999-038 (PDF)January 26, 1999Records Storage Facility for the Mariposa County History Center
1999-039 (PDF)January 26, 1999Adopt this resolution approving the attached three (3) -year Memorandum of Understanding effective November 1, 1998 between Mariposa County and the Mariposa County Employees’ Association, a chapter of the Service Employees International Union Local 752 (SEIU) and authorizing Auditor to transfer appropriations to each affected budget unit in order to implement provisions of the MOU. Pursuant to Article 20, Duration, of the previous Memorandum of Understanding between the parties, they have met and conferred and have agreed to enter into this Memorandum of Understanding.
1999-040 (PDF)January 26, 1999Approve Submission of Supplemental Funding Application for Mariposa County Head Start for the Program Year Beginning March 1, 1999 in the Amount of $6,177 for Cost-of-Living Allowances (COLA) (Admin.)
1999-041 (PDF)February 2, 1999Authorize Director of Public Works to Advertise for Closed Bids And to Award Contracts for the Sale of the Historic Gimblin House And Water Tower, and the Sale of Removable Items from the Bondshu House (PWD)
1999-042 (PDF)February 2, 1999Approve an Application for Destruction of Records as Submitted by the Administration Office in Accordance with California Government Code Sections 26201 and 26202 (Admin)
1999-043 (PDF)February 2, 1999Approve Issuance of a “Letter of Public Convenience and Necessity” Based Upon the Town Planning Area Zoning of The Property and the Community Serving Nature of the Proposed Use (Plng)
1999-044 (PDF)February 2, 1999Changes in wording to Grand Jury Contract (Aud)
1999-045 (PDF)February 2, 1999Authorize Public Works Director to Execute an Agreement with Total Waste Systems, Inc. for the Collection, Removal and Disposal of Solid Waste in Wawona County Service Area 2-W for a 5-year period (County Counsel)
1999-046 (PDF)February 16, 1999Resolution Recognizing the 145th Anniversary of the Mariposa Gazette and Miner
1999-047 (PDF)February 16, 1999Recommend Resolution Authorizing Health Officer to Advertise for a Request for Proposal for Services to Evaluate Health Education Program and Authorization for Health Officer to Enter Into Contract with the Lowest Responsible Bidder not to Exceed $37,083 (Health)
1999-048 (PDF)February 16, 1999Resolution Adopting Bid and Contract Documents for the Installation of a Fiberglass Interior Surface for the El Portal Pool (PWD)
1999-049 (PDF)February 16, 1999Adopt Bid and Contract Documents for the Addition and Remodel of the Engineering Building (PWD)
1999-050 (PDF)February 16, 1999Reject all Bids for the Construction of the Addition and Remodel of the Lind House (Family Support Offices), Direct Staff to Work with the DA’s Office, CAO and Board’s Space Needs Committee to Review Alternatives to Meet the Future Building Space of the DA’s Office (PWD)
1999-051 (PDF)February 16, 1999The Highway 132 Committee Requests County Support for their New Annual Event, the Coyote Howl (VB)
1999-052 (PDF)February 16, 1999Request the Board Authorize the County Administrative Officer to Execute the Grant Award for the Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant and Approve the Budget Action (Sheriff)
1999-053 (PDF)February 16, 1999Fringe Benefits for Appointed Department Heads
1999-054 (PDF)February 16, 1999Banning Use of MTBE in Gasoline
1999-055 (PDF)February 23, 1999Approve Transfer of Technical Review and Approval Responsibility for Driveway Encroachment Permits for County Roads and Zone of Benefit Roads Back to the Public Works Department (DPW/Bldg.)
1999-056 (PDF)February 23, 1999Transferring Funding from Benefits ($2,010) and OA II Salary Line Item ($2,874) to Extra Help ($4,884) (DA)
1999-057 (PDF)February 23, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign an Order of the Board to Reject Claim No. C98-28 in the amount of $2,633.23. Claimant is Requesting Reimbursement for Repair to Electric Facilities That were Damaged while Excavation was being Performed By an Individual Allegedly at the Direction of County Staff (Co. Csl.)
1999-058 (PDF)February 23, 1999Accept InfoPeople Rural Internet Grant Award of $8,000 from California State Library and Authorizing the Auditor to Sign Certification and Claim Form and Appropriating $8,000 in Unanticipated Revenue to the Library for Fiscal Years 1998-99 and 1999-2000 (Library)
1999-059 (PDF)February 23, 1999Accepting CLSA Statewide Data Base Grant Award of $10,000 from California State Library and Authorizing the Auditor to Sign Certification and Claim Form and Appropriating $10,000 in Unanticipated Revenue to the Mariposa County Library for the Fiscal Years of 1998-99 and 1999-2000 (Library)
1999-060 (PDF)February 23, 1999Adopt Resolution Awarding the Bid for the Repairs to Patrol Boat, which Suffered Engine Damage During the Freeze of December, Low Bidder, Jetcraft of Oregon, Inc. with a Bid of $7,826
1999-061 (PDF)February 23, 1999Authorize Chair to Execute an Amended Library Services and Construction Act Grant Application (DPW)
1999-062 (PDF)February 23, 1999Adopt Resolution Denying Appeal No. 99-1 Based Upon Public Works Department Memo Dated January 26, 1999; and
1999-063 (PDF)February 23, 1999Resolution Waiving Planning Commissions’ Condition to Form Zone of Benefit and Requiring the Applicant to Record a Covenant Of Non Protest for the Future Formation of a Zone of Benefit (Plng)
1999-064 (PDF)March 2, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Public Works Director to Execute an Agreement with Roger Stephens Engineering to Provide Design Engineering and Surveying for the Mariposa Creek Parkway for $30,700 (PW)
1999-065 (PDF)March 9, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign a 3-Year Mental Health Service Contract with KingsView Corporation, Subject Each Year to Review and Renegotiation (HSD)
1999-066 (PDF)March 9, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign the 1998-99 Fiscal Year Agreement with KingsView Corporation for Alcohol, Drug and Perinatal Services for Mariposa County (HSD)
1999-067 (PDF)March 2, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Chair and the Mental Health Director to Sign Fiscal Year 1998-99 Mental Health Service Agreement with KingsView Corp. for the County Child Abuse Prevention Program and the 1998-99 american Indian Community Mental Health Program Contract (HSD/Mental Health Alcohol/Drug Division)
1999-068 (PDF)March 2, 1999Recommend Resolution Authorizing Chairman to Sign the “Declaration of Intent” to Contract with Department of Health Services for Public Health Services for FY 1999-2000 (Health)
1999-069 (PDF)March 2, 1999Recommend that the Board Approve and Authorize Chairman to Sign the Counties Exhibits Entry Form for the California State Fair for the 1999 State Fair (VB)
1999-070 (PDF)March 2, 1999Requested that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Accept a $5,000 Donation from Mariposa County Title Company as a Sponsor of the 1999 Civil War Reenactment Event and Approve Budget Action Form for $5,000 (VB)
1999-071 (PDF)March 2, 1999Approve Modifications to Benefit Levels for Elected Department Heads and Authorize the Auditor to Transfer Appropriations as Needed to Meet Costs (Admin)
1999-072 (PDF)March 9, 1999Consider Request from Mariposa Middle School for Financial Support for California State Grant “After School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnerships” Grant Application Requires a $50,000 Match from the Community Funds would be used to Establish After School Programs and Late Afternoon Bussing (Admin)
1999-073 (PDF)March 9, 1999Resolution of Recognition for the Upcoming Storytelling Festival (Board)
1999-074 (PDF)March 9, 1999Resolution Declaring Intention to Reimburse Expenditures from the Proceeds of Obligations to be Issued by the County and Directing Certain Actions; and Authorizing the Public Works Director To Execute an Agreement with Jones Hall for Legal Services (Bond Counsel) for Yosemite West and Don Pedro Wastewater Rehabilitation Projects (DPW)
1999-075 (PDF)March 9, 1999Resolution Authorizing Overfilling the Position of Road Superintendent through the Month of March, 1999 (DPW)
1999-076 (PDF)March 9, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving Reorganization of the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Department, Approving New Class Specifications, Deleting Existing Class Specification, Amending Employee Allocation Schedule and Waiving Hiring Freeze to Fill Vacancies (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-077 (PDF)March 2, 1999Conceptually Approve Functional Changes to the Planning and Building Department, Health Department and Public Works Depart- Ment; Approve Modifications to Classification Specification for Planning and Building Director; Authorize Recruitment for Planning And Building Director to Commence at a Salary of $62,000 to $65,000 per year; Appoint John Davis to Serve as Interim Building Director Commencing April 1, 1999 at a Temporary Salary Level of Range 283, Step 1; Appoint Sarah Williams to Serve as Interim Planning Director Commencing April 1, 1999 at a Temporary Salary Level of Range 306, Step 1; Direct the County Administrative Officer and County Counsel to Bring Back to the Board of Supervisors Specific Recommendations to Fully Implement Program Changes (Admin)
1999-078 (PDF)March 9, 1999Industrial/Commercial Zone Code Revisions (Plng)
1999-079 (PDF)March 16, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Public Works Director to Issue a Purchase Order for the Purchase and Installation of Playground Equipment at the Mariposa Park to Kevin O’Keefe Company, Placerville ($35,898) (DPW)
1999-080 (PDF)March 16, 1999Resolution Authorizing Public Works to Purchase Five Currently Leased Vehicles upon Termination of Lease (DPW)
1999-081 (PDF)March 16, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign an Order of the Board to reject Claim No. C98-27 in the amount of $223.83 (Co. Csl.)
1999-082 (PDF)March 16, 1999Pass and Adopt the Resolution Fixing the Employer’s Contribution Under the Publice Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-083 (PDF)March 16, 1999Resolution Directing that the Meeting for the Board of Supervisors for March 23, 1999, Commence at 2 p.m. At the County Government Center, Board Chambers (Board)
1999-084 (PDF)March 16, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving the Fees for the Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer and Rescinding the Introduction of An Ordinance to Set the Fees (Admin)
1999-085 (PDF)March 16, 1999Resolution Authorizing an Employee of the District Attorney, Family Support Division’s Office to Temporarily Change From a Flex Work Schedule to a Regular Work Schedule (DA/FS)
1999-086 (PDF)March 16, 1999Request that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Proclaim March 27, 1999 Through June 27, 1999 as the Mariposa County Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Gold Rush (VB)
1999-087 (PDF)March 16, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving Proposed New Class Specification for the Position of Family Support Compliance Technician at a Salary Range of 128 (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-088 (PDF)March 16, 1999Update and Possible Action Related to Retention of the Mining and Mineral Museum (Admin)
1999-089 (PDF)March 23, 1999A Resolution Recognizing Ed Johnson upon his Retirement as the Mariposa County Planning and Building Director
1999-090 (PDF)March 23, 1999Community Service Office has Sponsored a Senior Exposition/ Health Fair Since 1994, with Various Providers to Promote Awareness of Services Available to Seniors or their Families (CSD)
1999-091 (PDF)March 23, 1999Resolution Claiming a Special Appropriation State Grant ($182,225) for the Mariposa Creek Parkway and Authorizing the Public Works Director to Conduct all Negotiations, Execute and Submit all Application Documents, Amendments and Agreements to the State Of California Necessary to Complete Phase II of the Project (DPW/P&R)
1999-092 (PDF)March 23, 1999Resolution Approving Amendment to Contract with American Geological Services in the Amount of $12,000 for Soil Gas Survey Work, Underground Fuel Tanks, Airport, Public Works Project No. PW91-55, 96-11 and Authorizing the Public Works Director To Sign the Amendment (DPW)
1999-093 (PDF)March 23, 1999Resolution Establishing a Petty Cash Fund for the Payment of a $.16 a Gallon Incentive for Recycling of Used Motor Oil at the New Certified Recycling Center at the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (DPW)
1999-094 (PDF)March 23, 1999Adopt Resolution Authorizing the Public Works Director and County Counsel to Execute Grant Agreement for Federal Aviation Administration Funds for Improvements at Mariposa-Yosemite Airport for Projects Totalling $2,720,000 (DPW)
1999-095 (PDF)March 23, 1999Resolution Adopting Bid and Contract Documents for the Furnishing of a Metal Building for the Ponderosa Basin Fire Station (DPW)
1999-096 (PDF)March 23, 1999Resolution Transferring Funding from Courthouse Construction to Fixed Assets/Printers ($12,700) and to Trial Court Services/ Software ($12,300) (Superior Court)
1999-099 (PDF)
March 23, 1999Review and Approve Requested “Consent” Changes to the FY 98-99 Budget Budget; Review and Approve Requested “Policy” Changes to the FY 1998-99 Budget; Review, Modify and Adopt the Proposed Approach and Process for the FY 1999-2000 Budget; and Review Modify and Adopt the Budget Preparation Schedule for the FY 1999-2000 Budget (Admin)
1999-100 (PDF)March 23, 1999It is Recommended that your Board Approve a Resolution Authorizing an Application for a Grant of $536,325 from the State Of California Department of Housing and Community Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Native American Allocation. If Awarded, this Grant would Provide Funds For Rehabilitation of Approximately 11 Housing Units Located on Native American Allotment Land in Mariposa County. In Addition To the Grant Funds Awarded this County will Provide in Kind Staff Time of $13,276 During the Three-Year Grant Cycle Mainly Provided by Staff in the Department of Human Services (HSD)
1999-101 (PDF)March 23, 1999Public Hearing Regarding a Proposed Increase in Sewer Service Fees Charged in the Yosemite West Maintenance District (DPW)
1999-102 (PDF)March 23, 1999Mining and Mineral Museum. Consideration of Contract Extension With Ed Hardy for Consultant Services Relating the Mining and Mineral Museum and Budget Action
1999-103 (PDF)March 23, 1999Conduct Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Mariposa Town Pedestrian Improve- ment Project (DPW)
1999-104 (PDF)April 6, 1999Approve the Contract Extension for Copy Machine Services with Spriggs, Inc. and Minolta Corporation for another 5-year Period, and Authorize the Chairman to Sign the Contract Extension (Admin)
1999-105 (PDF)April 6, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign Amendment No. A-1 to the Agreement with the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs for Provisions of Services in Mariposa County for Fiscal 1998-99 (HSD/Alcohol/Drug Div)
1999-106 (PDF)April 6, 1999Request the Board Authorize Adding $5,342 to the Domestic Violence Deputy Position line item (Sheriff)
1999-107 (PDF)April 6, 1999Mural on the Retaining Wall Along Highway 140
1999-108 (PDF)April 6, 1999Adopt Resolution Allowing the Sheriff to Purchase the Equipment for the Radio Upgrade from Mobile Communication Inc. of Merced as a Sole Source Provider (Sheriff)
1999-109 (PDF)April 6, 1999Adopt Revised Plans and Specifications for the Mariposa Town Sidewalk Project to the Lowest Responsible Bidder and Execute A Contract with Same (DPW)
1999-110 (PDF)April 6, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving Administrative Leave Policy and Procedures (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-111 (PDF)April 6, 1999Approve Summer 1999 Road Maintenance/Construction Program (DPW)
1999-112 (PDF)April 6, 1999The First Baptist Church Provided a Proposal to the County to Purchase the Property on which the Church and School are Presently Located. Space Needs Committee is Recommending The County not make an Offer on the Church Property at the Present Time (Space Needs)
1999-113 (PDF)April 6, 1999Resolution Directing that the Meeting for the Board of Supervisors for May 4, 1999, Commence at 2 p.m. (Board)
1999-114 (PDF)April 6, 1999Adopt Resolution Effective April 1, 1999 Approving Modified Extra- Help Hourly Schedule - Specialized Classes, and Approving Methodology to Provide for Future Hourly Rate Increases (Co. Csl./ Personnel)
1999-115 (PDF)April 13, 1999Resolution Recognizing George Krizek for his Committed Service on the Emergency Medical Care Committee
1999-116 (PDF)April 13, 1999Resolution Transferring Funding from Salary Line Item 001-0212- 517.01-84 ($3,000) to Extra Help ($3,000)
1999-117 (PDF)April 13, 1999Consider Lending Support to RCRC with their Request for a One- Year Extension on SB 1785 (Stray Animals Impounding Requirements) by Authorizing Chairman to Sign a Letter Supporting a One-Year Extension (BOS)
1999-118 (PDF)April 13, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving Revised Class Specification for the Position of Court Executive Officer at a Revised Flat Salary of $62,500 Annually (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-119 (PDF)April 20, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to Sign Agreement No. 99-73-06-0260-RA: the Annual Work Plan and Reimburseable Budget Plan for FY 1999/2000 with USDA/ APHIS/WS (Wildlife Services) and Include Tax I.D. Number On the Agreement as Requested (Ag Commissioner Sealer)
1999-120 (PDF)April 20, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign an Order of the Board to Reject Claim No. C99-3 in the Amount of $370.54 The Claimant is Requesting Reimbursement for Two Tires and One Aluminum Rim (Co. Csl.)
1999-121 (PDF)April 20, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving New Extra-Help Specialized Class Specification for Senior Recreation Leader at an Hourly Salary Rate of $9 (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-122 (PDF)April 20, 1999Recommended Actions Regarding 1998 Reclassification Requests (Admin.)
1999-123 (PDF)April 27, 1999Adopt Resolution Approving the Inclusion of Mariposa County Superior Court in the Self-Insurance Programs the County Participates in through CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (Co. Csl.)
1999-124 (PDF)April 27, 1999Resolution Declaring County-Owned Equipment and Vehicles Surplus and Authorizing the Public Works Director to Execute a Contract with Howard Leach Auctioneers to Auction same to the Public on May 15, 1999 (DPW)
1999-125 (PDF)April 27, 1999Approve a Resolution Authorizing the Sheriff to Continue Participation in the State Funded Boating Safety Program. Authorize Chairperson to Execute Agreement. It is Funded By the State with the County’s Share Being the County Boat Tax. Requested Amount is $429,156 with the State Share Being $410,607 and the County’s Share Being $18,549 (Sheriff)
1999-126 (PDF)April 27, 1999Approve Waiving the Hiring Freeze and Allow for a Jail Sergeant and Jail Lieutenant’s Position to be Filled. (Sheriff)
1999-127 (PDF)April 27, 1999Agreement with Fairgrounds to Utilize Jail Trustees in Providing Basic Maintenance at the Fairgrounds (Co. Csl.)
1999-128 (PDF)April 27, 1999Authorize the County Counsel and Fire Chief to Negotiate a Lease with Robert Bondshu for Administative Offices and Storage for the Department (Fire)
1999-129 (PDF)April 27, 1999Request for Removal of Flex Time Positions in the Auditor’s Office (Aud)
1999-130 (PDF)April 27, 1999Appropriate Funds from General Fund Reserve for Contingency to Airport Professional Services for Costs Associated with Removal and Trimming of Trees in Runway Protection Zone at East End of Runway 26 ($30,000) (DPW)
1999-131 (PDF)April 27, 1999Authorize Public Works to Transfer Funds ($3,700) from Service and Supplies, Professional Services Construction, to Fixed Assets Computer, in the Amount of $3,700 to Reverse Part of the Mid-Year Adjustment (DPW)
1999-132 (PDF)April 27, 1999Public Hearing and Resolution Authorizing the Public Works Director to Request Approval from FEMA/OES of a Revised Method Of Repair for Incline Road, a Lesser Standard of Restoration Below Clearinghouse, Agreeing to Cap Project Costs at the Original DSR Estimate of $2,273,000 and Authorizing Public Works to Prepare Plans and Specifications for the Project (DPW)
1999-133 (PDF)April 27, 1999Review and Approve Recommendations by Sub-Committee on Functional Changes within the Planning and Building Department. As Directed by the Board, the Sub-Committee has Reviewed the Planning and Building Department’s Organization and Makes the Following Recommendations: Divide Planning and Building into Separate Departments; Indicate Intention to Appoint John Davis as Building Director And Direct Personnel to Bring a Class Specification and Salary Recommendation Back to the Board of Supervisors for approval; Continue the Appointment of Sarah Williams as Interim Planning Director; Direct the Interim Planning Director and CAO to Work with the Sub-Committee to Submit an Evaluation Report for the October 5, 1999 Board of Supervisors meeting
1999-134 (PDF)April 27, 1999A.) Approve and Authorize the Chairman to Sign a Contract for Training Services with Becker and Bell, Inc. for Eight Three- Hour Training Sessions for Approximately 300 Employees on The Subject of Unlawful Workplace Harassment in the Estimated Amount of $7,500; and Approve Budget Action Moving $2,500 from the Liability Set Aside to the Personnel Department Budget (Admin./Personnel)
1999-135 (PDF)May 4, 1999In November 1998, We Changed the Northside Cook Position from Salary Category to Extra-Help Position Requesting Funds to be Allocated to the Correct Budget Line (CSD)
1999-136 (PDF)May 4, 1999Authorize Chair to Sign an Order of the Board to Reject Claim No. C99-2 in the Amount of $289.07 (Co. Csl.)
1999-137 (PDF)May 4, 1999Adopt Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to Sign Amendment to the Agreement for Unemployment Compensation Services (Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-138 (PDF)May 4, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Board of Supervisors to Extend the Statutory Rape Vertical Prosection Unit Grant from July 1, 1999, Ending March 31, 2000, Thus Allowing the Grant to Expend Unused Funds (D.A.)
1999-139 (PDF)May 4, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Position of an 80% Permanent Part-Time Advocate Replacing the Position of Extra Help Part- Time Advocate for the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Program and Allow Hiring to Occur Effective September 1, 1999 (D.A.)
1999-140 (PDF)May 4, 1999Discussion and Direction Regarding Alternatives for Operation of the Solid Waste Landfill and Transfer Stations for Possible Savings to Finance Needed Landfill/Recycling Center Improvements (DPW)
1999-141 (PDF)May 4, 1999Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Director of Public Works to Execute a SB 1330 Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program Application from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. This Application would be For the Maximum Grant of $10,000. The Funds are being used to Cleanup an Estimated 90 Cubic Yards of Illegally Disposed Refuse Adjacent to Cuneo Road (DPW)
1999-142 (PDF)May 11, 1999Resolution Recognizing “Cousin Jack” Franklin for his Contributions to the Community of Mariposa (Mariposa County Arts Council)
1999-143 (PDF)May 11, 1999Resolution Recognizing Irene Rhyne as Senior Volunteer of the Year
1999-144 (PDF)May 11, 1999Resolution Recognizing Lenore and Joseph Emerson as Senior Lady and Senior Gentleman of the Year
1999-145 (PDF)May 11, 1999Resolution Recognizing the Sierra Artists Gallery’s Annual Gold Rush Art Show and Reception (Supervisor Parker)
1999-146 (PDF)May 11, 1999Resolution Recognizing Herman Spranz for his contributions to Mariposa County (Board)
1999-147 (PDF)May 11, 1999Authorize the Director of Public Works to Advertise for Closed Bids and Award Contracts for the Sale of the Historic Gimblin House and Water Tower to be Demolished and/or Moved (DPW)
1999-148 (PDF)May 11, 1999Authorize Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train trek from Fish Camp to Mariposa County Fairgrounds June 10 through June 12, 1999. (Co. Csl.)
1999-149 (PDF)May 11, 1999Authorize transfer of funds from deputy district attorney (Anti-Drug Abuse Enforcement Grant) salary line item ($727) to the transpor- tation line item ($632) and the private vehicle line item ($95). (DA)
1999-150 (PDF)May 11, 1999Adopt Resolution to Establish a Revolving Loan Fund For Formation and Improvement Costs Associated with County Service Area Zones of Benefit. (DPW)
1999-151 (PDF)May 18, 1999Recommend resolution declaring the week of May 16-22, 1999 as Emergency Medical Services Week. (Health)
1999-152 (PDF)May 18, 1999Authorize the sale of obsolete computer equipment and placing the revenue of such sale in the Data Processing Budget of the purchase of computer parts for repair purposes. (Data)
1999-153 (PDF)May 18, 1999Adjustments to both salary and benefits line items and revenue line items for employees of the Family Support Division due to increases in salaries for both MCMCO and SEIU. (DA/FS)
1999-154 (PDF)May 18, 1999Approval of Mother Lode Job Training 1999 Initial Modification to the Department of Labor Welfare-to-Work Block Grant for Mariposa County (Mother Lode Job Training). (HSD)
1999-155 (PDF)May 18, 1999El Portal Library requests change of hours through summer months. (Library)
1999-156 (PDF)May 18, 1999Approve and authorize County Administrative Officer to sign an expansion proposal for a full-day Head Start class in the amount of $157,153. (Admin)
1999-157 (PDF)May 18, 1999Direction and/or resolution waiving countywide indirect overhead costs (5.8346% of grant award) concerning the Office of Criminal Justice Planning Anti-Drug Abuse Enforcement Program Grant (Mariposa County Drug Court Program). (DA)
1999-158 (PDF)May 18, 1999Resolution approving the extension and augmentation of the Office of Criminal Justice Planning (OCJP) Anti-Drug Abuse Enforcement Program Grant, concerning the Mariposa County Drug Court (for the period of July 1, 1998 through June 30, 2000). The 1999-2000 ADA grant allocation is in the amount of $160,295. (DA)
1999-159 (PDF)May 18, 1999Resolution Authorizing Chair to execute Lease Agreement with Lawrence Laity, Joan Laity, Ronald Iudice, Carol Iudice, concerning shared office space by the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Program, Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution Unit, And the Family Violence Response Team, and authoring Auditor to Process monthly payments in accordance with Lease Agreement. (DA)
1999-160 (PDF)May 18, 1999Deny property owners’ and business owners’ request for a time extension for abatement of code violations until December 31, 1999. Require that full compliance with County Codes be made within 105 days following Board action. Require a proposal of code compliance be made within 45 days following Board action. (Plng)
1999-161 (PDF)May 25, 1999Resolution Recognizing Robert “Bruce” Pickard for his service to the County of Mariposa. (Board)
1999-162 (PDF)May 25, 1999Resolution Recognizing Frank C. Sanchez for his service to the County of Mariposa. (Board)
1999-163 (PDF)May 25, 1999Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund Lawsuit Being Filed by Sonoma County. Authorized County Counsel to contact Sonoma County to join in the lawsuit being filed against ERAF, with direction that a contribution of $1,000 be made from the Insurance Set Aside Fund. (Co. Csl.)
1999-164 (PDF)May 25, 1999A Complaint to Quiet Title on County property in the Hornitos area was filed last year naming Tricia Scroggins and unknown persons as Defendants. One of the stipulated items was that Ms. Scroggins would pay to the County the sum of $6,000. Escrow has now closed on this transaction with the County receiving $5,670.90 (closing costs deducted). $1,379.27 should be paid to the General Contingency for services performed by Public Works Department. (Co. Csl.)
1999-165 (PDF)May 25, 1999Adopt resolution approving extension of extra-help agreement for Christina Jonas at the Superior Court. (Personnel)
1999-166 (PDF)May 25, 1999Resolution authorizing the Chair to sign the Cooperative Fire Protection Services for Local Agencies. This contract provides for dispatch services to Mariposa County Fire and Mercy Ambulance. (Fire)
1999-167 (PDF)May 25, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing increase in AIDS Coordinator position from 0.5 FTE to 6.0 FTE; appropriation of $6,075 to fund this increase (100% grant funded). (Health)
1999-168 (PDF)May 25, 1999Recommend approval of purchase and use of storage shed for Health Department records and bulky items. (Health)
1999-169 (PDF)May 25, 1999Public Works request a resolution declaring Old Engine 233 from Fish Camp as salvage, and releasing it to Burton’s Fire Apparatus in payment for towing and storage expense. (DPW)
1999-170 (PDF)May 25, 1999Adopt a resolution to update the screening card names for the Office of Surplus Property, California State Department of General Services. (DPW)
1999-171 (PDF)May 25, 1999Resolution authorizing public works to transfer funds from contingency and depreciation to professional services-water in Yosemite West Maintenance District to cover cost for repairs to upper pressure system failure. (DPW)
1999-172 (PDF)May 25, 1999Consider and adopt a resolution in support of ACA 17 and authorize the Chairman to sign a letter addressed to Assembly Member Leonard in support of ACA 17 which will eliminate the transfer of property tax revenue from local government to the State through the Education Revenue Augmentation Fund. (Board)
1999-173 (PDF)May 25, 1999Authorize the Chairman to sign a letter addressed to Assembly Member House, Requesting that he support restoring the $20.2 Million to the County Medical Services Program. (Board)
1999-174 (PDF)May 25, 1999Request that the Board of Supervisors authorize County Administrative Officer to apply for and execute a grant application for 50% matching funds of the total cost of Bullet Proof Vests. The cost for a Bullet Proof Vest with tax is $431. The grant will pay for 50% of total cost. (Sheriff)
1999-175 (PDF)May 25, 1999Approve and authorize the County Administrative Officer to sign an application for Head Start Quality Improvement funds in the amount of $10,294. Home Base Educator is recommended to receive a 10% increase. The actual total amount of the recommended increases is $14,122 for the grant year. The difference of %3,828 will be funded from savings in the basic grant budget. (Admin)
1999-176 (PDF)May 25, 1999Recommend resolution appointing Health Officer as Air Pollution Control Officer; recommend resolution authorizing the filling of the County Registered Environmental Health Specialist position at 0.8 FTE Permanent Part Time. (Health)
1999-177 (PDF)May 25, 1999Continued from 5-18-99. Mariposa County is adding an extra hour to help support the Friends of the Library for all their additional hours they have paid for. (Library)
1999-178 (PDF)June 1, 1999Resolution authorizing the Human Services Director to execute Contract Number 98-EHAP-1830 for $10,000 with the State Department of Housing and Community Development. There is no County match required with this Contract. (HSD)
1999-179 (PDF)June 1, 1999Direction and/or Resolution Waiving Countywide Indirect Overhead Costs (5.8346% of Grant Amount) Concerning U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Violence Against Women Grants Office, Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies (Mariposa County Family Violence Response Team). (DA/FS)
1999-180 (PDF)June 1, 1999Public Works recommends that the Board of Supervisors adopt the resolution vacating a portion of Sierra Pines Drive. (DPW)
1999-181 (PDF)June 1, 1999Adopt the resolution approving new class specification for the position of Transportation Planner at Salary Range 198. Appoint David T. Walker to the new position of Transportation Planner effective June 1, 1999. Amend the Employee Allocation Schedule to eliminate one Planner II position from Planning and Building Department and add Transportation Planner to Public Works. (Co. Csl./Personnel/Admin)
1999-182 (PDF)June 1, 1999Discuss and adopt new class specification for the position of Building Department Director. Committee recommends a salary of $52,000 per annum. (Board/Co. Csl./Personnel)
1999-183 (PDF)June 1, 1999Adopt Resolution authorizing the Chairman to execute and Agreement with Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc. for ambulance services effective January 1, 1999 until December 31, 2008. Further authorize the Auditor to pay Mercy the reduced amount of $7,285 for the month of June and continue to pay the reduced amounts in accordance with Exhibit “B” of the Agreement. (Board)
1999-184 (PDF)June 1, 1999Supervisor Pickard clarified his position on his earlier vote, advising that he was not in agreement with separating the Planning and Building Department. Action taken as result of closed session, (M) Parker, (S)Stewart, appointing John Davis as Building Director, at an annual salary of $52,000, effective immediately.(BLDG)
1999-185 (PDF)June 8, 1999Request for resolution to approve Tax Sale at Sealed Bid and to direct Don Z. Philips, Tax Collector to sell the property described in attached list, as provided for by law, pursuant to Chapter 7, Part 6, Division 1 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. This property has had delinquent taxes for five years, and past experience has been that the majority will be redeemed prior to sale scheduled to be held on August 27, 1999.
1999-186 (PDF)June 8, 1999Request for Resolution to approve Tax Sale at Sealed Bid and to direct Don Z. Phillips, Tax Collector to sell the property described in attached list, pursuant to Chapter 7, Part 6, Division 1 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. (Tax Collector)
1999-187 (PDF)June 8, 1999The Family Support Division’s computer system has been identified as not being Y2K compliant. The Board of Supervisors previously approved funds in the amount of $22,500 to replace the PC workstations but existing server that links system must also be replaced. Request transfer of funds from existing appropriations to fixed assets in the amount of $4,200 to replace network server. (DA/FS)
1999-188 (PDF)June 8, 1999Resolution adopting the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport Policy for Commercial/Business Usage and direct staff to develop and issue Requests for Proposals for fixed-based operators pursuant to the policy. This policy sets forth the procedure for selection of and minimum standards for revenue-producing commercial activities at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport. (DPW)
1999-189 (PDF)June 8, 1999Resolution directing that the meeting for the Board of Supervisors for June 22, 1999, commence at 2 p.m. at the Coulterville Community Center (Old School), Broadway and Cemetery, Coulterville, California. (Board)
1999-190 (PDF)June 15, 1999Resolution recognizing Diana Adams for her service to the County of Mariposa. (Board)
1999-191 (PDF)June 15, 1999Adopt resolution approving concept plan for Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase II.(Public Works)
1999-192 (PDF)June 22, 1999Resolution recognizing Elmer Keller for his service to the County of Mariposa.(Board)
1999-193 (PDF)June 15, 1999Recommend Resolution authorizing the establishment of a training program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for County employees.(Health)
1999-194 (PDF)June 15, 1999Authorize Sheriff to purchase a Computer Based Multimedia Training System which has been authorized by the Board of Corrections STC for use in training of officers. Funds are provided by STC for the system and are in place in current budget. Approve budget action. (Sheriff)
1999-195 (PDF)June 15, 1999Adopt this resolution approving revised class specifications for Engineering Technician I, Engineering Technician II, and Engineering Technician III and adopting new class specification for the position of Engineering Technician Trainee at Salary Range 116. This new class specification will be assigned to the Mariposa County General Employees’ Association (SEIU).(Co.CSL/Personnel)
1999-196 (PDF)June 15, 1999Approve extra-help allocation in the Roads budget for Engineering Technician III, 1,200 hours, effective for the fiscal year 99/00 budget and authorize immediate recruitment.(DPW)
1999-197 (PDF)June 15, 1999Discussion and direction regarding acceptance of relinquished right of way from Caltrans along Highway 140 for the planned sidewalk project in the town of Mariposa.(DPW)
1999-198 (PDF)June 15, 1999Adopted appropriating $500 from the Contingency Fund to the line item for the Mariposa Creek Parkway Phase II.(Public Works)
1999-199 (PDF)June 15, 1999Recommend Resolution appropriating $3,065 into the Health Department Budget for costs associated with instructional materials for food safety class.(Health)
1999-200 (PDF)June 15, 1999Recommend Resolution authorizing Air Pollution Control Officer (Health Officer) to sign Personal Services Agreement with Chris Ralph in the amount of $8,960.(Health)
1999-201 (PDF)June 15, 1999Authorize the Chair to Sign Agreement with Dobbs Acoustics to Perform the Noise Monitoring Required by Conditional Use Permit No. 256, at a cost not to exceed $1,500.(Planning)
1999-202 (PDF)June 22, 1999Adopt a resolution approving a second amendment to the 1998-99 Head Start program agreement with the Madera County Community Action Agency that will increase the total amount to $425,684. During the course of the 1998-99 program year (March 1,1998 through February 28, 1999) the Head Start grant was increased, bringing the total award of federal funds from $400,696 to $425,684, a difference of $25,168.(Admin)
1999-203 (PDF)June 22, 1999Adopt resolution approving the 1998-99 Adjusted Budget as Mariposa County’s operating budget and extending contracting authority granted to department heads by Resolution 98-360 from July 1, 1999 until adoption of the FY 1999-2000 Final Budget.(Admin)
1999-204 (PDF)June 22, 1999Adopt this Resolution approving: An amendment to the Employee Allocation Schedule by elimination the position of Air Quality Transportation Specialist from the Planning Department. The allocation of the position of Planner IV to the Planning Department. The appointment of Jay Pawlek to the position of Planner IV at Range 221, step 5 ($3,452/month).(Co.CSL/Personnel/Admin)
1999-205 (PDF)June 22, 1999Authorize Public Works to transfer funds in various accounts for year-end expenditures in the Coulterville CSA and Yosemite West Maintenance District.(DPW)
1999-206 (PDF)June 22, 1999Amend contract agreement with Vargas, Lopez and Co. (Res 99-144) to increase the audit fee for the 1997-98 fiscal year to a total amount of $31,300. The original contract was for $19,300.(Auditor)
1999-207 (PDF)June 22, 1999Adoption of the 1997 Uniform Building Codes with specific appendixes.(Building)
1999-208 (PDF)June 22, 1999Direction regarding preferred fiscal strategy for Building Department and consideration of adoption of Table 1A of the 1994 Uniform Building Code (building permit fees) effective July 1, 1999. (Building)
1999-209 (PDF)June 22, 1999Approve Personal Service Agreement between the County Building and County Resource Conservation District, for a term extending from July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000, and compensation of $14,300 to provide grading inspection services.(Building)
1999-210 (PDF)June 22, 1999Authorize Chairman to sign Restaurant Meal Program contract with Coulter Café on the Northside pending Area 12 Agency on Aging JPA Board approval of State and Federal funding at their meeting of July 1, 1999. With contract signed we can start the program on July 2, 1999.(Board)
1999-211 (PDF)June 22, 1999Appropriate additional loan funds, effective July 1, 1999, to allow work to continue pending receipt of state and federal low-interest loan funds for the Don Pedro wastewater treatment plants rehabilitation.(DPW)
1999-212 (PDF)June 22, 1999Appropriate additional loan funds, effective July 1, 1999, to allow to continue pending receipt of state and federal low-interest loan funds for the Yosemite West wastewater treatment plants rehabilitation.(DPW)
1999-213 (PDF)June 22, 1999Public Works recommends that the Board approve the agreement with Psomas of Sacramento for engineering design of the Yosemite West Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Public Works Project Number PW 93-09; and authorize the Public Works director to sign the agreement with this firm, subject to approval of County Counsel. The fee for these design services is estimated to be $176,218.(DPW)
1999-214 (PDF)June 22, 1999Approve and authorize the County Administrative Officer to sign an application for supplemental Head Start program funds to improve teacher qualifications in the amount of $2,900. The federal government has provided funds to improve preschool teacher qualifications and set aside $2,900 for Mariposa County Head Start. The required local match in the amount of $725 will be based on the cost of training to be provided to Head Start parents. (Admin)
1999-215 (PDF)July 6, 1999Resolution Recognizing Charlotte Wilson for her Service to the County of Mariposa
1999-216 (PDF)July 6, 1999Resolution Recognizing James W “Jim” Moffett for his Service to the County of Mariposa
1999-217 (PDF)July 6, 1999Recommend approval to sign software license agreement with ES&S. This software is for the absentee voter registration application that will be used on the new equipment purchased last year. The software has been purchased through the 1998-99 software line item budget for Elections. First year at no cost to the county.(Clerk)
1999-218 (PDF)July 6, 1999Authorize Chair to sign Exhibit “A” amending the 1998-99 Substance Abuse Agreement with KingsView Corporation for Alcohol, Drug, and Perinatal Services for Mariposa County, increasing the amount by $37,160 and appropriate the revenue and expenditures related to this amendment.
1999-219 (PDF)July 6, 1999Approve a Personal Service Agreement with Dave Apilado for the provision of Independent Living Skills Training to teenage children in Foster Care preparing them for transitioning to independent adult life.(Hum. Serv)
1999-220 (PDF)July 6, 1999Recommended that the Board approve Department of Energy Weatherization Contract Number 99C-1120 from the Department of Community Services and Development. The grant is for $4,316 and will allow the County to weatherize four homes for low income eligible families.(Human Services)
1999-221 (PDF)July 6, 1999Recommend that the Board allow the Mariposa County Library System to host an inservice on “Customer Service Training” in Mariposa presented by Susan Berk who is hired through San Joaquin Library System by a grant.(Library)
1999-222 (PDF)July 6, 1999Adopt this resolution to: Approve new specification for the classification of Development Services Technician at Salary Range 138 ($1,879-$2,284) Allocate one Development Service Technician position to Public Health and one Development Services Technician position to the Building Department. Reclassify the incumbent Senior Office Assistant (Health) and the incumbent Permit Coordinator (Building) to the new Development Services Technician positions effective April 1, 1999. Amend the Employee Allocation Schedule to delete one Senior Office Assistant position (Health) and one Permit Coordinator (Building), and delete the Permit Coordinator classification.(Co. Csl/Psnl and Admin.)
1999-223 (PDF)July 6, 1999Recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve an extension of the existing agreement with the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $23,704.68, to operate the Mariposa County Visitor Information Centers beginning July 1, 1999 through September 30, 1999 and authorize the Visitors Bureau Director to sign the agreement extension. Approval of the recommended action would commit three monthly payments prior to final budget hearings of $7,901.56 each for a total of $23,704.68. $74,025.32 would remain of the amount requested in the Visitors Bureau for Fiscal Year 1999-2000 at final budget hearings.
1999-224 (PDF)July 13, 1999Resolution authorizing the Mariposa County Agricultural Commissioner to sign the 1999/2000 Regulatory Pesticide Enforcement Contract Number 1999-0119 and the 1999/2000 Pesticide Application Reporting Contract Number 1999-0119 with the Department of Pesticide Regulation. (Ag Commissioner)
1999-225 (PDF)July 13, 1999Resolution authorizing the County Librarian to submit grant application for Youth Services Materials Grant from the State Library. The Grants were just announced and must be submitted by July 20, 1999. Recipients of the Youth Services Materials Grant would receive $5,000 to purchase materials for the Young Adults patrons of Mariposa County Library System.(Library)
1999-226 (PDF)July 13, 1999Amend the Employee Allocation Schedule reducing the Social Worker III positions by one and increasing the Employment and Training Worker II positions by one. No additional county costs involved. This will decrease costs for the position by an estimated $5,300 per fiscal year. (Human Services)
1999-227 (PDF)July 20, 1999Recommend approval of a contract with Char Wilson to provide consultation, technical assistance and training for replacement staff regarding fiscal claiming, reporting, and other processes associated with administering the Calaveras-Mariposa Community Action Agency and Human Services Department programs. (Human Serv)
1999-228 (PDF)July 20, 1999Adopt Resolution modifying position allocation for the Building Department by adding one Development Services Technician.(Personnel)
1999-229 (PDF)July 20, 1999Commitment of Additional Funds Required for Library Construction Total estimated construction cost is $1,470,000, including contingency, leaving an additional shortfall of $250,000. Staff will discuss the General Fund impact of the additional $250,000 needed. (Public Works)
1999-230 (PDF)July 20, 1999Authorize Public Works to purchase a demo “RoadLazer Line Striper” unit from Dispensing Technology Corp. in the amount of $34,000. A demo model is currently available at a favorable price to the County. The model is a portable tow-behind that will do the job required with the use of our own labor force. (Public Works)
1999-231 (PDF)July 20, 1999Resolution approving and authorizing the Public Works Director to notify Mariposa County Total Waste Systems, Inc. that its contract with the County to operate the four County solid waste transfer stations will be canceled effective January 31, 2000. If approved by the Board, effective February 1, 2000 the transfer stations will be operated by County personnel. For the 1999/00 fiscal year the estimated cost to operate these facilities will be $24,307. This includes $12,307 for personnel and related expenses for gate operator buildings. This will result in an estimated savings to the Solid Waste Enterprise budget of $23,000 during the 1999/00 fiscal year.(Co. Csl/Psnl and Admin.)
1999-232 (PDF)July 27, 1999Recommended that the Board allow the Mariposa County Librarian to apply for the Gates Initiative Library Grant, allowing the main library and all 4 branches to receive hardware, software, 1 year technical support, training, and Internet connectivity.
1999-233 (PDF)July 27, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing Chairman to sign agreement with Mountain Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency. For the upcoming fiscal year (1999-200) the cost of this contract to Mariposa County is $6,601 which represents a $287 decrease from last year’s contract. (Public Health
1999-234 (PDF)July 27, 1999Authorize the County Mental Health Director to sign Amendment No. A-1 to the Agreement between the State Department of Mental Health and Mariposa County for the Consolidation of Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services.(Human Services)
1999-235 (PDF)July 27, 1999Adopt Resolution authorizing Public Works Director to execute agreements for STIP funds for design, right-of-way, and construction for the Mariposa Town Sidewalks project, including portions of State Highways 49 and 140, and 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, Jones and Jessie Streets in the Town of Mariposa. (Public Works)
1999-236 (PDF)July 27, 1999Upon determination by the state of the Statewide Automated Child Support System (SACSS), the Mariposa County Child Support Division converted to one of the four state-approved interim systems called CASES. In order for the Mariposa County Child Support Division to participate in CASES the Memorandum of Agreement and Bylaws must be executed by Mariposa County. A resolution approving and authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to execute a CASES Consortium Bylaws is requested. This will allow the Child Support Division to participate as a member of the CASES Consortium until statewide automation issues are resolved by the state. The costs associated with participating as a member of the CASES Consortium are paid by federal funds and incentives earned on child support collections. There are no general fund costs. These documents have been reviewed and approved by County Counsel.
1999-237 (PDF)August 3, 1999Resolution authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the 1999/2000 Agreement between CDFA Egg quality Control Program and the County of Mariposa. (Ag Commissioner/Sealer)
1999-238 (PDF)August 3, 1999Recommends approval of a temporary extension of the 240-hour vacation accrual limit for Jenny Verley of the Parks and Recreation Division. She is currently at the maximum. The current workload in this division necessitates that she be on the job. She will reduce her vacation accrual to an acceptable level by the end of October, 1999.(Public Works)
1999-239 (PDF)August 3, 1999Resolution authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the 1999/2000 Detection Trapping Contract No. 1999-0088.(Ag Commissioner)
1999-240 (PDF)August 3, 1999Request and Recommend that the Board of Supervisors grant and transfer to John C. Fremont Hospital the Dictaphone 5000 Model 5102, Serial Number 910241, the Dictaphone Tape Cabinet, Dictaphone Bulk Tape Eraser and approximately 150 real to real tapes.(Sheriff)
1999-241 (PDF)August 3, 1999Authorize the sale of a 1991 Chevrolet Astro van to Area 12 Agency on Aging in the amount of $250. A12AA would use the van in the Food Bank program for delivery of food items to providers of nutrition services, including Mariposa County Senior Services. According to Fleet/Fiscal Manager, Marty Allan, the low Blue Book on the can is $2,485. (Community Services)
1999-242 (PDF)August 3, 1999Request the Board Authorize the County Administrative Officer to execute the attached Grant Award Application for the Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant. The Grant is in the amount of $54,417 with a required match of $6,046. This grant would continue to pay for one DARE Deputy for one year. (Sheriff)
1999-243 (PDF)August 3, 1999Recommended that the Board delete the Contract Administrator position and replace that position with a Social Worker III classification within the Department of Human Services.(Human Serv)
1999-244 (PDF)August 3, 1999Approve this resolution in the amount of $35,000 for the purchase of fixed assets for Y2K purposes prior to final budget hearings for fiscal year 1999-2000. This is for the purchase of Personal Computers and AS/400 data communication equipment and peripheral devices. (Data Processing)
1999-245 (PDF)August 3, 1999Accept the Final Report on Grant Number 97-EDBG-521 and direct staff to send closeout letter to HCD. (Planning)
1999-246 (PDF)August 10, 1999Resolution recognizing Nancy J. Kyle for her service to the County of Mariposa as Personal Analyst. The Resolution is being prepared and will be presented at the Board meeting. (A short reception will follow the presentation of the Resolution and tile plaque.)
1999-247 (PDF)August 10, 1999Resolution authorizing an encroachment Permit for the annual Labor Day Parade. This Encroachment Permit is required by Caltrans. Insurance is provided by the Mariposa Lions Club. Request is also made for $750 for trophies for this parade.
1999-248 (PDF)August 10, 1999Hearing regarding the “Report of Delinquent Fees” and confirmation by resolution the addition of delinquent fees to the appropriate property tax roll for collection of water and sewer standby fees and water, sewer and road fees in several County special districts as authorized in Government Code Section 25210.9. This process was used last fiscal year for the first time and proved to be quite successful in collection delinquent accounts. The ability to add delinquencies to the tax roll for collection along with taxes has saved considerable staff time and greatly increased the collection of much needed revenue for the districts. The delinquent amount includes a $2 processing fee required by the Auditor’s office for filing liens.
1999-249 (PDF)August 10, 1999Authorize expenditure no to exceed $10,000 to correct immediate electrical deficiency needs in the Library/History Center facility. The repair of the immediate electrical deficiency needs are described in the attached memo. It is the opinion of the Building Director, John Davis, that the electrical deficiencies represent a current fire hazard to the facility. Once these initial repairs are completed, the fire hazard will be substantially lessened. The additional repairs, as described in the memo to John Davis and Mike Edwards, will need to be done in the near future to eliminate the total electrical deficiencies along with the inherent potential fire hazards associated with those repairs. These secondary repairs would be brought back to the Board for consideration during the budget process.
1999-250 (PDF)August 17, 1999Adopt this resolution: 1. Approving the revised class specification for the Planning Director. A copy showing additions with bold and italicized text and deletions with strikethroughs is attached together with a clean copy. 2. Approving the annual salary at $60,000. 3. Authorizing the commencement of a recruitment for a Planning Director. The previous Planning Director resigned effective March 31, 1999 and the position has remained vacant since that time. With the recent Planning Department reorganization, it is necessary to revise the class specification appropriately.
1999-251 (PDF)August 17, 1999Resolution authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the 1999/2000 Nursery Inspection Agreement No. 1999-0230 with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
1999-252 (PDF)August 17, 1999Resolution concurring with year-end adjustments to the Fleet Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Replacement and Vehicle Replacement budgets to correct budget deficits and to recognize unanticipated revenue in Fleet Maintenance. Additional income of $15,427 was received but expenditures exceeded budget by $69,517 due to increases in fuel ($12,611), outside labor ($32,000 for accidents and body work), maintenance of equipment ($69,717 in tires alone) and shop supplies ($13,055 for safety and environmental costs). In order to balance overall budget, depreciation/replacement, Fund 703, needs to be reduced by $45,481. These changes, along with individual line item adjustments, will balance the Fleet Maintenance budget for FY 1998-99.
1999-253 (PDF)August 17, 1999Public Works recommends a resolution recinding a bid Award on PWB 99-08 for two (2) ½ ton, 4WD, Regular Cab Pickups awarded to John Roth Chevrolet on March 4, 1999, for defaulting on the agreement. John Roth Chevrolet never placed the order for the vehicles and subsequently filed bankruptcy and was purchased by the Courtesy dealership. The vehicles are no longer available from any of the previous bidders at the bid price. In light of the situation, Public Works requests authorization to go back out to bid on the new model year (2000) and to award to the lowest responsible bidder. Rebid opening set for August 30, 1999 at 10 a.m.
1999-254 (PDF)August 17, 1999Request that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors accepts the promotional work program of the Mariposa County Visitors Bureau for the first Quarter of fiscal year 1999-2000. And request that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors provide further direction regarding the ongoing Visitor Bureau work program development and approval process as outlined.
1999-255 (PDF)August 17, 1999Approve the property owner’s request to execute an agreement with the County, with the conditions listed below. Direct County Counsel to prepare agreement and Authorize the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to execute the agreement on the County’s behalf. The recommended action will allow the existing 770 square foot house and deck to remain where it is located today. Recommended conditions to be included in the agreement are: 1. No additional construction can be done to the structure, which would in any way impede the ability to move the structure should that become necessary or required in the future. 2. The agreement will be contingent upon the property owner bringing the structure into full compliance with all current building codes. 3. Should the property owner, at any time in the ;future, violate County building, zoning or health codes on the property (including, but not limited to, building without a permit), the property owner will be required to move the building. 4. Full violation penalties (double building permit fees) will be assessed. Justification for the recommended action is that the property owner has been unsuccessful in his negotiations with his neighbor to complete a lot line adjustment. Consequently, based upon the Board’s action in October 1998, the property owner is faced with moving his structure a distance of 9 feet (or 13 feet according to information submitted by a concerned neighbor). This remedy (punishment) for the original violation (building a structure within a setback area) is out of proportion with the original violation. The structure is on the property owners parcel. It is not within the easement. The Public Works Department has stated that it will not affect the future use, development and expansion of Blackberry Creek Road (within the 60-foot wide easement). The costs for moving the structure are extremely high, and it is unlikely that moving the structure 9 (or 13) feet will have any significant impact on the ;community. There has been no showing that allowing the structure to remain ;where it is located today will be a detriment to the easement or the adjacent parcels. The recommended action is a fair and simple way to resolve the issue. All previous health code violations have been addressed (a standard septic tank and leach field have been permitted, installed, inspected and approved by the Health Department). The building permit can not be issued pending action from the Board. There are some identified building code issues with the current structure design, which can be addressed through the permit process.
1999-256 (PDF)August 24, 1999It is recommended the Board of Supervisors approve the final 1997-98 countywide audit. Before the County Auditor may pay Vargas, Lopez and Co., the Board must accept the audit as is stated in the contract.
1999-257 (PDF)August 24, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing Health Officer to submit proposal from Indian Health Clinic to the State for CMSP one time grant funding.
1999-258 (PDF)August 24, 1999Adopt resolution authorizing Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the attached Hold Harmless Agreement between the Regents of the University of California and Mariposa County for Mariposa 4-H Clubs to use County facilities for the purpose of conducting 4-H projects and activities.
1999-259 (PDF)August 24, 1999Resolution supporting Mother Lode Job Training (MLJT) in the transition to develop the One-Stop System through the Workforce Investment Act.
1999-260 (PDF)August 24, 1999Adopt a resolution authorizing the chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the contract with John C. Fremont Hospital for Dietary Services for the county Jail for the period of September 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000. This contract is patterned after the contract for medical services which the County had in place during the 1998-1999 budget year and which proved to be very successful in reducing cost to the county. This contract ensures that the County Jail is in compliance with the dietary requirements as specified in Title XV. The Contract also provides that the Jail will also recapture 30-40 man-hours per week, which are now, spent on food preparation and ordering. These man-hours will be better spent in inmate supervision.
1999-261 (PDF)August 24, 1999Adopt a resolution authorizing the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to renew the contract with John C. Fremont Hospital for medical treatment at the County Jail for the Budget Year 1999-2000. The present contract expired on June 30, 1999. The contract charge for the nurse to dispense medication has been raised from 350 dollars per week for two visits to 450 dollars per week for three visits. Last year the line item budget for medical was 150,000 dollars. Due to the Medical contract which was in ;place we were able to complete the budget year with an expenditure of 98,093 dollars. This related to our being 51,907 under budget. Although there is an increase in ;the per week cost of the contract we will also see an increase in services. It is felt that we will again be able to provide medical service for the budget the year 1999-00 under the requested budget amount with this contract in place.
1999-262 (PDF)August 24, 1999Resolution for adopting existing fees for County service areas.
1999-263 (PDF)August 24, 1999Resolution approving and authorizing for the Public Works Director to execute an Agreement with Integrated Recycling, Inc.(IRI) to perform a waste characterization study at the Mariposa County Landfill.
1999-264 (PDF)August 24, 1999Adopt resolution approving the response of the Board of Supervisors to the 1998-99 Mariposa County Grand Jury Final Report and direct the County Administrative Officer to transmit the response to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court.
1999-265 (PDF)August 24, 1999Resolution revising the class specification for Chief Probation Officer and authorizing a recruitment to fill the vacancy. The salary will remain at the salary of $56,758. The previous Chief Probation Officer resigned effective July 16, 1999 and the position has remained vacant since that time. The functions of the Chief Probation Office have been delegated to tow Deputy Probation Officers in the interim. A copy of the revised class spec is attached and contains bold and italicized text for additions and strikethroughs for deletions; a clean copy is attached as well. Superior Court Judges LaRoche and McMechan have participated in and approved the revisions to the class spec. Appointment of the Chief Probation Officer will be made by the Presiding Judge, Judge LaRoche.
1999-266 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution authorizing the Chair to sign and Administrative Match Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging (A12AA) for the purpose of providing in-kind services to the Agency for the 1999/2000 fiscal year. The County will agree to provide in-kind services for a total cash value of $8,487.52. Pursuant to the Joint Powers Agreement, the County is obligated to provide a share of the administrative match. The County’s match will be offset by services provided by County Counsel.
1999-267 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution approving Mariposa County’s participation in CSAC Excess Insurance Authority’s (CSAC-EIA) new Property Program by authorizing the Chair to execute a Memorandum of Understanding. The CSAC-EIA had two property insurance programs known as Property Program I and Property Program II. On June 4, 1999, the CSAC-EIA Board of Directors approved a Memorandum of Understanding combining Property Programs I and II into a new Property Program. Mariposa County is currently a member of Program I. There are no substantive changes to the present operation and approving membership in the new Property Program will prevent the County from losing property coverage. A copy of Mike Fleming’s memo to all Property Program members is attached which provides background information together with the Memorandum of Understanding.
1999-268 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution approving a winter schedule, September - June, of library hours at the Bassett Memorial Library in Wawona. The hours would be: Monday - 10-12; Tuesday and Thursday - 4:30-6:30; Saturday - 10-2. Total of 10 hours. No additional hours are being requested.
1999-269 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works Director to execute Program Supplement Agreement No. 003-M for replacing sign posts with breakaway posts in various locations within Mariposa County (State Project Number STPLHG-5940(013). This is a 100% funded federal aid Hazard Elimination Safety (HES) project that will replace pipe sign posts along County roads.
1999-270 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution approving funding and authorizing the Public Works Director to award a contract for the sale of the historic Gimblin House, to be moved at the County’s expense ($12,000) to a site within the Mariposa Town Historic District, and to demolish the water tower. The subject structures are on property where the new Library is scheduled to be constructed. The Historic Sites Commission recommended that the Gimblin House be moved to another site with the Mariposa Town Historic District and this is also a requirement of the draft environmental document for the Library. Sale of the structures has been bid twice without success. We are, therefore, recommending that the project be rebid with the County paying the cost of moving the building. The water tower does not have the same historic value and has been added on to several times, making a successful move difficult. It is recommended that the destruction of the water tower be included in the site work for the Library contract. Because of time constraints, Public Works has advertised the building, at the request of the Space Needs Committee, to be moved at the County’s expense, with a bid opening scheduled for September 9. Bid documents advise that the County has the right to reject all bids. Estimated cost of moving the building is approximately $12,000. It is recommended that this amount be approved from the construction contingency amount set aside within the Library Capital Improvement Project account ($125,000 available). Alternative funding sources will also be presented to the Board.
1999-271 (PDF)September 7, 1999Public Works recommends that the Board: 1.) Approve the purchase of Real Property in the town of Mount Bullion, from James G. Musick and Joyce N Musick, for the purchase price of Sixty Thousand five Hundred Dollars ($60,500), as described on the attached AGREEMENT FOR PURCHASE AND SALE OF REAL PROPERTY; and 2.) Authorize the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign the said AGREEMENT FOR PURCHASE AND SALE OF REAL PROPERTY; and 3.) Direct the Auditor to issue a check to Mariposa County Title Company, Escrow No. 97185, in the amount of Sixty Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($60,500) or as adjusted in escrow; and 4.) Direct that Escrow No. 97185 be closed as soon as possible; and 5.) Authorize the Public Works Director to provide renter relocation assistance as required and funded through the FAA grant.
1999-272 (PDF)September 7, 1999Adopt the Attached Resolution: 1.) Authorizing the Director of Public Works to accept grants to the County for interests in real property associated with the Airport Projects, on behalf of the County of Mariposa; and 2.) Authorizing the Director of Public Works to sign and execute agreements and escrow instructions for the acquisitions of interests in real property, along with necessary relocation assistance, associated with the Airport Projects, provided that the agreements have been reviewed by County Counsel and funds for those actions have already been approved by the Board of Supervisors; and 3.) Authorizing the Director of Public Works to execute Right of Entry documents associated with the Airport Projects, as required in the judgement of the Director of Public Works. This action will help expedite upcoming property acquisitions associated with the FAA funded airport projects.
1999-273 (PDF)September 7, 1999Public Works recommends that the Board direct staff to continue with the design and construction of the proposed Triangle Road bridge at Snow Creek as previously accepted under the Federal Bridge Replacement Program. The present bridge is substandard in width and has approaches that have poor site distances. The bridge needs to be improved for safety reasons. The project consists of widening the existing substandard structure and improving the approaches on either end of the bridge. Biological studies and some engineering/surveying have been completed with funds expended by the County reimbursed by Caltrans at 80%. The amount reimbursed to date is $10,746.19 with an additional $3,360 pending for a total of $14,106.19
1999-274 (PDF)September 7, 1999A. Require the preparation of an environmental impact report for the project based on the following finding: 1.) the project may result in significant environmental effects on the environment, including but not limited to cultural resources, biological resources/wetlands, traffic, water, wastewater, drainage, public services, waste disposal, and aesthetics, which have the potential to substantially degrade the quality of the environment and cause substantially adverse environmental effects. B. Authorize the Planning Director to: 1.) Solicit proposals from outside sonsultants to prepare the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the project; and 2.) Execute an agreement for preparation of the EIR. (All costs for preparation and review of the EIR are to be born by the project applicant.)
1999-275 (PDF)September 7, 1999A. Require the preparation of an environmental impact report for the project based on the following findings: 1.) There is not adequate information to analyze the effects that the project may have on the environment and the level of significance of those effects, and mitigation measures cannot be developed to address the effects. 2.) The project may result in significant environmental effects on the environment, including but not limited to access, traffic, air quality, water, wastewater, emergency services, waste disposal, and aesthetics, which have the potential to substantially degrade the quality of the environment and cause substantially adverse environmental effects on human beings. B. Authorize the Planning Director to: 1.) Solicit proposals from outside sonsultants to prepare the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the project; and 2.) Execute an agreement for preparation of the EIR. (All costs for preparation and review of the EIR are to be born by the project applicant.)
1999-276 (PDF)September 7, 1999Request that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors review and adopt the proposed ‘Event Policy Statement.’ And request that the Board provides direction for the procedure development phase of Event promotion advertising funding. The proposed Event Policy gives general information about the County’s intention to primarily fund the promotional advertising of events. The proposed policy provides for the possibility of providing seed money for events under unique circumstances. The policy assists the Visitors Bureau and Tourism Advisory Council n evaluating the initial requests for assisting events that will be presented to the Board for final approval during the final budget hearings. The Visitors Bureau Director will return to the Board with the more specitic guidelines for the public to follow after coordination with departments that may be affected by this policy. A department likely to be affected is the Public Works Parks and Recreation Division. The Board will make the final decision for funding of community events brought through the appropriate County Department. In order to assist in the development of the procedure that will be used to prioritize funding requests during the County budget process the Visitors Bureau requests that the Board provides direction on the items that should be included. Considerations are provided to suggest possible direction from the Board for the next phase of procedure development.
1999-277 (PDF)September 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Chairman of the Board to sign a letter commenting on the Christmas tree proposal to the U.S. Forest Service Supervisor of the Stanislaus National Forest.
1999-278 (PDF)September 7, 1999Approve agreement with Election Systems and Software, Inc. Election Management Software Group for the Signature and Petition Management module and authorize the Board Chairman to sign the agreement. The existing hardware used to verify signatures has broken, and the cost of the additional sofware module is less than the repair cost. The module will cost $3,242 and the scanner will cost $441 for a total of $3,683 plus applicable tax and shipping. An annual maintenance fee is charged after the first year in the amount of $584. A change has been submitted for the Board’s consideration at Final Budget hearings to cover the cost of this software and equipment offset by reimbursement revenue for election costs.
1999-279 (PDF)September 14, 1999Request Mariposa County Board of Supervisors permit the use of the Mariposa County Courthouse exterior grounds, October 20, 1999, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. by the Mariposa County Mountain Crisis Services for a Candlelight Ceremony called ‘Take Back The Night.’ The ceremony is in celebration of survivors of domestic violence, in remembrance of those who have died, and in honor those who work in the field to prevent domestic violence. The special permission is requested due to the use of candles in the ceremony. The candles have remained well back from the Courthouse building during prior years. It is recommended that permission be granted contingent on maintaining a 10-foot distance from the courthouse of any candles. And that Mountain Crisis Center schedules the event with Mariposa County Public Works Parks and Recreation Division to avoid any conflict with other public uses and maintenance.
1999-280 (PDF)September 14, 1999Resolution amending the Employee Allocation Schedule by eliminating the Municipal Court Clerk position and allocating the position of Court Clerk III to the Superior Court. With the recehnt retirement of Municipal Court Clerk Betty Mankins, the class specification of a Municipal Court Clerk is now obsolete because of the consolidation of the courts. The Court Clerk III allocation is needed to continue the existence of the supervisory position for the court clerks and will be supervised by the Court Executive Officer. It will not be necessary to appropriate funds for this position as the top step of the Court Clerk III position is less than the top step of that for the Municipal Court Clerk.
1999-281 (PDF)September 14, 1999Because of lack of understanding regarding the scope of the countywide audit, Vargas, Lopez and Co. could not finish the 97-98 audit on schedule and had to request an additional $12,000 from the county in order to finish the audit. They also failed to perform a Transient Occupancy Tax audit as was originally prescribed in the contract. The date for 1999 in an amendment to the original contract. The actual date of completion of the audit was at the end of July 1999. Per page 5, Section XVI, “the Board of Supervisors or COUNTY or the GRAND JURY may terminate this agreement at any time.” It is the recommendation of the County Auditor and the Grand Jury that this contract be terminated. To replace Vargas and Lopez, the next lower bidder on the previous RFP has agreed to complete the remaining four years of the contract based on what they originally bid. The name of that firm is Willis and Walsh/Moss, Levy and Hartzheim. The cost for them to do the complete audit including the Transient Occupancy Tax Audit is $33,175 per year for each year with no COLA increase.
1999-282 (PDF)September 14, 1999Consider commitment to reimburse a private party for a portion of costs on a privately constructed bridge across Mariposa Creek from Joe Howard Street to Antone Road ($10,000); refer to AttachmentNumber 1 a letter of request from George Greenamyer which is self explanatory. Public Works recommends serious consideration of the request as it would provide an affordable means of implementing a crossing for the future Mariposa Creek project.
1999-283 (PDF)September 14, 1999Resolution approving and authorizing the purchase of a Pollution Insurance Policy from the Robert Driver Co., Inc. and commit funding ($46,509). Funding is proposed from the General Fund ($46,000) and is included in the County Administrative Officer’s recommended FY 99/00 budget and the Solid Waste Enterprise Regulatory Compliance Fund ($509). Action is necessary prior to adoption of the final budget to take advantage of this offer.
1999-284 (PDF)September 14, 1999Resolution ratifying acceptance of funds from the Office of Criminal Justice Planning. The amount of funds awarded to the Probation Department is $40,000 to be used for drug testing, residential treatment and a probation aide position. The mini-grant is additional funding for the current OCJP anti-drug abuse grant funds for purposes of establishing a drug court in Mariposa County. Resolution authorizing the Personnel Director to direct staff to prepare a job description for Probation Aide for Board adoption at a later date. The position of Probation Aide would be funded by the Office of Criminal Justice Planning under the California Drug Court Project Mini Grant.
1999-284 (PDF)September 14, 1999The Planning Commission recommends that the Board deny the appeal, and uphold the Commission’s approval of Variance Number 99-1.
1999-286 (PDF)September 14, 1999Conduct a public hearing as required by Assemble Bill 1428, to determine if the County can or can not comply with the longer holding periods required by Sections 31108,31752,31752.5 and 31754, as amended or added by chapter 752 of the Statutes of 1998 (Senate Bill1785). If after holding the Public Hearing the Board finds that the County cannot comply with the longer holding period then adopt a resolution to that effect and state in the resolution the findings of local circumstances that form the basis for the determination.
1999-287 (PDF)September 20, 1999Approving purchase of the microfiche reader-printer prior to adoption of the budget for FY1999-2000, finding the existing equipment is broken and can no longer be repaired, and with the cost to be offset by revenue.
1999-288 (PDF)September 21, 1999That the Board extend the date to set the tax rate from the first business day of September to October 3rd as allowed by Government Code Section 29100. That the Board adopt the tax rate of.019839 (1.9839 cents per $100 of assessed valuation) for the Yosemite High School Bond for the Bass Lake Elementary/Yosemite High School tax rate areas of Mariposa County. This debt service rate is determined by the Madera County Auditor’s Office because the Yosemite High School District is primarily with in its jurisdiction.
1999-289 (PDF)September 21, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing Health Officer to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Area 12 Agency on Aging (A12AA) for preventive health carefor senior citizens. Other County Health Departments providing services for the program are Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne. Mariposa County’s responsibilities will be to provide public health nursing services to the Program and provide immunization vaccine and supplies at the County’s cost.
1999-290 (PDF)September 21, 1999Resolution approving a winter schedule, September-June, of library hours at the El Portal Library in El Portal. The hours would be: Monday-5:30-8, Tuesday-12:30-3:30 and 5:30-8, Wednesday-5:30-8. Total of 10.5 hours. No additional hours are being requested.
1999-291 (PDF)September 21, 1999Request that the Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution, which will permit the Sheriff Office and the District Attorneys Office to occupy the Rock House (formerly Building and Planning Department Offices). This location will be used as the Multi-Agency Task Force Office for the investigation and prosecution of the Sunds/Pelosso homicide case. Personnel from the Attorney Generals Office, Tuolumne County District Attorneys office, Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office and Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office will participate in the Multi-Agency Task Force. Cost associated to the task force will be eligible for reimbursement from the State of California.
1999-292 (PDF)September 21, 1999Adopt a resolution approving the application for grant funds from the recreational trails program.
1999-293 (PDF)September 21, 1999Approve and authorize the Board Chair to execute a joint powers agreement establishing the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System Authority in order to plan, establish and manage area regional transit system. Approval of the joint powers agreement (JPA) establishes the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System Authority as a distinct legal entity for the purpose of testing and possibly permanently establishing a regional transit system. Once the Authority is established, the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation Strategy (YARTS) will cease to function.
1999-294 (PDF)September 21, 1999Resolution authorizing Chair to execute a Legal Services Agreement with Thomas Mills, David Smothers, and Gary Collings for indigent defense services effective August 17, 1999 and ending on August 16, 2000. The following changes are being proposed from the previous year’s agreement: 1.) The monthly sum will increase from $13,916.66 to $15,290. 2.) A new paragraph has been added regarding re-negotiation of the Agreement if new programs are added to the judicial system that will require additional appearances by Contractors.
1999-295 (PDF)September 21, 1999Adopt the Mariposa County Job Creation Plan (Attachment Number 1); Direct staff to send the Plan to the Trade and Commerce Agency; and Direct staff to proceed with the steps necessary to implement creation of a Business Assistance Center under the name and supervision of the Economic Development Corporation of Mariposa County.
1999-296 (PDF)September 23, 1999Conduct a Public Hearing and adopt a resolution reaffirming the current fee structure charged on County Service Area (CSA) Special District for water in Coulterville Service Area and refuse collection in Wawona County Service Area 2W.
1999-297 (PDF)September 23, 1999Conduct a Public Hearing to add a $20 Encroachment Permit Administration fee for Building Department for handling any Encroachment Permit application, and to delete the current Encroachment Permit Fee from the Building Department’s Fee Schedule. Public Works will be requesting the fee be changed to their department in a separate action.
1999-298 (PDF)September 24, 1999Adopted waiving the hiring freeze for the senior engineer position in Public Works which was recently vacated by Dave Tucker, and authorizing the recruitment process to begin to fill the position; and with direction to staff to bring the issue of the hiring freeze back as a separate agenda item.
1999-299 (PDF)September 28, 1999Authorize Chair to sign an Order of the Board to reject Claim N C99-8 in the amount of $517.98. The claimant is requesting reimbursement for two shovels and labor performed to remove excavated soil and rock from their infant son’s grave. In the process of digging a nearby grave, the grave digger placed the excavated soil on the grave of the claimant’s infant son. Although this occurred in the Mariposa County Cemetery, the County does not control the opening and closing of graves. According to staff at Parks and Recreation, the digging of graves is arranged between the funeral home and grave digger. Based on this information, the funeral home and/or the grave digger are/is the responsible part (ies). The County does not have an liability exposure in this matter.
1999-300 (PDF)September 28, 1999Resolution approving and authorizing the Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA) of the Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC) to apply for a Local Government Used Oil Opportunity Grand - Fifth Cycle and to implement all of the terms of the grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB).
1999-301 (PDF)September 28, 1999A. Approve negotiated equity adjustment of 2.5% for the following classifications as agreed with Service Employees International Union Local 535 effective July 1, 1999: Eligibility Workers I through III; Eligibility Worker Supervisor; Social Workers I through IV; System Support Analyst and Extra Help Beterans Services Officer. B. Approve negotiated equity adjustment of 7.5% for the classification of Animal Control Officer effective July 1, 1999.
1999-302 (PDF)September 28, 1999Adopt resolution approving grant application modification for Head Start supplemental funding to improve teacher qualifications. The modified proposal increases the amount for education expense reimbursement and adds the cost of increased benefits tied to the stipends.
1999-303 (PDF)September 28, 1999Authorize Chairman to execute an Agreement with Jack W and Tamara Andrews for the structure located along Blackberry Creek Road. By signing Agreement, the owners agree to pay building permit and school impact fees, penalties for constructing the structure without permits, and real estate taxes for the construction of the structure. A minimum of $4,500 will be due upon approval of the Agreement and the balance to be paid on or before November 30, 1999. The conditions contained in the Agreement will run with the property and be binding upon the heirs, successors, and assigns of owner.
1999-304 (PDF)September 28, 1999Request that the Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution, which will permit the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to enter into a Lease Purchase Agreement with Sierra Telephone Company to furnish enhanced 911 equipment and maintenance for the equipment for a period of five years. At the end of the lease period the County will have the option to purchase the equipment for $1. The cost for the equipment is $58,596 with a monthly charge of $3,295 for the lease and maintenance. All cost will be born by the State of California for the five year period. Approval ha been obtained from the State of California for the purchase and lease of the equipment.
1999-305 (PDF)September 28, 1999Approve resolution adopting the Fiscal Year 1999-2000 Final Budget as reviewed and amended during Final Budget Hearings and authorizing certain actions to implement the budget. The adoption resolution delegates authority to the Auditor and department heads to take certain actions to administer the adopted budget. A change to that authority for this year is that the Auditor will not issue warrants for expenditures that will exceed a line item’s appropriated amount. All other delegated authorities are the same as in previous years. Also, the adoption resolution authorizes the transfer of up to 10% of the year’s Social Services Realignment proceeds to the Health Realignment account. This will be the third year that the Board of Supervisors has authorized this transfer.
1999-306 (PDF)September 28, 19991. Conduct a Public Hearing to consider adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Mariposa County Library project. 2. Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration on the project and authorize the Public Works Director to sign the document.
1999-307 (PDF)September 28, 1999Discuss and provide direction to staff relative to the Gimblin House to allow the Library Project to proceed (continued from 9/21/99).
1999-308 (PDF)October 5, 1999Adopt this resolution canceling the regularly scheduled Board meeting for October 26, 1999.
1999-309 (PDF)October 12, 1999Supervisor Balmain advised of a request to consider an off-agenda matter relative to expenses for an upcoming Library Assistance employee retirement part. (M)Balmain, (S)Stewart, Board waived rules requiring 72 hour agenda noticing to consider this mater, finding it was not known about at the time the agenda was prepared and the party is scheduled prior to the next meeting. Janet Hogan, County Administrative Officer, advised that the Board adopted a policy in 1993 which allows departments to spend up to $150 for events or receptions honoring County employees; and she suggested an exception for this case, with direction to staff to come back with an amendment to the policy for a higher amount. Discussion was held. Resolution allows the department to spend up to $300 for the retirement party for the Library Assistant from the Red Cloud Library Branch, with direction given to staff to bring the policy back for further review.
1999-310 (PDF)October 12, 1999Resolution and tile plaque recognizing Dorothy Converse upon her retirement from the Mariposa County Red Cloud Library.
1999-311 (PDF)October 12, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing Health Officer to sign State Standard Agreement to perform Y2K Readiness Assessment of Hazardous Materials Businesses. The State has offered to contrat with the County to perform an assessment of the County’s hazardous materials businesses (“business plans”) for their Y2K compliance and to assess the likelihood of Y2K associated activities causing hazardous materials release at the beginning of the new year. If the County is not willing to function in this regard under the contract, personnel from the State Office of Toxics will come to the County and perform the function. If County personnel perform this activity, they can be reimbursed for actual costs and, therefore, some record keeping and auditing will be necessary. Environmental Health staff already implement the Hazardous Materials “Business Plans” Program and they have for years. We have files on hand for those businesses in the County which handle hazardous materials. The review for Y2K readiness will probably be a fairly straight forward and simple procedure for the vast majority of businesses in the County. This activity seems like an appropriate activity for County oversight which we have already assumed.
1999-312 (PDF)October 12, 1999Adopt update of 1988 Improvement Standards. The standards currently in effect were adopted on August 9, 1988, and are out of date. Over the past four years a committee composed of County staff and members of the public have reviewed the standards and made recommended revisions. Members of the committee included Mike Edwards, Roger Stephens, Dick Seaman, Pete Marquez of CDF, Bill Hilton, Barry Brouilette, Mark Rowney, Dae Tucker, Charlie Pratt, Ed Johnson, Sarah Williams, Jerry Progner, and Blaine Shultz. The proposed revisions have been brought to the Planning Commission for discussion on four occasions. Action has been delayed at the staff level in bringing the proposed revisions to the Board because proposed revisions of the Road Improvement and Circulation Policy were brought to the Planning Commission at the same time, and discussions have been ongoing, culminating with the Board workshop of May 11, 1999, which has been continued. The Improvement Standards, by and large, provide technical requirements rather than policy. Staff recognizes that the Standards may require further revision after policy decisions are made. However, in the meantime, the County needs updated technical standards, rather than continuing to provide the outdated set to the development community. The proposed revised standards are attached, with changes noted by strikeouts or italics.
1999-313 (PDF)October 12, 1999Resolution eliminating the Personnel Analyst I and II classifications and creating a new classification entitled Personnel/Risk Management Technician at salary range 172. This is the first step in the long-term plan to return the Personnel function to the County Administrative Officer (CAO) which was originally in the CAO’s office. By aligning the risk management duties with Personnel, this will provide an opportunity to more efficiently restructure these positions in the future. At the present time, County Counsel will continue to hold the title of Interim Personnel Director and will supervise both County Counsel’s Office and the Personnel/Risk Management function. At such time as the current County Counsel retires, it will be requested that the Personnel/Risk Management function be transferred to the CAO’s office as it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find an attorney with public law, personnel, and risk management experience.
1999-314 (PDF)October 12, 1999Resolution re-appointing County Counsel to a four-year term commencing October 12, 1999. California Government Code section 27641 requires the Board of Supervisors to appoint County Counsel to a four-year term unlike other appointed department heads. Counsel has provided services in this capacity since October 12, 1993.
1999-315 (PDF)October 19, 1999Proclaim the week of October 23 through October 31, 1999, as RED RIBBON WEEK.
1999-316 (PDF)October 19, 1999That the Board of Supervisors adopt this resolution designating the appropriation limits to be computed for fiscal year 1998-99 for each jurisdiction as follows: By thepercentage change in California per capita personal income in conjunction with the annualpercentage change in population of Mariposa County.
1999-317 (PDF)October 19, 1999Adopt the attached resolution establishing the appropriate limits for the 1998-99 fiscal year.
1999-318 (PDF)October 19, 1999Resolution recognizing volunteer firefighters in Mariposa County, to be presented by Supervisor Stewart at the Mariposa County Volunteer Appreciation Dinner being held on October 23, 1999.
1999-319 (PDF)October 19, 1999Authorize the Chair to sign a contract between the County of Mariposa and the California Mental Health Directors Association (CMHDA) for coordination with Administrative Services Organization (ASO) for Mental Health Services. Adopt resolution for the purposes of ensuring access to medically necessary specialty mental health services for full scope Medi-Cal beneficiaries under the age of 18 placed outside of Mariposa County, Mariposa County will authorize the State Department of Mental Health (DMH) to with hold $1,150. From the State General Funds designated for initial distribution to the county to provide Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) specialty mental health services in FY 1999-2000. These dollars will be transferred to the California Mental Health Directors Association (CMHDA) who will fund services authorized on behalf of Mariposa County beneficiaries by an administrative service organization (ASO). The ASO will manage authorization, provider certification, and contracting and claims payment for selected EPSTD services providedto eligible children/youth placed out-of-county. Under this arrangement, the funding available for Mariposa County beneficiaries for EPSDT specialty mental health services will remain at the current level. DMH will consider any funds given to CMHDA on behalf of Mariposa County as funds given to Mariposa County. This action will have no financial impact on the County General Fund since the $1,150.would be deducted for KingsView’s allocation.
1999-320 (PDF)October 19, 1999Approve transfer of funds from Probation, Deputy Probation Officer Salaries (001-0224-533.01-60) to Probation Overtime (001-0224-533.02-30) in the amount of $1,000. Due to currently vacant Probation Officer positions, the remaining officers must assume additional on-call duties resulting in additional earned overtime. Because of less than a full staff, taking time off as comp creates a hardship on the department.
1999-321 (PDF)October 19, 1999Authorize the Planning Director to: 1. Solicit proposals from outside consultants to prepare 2000 General Plan Housing Element Update; and 2. Execute an agreement for preparation of the Housing Element Update, not to exceed $12,500.
1999-322 (PDF)October 19, 1999Authorize Chairman to execute a Personal Services Agreement with Kim VanMeter in the amount of $35,190 for film commission services from October 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 and appointing Ms. VanMeter as Mariposa County Film Commissioner until further action by the Board. With the resignation of Don Haag, Ms. VanMeter will be the County’s official liaison with the California Film Commission which is the position Mr. Haag recently held. Ms. VanMeter’s responsibilities will include providing staff with information for the development and establishment of a film Ordinance and a permitting process for filming activity as well as overall promotion of the County as a site for filming production and advertisements.
1999-323 (PDF)October 19, 1999Authorize Chair to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mariposa Superior Court relative to court operations. Pursuant to Government Code sections 77001, et seq., the State assumed responsibility of superior courts though out the State of California effective July 1, 1997 at which time they became independent of each County Government. Counties are no longer solely responsible for funding court operations, however, there is a responsibility to provide certain support services. As a result, it is necessary for the County and the Court to enter into an agreement for those services.
1999-324 (PDF)October 19, 1999Adopt this resolution canceling the regularly scheduled Board meeting for November 23, 1999, and December 21, 1999. These meetings fall just before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
1999-325 (PDF)November 2, 1999Recommend that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the attached letter of support to CalTRANS for the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce’s annual holiday banner display. This letter will assist the Chamber in providing the annual holiday decorations displayed in down town Mariposa and along Highway 140. The Chamber will use the letter of support to attach to their application to CalTRANS, which is necessary to place banners along highway 140. The banners will be displayed mid December to early January.
1999-326 (PDF)November 2, 1999Approve and sign new contract with Willis and Walsh, CPA’s and Moss, Levy and Hartzheim, CPA’s to perform the next four fiscal year countywide audits (1998-99. 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002).
1999-327 (PDF)November 2, 1999Resolution Authorizing the Director of Human Services to Execute the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Contract Number 00B-1220 and any subsequent contract amendments with the State Department of Community Services and Development. The programs funded through Federal funds ($79,879). No County match is required.
1999-328 (PDF)November 2, 1999Adopt the attached resolution pursuant to AB1661 and SB 711 The State appropriated $150,000,000 to cities and counties to offset some of the loss local jurisdictions suffer from the shift of property tax revenues to the Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund. One-half of those funds is allocated based on relative population of the cities and counties. Mariposa County has received $35,752 which represents our share of the monies as outlined in Section 8 of AB 1661. The county is required to adopt the attached resolution to be eligible for the other half of the monies appropriated in the 1999 Budget Act. This is outlined in Section 7 of AB 1661 and SB 711.
1999-329 (PDF)November 2, 1999Recommend Board to appr9ve and sign the Program Proposal for transportation on the Northside of Mariposa to the Groveland Adult Day Care Site with A12AA. Review and approve the MOU with Groveland Adult Day Care that delineate the responsibilities of each agency in providing the transportation.
1999-330 (PDF)November 2, 1999Adopt this resolution appointing the Technical Services Director of Mariposa County as the ADMINISTRATIVE contact AND TECHNICAL Contact with the U.S. Domain Registry for the Delegated Subdomain of “MARIPOSA.CA.US.” The current Technical Services Director is Dennis Patrick. The Board of Supervisors, by this resolution, directs the Technical Services Director to contact the U.S. Domain Registry on their behalf requesting this change in delegation. It is the intent of the Board to have the Domain “MARIPOSA.CA.US” administered solely by the Technical Services Director, and/or whomever he/she appoints, for whatever purposes he/she deems appropriate, such as assigning different Technical and/or Administrative Contacts or choosing different host ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) for and on behalf of, the County of Mariposa, and as allowable by law.
1999-331 (PDF)November 9, 1999Recommend resolution recognizing Phil and Kathi Whitson for their contributions to the Mariposa County Emergency Services system.
1999-332 (PDF)November 9, 1999Adopt resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to delete the prior agreement and execute a new agreement with Roger Stephens Engineering for engineering design and survey for the Mariposa Town Highway Pedestrian Facility for $47,500 (Attachment 1). This project extends sidewalk from 7th Street to Highway 49 North, along the west side of Highway 140 and Jessie Street. A previous agreement with Roger Stephens ($25,000) for just the engineering on this project is recommended to be deleted. No funds were expended under this previous contract. Due to the change of scope and dollar amount this work is being placed under a new contract. The new contract will include a comprehensive survey and several levels of plan development (25%, 75%, 100%) to all for Caltrans input. The survey will be under the direction of the engineer doing the work.
1999-333 (PDF)November 9, 1999Request that the Board of Supervisors adopt a Resolution proclaiming the week of November 22 - 28 as Operation Safe Kids: American Buckles Up Children. The Sheriff’s office has been given a grant by the National Sheriff’s Association to fund a Campaign for Child Safety. At this time the Sheriff’s Office is engaged in educational programs to promote the use of child restraints in vehicles. This program is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Sheriff Association which has proclaimed the week of November 22 - 28 as Operation Safe Kids Campaign and American Buckles Up children week.
1999-334 (PDF)November 16, 1999Pursuant to Election Code Section 10515(b), if no person has filed a declaration of candidacy for office, the Supervising Authority shall appoint any person to the office who is qualified, on the date when the election would have been held. Former members of the Yosemite Alpine Community Services District Board of Directors were Peter R. Leinau and James O. Hertwig. The Board of Directors wish to have these two gentlemen re-appointed.(Co. ClK)
1999-335 (PDF)November 16, 1999Pursuant to Election Code Section 10515, when the number of candidates who have filed a declaration of candidacy, does not exceed the number of offices to be filled, the Supervising Authority shall appoint such persons. Pas a resolution appointing Dana Finney, Larry Enrico, and Glenn Michael to the Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) Board of Directors.(CO. CLK)
1999-336 (PDF)November 16, 1999Pass and adopt a resolution accepting the Statement of Votes Cast for the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Special Election held under the Uniform District Election Law, held November 2, 1999, as certified to the Secretary of State, and declare elected those persons as set out in Statement. (ELEC.)
1999-337 (PDF)November 16, 1999Accept the GATES Learning Foundation Grant/Agreement with the signature of the County Librarian. (LIB)
1999-338 (PDF)November 16, 1999It is recommended that the Board of Supervisors accept the policy for the Friends of the Library Wawona to display art in the library. (LIB)
1999-339 (PDF)November 16, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to “tag on” to the City Firebaugh purchase of three police sedans form West Side Ford Lincoln in Firebaugh. (PWD)
1999-340 (PDF)November 16, 1999Recommend approving Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Plan and Budget Justification for Fiscal Year 1999-2000. And authorize Chairperson and Health Officer to sign State certification. (Health)
1999-341 (PDF)November 16, 1999Closure of Bullion Street Between 9th and 10th Streets for Holiday Bonfires During the 1999 Mariposa Christmas Festival Parade. (PWD)
1999-342 (PDF)November 16, 1999Approve the plans and specifications, authorize the Public Works Director to advertise for bids and set bid opening for construction of Mariposa County Library. (PWD)
1999-343 (PDF)November 16, 1999Adopt a resolution approving Agricultural Preserve Application Number 99-1 (H. Max Lee and Joan M. Lee, applicants).(Plng)
1999-344 (PDF)November 16, 1999Business owner, Deny, requests to locate a structure on Yosemite West Maintenance District-owned property in Yosemite West for the key distribution center for the Yosemite Scenic Wonder’s operation. (Plng)
1999-345 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution Establishing a Quality Improvement Subcommittee of the EMCC. (HEALTH)
1999-346 (PDF)December 7, 1999Terminate processing of the 2000 General Plan Housing Element Update. During the Request for Proposals process staff was made aware of the recent approval of State Assembly Bill No. 411. This Bill modified the required deadline for updating our Housing Element from January 2000 to July 2003. Based upon this deadline change no update needs to be pursued at this time. The Housing Element will be modified as part of the County’s overall update to the General Plan. (Plng)
1999-347 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution Amending Res. Number 98-362, by designating the Personnel/Risk Management Techinician as a management and confidential employee. (PER)
1999-348 (PDF)December 7, 1999Recommend allocating one additional Probation Officer position to the Probation Department for a six-month period effective December 1. 1999. (Probation)
1999-349 (PDF)December 7, 1999It is respectfully recommended that your Board approve this Family Preservation/Support Program Three Year Plan. (Hum. Ser)
1999-350 (PDF)December 7, 1999It is recommended that your Board approve this Three Year combined CAPIT and CBFRS plan which is required in order for the County to continue to receive funding for these programs. (HSD)
1999-351 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to execute a Personal Services Agreement with Fred Solomon for construction management for the new Library. (PWD)
1999-352 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution transferring funding from Benefit Line Item 001-0212-517.03-01 ($1,455) and from Salary Line Item/Office Assistant 001-0212-517.01-99 ($2,377) to Professional Services Line Item 001-0212-517.04-18 ($3,832). (DA)
1999-353 (PDF)December 7, 1999Respectfully request the Board of Supervisors consider a Resolution authorizing a transfer of funds from Line Items Advocate 80% New Position, Benefits and Benefits Req. New Position to Overtime Line Item and between categories of various line items under Operating Expenses and Fixed Assets Laptop Computer. (DA/VW)
1999-354 (PDF)December 7, 1999Adopted creating the Mariposa County Healthcare Authority, with the resolution wording as prepared by County Counsel. (COMMITTEES)
1999-355 (PDF)December 7, 1999Consent from the Board of Supervisors approving the policy regarding access by minors to motion picture videotapes for Mariposa County Libraries. (Lib)
1999-356 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to purchase two (2) used double drum48” wide steel vibratory rollers with trailers. (PWD)
1999-357 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to purchase one (1) used Badit Model 250XP brush chipper from Cal-Line Equipment for a price of $14,157. (PWD)
1999-358 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to purchase two (2) new Case 590SL, Series 2, 4x4 Backhoe/Loaders from Sequoia Equipment C, Inc. through “tag-on” to the City of Anderson, P.O. Box Number 5941, including extra buckets, in the amount of $40,316 annually. (PWD)
1999-359 (PDF)December 7, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to purchase two (2) new John Deere 770CH motor graders from the State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract Number 4-98-38-004A Schedule A-GSANumber GS-30F-1021D (John Deere) expiration September 30, 2000. (PWD)
1999-360 (PDF)December 7, 1999Adopt a Resolution supporting the efforts of the National Forest Counties and School Coalition by joining them in supporting the Joint Principles dated March 8, 1999. (BOS)
1999-361 (PDF)December 7, 1999Adopt this resolution directing that the meeting for the Board of Supervisors for January 11, 2000, commence at 1 p.m. at the Coulterville Community Center (Old School), Broadway and Cemetery Streets, Coulterville. (BOS)
1999-362 (PDF)December 7, 1999Recommended that the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors approve the attached request for proposal (RFP) to be sent out to prospective Vacation Planner printers. (VB)
1999-363 (PDF)December 14, 1999Resolution recognizing and congratulating Earl Heitzman on his retirement from the Mt. Bullion Youth Conservation Camp. (BOS)
1999-364 (PDF)December 14, 1999Recommend Board to approve and sign the Contract Agreement for transportation on the Northside of Mariposa to the Groveland Adult Day Care Site with A12AA. (Com Ser)
1999-365 (PDF)December 14, 1999Resolution approving winter hours for Yosemite Branch Library. (LIB)
1999-366 (PDF)December 14, 1999Resolution approving the proposed class specification of Network Administrator at a salary range of 215 ($2,757 - $3,351). This classification will be assigned to SEIU. (PER)
1999-367 (PDF)December 14, 1999Recommend resolution authorizing Health Officer to submit grant application on behalf of John C. Fremont Hospital District in the amount of $70,860 to enhance psychiatric Services to citizens of Mariposa County. (HEALTH)
1999-368 (PDF)December 14, 1999It is proposed that the Board of Supervisors accept a donation in the amount of $1,675, in name of Ron White and Paul Mickel of Coast Iron and Steel. (P and R)
1999-369 (PDF)December 14, 1999Resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to award the contract for the Restoration of Incline Road Below Moss Creek; and authorizing the Public Works Director to execute an agreement with O.K. Mittry and Sons in the amount of $1,239,770.50 (PWD/Roads)
1999-370 (PDF)December 14, 1999Adopt resolution approving the 2000-2001 Head Start program grand application and authorizing the County Administrative Officer to sign application documents. (Head Start)
1999-371 (PDF)December 14, 1999Resolution authorizing Public Works to purchase two (2) used 1999 Ford Explorer XLT’s from Westside Ford in Firebaugh for $48,669. (PWD)
1999-372 (PDF)December 14, 1999Landfill Soil Cover Bids. (PWD)

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